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Dancing with the Stars Season 24 Week 6: This Theme Was Crap

I hate doing stuff like this but here we go. I told y’all this week was gonna be a trainwreck. I just knew that none of these songs were going to actually work well with any of the styles (we were lucky that four of the 8 weren’t bad). It was also incredibly corny. And let me just say that this was probably the worst batch of team dances ever. And I think we have enough evidence to make a case to get the show to get rid of them. We haven’t seen a really good team dance since Team Foxing Awesome. Nick Carter was a guest judge as Julianne is somewhere in the country doing Move Beyond. And also he was in a boy band and was on the show, so why not. With all of that said, let me just try and fight my way through this. This is gonna be a tough one. So pray that I don’t throw my laptop against a wall during this recap.

Simone and Sasha- Samba (Score=35)- So I was kinda iffy on this dance. It was not great, but it was not bad. And I thought it was overscored slightly. I think technically, Simone was nearly perfect. Unfortunately, the song choice really affected the actual performance. It just wasn’t a samba song. And it really just didn’t work out. I’m surprised Sasha came up with what he did for that. Because it was rough. With all of that said, I actually think this was one of the better dances of the night. And that’s not a really good thing.

Bonner and Sharna- Rumba (Score=30)- I never realized how corny I Want It That Way was until it got separated from my childhood tonight and thrown onto this dance. I was cringing at those lyrics. Eek. I guess performance wise, Bonner did a good job. Technique and dancewise? Nope. And again, the song also didn’t really fit too well. It fit better than Survivor did for a samba, but that’s not saying much.

Nancy and Artem- Paso Doble (Score=33)- Well, this dance had the potential to be great. And it almost was. The big issue here was Nancy’s nerves. I think she put so much pressure on herself to do well because this song, Free Your Mind, kinda belongs to Mel and Maks’s paso. Those are big shoes to fill. But yeah, she got in her head and the first half of the dance really fell flat. She lost some control, her shaping wasn’t as precise as it needed to be and she was tense. I also thought the cage part was way longer than necessary. Once the second half of the dance rolled around, Nancy seemed to be more at ease, got into the character and really killed it. I thought it was good, she just psyched herself out too much.

Nick and Peta- Jive (Score=28)- To be honest, I missed about half of this dance. At this point in the show, I was over it and forgot it was still on. What I did catch was not that great. Nick was confident and he performed well, but I don’t think his technique was that good at all. I do think he probably should have gotten the same score as Bonner (or really a point or two higher than him as I thought Bonner was overscored).

Normani and Val- Salsa (Score=38)- This was an absolutely awful salsa song. Just dreadful. Just as dreadful as a samba to Survivor. But I don’t think this was actually very good at all. Because the song was so wrong, the energy was way too low for a salsa. I think Normani did everything that she was given, really well. however, she was not given much. There was such a lack of content, that it pissed me off. Val has given her content lite dances more often than not. And when Len calls him out for it and rightfully so, Val talks back? No. Shut up. This dance was full of spins and a few lifts and some arm passes. There were a few other salsa steps thrown in, but they were half assed, so I don’t count those. Normani is doing great with what she’s been given. Val is just phoning this season in and not really challenging her. This was also way overscored and should have been no more than a 35.

David and Lindsay- Argentine Tango (Score=29)- The judges were way too harsh on David. I thought that this was his best performance to date. Both in terms of technique and performance. Lindsay choreographed a great routine that David could execute well. The biggest issue was that lift that he had trouble with. I think he was nervous and never really got his footing right, which made him unsteady. But he kept Lindsay safe, and that’s all you can ask for at that point. Yeah, I enjoyed it, and it should have been straight 8s.

Rashad and Emma- Tango (Score=37)- This was amazing. I really loved this and it was the one dance that sort of saved the night for me. I think the music worked perfectly with the dance. I loved the intro and the staging. It was unfortunate that Rashad did lose a little bit of control because he went after it so much. He also lost his frame a bit. But otherwise, this was my favorite dance of the night. It deserved the score that it got, for sure.

Heather and Maks- Rumba (Score=40)- Well. I will say that this was the type of dancing that I was looking for from Heather all season long. I think this was her best dance of the season. Unfortunately, because of Heather’s background and the fact that I already was so over the night by the time she was up, I didn’t really get to appreciate the way I probably would have without the circumstances. Somewhere down the line, I might look at it again and really enjoy it. But for now, it was good and it was the best dance of the night. PS CAI conveniently missed a lift…

Team Dances

Team Boy Band (Score=33) vs. Team Girl Group (Score=34)- These dances were terrible. Now, I think Team Boy Band was way more fun and enjoyable than Team Girl Group. And they did WAY MORE DANCING. It was clear they all had a good time, even though it was far from perfect. I really enjoyed it and thought they embraced the theme of the dance and the night incredibly well. They really were like a boy band that you see at your 8 year old chlid’s elementary school. You know the boy band that performs at the talent show and everyone claps but it’s clear that only one of them knows what they’re doing? Yeah, like that. As for Team Girl Group, I was so disappointed. They had all of that talent on that team and did the least amount of dancing that I’ve ever seen done in a team dance. I was like “Wtf is this” the whole time. It was a waste of their time, my time, the show’s time and the nation’s time. I can’t even really critique it because they didn’t do much but sit and whip their hair. Maybe do a few lifts and some jive steps and that’s it. It was terrible.

Anyway, all of Team Girl Group was in jeopardy. As soon as they said that and I saw what everyone said Heather got on her rumba, her running order and the fact that she had a lift, I knew she was a goner. And she was. In a “shocking elimination” or whatever. I been telling y’all since the season started that it was going to be her though. She had “SHOCKING ELIMINATION” written all over her from the time the cast was announced. So I wasn’t shocked and was actually expecting it.

