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I’ll indulge you with more Kidge Neighbors AU because I love you and this ship so much!

P.S. This is establishing they’re already familiar with each other. Also, their bedroom windows are directly across from each other. SFW.

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I'm sorry the prompt before was so fluffy but I'm here with angst. Neil can't help the tears sometimes, he knows when their coming so he hides it from Andrew for a few months. Andrew walks in the room to see Neil crying, the worst thing is that Neil doesn't know why, all he knows it is hurts, his scars feel raw and ugly.

I love fluff but I’m a slut for angst

It starts after Baltimore. Sometimes the panic wells up inside him and he can’t hold it back. It spills over, and it paralyses him. He’s learned when it’s going to happen. It starts with something feeling not quite right. His chest is tight, everything is too loud, the room moves and everything is a little blurry. 

The first time it happens he’s blindsided. He can’t breathe, can’t speak. He’s crouched on the floor, head between his hands. It isn’t until he calms down, what feels like an eternity later that he realizes he’s crying.

He never lets it blindside him again. At the first sign, he ditches out of class, finds an empty bathroom and lets the panic take over. He’s silent when he sobs. A lesson beaten into him as a child is hard to forget, even at his worst. He’s sure it should be affecting his grades, but all of his professors seem a little afraid of him.

He expects it to get easier as time goes by, but the opposite happens. The panic comes more and more often. He’s not sleeping well. No one has noticed yet, but he feels like he’s on a tight rope, 50 feet above the ground with no safety net.

It takes him by surprise one afternoon when he’s in the room doing work. He shoves his laptop away and crawls onto the bed, huddling in the corner. The tears come hard and fast, and he shoves his fist in his mouth, muffling any noise. His head is swimming and he doesn’t even hear the door open.

“Neil,” Andrew stops dead when he his eyes land on Neil, shivering like a startled animal. He crosses the room in two steps, and practically throws himself onto the bed. His hand wraps around the back of Neil’s neck. 

The warm pressure focuses Neil a bit. He reaches for Andrew, and Andrew obliges, and pulls Neil to him, wrapping both arms around him tight. Neil sobs into Andrew’s shoulder, and his hands clutch at Andrew’s shirt, dragging him closer.

He eventually settles, and Andrew holds him tight, even after his breathing evens out. “Do you want to talk about it?” Andrew asks after a long time. 

Neil shakes his head and burrows closer to Andrew.

“Fine, but you’re going to Bee. No arguments.”

Neil doesn’t even have the energy to try.

Performance Unit (svt) Reaction to a Surprise Kiss


Expect this boy to be super fluffy and cringy about it. You’d both be sort of doing your own thing, but in the same room. Maybe he was busy working on a choreo and you were in the corner doing work on your laptop. You decided to take a ten second break, so when he stops for a moment, before he can rewind the music, you get up, walk over to him, hold his face with your hands, and plant one on him, before leaning back with a kind of sassy smirk sort of smile, and going back to your corner to work. He returns your smirk, and wiggles his eyebrows at you before giggling a little and throwing lots of little hearts at you as he goes back to practicing.


Jun would be surprised for sure, but depending on his mood at the particular time, he may or may not let you off with just one little kiss. He’d be standing in the kitchen leaning sort of sideways on the counter with one arm and scrolling through his phone. You would see him and sneak in to his side and then surprise him by hopping the last couple of steps over to him and placing a sweet little peck on his lips before grinning really big and giggling cutely as you pranced off again. If he was in one of his quieter moods, he’d be surprised and stare after you as you left while a smile spread across his face. If, however, he was in one of his more energetic moods, he’d be wide eyed just as you first kissed him, but he’d snap out of it almost immediately, and one of his hands would shoot out to grab your arm and pull you back towards him. When you turned to face him, he’d rest his hands on your waist and give you a few pecks, smiling in between each before settling into an actual kiss. And then he’d pull away slowly and stare down at you with a smirk while you kind of slowly and bashfully turned and waddled away all blushie because that was supposed to embarrass him not you, why are you the one blushing, dang it.


Minghao would start blushing and giggling like no tomorrow. You’d have been talking, and there’d come a lull in the conversation, and you’d look up at him and be thinking all like >:) because who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to make this little cinnamon bun get all blushie, so you’d move in front of him with your hands clasped cutely behind your back. You’d immediately lean up and kiss him on the lips. Not just a tiny peck, but also no more than like a second or two. Just a simple little kiss, and you’d pull away and smile innocently at him before acting like nothing had happened. He’d be a mess, through the kiss, he’d have been kind of overwhelmed and startled, and after he’d be happy but really shy so he’d just giggle and hide his face in his hands, and maybe turn to lean on your shoulder cutely.


The two of you would have both been in a good mood and you’d have been just chatting, and you’d ask if you could come just sit in the practice room to work while he practiced dancing.

“Yeah, that’s fine, but won’t it be boring for you?”


“Why not? I’ll be spending a lot of time on all of the same parts, it won’t be like a performance. Are you sure-”

And you’d get tired of him trying to convince you not to so you’d lean in and give him a peck on the lips before leaning back to say “It’ll be with you, I’ll like it.”

And when you kiss him he was startled and kind of wide eyed, and it was so fast that he couldn’t really register what was going on when it happened, but then after staring at you all surprised for a moment, he’ll snap out of it and start giggling and be like “okay, if you want to :3” He’d give you a little hug and probably want to hold your hand after just because that was so cute and now his heart is all fluttery


This was super cute!! Guys, feel free to request more of this *winkwink*

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Do you think that a new chapter of Shingeki no Kyojin is celebrated as a holiday in our house every month? Like everyone in the house just stops what they are doing because we all get an unconscious vibe in our heads and we all congregate to the living room. And when the whole family is in the living room, we stare at each other in silence but knowing understanding because we know what brought us all here. And finally Mom speaks: "The chapter is out, children."

That’s a lovely thought, but I suspect the reality would be something more like this:

I’d holler up the stairs like a good mom calling for dinner, “Hurry up kids! Hurry! New chapter’s up!”.  @leapingtitan would run down and start jumping on the couch shouting “OMG OMG OMG”, @guyinlovewitheremika would roll on the floor flapping his hands while hyperventilating and making incoherent noises. You’d be hiding in a blanket fort hugging your Grisha body pillow. @kyojinofbraveos would start throwing popcorn at Nick and the eremika dude while shouting encouragement at them. @falcon94ssy would flip through the chapter and screech “EAST SEA CLAN!!!!” at every Ackerman panel. @perfectackeracy would be in the corner waiting for the right moment to slay us with something hysterical. @toruq would sit quietly by, but would like everything. And @erwin-smith would find one panel with hairy hands chase me around the room trying to rub it in my face. 

Meanwhile, one house over, @etoincognito and @aotopmha would be sitting at their laptops rolling their eyes at us. 

Finally, I’d throw my hands up in the air and leave for drinks and nachos with @daydream24-7, @kuchen-ackerman and @alemanriq. Maybe we’d call @catherinebuntaichou to go with us. I suspect when I returned, the house would be a pile of rubble.

