throws myself on a fire because reasons

I don’t really say opinions a lot on here when it comes to other AUs but like…

It genuinely upsets me that AUs like Swapfell have gone through such a beating because of people taking ideas and forcing creators to leave. It’s kind of why I never do anything with it because just.. I’ve seen too many ugly sides of people just because of that one thing.

I want to safely be able to draw a thing and not be yelled at that I tagged it wrong or that it’s “actually this version”–because I’ve seen the policing. I think everyone’s seen that attitude somewhere and can understand why it’s repelled a lot of potential fans. (And yet, the people who STARTED the mess said not to go around attacking each other… but that’s conveniently what certain fans have chosen to ignore.)

If you ever see me draw Swapfell, just know that it’s @maxladcomics or @flamefiends interpretations of it, because I’m too exhausted to sift through the chaos and mess other people have started with that.

(On that note, I am looking for an Underswap mun to collaborate with. I’ve gotten some requests to do some AU-Meets stuff with them but I’m frankly not interested in crafting my own interpretation of that AU for various technical reasons. If you write or do Underswap stuff and wanna share with me, shoot me an IM about it so I can check it out and we can get to talking!
I’d also appreciate it if you were over 18 if you choose to approach me.)

Not In My Alphabet: The 100 (John Murphy)

Yay okay let’s do this!

WARNINGS: Swearing, sex refrences.
PROMPT: Murphy has some serious feelings for you but doesn’t know how to express them.

(Murphy’s POV)

Y/N is the hottest, smartest, toughest and kindest girl I’ve ever met, there’s no doubt about that, which is probably why I catch myself thinking about her all the time. Are they serious feelings? No. At least, I don’t think so. I mean, come on. Pain, hate, envy. Those are the ABC’s of me, but love? Love isn’t in my alphabet. I suddenly realized how close I had been standing to Y/N’s tent when the flap unzipped and she stepped out in nothing but leggings and a sports bra. She began walking towards a campfire but my douche senses kicked in with a desperate need to show her that I thought she was hot but in the worst way possible.

“Hey princess!” I yelled out, regretting it immediately. She turned around with a look of pure annoyance and impatience dominating her face.

“What the hell do you want?” I was already in a deep hole but having the logic that ‘if you dig deep enough you’ll come out the other side’ did not help my case.

“If you’re going to walk around without a shirt on you might as well drop the rest of your clothes.” Snickers arose from behind me. Y/N turned around and continued walking.

“Go float yourself Murphy.” She sent over her toned, tanned shoulder. I sighed. Maybe these were more than pesky, irrelevant feelings, maybe I really do care for Y/N. I chuckled out loud. There was no way in hell I was falling for some warrior-wannabe with luscious hair and sparkling eyes and- I shook my head. No, there was no way. I suddenly felt a hand around my forearm, tugging me towards the dropship.

“Murphy I need to speak with you for moment.” It was Bellamy, Y/N’s older brother. Once inside the dropship he stopped and looked me straight in the eyes. “Stop fucking with my sister.” He spat. Bellamy was always defensive of Y/N. He scrutinized anyone who messed with her but would kill anyone who to admitted to loving her, this left me two options; apologize or be cocky, and I decided to take the worst possible path.

I laughed, causing Bellamy to furrow his eyebrows. “Bell, you’ve got it all wrong. I don’t want to fuck with your sister, I just want to fuck her.” I didn’t even get a chance to blink before his fist collided with my jaw, leaving me sprawled across the cool metal of the ship. He grabbed my jacket, pulling my face close to his.

(Y/N’s POV)

You had gotten a bite to eat at the campfire, but even that couldn’t scrub your conscience clean of his comment. John Murphy was a dick. Hot, definitely hot, but a dick. What made it worse was that he was only this way around you. Everyone else he ignored but he seemed to take a special interest in you, which didn’t amuse your hatred of objectifying comments.

“Hey, where’s Bellamy?” You asked Clarke.

“Dropship with Murphy.” She huffed, out of breath from running around and over-seeing work all day. You thanked her and walked towards the dropship but stopped outside the parachute curtains when you heard a loud thud and then your brother yelling.

“I will kill you Murphy! You know that right? What makes you think you can speak about her like that huh? That’s my sister you asshole!” Another thud, followed by grunting from Murphy. “If you don’t give me a valid answer in the next ten seconds then I will-”

“I love her alright!” Then silence. You stood in astonishment and knew your brother was doing the same. “I- I’ve fallen for your sister Bell, I- I just,” He had to stop for a second. “I’m not good with communication, okay?” You continued to stand quietly until you let out a yelp of pain. Gravity took you down, along with the curtains and sprawled your body next to Murphy’s. Only, he stood up, and the arrow jutting from your thigh prevented you from doing the same.