Next week, is our immunity challenge/dance off bull. I’m so excited about that. Is next week A Night at the Movies too? Idk. I just know the immunity thing. Bonner and Nick still need to be worried. I would also throw in Nancy and Normani at this point. Now that we’ve started the “shocking eliminations” we don’t know how many we’re gonna get before the finals. And I definitely see one more happening before the season ends. That’s it. Let me know your thoughts on how much this night sucked (or if you enjoyed it) and I will talk to you all soon.

Oh good god. You know those teenage girls (the ones that are obviously like 13 or 14 or 15 at the oldest) who pretend to have really severe disorders who ALWAYS seem to choose schizophrenia (coz being schizo is just SOOOOO popular, right?) and they basically make sure EVERYONE knows they are schizo by putting it in their url, their tags, their sidebar, their FAQ, EVERYTHINGGGGGG???

Yeah, you all know those girls.

I just happened upon one of their blogs in my “recommended” section on the side of my dash and I swear to god I wanted to scream and throw my laptop at the fucking wall. This makes me fucking FURIOUS.

Just…why? WHY? As someone who struggles with schizo-affective disorder, I ask you…WHAT IS SO FUCKING APPEALING ABOUT BEING LABELED AS SCHIZO? Because honestly? Yeah, I don’t see the FUCKING APPEAL.

I didn’t see the appeal when my dormant schizo disorder started to be not-so-dormant anymore and people started acting terrified of me. I didn’t see the appeal when I was tested on in psych wards because of it. I didn’t see the appeal when a mother yelled at me when I was working retail that “people like me shouldn’t be allowed in public where there are CHILDREN around”. I didn’t see the appeal when I got FIRED from a job because of my disorder. I don’t see the appeal when I go to doctors offices for routine checkups and suddenly they start treating me differently like I have the plague or something when they read my chart and my med list. I didn’t see the appeal when my parents almost THREW ME OUT because I am “dangerous”. I don’t see the appeal when people find out and start screaming at me to “get away” and that there’s a “serial killer” on the loose. I didn’t see the appeal when I lost most of my friends due to my disorder. I didn’t see the appeal when I was being abused but the police took their word over mine because they told the police I was “off my meds” (I wasn’t). I didn’t see the appeal when my ex-fiance started to act superior to me because I was “crazy” and he was the “only sane one” and therefore was “the only one allowed to make the decisions” because “[I] couldn’t make decisions for myself”. I didn’t see the appeal when I almost DIED because I drove my car off the side of a mountain because I was fucking hearing things SCREAMING at me. I didn’t see the appeal while hiding under my bed, covering my ears, and screaming for help from things that “weren’t there”. I didn’t see the appeal when the doctor ordered the nurses to put me in restraints during a visit to the hospital because of a bad optical migraine. I didn’t see the appeal when one of my “friends” pushed me out of a moving vehicle in the middle of the night because I was “not safe to be around”. I didn’t see the FUCKING APPEAL WHEN A NURSE “ACCIDENTALLY” PUMPED MY IV FULL OF DRUGS SO FAST THAT IT ALMOST KILLED ME BECAUSE SHE WANTED TO BE A “HERO” FOR “ACCIDENTALLY KILLING” THE “WORLDS NEXT SERIAL KILLER”.


You little ignorant fucking children have NO IDEA what people with schizo disorders go through every day. Fuck EVERYONE who pretends to have ANY disorder because it’s “deep” or “artistic”.


I can’t believe I even had to make this post! Good lord…what has today’s youth come to? I am fucking pissed to all hell rn.

Tbh shinsuke could come into a room and throw my laptop against a wall, smash it and then throw it at me and id be like


but hes too pure for that more like hed come in the room and pat my head and call me silly

Stuck - Kyle Spencer x Reader

REQUEST: Could you please write a Kyle imagine were its in his head/point of view when he comes back from dead to yn like learning everything all over again talking and such please - anonymous

ANON OMG. I loved this idea so much, like all Kyle fic is usually the same but this was so different! I got to crawl inside his beautiful brain and hang out for awhile. AND THEN KYLE TOOK OVER. Like, this went in a direction I did not plan. I don’t do smut so well but KYLE WANTED IT AND IT HAPPENED. You horny frat boy, you. Thanks Kyle.

Your name was the first thing Kyle remembered when he woke up on the table in the morgue. You’d looked at him with those big Y/E/C eyes as he’d gasped his first breath of his un-dead life, and he knew everything would be okay. The inside of his head was a strange place now, a jumbled mess of thoughts he was nearly unable to sift through. But your name was always constant, always thrumming like a steady pulse in his mind.

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The Distraction (Wonwoo Scenario)

Anon asked: Hello! I really enjoy your scenarios>.< I would like to request a making out session scenario with Wonwoo! Oh the feels>o< Thanks, you guys are the best!!:)

Hey everyone! Thanks for all the support you’ve been giving my writing thus far, you guys are great. This will be my first Wonwoo piece, so I hope you all like it! (P.S. S/o to you if you get the reference to Boom Boom in the title ;))

- Admin Erin

Word Count: 996

Genre: Fluff (b/c who doesn’t want snuggles with this boy?) and a bit of heated stuff near the end ;)

Originally posted by kittykatkwon

Wonwoo: i’m sorry, jagiya, but i wont be home until late tonight. make sure you get some sleep, okay? i’ll be there when you wake up :)

A sigh left your lips as you glanced at the screen of your phone that had lit up with a text from your boyfriend, Jeon Wonwoo of Seventeen. They had been busy with promoting for their recent comeback, their schedule so tight that he would come home for about an hour, only to leave again for a fansign or music show.