Edit: Oh, and I guess @all-my-ships-are-snking would be there because Nick or Guy invited them to the party but I haven’t met them yet :P)

Not Good Enough

Request: Hi i saw you post about picking a bias and picking a number as well is it still ok to do??? If soo, Bang yongguk and number 14 please :D p.s i didn’t know if this is the right place to give you this hahaha

14)  Someone tells you that you need to lose weight. Your bias responds.

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: B.A.P. Yongguk x Y/N

Type: Angst/Fluff

It wasn’t often that I had the chance to witness an angry Bang Yongguk. Usually whenever he was upset, it came off as a bit perturbed, maybe even frustrated, but never outright angry. 

I had just come back to our apartment, groceries in hand, when I found him hunched over my very pink laptop at the kitchen table. His hands were laced under his chin and his eyebrows were knit in frustration. 

It had been two weeks since Yongguk and I had become publicly official. Of course his fans were surprised to learn that he was actually dating me, who started out as a BABY, and met him at one of the fan meets. I always assumed idols didn’t pay much attention to the girls filtering through in front of them, but as I’ve learned, B.A.P. doesn’t exactly follow traditional idol perimeters. 

“Jagi?” I called out. Nothing but silence filled the air between us. I assumed he was working on music. Usually if he was frustrated, 9 times out of 10, it could always be traced back to a line that wouldn’t rhyme or a beat that wouldn’t flow. 

After a few moments, I continued what I was doing until I heard slamming come from the dining room. I slowly stepped around the corner and into the area. Yongguk had disappeared, but left my slammed laptop closed on the table. He had also taken the glass he was drinking out of in one swoop onto the floor. He reappeared into the room, a towel in hand as he began to mop up his mess and pick up glass shards. 

“What’s wrong?” I asked, concern lacing my voice. 

“I don’t want to talk about it,” he sighed, trying to give me his best gummy smile. “It’s nothing.”

“I think that’s a lie..but okay,” I muttered, crouching beside him and attempting to help. 

“I’ve got it,” he nodded, giving me a stern look. “Really.”

“Well alright,” I said, lifting my hands. “I’ll go back to unpacking the stuff from the market. What do you want for dinner by the way?” 

I turned the corner into the kitchen and looked over the bar separating us. He continued his slow, methodical cleaning in silence. 

“Yongguk?” I called again. He had appeared in the kitchen as I turned around, dropping the glass shards into the trash. 

“I’m going to shower,” he said, throwing up another smile that didn’t reach his eyes. 

I nodded, scrunching up my face. What was up with him? 

Yongguk disappeared from my sight and I heard the shower kick on from the bathroom. I continued putting groceries away when an idea struck me. I carefully peaked around the corner to make sure Yongguk had actually gotten into the shower and tiptoed into the dining room. I lifted up my laptop and pulled up the search history and clicked the first link. Maybe this would let me know why Yongguk was upset. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see a fan taken photo of Yongguk and I leaving a record store from the previous day. It was one of the first days he had off in awhile and he was looking amazing. I stood beside him, wearing my favorite outfit and holding a Starbucks cup. We were both smiling at each other. 

“How could this possibly cause him to get upset?” I muttered, scrolling down. I quickly shot a glance to the comments section which had over 1,000 entries. 

The first comment, which had about 50 thumbs up, was in regards to me.

“Aish, you would think an idol would date a prettier fan if he was going to. Tell her she needs to go on a diet if she’s going to date our Gukkie!” 

My heart felt like it had ceased all beating and it felt like my blood turned to ice. I had never really acknowledged it, but I always knew I was a curvier girl. I was okay with that, so I didn’t understand why other people couldn’t be. 

“Hah!” one reply read. “Take away her coffee and give her a salad!” 

“You all are so mean,” one commenter posted. “She just looks so big because Yongguk is so small.”

I closed out of the window and wiped a tear from my eye. I slowly closed the laptop and heaved a heavy sigh. People would never understand. My life was not any of their business. 

I picked myself up out of the chair and began to wander across the room. There was only one way I could find solace in how I was feeling and it was currently in the shower. 

I slowly stripped myself of the clothes on my body and stopped in front of my mirror. I had nothing to be ashamed of…or at least I never thought I should be ashamed. 

I walked quietly into the bathroom and entered the shower. Yongguk was standing with his back to me, the water dropping onto the back of his neck as he breathed heavily. It crested at his shoulders, spraying water around him. He was gorgeous. Really those fans had been right. How could a girl like me deserve something as beautiful as him. 

I wrapped my arms around his waist and sighed. 

He didn’t even jump or move, only placing a hand over mine on his stomach. 

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. 

“For what silly man?” I chuckled, marveling at his wet skin that I had my face rested upon. He was perfect, so perfect. 

He spun around, taking me in his arms again, and placing my head on his tattooed chest. The water hit both of us evenly and it felt amazing. 

“For their words,” he sighed.

“How’d you know I read it?” I squeaked in embarrassment. 

“Because I know you,” he grinned. “And you were worried about me.” 

“Always,” I nodded. 

He held to me tighter and kissed the top of my wet head. “Never, ever think you are not good enough. Especially when it comes to being with me. Understand?”

I nodded again, listening to his deep voice reverberate through his chest in time with his heart beat. 

“You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen,” he cooed, running his hands through my hair. “And they’re right. I am an idol and I’m expected to be seen with a certain type of girl. They just don’t realize that that ‘type’ can be any girl that compliments me. That compliments who I am…

…And God, they don’t understand that I love you just so fucking much.”

“I love you too,” I choked out, not being able to tell what on my face were tears or regular water. “So much.”

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“during a storm all the lights went out and now youre in my apartment bc youre afraid of the dark but i want to kick you out again since all you do is keep telling cheesy one liners” with Peter please! Thanks :-)

‘We keep telling each other pick up lines and I thought this was a funny game, but it turns out you were serious?? oh’ with Peter? Ily 💗

“when one stops the kiss to whisper “I’m sorry, are you sure you-” and they answer by kissing them more” with my baby peter maximoff pretty pls 😊 (ps you & your work are gifts from the heaven)

For the drunk friend prompt list: “Did you just call me a dickbag….. in French?” w/ Peter is really funny to me and idk why

Peter Maximoff + this prompt list + this prompt list + this prompt list + this prompt list + this prompt list

A/N: Look. I know this sucks. This started as convenience or whatever and rapidly devolved into a personal challenge. It kind of works not really. Just don’t examine the flow of the plot or the complete lack thereof too closely. Also let my lightweight Peter Maximoff live he’s a precious bean who’s a complete mess. @kurtwxgners @put-in-writing check out my efficiency also @maximoffsjpeg I used your prompt list are you proud of me

It’s only about nine thirty pm when there’s a particularly violent crash of thunder followed by a blinding flash of lightning and then total darkness as the power in your apartment cuts out. And judging by the muffled but prolific swearing coming through the thin walls between you and your neighbour, the power is out for the entire building. Sighing heavily, you reach for your phone torch and find your way to the cupboard your mum had insisted you keep well stocked ‘for emergencies’ where you kept backup torches, lots of tinned food, several decks of cards and some poker chips. You’ve barely gotten the torches set up in strategic positions around your apartment when there’s a knock at the door, and when you get there, it’s your neighbour, Peter. He’s holding a bottle of Jack Daniels and looking sheepish as you arch an eyebrow and wait for an explanation.

