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For the baka trio: If you had to sum up your thoughts on Chizuru in one word, which would it be? Why?

“Easier to describe her in one word than our thoughts,” says Harada, frowning. “But then, I guess the one feeds into the other. Either way, I’d say she’s… ‘earnest’.” He smiles faintly. “She throws herself heart and soul into everything she does.”

“Oh yeah, she’s definitely what I’d call ‘honest’,” agrees Nagakura, crossing his arms, and seems to be trying not to smile. “Not that it’s a bad thing, but if you ask me, she tells the truth way too much to be living in a compound full of guys like us. Couldn’t lie her way out of a wet paper lantern, and she’s just lucky most of us are too nice to take advantage.”

Undoubtedly, Heisuke would ordinarily jump to Chizuru’s defense… but his thoughts seem to be elsewhere, as he has been turning gradually redder since the question was first asked. Eventually, he speaks, but can say only one word: “C-cute,” he mumbles, glancing aside, and says no more.

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I LOVE your Sheith fanart!! Please keep going and ignore the hate. You're amazing and your art is beautiful!

/blushing so hard/
Thank you so much 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 /throws hearts/

Notice about rping

Sooo I’ve noticed a lot of rp like questions! And while I love it, I don’t want to spam this blog with rp questions. 

SO THAT’S WHY I’LL BE MAKING A SIDEBLOG FOR ALL THE RP QUESTIONS YOUR HEART DESIRES. *throws confetti* So this blog can stay, idk it’ll stay OC related and fandom related but I’ll have a little side area for rping. 


I met a man of two feet tall
This man was quite ambitious
In a world that is so vicious to us all.

please no character hate or that God Damn Meme™, thank you


From The Desk Of…

Go read this amazing, well written and beautifully executed story that will steal your heart from the get go.

The pictures above are my humble way of saying thank you to the wonderful writers @fictorium @bridgetteirish

Seventeen’s One Fine Day in Japan - Jeonghan cuts

cr: Y_1004_JH

Infinite mood boost:

just “some” clips/fancams of Infinite that would make your day better :)

  • 4K of The Eye perf. it’s lit
  • being thankful for this cute ass perf of Thank You
  • Sungyeol imitating Sungkyu singing 60 Seconds. 
  • Sungyeol in a suit, and chilling with a lil cutie
  • Nell Fanboy
  • that same lil cutie from the video above chills with Dongwoo
  • Woohyun and Howon gets gold medals and they’re too hype
  • idol sports way back when and infinite dancing heh
  • Sungkyu (and others) being embarassed by Woohyun dancing to Jewelry’s One More Time
  • woohyun swoon
  • have you ever watched sung-myung-jong trio dancing to Bangkok City
  • Hoya making gross hearts and forcing sungkyu and sungjong to throw up hearts. 
  • water bottle
  • sungjong laughing at sungkyu heh
  • hoya dancing ah-choo
  • heh sungyeol, man in love
  • aegyo set: Howon & Woohyun
  • 100 second aegyo 
  • sungkyu trynna dance but it aint going well
  • that one time infinite proved they sing well live ;)
  • pick me pick me pick me (sungyeol ft. howon)
  • myungsoo trynna rip sungyeols shirt off heh
  • myungsoo running back to his spot
  • sungyeol laughing at myungsoo running back to his spot
  • sungjong + soccer ball = not good day
  • everyone copying sungjong 
  • don’t
  • poor sungkyu & pt2
  • 뚜루 뚜루 뚜루 뚜루루
  • nam woohoo
  • 동우 성규
listen I just want people who ship eremin to ship eremin WITH me

I can’t take this near constant stream of ereri, it’s like being pissed on by a stranger who thinks I’m the guy they’ve been messaging on tinder but totally did not communicate their location properly.

Please less piss.

If you post eremin, like eremin, support eremin, or think ARMIN IS IMPORTANT TO EREN, i.e. you have basic reading comprehension skills, please do something to this post.

I may follow you.


You know why.

No, I don’t know why.