But, the reminder that he would be home, lying right beside you when you woke up, along with his needless worry for your sleeping habits, was what made you determined to finish the essay you were working on. So, after taking another sip of hot chocolate and turning on some instrumental music to get your brain working properly, you placed your fingers on the keys and began to type.

Two hours later…

You yawned, rubbed your eyes, and glanced at the clock. 1:00 A.M, it read, and you let out a frustrated groan, resisting the urge to slam your laptop closed and throw it against the wall. Instead, you picked up your phone and glanced at your screensaver, a picture of you and Wonwoo, him kissing the top of your head, and you with a wide smile across your lips.

“Missed me?” You nearly dropped your phone in surprise when your boyfriend’s husky voice rang out behind you, and you turned around in your desk chair, a smile matching the one in the picture you had just been looking at spreading across your face.

“So much, Wonwoo,” you replied, standing up and wrapping your arms around his torso, resting your head against his warm chest. “I was about ready to hurl my computer across the room before you came.”

“Well then, good thing I got home when I did,” he joked with a low chuckle, pecking your forehead lightly. “Hey, what did I say about staying up late?” You rolled your eyes, glancing back over at your laptop. “Don’t you even think of working on that. You need a rest.”

“But it’s due the day after tomorrow and I know I won’t have time to finish it-” You never knew how cliche your boyfriend could be until he shut you up with a delicate kiss, his large hand under your chin as he tilted your face up to his.

“Let me take care of you, jagi. Please?” It was rare that Wonwoo would practically beg for something like this, so as soon as the plea slipped past his satiny lips, you knew you couldn’t miss out on this opportunity.

“Okay, fine,” you conceded, and Wonwoo grinned, showing off his dimples, before taking your hand and leading you out of the room, onto the couch in the small living room. “Wanna watch a movie?” He nodded and you smiled, pecking his lips lightly before crossing the room to the cabinet where you kept the DVDs.

“Studio Ghibli?” He suggested, seeing your glancing between a few choices indecisively.

“Thank God we’re dating, Wonwoo, or else I wouldn’t be able to make decisions for myself half the time,” you jested before balancing on your tiptoes to reach for Ponyo. “Also, I probably wouldn’t be able to reach anything.” He let out an amused sigh and got up from his comfortable perch, coming to stand next to you. Reaching over your head, he grabbed the DVD case and you heard the near inaudible sound of his gulp as his chest pressed into your back. Despite yourself having wanted tonight to be cuddle-filled and fluffy, you couldn’t help but smirk, your mind diverting onto a different path, one that Wonwoo seemed to already have taken.

But neither of you were the type to jump right into making out, so you took Wonwoo’s hand and led him back to the couch after putting the DVD into the player and starting the movie.

*about one hour and forty three minutes later*

Your eyes fluttered open to a welcoming sight: Wonwoo’s handsome features mellowed down to let his aegyo, the one thing he insisted he didn’t have, shine through as he slept. “Hey, handsome,” you murmured as he awoke, angry butterflies parading around in your stomach as he smiled lazily.

“Hey, beautiful.” His hand brushed against your thigh to reach for the remote that had gotten squished into the couch cushions between you, and despite your tired state of mind, you still felt warmth spread through you at his touch.

You knew that, once Wonwoo had changed the channel to some late night rerun of Descendants of the Sun and placed his hand right back onto your thigh, it would be a long night. “Babe?”

He turned his head to glance down at you, and you frowned playfully when you noticed his smirk. “Mmhm?” You let out an irritated breath and cupped his cheeks in your hands, bringing his lips to yours for what as intended to be a quick kiss. Almost as soon as you had pulled away from him, he was coming closer to you again and you grinned, letting your hands rest in his soft hair, playing with the black strands and tugging every so often as the kisses turned more passionate.

You moved away from your boyfriend’s lips, only to readjust your position so that you were straddling his lap, hands resting against his shoulders and head tilted in a pretense of innocence. “Y/N…” Wonwoo let out a ragged groan as you “accidentally” rubbed against the growing tent in his pants.

“Yes?” With that, his hands flew to your hips, bringing you infinitesimally closer to him, and sending shock waves throughout your body at the delicious friction he created.

“Don’t be a tease,” he warned, his deep timbre nearly a growl as he spoke into your ear, nipping at the lobe gently. “Or else you won’t get what I know you want.

Eisuke x Soryu - An Alternative Love Story

Okay! I have never done anything like this before, and I would appreciate no hate *^-^* : if you don’t like the idea of two voltage males being together… don’t read it.

There isn’t any smut until the end I would say it was tame, as they don’t… get down to business…! Please feel free to share opinions.

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It all started with a simple day in the penthouse, business as usual for Eisuke. Until Baba had opened his damn mouth. The bastard.

Why would you tell Soryu about the possibly of another job if he was going to leave?” Eisuke says in a scowl, the comment hanging like a dead weight in the room.

Baba clears his throat, “Boss, I was only passing on information.”

Eisuke sighs, and holds the frowned crease on between his eyes in stress. “Is he considering it?”

God was that his voice? Quiet, and submissive? As if Soryu leaving would impact him at all.Tch.

“Who is the job with?” he asks more dominantly, with his usual confidence.

“Shinichi Hishikura.”

Stone silence, in which Eisuke was thinking whether throwing his laptop against the wall was an overreaction.

“Boss?” Ota questions and I let out a long, held in breath. Shinichi Hishikura was a smart man, and he wouldn’t challenge Soryu and I’s partnership if he wasn’t offering something tempting.