“Can I hang out with you till the power comes back? I’m not-” he pauses, scratching self-consciously at the back of his neck before continuing, “I’m not overly fond of the dark, so could I maybe-? I brought this as an offering of gratitude,” He holds the bottle out to you hopefully and you shrug. You’ve never really spent a whole lot of time with him before, but he’s come bearing gifts and he seems like pretty decent company and it’s not like you were looking forwards to spending the night alone in the dark with limited laptop charge.

“Sure, come in. Careful of the torches,” you say, taking the offered bottle and set it down on a coffee table before heading to the refrigerator. “We can watch How I Met Your Mother until my laptop runs out of battery and eat my ice cream so it doesn’t have a chance to melt.”

If you had known that Peter was both a lightweight and somewhat less than gifted in the hand eye coordination department before figuring out a way to pass the time, you would have known better than to mix drinking, ice cream and low lighting. It takes all of about three episodes before he’s tipsy enough to accidentally tip half his bowl of ice cream all down your shirt.

“Shit,” you groan in resignation, setting your own bowl of ice cream on the coffee table. The alcohol in your system is making everything feel very unimportant, but you can feel your shirt starting to stick to your skin where the ice cream was spilled so you haul yourself up from the couch, walking towards your room to change. Absentmindedly, you reach for the hem of your shirt as you approach your bedroom door, starting to pull it up and over your head. There’s a loud thump from behind you that reminds you, somewhat belatedly, that Peter is still in the apartment.

“Hey (Y/N), are you an astronaut? Because your body is out of this world,” Peter calls from his position on the couch. You lean round the door and glare at him, strategically angling yourself so that only your head is visible.

“Don’t watch me change, connard,” you retort before disappearing back into your room and rummaging around in the dark for a new shirt.

“I’m-I just google translated-did you just call me a dickbag…in French?” He asks after a brief silence. You yank a shirt out of a drawer and pull it over your head, throwing the dirty one into a corner of your room and rolling your eyes in amusement at the indignation in Peter’s voice.

“Close enough,” you quip, re-emerging and scooping your laptop up off the coffee table to check the battery. It’s about two percent away from dying so you reluctantly shut it down. You glance over at Peter, about to ask him if he has any ideas about how to pass the time when the mischievous grin he’s wearing makes you pause.

“No really, you’re smokin. If you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple.” There’s a momentary silence as he awaits your reaction expectantly and you don’t quite manage to hold back your eyeroll as you reach for the bottle of Jack again. “Or maybe you’re a magician, because abraca-damn.”

“Peter, these are terrible. Please stop.”

“But I gotta know. Are you god? Because you’re the answer to all my prayers,” He asks, giggling and you groan.

“Are you just gonna keep doing this for the rest of the night,” you ask, and he just shrugs.

“I mean, I wasn’t but now that you mention it, If I had to rate you from one to ten I would rate you a nine, because I think I’m the one you’ve been missing,” he quips and you throw a pillow at him in response. “Okay fine, fine you’re a ten, I was lying.”

“You’re a terrible liar with worse pickup lines but I can beat that. Some guy at a bar once came up to me and said ‘what’s your favourite silverware? Because I like to spoon’ so if you can beat that, then I’ll be impressed,” you retort, taking another sip of the alcohol. Peter gives you a grin and chuckles.

“Is that a challenge? Because I’ll take that challenge,” he asks and you laugh.

“Y’know what? Why not. Yeah, this is a challenge. Whoever comes up with the worst pickup line wins something from the loser. Winner’s choice,” You say, holding out your hand for the two of you to shake on the agreement. Peter takes your hand with a smirk.

“If you were a chicken, you’d be impeccable,” he quips and you stifle a giggle.

“You look great and all, but you know what would look really good on you? Me,” you counter, passing the bottle back to him.

“Hey baby, wanna sit on my lap and we’ll talk about the first thing that pops up?”

“Is your name google? Because you’re everything I’m searching for.”

The pickup lines vary from the absurd to the obscene, and between the two of you, there are significantly more of them than you though were possible to come up with.

“Okay, okay, okay. Are you ready? Cause I’m about to win this entire thing. Fucking brace yourself,” Peter announces, already laughing even as he sets up the pickup line. You take another gulp from the now significantly depleted bottle on the couch between the two of you.

“Bring it on, Maximoff.”

“Are you my appendix? Because you’re giving me a funny feeling that’d I’d like to take you out.” Peter is all but doubled over, wheezing with laughter as he finishes the joke and it’s so awful that it actually takes you a couple seconds for it to sink in before you’re laughing too.

“Jesus that was fucking awful. I concede. You win. Pick your reward. Not even my Netflix password is off limits,” you chuckle, holding your hands out in a sign of defeat, the alcohol in your veins registering as a pleasant buzz at the back of your mind.

“I was,” he starts, flushing bright red and not quite meeting your gaze. “I was thinking more like a date,” he continues, you let out a short laugh, not immediately registering what he meant.

“Dude, that’s not even a bad pickup line, and besides you’ve already won-oh. Oh, wait you were serious about-oh,” You slowly trail off as you realise what he meant, studying him thoughtfully. You’re not at all opposed to the idea of going on a date with him, in fact, it’s a fairly appealing suggestion. It takes you a couple seconds to pick up on the fact that Peter’s still talking.

“I mean, you don’t have to-it was a dumb idea, I’m sorry-I shouldn’t have-I’ll take your Netflix password instead-” he’s babbling nervously, and you make a split second decision, reaching out to grab the front of his shirt and hauling him in to press his lips to yours to cut him off. He tastes like chocolate ice cream and Jack Daniels as you shift closer to him on the couch. He pulls back after a couple of seconds, eyes wide with surprise. “I’m-wow-I’m sorry, are you sure?” he whispers almost nervously and you don’t even think about it, you just pull him in to kiss him again, one of your hands carding through his hair as you pull him in closer. Peter’s reaction is immediate, his arms going around your waist and hauling you into his lap as his lips move insistently against yours. His fingers are digging into your hips as one of your arms hooks around his neck, pressing him into the back of the couch. His teeth graze tentatively over your lower lip, making your grip on his hair tighten reflexively, and Peter lets out a startled gasp against your mouth that makes you giggle. Pulling away, you start to press kisses down along his jaw and neck as one of his hands starts to drift idly up and down your spine and then suddenly he laughs, making you pull back and look at him curiously.

“What?” you ask and he gives you a smug grin, reaching up to tuck a stray piece of hair away from your face.

“It may have been a terrible pickup line, but it worked on you, apparently.”

Carpet Burn

Sam x Reader 

Warning - Smut! Some Dom/Sub

Word count - 1952

Enjoy ;)

 You stand to behind the bar at the roadhouse, spinning a wet glass around a towel. You smirk to yourself watching Jo flirt with Dean, the girl has it bad. 

You’d known Jo since you were kids, your parents were killed in a hunt and Ellen took you in. You often teased her about her crush on Dean, but it was light hearted she knew that. 

You glance over at Ellen who was putting the chairs onto the tables, she was less impressed by the two’s bonding.  

“Jo! You gonna leave Y/n dry those glasses alone?” She slams a chair down with extra force, stopping Jo’s laughter

“Oh, sorry Y/n….I hadn’t even realised you were back…” you chuckle lightly

“Oh it’s fine Jo, I’ve only been back for 15 minutes” you wink, watching Ellen retreat to the back room, bidding you goodnight, shutting the door behind her. You glance at the clock behind the bar, it was passed midnight.