(Murphy’s POV)

Tears ran from Y/N’s eyes like the blood from her leg. I stared out of the now open door expecting to find an army of grounders attacking the camp but laid my eyes on a young kid who had a makeshift bow aimed at a target, clearly missing by a mile. Bellamy saw the boy and immediately went chasing after him, leaving me to help Y/N who, despite the tears and blood, held her composure. I helped her sit against the wall of the dropship and waited for Bellamy to stop destroying the archer kid’s face and bring Clarke for help but Y/N turned to me.

“Murphy,” She managed. “did you mean what you said?” Suddenly my face caught fire and I felt like I was going to throw up, all while my lungs collapsed and my heart stopped. Shit. Had she heard what I said? She must have. Did she feel the same way? Shit, what if she didn’t? After all of this, I nodded, finally concluding to myself that I loved this girl in front of me. She smiled and suddenly I could breath again.

“Wait.” I stammered. “Does this mean that you don’t hate me?” Y/N chuckled.

“Well, considering that the reason you were being such an asshole was because you loved me but didn’t know how to communicate such a feeling and not because you enjoyed taunting me then yes, I can safely say that I don’t hate you.” I suddenly found myself hugging her, which was ultimately complicated with her injured leg but I could tell she enjoyed it as much as I did because she pulled me closer instead of squirming away or awkwardly sitting there.

Bellamy picked that exact moment to walk through the door, Clarke on his heels. His expression shifted from worry to fury as he looked at us. Y/N caught the look.

“Lay off Bell, we’re cool.” Bellamy stepped out of Clarke’s way.

“Yeah, I know. That’s what worries me.”


I thought this one was kind of neat. I WANT TO DO EITHER A JASPER OR FINN OR FULL BELLAMY IMAGINE SO PRETTY PLEASE SEND IN PROMPTS! I love you all so much! Please have wonderful days, nights, or work breaks. PEACE OUT GIRL SCOUTS!

-Emma (my-little-wolfies)

I follow a LOT of reylo blogs (among other ships) and I am constantly in the reylo tag and yet, I have never once seen a racist comment or anything negative directed at Finn.

I have seen antis posting extremely racist anonymous asks they receive, but I feel like it’s more than likely an anti sending that to another to generate more fire against shippers. like the asks I’ve seen are waaaay over the top, like, it doesn’t seem real that someone would actually say that. I guess blackmail material is easy to get when it’s anonymous.

I’m not saying that the reylo community has no bad members (because I have myself stumbled upon some), but I have personally never seen ONE example of racism as acclaimed by antis. And yet for some reason every anti ever claims all reylo shippers are racist; almost like it’s a word they feel they can just freely throw around to demonize people. hm.

Look I promised myself I would do less Ray headcanons and more Jeremy ones, but for some reason, I am really obsessed with the idea of Ray just buying those ironic T-shirts you find at mall kiosks.

Like he’ll come back from a mission, and throw a balled up plastic bag Gavin’s way without saying anything. Gavin opens it up and smiles when he sees:

(pictured above is a black t shirt, with a stick man on fire with the caption “I TRIED IT AT HOME!” because lbr this is a fucking amazing shirt and defines FAHC Gavin perfectly)

He does it with everyone. Michael has ones pretaining to the 1st and 2nd amendment, Jack has a “Best Mom Friend” shirt. Jeremy has 47 renditions of the “I’m not short” shirts. That includes: fun sized, a wizard, a hobbit, concentrated awesome, and aerodynamic. As soon as Ray finds out that Trevor went to college for Rocket Science, he goes out and gets him the “I’m no rocket surgeon” shirt he passes by like a week ago.

Ryan only has one shirt.

and to all the people calling me a fake fan because i’m not really defending taylor: i will defend taylor to my death!!! i’ll throw myself in front of open fire for her!!!! i’d do anything for that woman!!! but only when it’s reasonable to do so!!! i’m not gonna sit here and pretend she was right in what she said (like……ANY of it) and i’m gonna call her out on it where i see fit and it doesn’t make me any less of a fan??? it makes me a human bean who knows bullshit when i see it and i actually think it’s downright asinine to drop her ass over this situation…..this attitude where everyone is expected to just drop their fav when they do 3 problematic things is ridiculous i love taylor but we disagree over things (albeit strongly) and that’s not gonna stop me from going hard af to 1989 or buying her third grade level designer merch!!!