If he didn’t know it was strained. Which was an understatement over the recent months.

We had hardly spoken.

“Dammit.” I whisper under my breath, and walk toward Soryu’s adjoining suite before Baba stopped me.

“B-boss?” “Yes-” and suddenly, I knew. I knew why I was so apprehensive about this. “He’s not just offering him  a business deal.”

My heart stopped in my chest. “W-what?”

Baba eyes meet mine, and he looks at me with don’t-give-me-that stare, “ You know he’s wanted more with you for a long time, he has to move on at some point Boss and Hishi is offering him a two-in-one kind of deal.”

“Don’t call him that.” I snap, and my temper continues to rise when I think about Soryu leaving with Hishikura.

“Sorry, Boss.” Baba says and looks across at me, “But… if he could make him happy, why wouldn’t you let him go?“ he asks softly.

I turn away and stalk into Soryu’s room because I was done with the thief already and because the thought process I was rocking was far too selfish- even for me. Still, as I open the door to suite all I could think was,

because he’s supposed to be my best friend, but I couldn’t help but think that I had already lost him.

As I enter the room, I notice the black leather bags at the door and stormed past a shocked Inui as I barge into his room.


Soryu jumps in shock and turns to stare at me, “What are you yelling for?” he asks and crosses his arms.

“You’re leaving for Shinichi Hishikura? FOR HIM?!” I boomed, and he looked at me with a guilty  expression. “You aren’t leaving this hotel.” I vow.

Eisuke, I’m leaving tomorrow.” he responds brusquely, and I shoot him a look that could kill.

“You can’t.” I say quietly and Soryu stares at me for a moment, then starts walking toward me with purpose in his eyes.

I would not back down, so I didn’t step back as he came to stand in front of me. “Eisuke, I don’t want to leave you.”

I hated how my heart leapt at that statement. “Then don’t.”

“He wants me, and he’s willing to give double the cut that you do.” he argues, and I find myself more angry at the first part; I could always provide him with more funds.

“Wants you?” I question.

“Sexually.” Well, didn’t that shut me up.

“Soryu. I want you to stay with the group. We’re your friends.” I ask, my anger pulling through.

“I’m sorry Eisuke, but he has a great investment opportunity for me and I want to see where this can lead me.“  He had already made up him mind.

"SORYU.” I say angrily, my need to control the situation getting to me.

“EISUKE.” he mocks and my anger spiked.

“Don’t you dare leave me!” my anger was boiling up, and I knew better than to push the Dragon back…but did anyway.

“Why! Why can’t I Eisuke?” Soryu asks, as he staggers back, exasperated and too exhausted to meet Eisuke’s fire.

“Shuichi Hishikura is an evil, exploiting man, who won’t let you get a word in Soryu. I promise you that!” Eisuke says, and Soryu swirls his head to meet the billionaire’s; Forehead to forehead.

Soryu stops, and gives out a chuff of bitter amusement, “I’m sorry, but what do you think it’s like being with you?”

“I give you lean way- he won’t!” I argue, hand in my brown, soft hair as I scrunch it in frustration.

“He’s also willing to give me what I need.” Soryu says, and Eisuke looks at him shocked.


“No? As if you have a option? An opinion even?!” Eisuke says nothing to this, the war of hearts reaches hiatus.

“This is your problem; this has always been your problem! Ice cold, billionaire can’t admit he loves anyone! Needs anyone! That he needs me!”

“I won’t let you go to him!” My chest hitting against Soryu’s in delicious friction. “Soryu..” I whisper and he looks at me in question. “You’re my best friend.”

“I know I am, and that’s all I’ll ever be isn’t it?” he says and my voice catches in my throat.

“You’re the only one that has stood by me, I can’t lose you.” I say bluntly, and he stares at me with a sorrow he had never shown before.

“I can’t wait for you anymore..” he replies.

“Soryu..” I was speechless, confused and devastated that he was leaving, and I poured all that emotion in his name.

“Eisuke, look at me.” he says, his shoulders tense, as he uses his hand to tilt my chin up. His skin had always sent electricity through me.

“You don’t love me.” he says sternly. “-and I need to find someone who might.”

“He’s nothing like me.” I say out of stubbornness, and pull my head away regaining control. Soryu laughs and I take in the sight of him, making sure I burn the details into my mind.

Slicked back hair, husky calming scent, grey suit that clings to his muscles.

“He’s very much like you.”

I was aroused, angered and confused. Soryu suddenly looks down and a brilliant flush hits his cheeks. “Eisuke?”

I say nothing to my aroused state, and his stormy eyes widen. “I just can’t discard you like I will. I won’t hurt you like that.”

Soryu goes for me, closing the gap behind us and putting us nose to nose.

“Say it Eisuke.” he whispers in my ear, “Say the word, be with me for a month, a year longer than that… say the word and I won’t go tomorrow. I’ll stay here with you until I grow old because you know once you open that box there’s no getting out.”

“Say it.”

As he pushes our bodies against the wall, our hips meet and his face comes to close to mine. His breath hitting my ears, and his lips brush my cheek.

Suddenly I push him off, getting panicky about the contact, and Soryu goes with it shaking his head. “Get out. Just leave Eisuke. You could never accept us for what we could have been, and let me go.”

“Like I’m gay?” I challenge and he shakes his head.

“What do you think that reaction means Eisuke? You’re rock hard and you know it.” he asks, and he shrugs. “You’re not gay. You’re bi or maybe you just want me. You don’t seem to know any better than I do, fine, but I’m not waiting for you to come to realise the fact you could love me-”

My throat was dry now, “-but you won’t even TRY. But Shinichi will give me what I need. Don’t worry about that, oh and don’t come to me when you figure yourself out either.”