“Go, it’s fine. These won’t take long” you add whispering, pushing her back towards Dean. Knowing her mother wouldn’t reappear. 

She throws her towel at you. A smile bright on her lips as she retreats back to Dean. You couldn’t blame her Dean was a good looking guy, but he wasn’t your type. You watch the pair move to the pool table. 

You glance over to the corner table that held Sam Winchester’s laptop, but no longer help Sam Winchester.  You frown to yourself that you hadn’t noticed him move, maybe he had gone to the bathroom or something. 

You turn around to place your dry glass under the bar and jump in fright. 

“Sam! You gave me a heart attack!” You laugh, you hand jumping to your chest. He chuckled, leaning towards you taking Jo’s towel from your shoulder where you’d thrown it.

“Thought you could use some help” he grinned, his cute dimples appearing as he picked up a glass from the pile on the bar. 

You feel butterflies in your stomach. Now that’s the kind of man you wanted. Sweet, funny, caring, sexy and a little dangerous. 

The two of you finished off the glasses, stealing the occasional glace at each other. Smirking at the sight of Dean and Jo. The latter suddenly appeared at your side. 

“We’re going for a walk” the look of glee unmistakable on her face. You shake your head at her laughing

“Sure, ‘a walk’. Just be quiet until you’ve passed you’re mom’s window. Oh and take your keys!” she hugged you before slipping out of the back door with Dean in tow. 

You roll your eyes at them, turning back to Sam who was mirroring your expression. You both snort in laughter. 

“Drink?” You offer holding up the closest whiskey bottle, he nods. You grab two glasses and pour. 

After a few drinks you pull the youngest Winchester over to the pool table. You rack up the balls and grab a cue.

“Y/n, I don’t really play….” you decide to tease him into it

“Hmm, ok. Guess I could always wait for Dean….” you see his eyes harden and his fists clench

*Woah that hit a nerve* 

He steps forward and takes the pool cue from your hands. Lining up his shot, you watch intensely as he hits the ball hard send three balls an straight into the pockets. He looks up at you, his eyes a shade darker

“Liar” you smirk at him. You watch him pull off a few trick shots

“This is hardly fair, you’re hustler Sam Winchester. How’s a poor girl like me meant to play fair?” You bend over the table slowly catching his reflection in the mirror as you line up your shot. 

You see his eyes drift down your legs and back up to the denim skirt you were wearing, licking his lips as they fell back to your rear.

You bit your lips to keep from laughing as you make your shot. You miss your next, sighing dramatically.

He clears the table in record time, beating you easily.

“Not one to go easy on a girl huh?” You laugh, watching him. You both silently decide against another game. Suddenly Sam checks his watch, your heart drops thinking he’s going to leave. 

“It’s getting late” he didn’t elaborate, you look at the clock and sure enough it was gone 2am. 

“Yeah” was all you replied with. Your eyes burning into his. 

“You tired?” He asked, you didn’t miss asked beat in replying no

“Me either” you smile at him, you see his muscles tense. His eyes darker, the look he sent you making you ache with need.

“Good” the words barely left your mouth, he stalked towards you slamming his lips to yours.

You gaps but respond eagerly, raising to your tip toes to push further into him. His hand dives into your hair as he walks you backwards. Your ass hits the pool table, his hands drop to your thighs, squeezing roughly before lifting you onto it effortlessly. 

You part panting heavily, his head resting on yours. 

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that” he whispers, you whimper in response.

“Not as long as I have Sammy” you raise your lips to his ear adding wickedly

“But that’s not all I wanted to do”

You hear a growl rip from him. He grabs your hips pulling you forward until your hips slam into his. The outline of his hard cock straining against his jeans. You moan and roll your hips. 

“Upstairs?” You shake your head reminding him of Ellen. 

“Car?” He murmurs against your neck, teeth grazing the skin

“You forget who went outside an hour ago?” You smile pulling his face to yours. 

He swears and drops his head to your shoulder. It seemed hopeless, it’s not like you could fuck on the pool table….could you? 

You wiggled you hips on the wooden surface, testing it’s stability. It barely moved, you grinned suggestively at Sam who was watching you in awe.

“You serious?” He asked his voice strained,  as if he was holding back from ripping your clothes off at the suggestion. 

“Why not? You’ve already screwed me over this table once tonight” You wink, referring to the beating you took at by our previous game. 

He’s on you in a second, lips roughly devouring yours. You whimper against him, who knew Sam Winchester could be so dominant?  God you liked it, you’d always had a kinky side, and right now Sam was bringing it all to reality. 

“Lie back” he ordered, you obeyed without question. The rough surface of the pool table likely to leave you with carpet burn, but you didn’t care.

He shoved up your skirt bunching it around your hips. He ripped your panties off, shoving them in his pocket.  You moan as he drops his head to your core, licking lightly up the centre. 

“Quiet or I’ll stop, understand?”

“Yes sir” You slam your hand over mouth the second the word fly from it,  cheeks burning with embarrassment.  

You hesitate to look at Sam but when you do the sight almost made you come right there. He was panting,  eyes burning. Sam wasn’t just a little dominant, Sam was a Dom! And right now you were his oh so willing Sub. 

The look in his eye tells you he hasn’t had chance to play in long while, and neither had you. Tonight was going to be memorable for you both. 

“Good girl” he smiled, dropping his head back to your slick core. You keep as quiet as you can, Sam’s tongue driving you closer and closer to oblivion. 

“Please, Sam. Can I come? Please?” You beg, you submissive side taking over. 

“Such a good girl, asking me so sweetly. I want you to last another minute. Then I’ll let you come. Understand?” His praise making your mind hazy. But you manage to answer him with a “Yes sir”

He continues to assault your clit, drawing patterns over the swollen bud. But then he dips his fingers into you. You gasp in surprise and pleasure as you fight hard against coming. 

“Almost there, another 30 seconds” You close your eyes trying to think of anything other than your need to come and Sam’s long talented fingers. You feel his fingers curl against your g-spot and you almost lose it.

“Oh God! Sam please, I cant” you beg fighting off your approaching orgasm

“Do you want to come Y/n?“ He asks teasingly

“Yes! Please, Sam please let me come. Please” you beg unashamedly. 

“Ok, since you asked so nicely” you don’t have to be told twice,  another flick of his finger and your fall apart. 

“Sam! Oh fuck!” You convulsed against the table

“Good girl, listened so well.” He praised,  you see him shift to stand, but you were too high on pleasure to pay attention. 

 You come back down with a crash when you feel him pull your hips to the very edge of the table and the tip on his impressive length against your opening. 

“This what you want Y/n? You want my cock buried in you?”

“Yes! Sam please, fuck me!” You plead reaching for his shirt balling it in your fist. He growled and thrust forward sheathing himself fully in your dripping core.

You cry out in pleasure,  throwing your head back against the hard surface. 

“Sit up” you do as he says and he tangles his fingers in your hair, pulling your face to his capturing your lips in a rough kiss.

He starts pumps in and out of you fast and hard, the angle hitting your sweet spot constantly. You thrust your hips as much as you can to meet his. 