He walks away from me,looks around the room he had stayed in for so long and picks up his last bag of stuff. He doesn’t look back at me when he walks out of the room and just…

leaves me there.


As I had woken up this morning I kept thinking that he couldn’t be leaving, that I couldn’t let him leave. But he was, which meant… I had to stop him.

I couldn’t let him go.

I showered, put on my usual tailored suit, took my morning coffee and walked into the lounge to find…absolutely no one.

Which meant he was leaving now, and I ever so slightly pick up the pace.

As I descend out of the elevator, come up to the balcony I was repeating the thought in my head, ‘Please -don’t already have left.’

Please don’t gone already, Soryu.

Then I saw him.

Shinichi and Soryu stand in the foyer, deep in discussion about something. The group were there as well, ready to say goodbye to their friend… my best friend.

“Say it. Say it Eisuke, and I won’t leave tomorrow.”

I had been a goddamn coward running away from him yesterday. But I hadn’t slept last night, and now I wanted him.

Too late? I would could call it fashionably on time.

Thump. Thump.

Soryu’s head turns as if he knew I was there and it flips up; stormy grey eyes met my caramel. “Hishi’s” follows his, and the edges of his mouth lift up in smirk as he sees me. He knew I would do nothing, could do nothing to stop this.

The lack of control over my best friend made me begin to sweat. As if mapped out I see a route to get what I had always wanted, hundreds of eyes lock to mine.

But I level mine at Soryu’s in one last plea not to leave. His quizzical stare was pleading with me to get away. To leave. To just let him go.

I couldn’t let it happen; he was mine. He belonged to me.

My eyes shifted to Hishi’s as he places a comforting hand on the Dragons shoulder. He looked up in clear confidence, and gave me a challenging, ‘What can you do now?’ look, as if he had already won. He shrugs, and bows his head as if in thanks for Soryu.

No, I shake my head. No.

My friends look at me in slight fear, judging my unpredictable nature. The artist was anticipating anguish drama, the detective was looking out for trouble and the thief was clear to show he didn’t want any hearts broken. Not one.

Mr Kenezki, my management, tries to stop me as I slowly take my first down the grand foyer. My goal was the lobby. My focus the Dragon.

“Mr Ichinomiya?”

“Not now.”

Thump. Step. Thump. Step.

I had lost myself in that stare long again, I had long ago lost my soul to that male. The beat of my heart was matching that of the rhythm of a marching band.

Last step, and no possibly of backing down. As my feet hit the lobby, I keep my eyes trailed on the group of males. As I walk through the hotel I feel hands tugging at me, and I scowl harshly to my left.

Perfumed, busting females were flushed against me, clinging to my suit, calling my name is seduction.

“Mr Ichinomiya…”
“Come to my bed…”
“Let’s play poker, of the strip variety.”

Here we go, Soryu had thought. He was going for them, he has misunderstood. Been so stupid to think. After all this time, still misinterpreted Eisuke’s actions…again.

But for the last time, at least.

But Eisuke side stepped them, his eyes still blaring into Soryu’s. His focus clear. It raised the temperature in the room with an electric buzz that had everyone I had passed looking to where I was going next.

I had to get to him, before he leaves me again.

Unable to quite believe this was happening, that Eisuke was coming for him; Soryu’s chest begins to breathe heavily, his breathing rapid, his eyes tracking my advancement toward him. His cheeks begin to colour, the shock attempting to be hidden in those eyes.

Eisuke pulls Soryu’s jacket toward him with brutal force and kissed Soryu hard. As a gasp erupts from the lobby as people watch them; Soryu’s hand finding my hair, mine finding his capable shoulders. He pulls at the soft locks, and kisses me back as I deepen the kiss.

I could dimly hear Mamoru’s, “Well, it’s about time…”

My kissing him in front of everyone was doing its job: showing everyone he was mine. Our lips were wet as we kiss hard and I pull back slightly just for anticipation of a second kiss.

He looks at my lips with dark desire and I meet him back for another kicking explosion of passion.

“Eisuke..” he groans softly and I bring our bodies together, holding him at the shoulders as our bodies both shudder.

“I love you, you aren’t leaving me..” I whisper and he inhales sharply. “I need you, as a best friend and as more…”

“I never thought you would ever admit that.”

“I have.. I’ll say it as many times as you need me too.” I whisper in his ear and push him back.

“Goodbye Hishikura.” I say purposefully, and he scowls harshly at me. I put Soryu behind me and glare at him. “You can leave or be escorted out.” I say and look pointedly at Mamoru, Baba and Ota.

“Always have to get the best of everything don’t you?”

“He’s mine.”

“Evidently.” he smirks and I go to formly introduce my fist to his mouth but Soryu pulls me back.

“You want to keep fighting a battle you already won, or go upstairs with me?” he whispers in my ear, and I smile widely.

“Upstairs… I choose upstairs.”


Eisuke throws Soryu against the wall, kissing those lips passionately to show him who was Boss, who was in charge. Not Shuichi Hishikura. HIM.

As their tongues intertwine, they both grow hot. Eisuke feels up those strong, capable shoulders. This wasn’t a gold digging female, this body had been trained and mastered in deadly force able to take down the Japanese underworld. Didn’t that make it hotter? Breathless and panting Eisuke groans, “Mine.”

“No, I’m not yours…” He replies breathlessly, and Eisuke looks into those eyes. This male would fight him tooth and nail for control, and he was going to love it. The silver, gray hair fell over his face was soft. Eisuke’s chest swelled 5 times its usual size as he saw a face that was flushed, eyes that were glazed over and mouth that was parted for him. Soryu was…full of sexual arrogance.