“So fucking tight, you’re so fucking perfect Y/n” you whimper at his words. Your senses overwhelmed by pure bliss. 

“Oh god! Sam…so close…” you mewl, feeling yourself start to tighten around him. 

“Don’t come until I say you can” He grunts picking up speed. 

You squeal desperately as you try to hold back, you hand winding into his hair gripping it tightly making him growl. 

He slams into you impossibly harder, your bare ass cheeks dragging along the fabric of the pool table. You feel the sore burn there, knowing you’d have issues sitting tomorrow.  

You hear the pool balls clang off each other as the table shakes under the force of Sam’s thrusts. You’re unable to take anymore

“Please baby, please I need to come, please….” you beg, you head spinning with need

“Come for me baby” he whispers leaning his lips to your ear. 

“SAM!” You cry out in ecstasy, pulling him over the edge with you as he slams into you. Your sight goes white, the last thing you saw was the look of awe in Sam’s eyes. 

Your body goes lifeless, drowning in pleasure. Sam pulls you to him, holding you tightly. As you both come down from your ecstasy filled high. You kiss deeply. 

“Y/n that was amazing, it’s been a long time since…” you nod understanding, you’d both had nothing but vanilla ‘relations’ for a while

“Trust me Sammy I know” you kiss him tenderly. 

“Problem is, I don’t think I’m going to be able to let you go” you smile at the honest look in his eyes

“Well eventually we will have to get down from the pool table….my ass is kinda sore” he spanks your rear lightly for teasing him, making you gasp in pleasure and bite your lip

“Not what I meant” he glares down at you playfully

“I know” you smile teasing him, you reach to kiss him again. 

“I’m not going to be able to let you go either Sammy”


but-deans-back-tho - some smut for your Sam girls :) x

“I Bet You Can’t Go 24 Hours Without Cussing” (Vasco)

Requested by anon

Originally posted by street-crush

    You heard a muffled curse from the laundry room and quickly set aside your laptop, walking back into the room to find Dongyeol gathering clothes off the floor and throwing them back in the laundry basket. “What happened?” you asked, crouching next to him to help out.

    “I’m still not used to the new setup,” he said, gesturing vaguely at the new dryer you’d just bought. “I went to put a new load in the washing machine, and I forgot I left this on top of the dryer and knocked it off by accident and it made a big fucking mess.”

    “You’ll get used to it,” you said, grabbing an elusive sock from the corner of the room and tossing it into the basket.

    “Yep,” he said. “Until then though, the laundry might be a little dusty.”

    You laughed. “No worries. You know… I bet you can’t go 24 hours without cussing.”

    Dongyeol raised a skeptical eyebrow. “What happens if I win, and what happens if I lose?”

    “If you lose, I get a day off chores. If you win… What do you want if you win?”

    “I want you to take a morning off work,” he said after considering for a moment. “So we’ll have some time, just the two of us, when Seop’s at school.” The look in his eyes made you blush, but you nodded.

    “All right then.” You stood, taking care to step on Dongyeol’s bare foot.

    “Shi-” he cut himself off, scowling at you as you burst into laughter.

    “I’m not so sure you’re going to win this,” you teased, and then left the room to join Seop on the couch where he was working on a drawing.

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Operation OZ

Chapter Three

Read it HERE on AO3

Ch. 1 / Ch. 2 / More SamWELL

“Motherfucker!” Derek cries, holding his nose. Dex at least has the good grace to look sheepish, though it’s only a subtitle to his pissed expression. “What the fuck was that for?”

“I’m not used to other people touching me.” Dex says, and it sounds like half an apology, which Derek figures is all he’s going to get. “I forgot I wasn’t back in– back home.” Dex wrinkles his nose in a way that lets Derek know that that’s not at all what he wants to say, which makes him curious.

“Where the hell did they even keep you?” he asks, getting up off of the floor. His nose isn’t broken, though he makes a mental note that Dex has a killer right hook. He wasn’t one of those defenseless Q types, then. “It definitely wasn’t at the HAUS; I’d’ve seen you before now, if so.”

“Maine.” Dex says, rolling his shoulders and settling back into his seat, seemingly more calm. “Like, really fucking remote Maine. Cabin in the woods type of deal, except with really good wifi. It wasn’t too bad.”

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Woozi Fic 20

HI! im sorry i had to break my streak since i was so busy with family and stuff this weekend but i managed to get this one done last night and uh idk its shorter and everything i hope you guys like it XD

“AGH!” Woozi exclaims as he slams his back against the mirror before sliding down next to you. “It’s so hot in here!”

Laughing, you smile at your sweaty boyfriend. “Sorry, it’s probably ‘cause of me,” you joke.

“I bet you’re right,” he responds, grinning with the back of his head against the wall. He turns a little to look at you before lunging forward and hugging you tightly. “THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!”

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Bangtan Sleepover

Check out The Morning After  | Part 3 |

Genre:  Fluff

Pairing:  Jungkook x Reader; Yoongi x Reader; Namjoon x Reader

Summary:  It’s been six months since you were in Seoul and just as long since you’d last seen the boys.  When the call comes from Jungkook to join them for a sleepover at Jin’s place you can’t pass up the opportunity to see everyone again.  What you didn’t expect was the twisted game of Truth or Dare that had your crush - Yoongi - kissing you.


I sighed into my phone, listening to Jungkook whine about how it had been so long since I’d seen them all.  I’d only come to Seoul two days ago and I was still in the process of situating the remainder of my boxes into my apartment.  Jungkook was trying to convince me that I should forget the boxes and meet the boys at Jin’s new home for a sleepover.

“Okay, fine; but you owe me some heavy lifting for later - understood?”

I could hear several shouts of “yes” and “alright” in the background on Jungkook’s side.

“Of course, I’ll help.  I’ll see you here in about an hour!”  He hung up before I could say anything else.

Sighing in mild frustration I looked around at the five boxes still left to unpack.  It wasn’t much left, mostly just my books and I needed help moving my furniture back the way I wanted it, before I was able to unpack all of them.  At this rate it would be best to just leave it until I had help from Jungkook.


I knocked on the door to Jin’s house.  He’d told me the pass code for the gate, but I didn’t feel right just completely barging in on someone’s property; it was completely against my morals.

The door was jerked open and I could hear loud talking in the background from the rest of the boys.  Someone yanked me towards them, long arms wrapping around my waist, hands resting on my hips.  Initially, I stiffened unsure who was hugging me, but the familiar scent of sandalwood and apples filled my senses.

Namjoon released me, holding me at arms length, giving me one of his famous dimpled smiles.

“Nice to see you again, short stack.”

I blushed at the old nickname he had had for me since way back in high school.

“Are you ever going to stop calling me that, Joonie?”

He grinned stepping back into the house, motioning for me to join him.

I paused briefly to take off my shoes and place them with the others.

Namjoon led me into the main living area of the house where the rest of the members were waiting.

Jungkook was the first one to notice my arrival, jumping up with a grin on his face.  He stood up, his shirt clinging closer to his arms and torso than the last time I’d seen him.  He also looked taller, but that could also be part of his obvious physical changes over the last couple of months.