“You will be soon enough.” and they both went weak at the knees in anticipation as their hips were pressed together to reveal two very large bulges.

As Soryu hands went everywhere it was welcome, Eisuke kept kissing that mouth of his, tasting him as the zipper was undone to his pants.

As their eyes met he let out a shaky breath, and as Soryu grabbed on to Eisuke’s cock the businessman let out a hiss. It felt like he was being touched for the first time. There wasn’t a lot of fiction, but that isn’t what did it for Eisuke.

It was that, as this trained, male presence took him over and overwhelmed him in the best possible way: all he think was that after all this time, all the diverging away from one another; being friends, being enemies, the females and the waiting..that this was…finally…


sapphireswimming  asked:

32, 45, and 50 for the fanfiction author ask meme? :D

(fic author asks!)

32. Who’s the one character who shines without you even trying?
Ai/Shiho, definitely – though in her case it’s probably more like “tries to be nondescript while salting about everything” tbh

45. If you had to call yourself an author of a single genre (besides fanfic) what label would you give yourself?
…I have no idea. ideas, anyone? cause I’m assuming “salt” isn’t a genre

50. Has writing fanfic had a significant impact on your life? Would you say it’s entirely positive?
yes, and mostly yes – honestly, the only real downside to writing fic for me is the occasional urge to throw myself and/or my laptop against the wall, and more generally the amount of time and effort involved. (to wit, I am a slower writer than most, even a 800-word drabble takes me ages to write and revise ngl.) but writing fic has helped a lot with making me a more confident writer, generally improved my writing skills, and imo it’s also improved both my understanding of myself and others. and ofc I’ve made a lot of friends through fics, fellow writers and readers alike! so yes 10/10 would do all over again, no regrets

over the years

me first joining a fandom: *casually browses pics and fics with a soft smile on my face* *sips sparkling water in a ball gown from a crystal wine glass*

“Yeah this fandom is chill.”

me as a full fledged fangirl: *angrily throws laptop at the wall with a savage snarl* *sprawls on the floor in a dress resembling a trash bag* *eyeliner streams down face like my bleeding heart and soul*


sassyoungjae’s daejae fic rec

just in case you daejae shippers are craving to read some good fics, the stories on this list are guaranteed to satisfy your feels. i’ve read and loved every single one of them, so i hope you will to ^^ if you’re ready to cry your heart out, silently scream in your room at 2am, throw your laptop (or phone) against the wall, fall out from your chair (or bed), giggle like a stupid teenager and become daejae trash, then please enjoy at your own risk~

A Change In Life (long chaptered)

A Christmas Love Story (romance)

A Trip to the Store (smut)

All That Mattered (one shot)

Anything He Can Do I Can Do Better (smut, daejaelo)

Are You Afraid? (fluff, one shot)

Because Youngjae is Youngjae and it will never change (fluff, one shot)

Cinematic Moments (romance)

Color of Love (long chaptered)

Count to Three (romance)

Count it Backwards (daehyun pov, romance)

Dae & Jae of B.A.P (drabble collection)

Daehyun’s birthday cake (smut)

Daes with Yoo (short stories collection)

Decadence (short chaptered)

Dreaming of You (crack)

Facebook Time With B.A.P (feat. himup, jonglo)

Fallen (sequel to Guardian Angel, supernatural, feat. gtop)

Forgetful (fuff, one shot)

Gamer(s) (fluff, one shot)

Guardian Angel  (long chaptered)

Halves (romance)

Hatred (angst)

He’s not just possessive of food (fluff, drabble)

Heartbeat Express (long chaptered)

Hot Coffee and Ice Coffee (romance)

I don’t know how to love him (angst, one shot)

I want to see you again (sequel to Nice to meet you, romance)

Jung Daehyun’s request (sequel to Yoo Youngjae’s brilliant(?) idea, one shot)

Just a Feel (smut)

lather, rinse, repeat (long chaptered)

Look After Yoo (supernatural, one shot) 

masterchef drama collide (romance, one shot)

Mine (sequel to A Christmas Love Story, smut)

My baby (fluff)

Nice to meet you (romance) 

Not Perfect (romance, three-shot)

Oceanfront love (lovely smut)

Occupational Hazards (long chaptered)

Of college, annoying roommate, and beautiful stranger (crack, fluff, one shot)

Put on a show (sequel to Anything He Can Do I Can Do Better, smut, daejaelo)

Question Marks (epilogue to I want to see you again, romance)

Reasons why Daehyun is odd (drabble collection)

Scream for me (lovely smut)

Sky Blue (one shot, romance)

Sleep Well, Dream Sweet (long chaptered)

Solace (angst)

Some Breasts and a Genie (crack, long chaptered)

Steps to Falling in Love (one shot)

Talking to the winds (fantasy, romance)

Technically Correct (crack)

The Big Apple Series (drabbles)

The New Boy in Town (love triangle, one shot)

The Next Time (one shot, sequel: The Last Time)

The Sound of Silence (angst, feat. kaisoo)

Things Between Us (angst, one shot)

Trusted (comedy, drama)

Wait for me … (angst)

Warzone (angst)

When It Rains (romance, one shot)

When Youngjae is Sleep Deprived (fluff, one shot)

White Rose (angst, one shot)

Why are you so shy? (fluff, one shot)

Wide Awake (sequel to Sleep Well, Dream Sweet)

Unexpected Love (long chaptered)

Voice Message (angst, one shot)

Yoo and I (long chaptered) 

Yoo Youngjae’s brilliant(?) idea (one shot)

You’re pretty, that’s it and deal with it (fluff)

You’re too pretty, that’s the biggest problem here! (sequel to You’re pretty, that’s it and deal with it)

I am not obsessed with daejae. Nope. Not a single bit. 

Thinking Out Loud - Crisscolfer Valentine’s Ficlet

I am so behind schedule, and I promise to catch up. But here’s a little ficlet to make up for it. Based of one of my favorite songs
~700 words

“Ow. Fuck!” Darren yelled, and Chris looked up from his writing, and glanced at the staircase. 

“Darren? Are you up again? The doctor says you have to stay off the foot until further notice.”

Keep reading

Imagine introducing Cat Grant, Queen of Media, to SuperCat trash on Tumblr.


Cat stared long and hard at the tag. ‘Supercat’ - the shipping of Supergirl…and herself. On Tumblr. On one of the most nerdiest websites on the planet - one of the only medias she had yet to delve into, due to the depth of it. Smith had told her about it, but this ‘Supercat’, this tag that Smith had directed her to with a smirk…the results were astonishing.

She had thought, before, that Kara had been dedicated, but not this dedicated. Kara seemed to defend her at every turn. Examples of it were everywhere. Screenshots, gifsets, text-posts - some about the writers love of their pairing, or bemoaning the fact that the writers of the show didn’t put them together. Then there were people who analysed their relationship, ranting about how each of them challenged the other, just trying to be heard. The way they put it, ‘Supercat’ was Kara unknowingly sappy and head-over-heels in love, and she, Cat Grant, Queen of Media, was constantly watching her with glarey-lovey eyes and trying to get Kara to realise that she was actually in love with her, and not just fond of her in a boss/assistant way.

It was frustrating how terribly right yet how terribly wrong it made her feel. Heteronormativity, the curse of the modern age, Cat thought to herself as she reached for her phone, only to realise it wasn’t there. The Queen sighed, before looking back to Tumblr - only to suddenly squint as she saw a gifset of…Adam?

Cat investigated, her thundering heartbeat making itself known as she waited for it to load. What she found floored her. [you talk about her like she’s supergirl] in some ways she is. Then she saw the next post, and the utter weirdness and just- just stupidness caused her to throw her laptop at the wall, before she stood, storming off towards where she figured Keira would be.

[why would kara date cat’s son when she’s in love with cat what’s the point]

  • Me: OMFG YURI AND VICTOR ACTUALLY GOT ENGAGED, WHO ACTUALLY EXPECTED IT TO COME THIS FAR!??! THAT ENDING GOT ME LIKE DAAAAAAAmmmn *squeals throws laptop against wall screams into pillow giggles uncontrollably*
  • 911: *without even calling* Oh? It's Wednesday isn't it? Let's head on over to that crazy girls house we have to go to at the same time every Wednesday, each week her condition is always worse.
Mixtape pt.2

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst

Yoongi’s mixtape was his baby, but were you still his?

A/N: Wow, thank you so much for the incredible response to this story. When I posted it, I wasn’t expecting all the notes and love I had received. This is my first story and i’m really glad so many people enjoyed it. I just wanted to say thank you so much for supporting my writing and all your kind words, I really appreciate you all! & Please don’t be hesitant to talk to me and give me feedback, I don’t bite ! :) xx


A couple more days go by

you had woken yourself up very early in the morning and laid in your bed on your back, staring at the ceiling. You’re not quite sure how long you’ve been up for, it felt like you’ve been looking at the ceiling for hours. You laid there with an empty feeling in your stomach, a feeling that you have become all to familiar with and you didn’t like it. You rolled over on to your side and stared at the empty spot beside you. This was another morning where you have woken up without seeing Yoongi and that made you feel even worse. Things at home have been tense lately, you and Yoongi have barely said anything to each other since that first argument and he was now spending most of his time working on his mixtape at the BTS studio, rather then at home. You weren’t sure how you felt about the whole situation, you knew you were angry because Yoongi still had no idea that you had been accepted into college. But at the same time, you didn’t want him to feel like he had to choose you over his music. You felt like the whole fight was blown way out of proportion, not to mention you had no idea what made him suddenly go off on you like that. Everything between the two of you had been fine leading up to the argument. Millions of questions ran through your head and it just made you more and more frustrated. The more you thought about the fight though, the more you realized just how much you missed Yoongi. Waking up next to him and spending the mornings together, surprising him at work with food, going out on dates and eventually spending the rest of the night together. You couldn’t remember the last time you did any of that with him, it was beginning to feel like Yoongi was becoming a stranger to you.

You pulled yourself up to sit on your butt, stretching your arms and trying to adjust your eyes to the sunlight. Today was an important day, today was the day you were gonna accept your college acceptance offer. You still had a couple more weeks before the deadline, but you were so excited that you didn’t want to wait any longer to do it. You jumped out of bed and worked your way out of your room, you opened the bedroom door and started walking over to the living room where you believed your laptop was. But when you got closer to the living room, you noticed a black laptop sitting on the edge of the couch. Weird, you don’t have a black laptop, but Yoongi does. You pick it up and opened it, just to double check and sure enough, a logo that you have never seen before was on display as the background image, confirming that this was indeed Yoongi’s laptop. You stood still for a minute, staring at the laptop and slowly tightening your grip. Yoongi was home last night, the thought now making you angry. He must of came home last night after you went to bed, and slept on the couch-totally avoiding you. Your face started to get hot with anger as you tried to resist throwing the laptop at the wall, knowing the serious damage that would cause if you did. You run back to your bedroom and pick up your cell and dial Yoongis number, trying to tell yourself to stay cool and calm if he answered, even though you we’re ready to scream at the top of your lungs. But after a number of tries and multiple transfers to voicemail, you figured that you would just have to go to the studio and bring his laptop to him and talk to him in person. You figured you had some time seeing as Yoongi had not already come back looking for it. You got dressed as fast as you could, grabbed the laptop and your keys and headed out the door.