Before I could place my overnight bag on the ground, Jungkook had me wrapped up in a strong embrace, my feet leaving the floor.  I wrapped my arms instinctively around his shoulders, laughing at the irony that my little Kookie was no longer so little.

“What happened to the little Kookie I left here six months ago?”  I asked jokingly trying not to blush too much, remembering the feel of his arms around me.

He chuckled, scratching the back of his head while looking up at me through his bangs.

“Yah, I’m no longer a little kid anymore.”

“That’s right, out little Jungkookie is now an adult.”

My gaze traveled over to the new voice, the obvious eye smile and wide grin of Jimin looking back at me.

“Jimin,” I smiled; throwing my arms around his neck, kissing his cheek in greeting.  He chuckled wrapping his arms around me tightly, kissing my forehead in return.

We pulled away from one another as the others joined us to greet me as well.

I was pulling away from Jin’s hug, looking around the room for the one person I’d yet to see.  My eyes found him tucked in a corner of the couch, headphones on, typing furiously at the keyboard of his laptop.  His brow was furrowed in concentration, his mint colored hair looked darker than I remembered from their most recent stage performances - closer to a turquoise blue.

Excusing myself from the group of rowdy boys, I made my way over to where Yoongi was sitting.  His dark gaze looked up at me, softening slightly a small smile playing on his lips.  He took off his headphones and shut the lid to his laptop.

Rising from his seated position, Yoongi hugged me affectionately asking how I was settling in to the apartment again.  We made small talk, and I could feel eyes on me as the others continued talking animatedly to one another.  Shifting uncomfortably, the small hairs on the back of my neck remained raised for the remainder of our conversation.


“How about a round of truth or dare?”

Everyone’s heads whipped around to look at Yoongi for suggesting to play the game.  My eyes were wide while his were relaxed at hearing the boisterous approval from the others.

The game started out small, playful among friends; until one question changed the whole game from fun and playful to hurtful and tense in the blink of an eye.

“Yoongi, I dare you to show us who your favorite person is.”  Hoseok smiled, it wasn’t easy for Yoongi to  express himself using words, but he wasn’t the most shy member either.

“Show you who my favorite person is?”  Yoongi stared at Hoseok like he grew a second head.

“Has to be in this room, and -” He paused glancing over at me.  “It has to be a kiss.”

My eyes widened, currently Yoongi, Jungkook, Jin, and myself were the only sober players left.  Everyone else was gone far enough to find this entertaining.

“Aw, hyung, no fair!”  Jimin slumped forwards a bit, his words only slightly slurred.  “There’s only one girl here and he’s obviously going to pick Y/N.”

“Done,” Yoongi’s blunt response caused the whole group to turn and look at him, effectively silencing the whole room.

His eyes locked with mine across the living space as he stood up from his seat next to Namjoon and in just a few short strides he was standing in front of me, pulling on my arm and helping me to my feet.

My eyes still wide, I barely registered the touch of his cool hands as they cupped my face and the touch of his soft lips ghosting over my own.

I lost track of how long we stood like that - my hands were hanging onto the bottom of his tee shirt - too scared of my feelings to kiss him back.  I’d had a crush on him for years, but I’d never thought anything would amount from it.

He pulled back far enough to speak, but close enough that our lips still touched.

“Kiss me like you mean it.”

Yoongi pushed his lips back onto mine, trying to coax a response out of me.

Before I could even respond, Yoongi’s lips were once again separated from mine.

“What is your problem?”

The words came out like a growl, Namjoon held onto Yoongi’s shirt; his dark eyes glazed over with anger.

“What do you mean, ‘what is my problem’?”  Yoongi responded, long fingers gripping onto his shirt where Namjoon’s hands held onto it.

“You didn’t have to kiss her like that.”  Namjoon was sober enough to know what was going on, but I was sure that he had had enough to drink to be a little less angry.  He was normally a very laid back person when he’d had a few shots of soju, but right now he was anything except calm.

“I’d say that if I bothered you this much with kissing her that you must have a thing for her.”  Yoongi laughed cynically at Namjoon dark eyes locked onto Namjoon’s waiting to see how he would react to his hyung’s words.

Namjoon’s eyes glazed over for a moment to something softer, his gaze flickering over to me before focusing back on Yoongi.  When his eyes connected once more with Yoongi’s the anger was back, the brief moment where his eyes had softened was gone.  I wondered if it had really happened or if I had imagined it.

Jin was the one to step between the two, placing a hand on both of their chests to push them away from each other.

“Time for bed everyone.  Sleep it off; we’ve had a long night.”  Jin made sure to stay in between Namjoon and Yoongi eyeing both of his dongsangs with a careful eye as they continued to shoot each other distrustful glances.

“I call dibs on sharing a room with Y/N!”

Yoongi and Namjoon turned their angry eyes on Jimin who was too tipsy to care or even notice their obvious disapproval.  I shifted uncomfortably next to Jungkook, unsure of what exactly was going on.  My lips were still slightly swollen and puffy from Yoongi’s kiss, but I was unwilling to let my mind imagine what the kiss could have meant to him.  For all I knew, it was just to fulfill Hoseok’s dare and nothing more.

I tried not to let the pain of that knowledge hurt too much; sure I’d been developing feelings for the one and only Min Yoongi - aka Bangtan’s one and only Suga, but that was beside the point.  My feelings were most likely just a school girl fantasy because I liked his music, sure I knew him, but I didn’t know him as well as I knew Namjoon.

“I think it best that Y/N sleeps with me,” Jungkook said as he stepped closer to me, placing his hand on my elbow.  “It’s a larger bed anyways, it only makes sense.”  He added this shooting a pointed stare in Yoongi and Namjoon’s direction, challenging them to say otherwise.

This was a completely different side to Jungkook that I’d never seen before.  I’d watched him backtalk his hyungs plenty of times before, but it was usually Tae or Jimin, never Namjoon - especially not Yoongi.

Jimin pouted for a while longer, but once the rest of the boys had decided where they wanted to sleep he’d forgotten he’d even asked to sleep with me in the first place.

Jungkook carried my bag to the guest room in the back of the house, explaining that he always stayed there when he slept over at Jin’s.  There was only one bed located in the spacious room, something I had expected, but I was still surprised.

“When you’d said a larger bed I imagined a queen or a king.  Not a full sized bed.”  I stared at the bed in the middle of the room, wondering how an over sized Jungkook and myself were both going to fit - without ending up spooning.  My mind could not come up with a comfortable solution - every scenario ended in us cuddling somehow during the night.

Jungkook laughed placing my overnight bag by the bathroom door on a dresser.  “Bathroom’s through there, I’ll let you get ready in there and I’ll change out here.”

I nodded in silent thanks before grabbing my change of clothes, face wash, and toothbrush.  After changing, removing my makeup, and brushing my teeth, I joined Jungkook in the bedroom, where he was already lying down looking at his phone.

Jungkook looked up at me, smiling boyishly and it was then that I realized even though he was now a legal adult, the boy I once knew was still there, even if he wouldn’t admit it himself.

“Been a fun evening, huh?”

I rolled my eyes at him, plopping down on the bed next to him, staring blankly up at the ceiling.

“Kookie,” I looked up at him and he turned away from his phone long enough to look at me with a curious expression.


“What happened tonight?”