It’s been a while since you last visited the studio, you remember the times when you and Yoongi first started dating; he would sneak you in late at night when he knew that no one would be in the building and bring you inside his studio. He would sit you down on his couch and let you listen to the BTS songs he was working on. It made you happy that Yoongi was interested in your opinion and trusted you enough to listen to something so top secret. You tried to hold back a smile at these memories as you were approaching closer to the studio building. Once you got inside, it took you a moment to remember where exactly you needed to go, but the familiar surroundings had not left your memories, after all this time. You found yourself outside of Yoongi’s studio door after a short walk and stared at the door. By instinct, you knocked lightly and as usual, there was no answer. You looked down and grabbed the door knob, praying that it wasn’t locked and by a small amount of luck, it wasn’t. You opened the door slowly and peaked your head inside only to see your boyfriend with his head on his desk, fast asleep. You knew you really didn’t want to, but you had no choice; you went over to the sleeping Yoongi and tugged at his shoulders, trying to wake him up, after a couple of budges, Yoongi finally started to stir awake, blinking his eyes and beginning to look around to see what or who has just woken him up. Once he locks eyes with you, he is greeted with a very angry look.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Yoongi asked, getting mad that you were the one that had woken him up.

You continue to look at him with an angry look on your face, slowly lifting up his laptop to show him exactly why you were there. Yoongi gives a confused look when he sees his laptop in your hands, prompting him to look around to see what laptop he had brought with him that day. Once he saw that he has indeed brought the wrong laptop to work, his anger disappears.

‘Sorry Y/N, I guess I wasn’t paying attention this morning" he said as he goes to reach for your laptop to return it to you and to take back his own. You never say a word this entire time, still looking at him with an angry look on your face, trying to control yourself from yelling at him. Once he shoots you a questioning look, you finally open your mouth.

'What the hell Yoongi!“ you say, surprising him a little. "Have you been sneaking inside the apartment late at night and sleeping on the couch or something? Are you avoiding me or something?”

“I told you that I needed to get this mixtape done and that you were distracting me” he said with no emotion, giving you a shrug. You were starting to get annoyed with his attitude and promptly raised your voice.

“You know i’m starting to think you care more about this mixtape than you do me!” you said, shortly realizing you would soon to regret those words, so you quickly needed to back yourself up. “You haven’t spoken to me, acknowledged me, spent time with me or even told me you loved me in weeks! i’m very proud of all your hard work but this is getting ridiculous! Not to mention you’re barely taking care of yourself, you’re passed out it your computer chair in the middle of the day and I know for a fact that you haven’t been eating properly, why are you doing this to yourself?!”

Yoongi finally showed some emotion on his face, a little bit of guilt but mostly anger, he stood up from his computer chair and made his way slightly in front of you so he could talk to you properly.

“What the hell do you want from me Y/N? This is my job, this is what I love to do and i’m working my ass off to make it perfect and I can’t sleep to make that happen. Of course I care about you but I need to focus on finishing this mixtape first! and I certainly don’t need you telling me how to live my life and how to take care of myself.” You were biting your tongue, trying not to make any remarks you would regret saying but Yoongi’s oblivious attitude was making you even more angry. Instead of continuing the fight, you decided to challenge him instead.

“Oh you care about me? You care about yourself? Then prove it to me, take a break from all of this for a change, come get some fresh air and come get dinner with me, that way we can spend sometime together and I can see that you’re actually eating properly.” You said, as calmly as possible.

Yoongi looked at you in silence, he began moving his tongue in his mouth and tapping his foot, like he was thinking of something he was unsure of. He began looking around the studio while keeping on the same mouth and foot movements, still not saying anything to you.

You rolled your eyes a little, “it’s only for one night, you said you cared about me so let’s do it. I still haven’t told you the good news from last week. Then after that, I won’t bother you anymore until the mixtape is done.” Yoongi looked at you, defeated. You were right, as much as he didn’t want to admit it he needed to get out of his work space and see the light. He sighed, “Fine, i’ll go to dinner with you, but as soon as we’re done I really got to get back here to finish up.” You nodded, slightly annoyed.

A couple hours later…

Uou were on your way to the restaurant you and Yoongi agreed to meet you. You were excited and a little surprised that Yoongi actually agreed to meet you to go out, but you were worried he would be mad and avoid keeping conversations with you. You felt bad that you demanded he stop working to meet you, but you knew if you hadn’t, your relationship with Yoongi would continue to distance itself. You finally reached the restaurant and sat down on the bench that was near the property. You grabbed your phone from your bag to check for any messages, but there were none, not even one from Yoongi. You looked around briefly to see if Yoongi beated you here and was anywhere around but he wasn’t. You looked down at your phone and left him a quick message asking him if he already left or not. You waited a couple more minutes for a text back, nothing. You waited a couple more minutes, staring down at your phone hoping for a reply. Those minutes eventually turned into an hour, and then eventually into another hour. After hours of waiting and the sky becoming dark, you came to the conclusion that Yoongi wasn’t coming. You tried to hold back your tears, but you couldn’t fight them back. Tears rolled down your face and you were sitting there in complete heartbreak. Yoongi had stood you up after he told you he’d be there, you couldn’t believe it. You stood from the bench you had been sitting on and wiped your tears in the process, starting to make your way home, without Yoongi.