I waited for a response and when it didn’t come fast enough I looked over to see Jungkook staring at his phone, brows knit together.

“Y/N….” He looked back at me briefly, putting down his phone on the nightstand.  “I think that’s something best left to Yoongi hyung and Namjoon hyung to explain to you.”

I nodded my head in silent agreement.  Even if he’d known for sure or not, he wouldn’t have told me.

Rolling over in the bed, I now faced Jungkook who was making himself comfortable next to me.  He’d filled out a lot in the last six months and there wasn’t much wiggle room left in the bed without touching one another.

I could feel his body heat as he snuggled closer to me; arms wrapping around me in a tight hug.

“Sleep for now.  No use thinking about it right now when no one can answer your questions.”

Sighing contentedly in his warm embrace I felt a cloud of sleep begin to draw over me.

anonymous asked:

iwaoi 46 please?

“Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”

As it does every morning, Hajime’s alarm shakes him awake at 5:30 sharp for his daily run. Bleary-eyed, he stumbles into the bathroom to brush his teeth and throw some cold water on his face to wake himself a little.

Eyelids half-mast, he tugs on his track bottoms and worn-to-threads Seijou tee from high school, but as he searches for his favorite hoodie, his search comes up short. He searches the dirty laundry and the clean, on every hood and over every chair back.

However, in his quest, he realizes something he didn’t notice upon awakening: where the hell is Tooru now?

“Idiot,” he grumbles as he looks at Tooru’s empty side of the bed. 

And he knows just where to look.

“Hey, have you seen my — oh.” In the living room, curled up under the kotatsu with both an open laptop and Hajime’s missing hoodie, is Tooru. A fresh trail of drool dribbles from the corner of his mouth as his lips twitch to the tune of some unintelligible dream. Something warm settles in Hajime’s chest at the sight. 

He sinks to his knees, and after closing the lid of the laptop and putting it on top of the table, he carefully lifts Tooru’s head and slides a throw pillow underneath. Before climbing back to his feet, he feathers a kiss onto Tooru’s brow.

“See you when you wake up,” Hajime murmurs as he plucks another hoodie off of the coat rack and quietly closes the door behind him.

anonymous asked:

Chrissie just said that Chloe had her own room, so bechloe prompt? Beca constantly hangs out there and has clothes there and stuff and Bella's joke and say just move in her room already

Beca likes Amy, don’t think she doesn’t. It’s just that whenever she needed silence and peace around her to be able to mix, Amy would be rambling on about how she did enough cardio for the day with four different guys and didn’t need the exercise round the Bellas always did at night. Sometimes she even gave specific details about what exactly she had done with her lovers, and Beca’s headphones couldn’t be turned up loud enough to drown out what she was telling, because images already made its way onto Beca’s eyes.

So that’s what the reason was at first.

Chloe was the only Bella who had a room to herself, no one had any business coming in there. Chloe herself wasn’t even in there a lot, some days only to spend the night in her bed, so it was the perfect hide-away spot for Beca. Chloe’s room was the only place in the Bellas House where it was quiet and nobody around to poison her mind with gruesome, sexually tainted images. But through the years, the room at the top of the house hadn’t just been used by Beca to escape to and to work in peace. 

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Anonymous asked: Skimmons prompt if you have time and if you’re interested: simmons and skye are new roomates (same suite different room) and become fast friends. They are intrigued by each other and gravitate towards doing things together all the time. It’s all natural but new to them. They talk through and help each other make sense of what increasingly could be defined as girlfriend bahavior. The subtle touches, hanging out all the time & general taking care. Inspiration: say you love me by jessie ware. Thx:)

Well it only took me about three hundred years. But I HOPE this is something along the lines of your imagination ;) For the most part I really enjoyed writing this. Right - without further a do.


Skye weighs the key to her room in her hand. It feels heavy, even though it’s a simple key with a green tag on it. It reads “Skye. E404”. As a programmer she has to snort every time she reads it. She’s standing in front of the door of room 404 in housing block E, though. A simple duffel bag is slung over her shoulder and she takes a deep breath.

She has no idea whether her roommate has arrived yet, or who it would be. She didn’t even get a name. Probably because she got placed last minute and only got a suite room by accident, not because she could afford it or because she asked for it. It was a good thing, though, being promising. It gave you extra benefits, like a decent room and hopefully a decent roommate as well.

The key twists in the lock easily and she pushes it open with her foot after picking up her backpack from the floor. That’s all she’s got with her. A backpack full of loose things like books, her laptop and other electronics, and a duffel bag full of clothes.

It’s a really nice suite. But then again, what did she expect when she got a scholarship for a fancy university that is basically Hogwarts. At least it is to her.

There’s a tiny kitchen pressed into a corner. It’s one cupboard, a stove and a fridge. That’s it, but it’s enough for two people, most likely. A dining table forms the bridge to the living area.

“Oh, hello. You must be Skye?”

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absentlyabbie  asked:

Flommy. Stepsibling AU. ;)

I’m pretty positive you knew this couldn’t be done in three sentences.


“Mom? Why is there some guy in a really fancy car standing outside of our house telling me he’s ready to leave whenever I am,” Felicity asked, glancing over at the guy again, smiling slightly before she turned away. “Mom, what did you do?”

Felicity cringed at the sound of her mother’s laughter hit her ears. “I got married last night.”

“No you didn’t. Mom. Tell me you didn’t?”

“Would I lie to you?”

“Do you want me to seriously answer that?”

“Felicity. We’re getting ready to board the plane. That man standing outside of the car is John Diggle, he works for Mr. Merlyn.”

“Merlyn? Like the company. Who in the hell did you marry?”

“I don’t have time for this. We’re getting ready to board.”

“Board? Board what?”

“The plane. God, Felicity, how did you get into MIT?”

“You’re leaving? This John Diggle person is telling me I’m supposed to pack and you are leaving?”

“You’ll be staying at Malcom’s house until we get back.”

“Why can’t I stay here?”

“Because we don’t live there anymore.”

“I don’t want to go live somewhere else by myself mother.”

“You won’t be by yourself. Malcom has a son about your age, Tommy, he’ll be there too.”

“Another reason not to go. Mom, please don’t make do this.”

“You’ll be fine Felicity. I’ll see you in ten weeks.”

“Ten weeks?! Mom, I leave for MIT in nine. Are you seriously doing this to me? Mom?” Felicity glanced down at the phone, groaning at the screen that showed her mother had hung up. She turned around, pulling her lip through her teeth as she looked at the man standing by the car again. “Um, sorry about that Mr. Diggle. Just give me like twenty minutes and I’ll be ready to go, okay?”

He nodded. “Take your time ma’am.”

“Felicity, please.”

“You can call me Digg.”

Felicity smiled at him briefly before walking into the house. She leaned back against the door, closing her eyes. Her mother had clearly lost her mind. That was the only possible explanation for any of this. How was she supposed to go live with some guy she had never met in some house that isn’t hers and not see her mom for any of it? Who was even supposed to introduce her to Tommy? If he even cared. Tommy Merlyn, the name sounded familiar.

Felicity pushed herself off of the wall before making her way into her room. She headed straight for her computer, typing in Tommy’s name. She grimaced as the headlines popped up on the search. That’s where she knew him from. Tommy Merlyn, best friend of Oliver Queen, all around trouble maker. Her mother was even crazier than she had thought. There was no way she was going to live with one of the most spoiled brats alive.

She grabbed her cell phone, calling her mom again. She sighed when it went straight to voicemail.

“You cannot do this Mom. You just… you can’t. You need to get off of that plane and tell me this is all some sort of joke. I am not going to move into some millionaire’s house and live there before I leave. You are completely insane—“

Felicity groaned as the automated voice cut her off, ending the message. Tossing her phone on the bed, she grabbed the two bags she had already started packing for MIT, quickly shoving the rest of her can’t-live-withouts in. She grabbed the bags and made her way back outside.

“That everything,” Digg asked, glancing down at the two bags.

“Everything I need for nine weeks.” She handed the bags over to him, watching as he placed them in the back of the car. “What’s going to happen with the rest of the stuff in the house?”

“Movers will be here tomorrow. Everything will go to a storage facility.”

Felicity nodded. “Sorry for making you wait out here. You totally could have come inside.”

“Don’t worry about it. You ready to go,” he asked, opening the door for her.

Felicity glanced back at the house, shaking her head slightly as she slid into the back seat. “Guess so,” she muttered as he closed the door.

The drive to the house was silent as Felicity watched the neighborhoods that she had grown up in fade away into new, upscale neighborhoods she had avoided. The house that she was now looking at was a neighborhood in itself. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Not a fan?”

Felicity looked at Digg, tilting her head. “Do I look like the kind of girl that lives in a mansion?”

He laughed, looking at her in the rearview mirror. “Only one way to find out. We’ve been here for fifteen minutes. You’re going to have to leave the car eventually.”

“It’s pretty comfy back here, actually. And I’ve always wanted to live in a car.”

“I snore.”

Felicity rolled her eyes, opening the door. “Just had to go and ruin a good thing didn’t you Digg.”

She stood beside the car, staring at the place she was supposed to call home. Her mother had never been known for making great decisions. This wasn’t even her first unannounced marriage, but none of the other ones involved living in a house this large or what she imagined would be a press field day when word got out. Felicity wasn’t even sure how in the hell her mother would even meet Malcolm Merlyn, let alone how she managed to marry the guy.

“You ready?” John’s voice pulled her out of her thoughts. She glanced over at him, he had her bags in his hands.

“If I say no, will you drive me back home?”

“You are home now.”

“Lead the way then.”

Felicity followed John through the house, up the stairs, and around corners. He finally stopped in front of one of the rooms opening the door and placing the bags beside the bed. She glanced over at him from the doorway, hoping she was doing a better job at hiding how uncomfortable she felt than she thought she was.

“Do you have a map? ‘Cause I’m not sure I could manage to find my way out of here.”

“Three rights, four lefts gets you to the stairs. The bathroom is the first door after the second right. Kitchen is the big room with the shiny tables and fancy electronics. You shouldn’t be able to miss it if you wander downstairs for a while.”

“And the liquor cabinet?”

“Two rooms to your left. But you didn’t hear that from me.” He smiled at her, holding out a card. “If you need a ride somewhere, call me.”

“Thanks,” Felicity responded, grabbing the card from his hand. She watched as he retreated from the room, closing the door behind him. Sighing, she picked the bags up from the floor, setting them on the bed. She looked around the room taking in the dark wood of the furniture, and wide spaces. She was pretty sure this room alone was probably at least half the size the house she grew up. Unzipping the first bag, she pulled out the picture frames that she had scattered on top, placing them on top of the dresser in the corner of the room. She ran her hand along the frames before she opened the top drawer, throwing in the clothing items that belonged there. She grabbed the second bag off the bed, opening it up to toss her laptop and tablet onto the bed.

She made her way across the room, opening the door to what she assumed was the closet. Rolling her eyes at the size, she tossed the first bag in a corner, before hanging up the rest of what was in bag two. She made her way back to the bed, climbing up and settling into the massive pillows that lined the headboard. She grabbed her tablet, pulling up the app that she had been working on before John Diggle had shown up on her doorstep to change her world. She moved her fingers across the screen out of habit, testing the solutions to the bugs that she had found earlier in the week.

She glanced at the time in the upper corner of her tablet as her phone flashed signaling a new text message. It had taken her mother five hours to respond to her. She opened the message, taking in her mother’s smiling face, bright blue seas and golden sand behind her. The message underneath the picture told her to try and enjoy it. She typed back quickly that she would have enjoyed staying home for nine weeks more. She sat the phone down on the nightstand, turning it over when the light flashed again. She rolled over, squirming under the blankets, she would figure a way out of this tomorrow.

She woke up to the sound of someone opening her door. She opened her eyes, reaching around trying to find her glasses. She squinted trying to get her vision to clear enough to make out the person standing beside her bed.

“So, you must be my new sister.”

“Step sister,” she corrected automatically, her hands running across the mattress. “Do you see my glasses? I’m completely blind, and it’s sort of awkward having this conversation when I can’t really make out your face. Not that this conversation wouldn’t be awkward if I could see your face.” She smiled in his direction, she hoped, as she felt him place her glasses in her hand. She slid them up her nose looking over at him. He looked much, much better in person than he did on the pictures that she had looked at yesterday. He was standing right beside the edge of her bed, his hands shoved in his pockets, his blue eyes glued on her. His very, very attractive eyes. She pushed the thought out of her head, she so did not need to add crushing on her newly announced step brother to the list of problems with her life. “I’m Felicity. Apparently our parents got married yesterday. Or, at least, I’m assuming it was yesterday? I don’t really know what’s going on. I was home, and then John was knocking on my door telling me he was there to take me here, and then my mom was just all ‘I got married, yay, go have fun in some random house until you leave for college, and I’m talking a lot aren’t I? Sorry, I do that when I get nervous, and this is a bit of a nerve wracking situation, but I’m going to go ahead and shut up now.”

Felicity bit down on the bottom of her lip in attempt to keep it shut as Tommy continued to stare at her. The smile that took over his face made her stomach tighten. He was seven different kinds of beautiful.

“I’m Tommy. I had no idea. But to be fair, my dad doesn’t really tell me much of his plans.”

“Is there food in this place? I sort of didn’t want to get lost yesterday, Digg tried to explain where things were, but I ended up in some sort of library when I tried to find the bathroom and I didn’t want to risk trying to find the stairs. I’m hungry. That’s what I’m trying to say.”

Tommy laughed. “Follow me. I think I can show you the way.”

5 things to do before school begins that will ease stress

1. Clean Your Room: Not “throw everything in the closet”. Every corner spotless, bed made and floor mopped/ vacuumed. Also sort out clothes that don’t fit. It will be nice coming home to a spotless room.

2. Write A Note To Yourself: As cheesy as it sounds, write a note to yourself talking about what you’re proud of and what makes you happy in life. Tell yourself to be happy. You can look back on it during your lows.

3. Clean Out Your Electronics: Sort through all notes/photos and music on your phone/tablet/Laptop/iPod, especially if you use it for school.

4. Full Body Maintenance: What this means, is up to you.

5. Plan: Plan out your first day (if not week) of outfits, lunches and routine for the days. Make sure you know where your classes are, the schedule and transportation situation.

I hope you all start the year well and I’m always here for any of you. Stay cool ❤️