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Bad (M) | Jungkook

Request : Jungkook Smut? Preferably rough???

A/N : Um so, I have honestly never written a smut, so this will be very interesting to how it comes out. 

Word Count : 1,970

Genre : Smut || Jungkook x Reader || 

Description : Both of you were the bad kids in the school; rebels, troublemakers. But the real question was, how bad could he actually be? 

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The bell rings; warning the students they have only 30 seconds left to get to class. You made it just in time, but always got a kick out of testing the teachers patience.

“Good day, Miss.” You say while “accidentally” knocking her coffee cup over and making it spill all over her desk, eventually trailing off and soaking her dress.

“Ugh! Y/N that was a new dress!” She yells in vexation while throwing her hands up into the air.

“Mmm, sorry.” You reply sarcastically, with a small chuckle.

The whole class laughs at your funny actions but is soon shushed by the teacher; who was clearly having a rough day.

All she does despite the fact that her new dress is ruined, is smiles and tells us to take out our textbooks.

“Miss. Hernandez, are you really expecting us to read this? This shit is boring.”

The deep voice comes from the back of the room. Jungkook. You turn your head and raise your eyebrows in the state of being surprised while observing him.  I mean yeah, Jungkook was a bad kid and all, but he was never rude or disrespectful to teachers.

As you look at Jungkook, he smirks and raises an eyebrow.

“Such a bad, bad, boy” You mouth the words one by one, causing his eyebrow to raise even higher.

You turn back around facing the front of the room. You glance up one last time at the clock; chanting in your head that you only have 5 minutes left till school gets out.

4 minutes left

3 minutes

2 minutes

1 minute

The bell goes off; dismissing you and everyone else from class. You grab your backpack and try to rush out the door, but are stopped at a halt from a hand tightly secured around your wrist.

“What do you think you are doing?” You immediately ask.

Jungkook was wearing a leather jacket; with a white shirt, black jeans, and black combat boots.

He had a nice style, but it was very similar to yours, except you were the opposite gender, so it was a little different.

So instead of a black leather jacket, you wore a red one; with also a white shirt and slightly ripped black jeans. To make the look a little more girly, you paired the outfit with black high heels; still making you shorter than Jungkook.

“I was wondering..if maybe..y-you could come help me study tonight? If you want, we can go grab food after too?” Jungkook asks while scratching the back of his neck.

“Mmm, love, you are going to have to try a little harder than that.” You reply in a seductive voice. You take your hair and move it all to one side. You tilt you head slightly just to tease him.

“Fine, can you just come to my house so we can fuck already?”

You never thought you’d hear those words crawl out of his mouth. Every day you made sure to eyeball him, make him feel things for you, just so you could get a rise out of him. But finally, he’s had enough and was about to show you just how bad he could get.

“Someone’s a little eager huh?” You reply still holding your voice in the seductive tone it was at.

“Oh, you’ll see baby..” Jungkook was now smirking. His shy, reserved personality had now completely disappeared and changed into something you’ve never seen before.  

You start to think if he could actually live up to his “image” at school. You decide to put a challenge up for him; to take or to turn down.

Show me then.” You answer, whispering into his ear.

His breath hitches, and you walk away holding up a 5 and mouthing,“I’ll be there at five.“

You arrive at his house right on time. You exit the car and slowly walk to his front door. Without hesitation, you knock and right away there he was, looking you up and down, in awe. He grabs your wrist and drags you into his house, never taking his eyes off of you.

You suddenly feel his soft, delicate lips against yours. You’ve always wondered how they tasted, because, since the beginning of high school, you’ve always liked Jungkook. Everything from his dark eyes that screamed dominance to his bad boy reputation at school.

As Jungkook took over, you felt shivers down your spine. He then deepens the kiss, his tongue now asking for entrance; which you gladly answer yes to, but not with words, but with just the action of you slightly opening your mouth. Your tongues are now dancing together, in total sync.

He then pulls away; your lips barely touching. He was breathing heavy. Forcing you to breathe in his air; vice versa. That only turned you on more.

He finally catches his breath and orders you to. “Jump.”

Without disobeying, you jump and he is quick to catch you. You wrap your legs around Jungkook. You start walking to his room, but before reaching it, you think to yourself, what about his parents?

“Wait, Jungkook, are your parents here?” 

“Of course not, silly. They’re out of town for the week.” 

You sigh of relief are reconnect your lips with his. He sits down on the edge of his bed and re-adjusts your legs so you are now properly straddling him. While still kissing him, you feel his erection  against your heated core, and you can’t help but chuckle. 

You slowly grind your hips onto his ever so fastly growing cock. Jungkook pulls away and slowly moves his lips down onto your neck, leaving a hickey from each kiss. Moans escape your mouth as you find yourself interlacing your fingers with his hair. You lean your head back so Jungkook can have more access. Jungkook removes his embrace on your hips and moves his hand to your breast; slowly massaging it, while his other hand remained on your waist. You gasp from the sudden action, but then shut your eyes from the odd pleasure it made you experience. 

As Jungkook lifted his head up, and levels out with yours, you take the opportunity to kiss him in other areas besides his lips. He slowly falls back onto the bed; with you still on top. Your head proceeds to move down from his mouth and re-attach your lips to his collarbone.

Only after kissing him for 2 minutes he moves your head with his hands and flips you over so you were now on the bottom.

Dominance was now taking over.

He grabs both of your wrists and pins them above your head. Letting his grip go with one hand, he reaches over and pulls out a pair of handcuffs from a drawer. 

“What do you think you are doing?” You ask. 

You’ve never been into the kinky shit but wanted to see what it was like.  

“This if for all the times you have made me crave you, want your touch, want to hear dirty words come out of that pretty little mouth of yours.” 

You were okay with it. The poor boy has been teased enough, it was his turn to tease you.

“Take off your shirt.” He lets go of your hands so you can obey, and you complete the task.

He then grabs your wrists; once again, and handcuffs you to the headboard. His hands find the clamp to your bra, and in one clean movement gets rid of it. His lips kiss yours one last time and they begin to trail down your collarbone and into the valley between your boobs. He stops when he reaches the start of your jeans, looking up at you for approval.

You nod. He smirks, and pops the button open. He grabs the zipper; slowly tugging down. He discards your jeans in a matter of seconds to the other side of the room. Your instinct kicks in and you suddenly clamp your legs together from feeling embarrassed and shy.

“Y/N, you don’t have to be shy, let me see your body.” he moves his mouth to you ear and whispers in a deep, sexy voice, “Don’t make me tie those pretty little legs down too.” 

You feel his hands gently pry your legs apart, and takes off your only undergarment left. He lowers his head in between your legs, teasing your nub with his tongue. You dissolve into pleasure, bucking your hips into his mouth to cause more friction. 

His head lowers, even more, his tongue finding your entrance. 

“Fuck, you’re so wet. Is this all for me baby?” Jungkook asks making eye contact with you. 

“Enough with the teasing already,  for christ’s sake, just fuck me already!” You say in between moans as he enters two digits in and out of you. 

“What, what was that? Beg for me baby.” He whispers into your ear again.

You swallow hard. You wanted him inside of you so bad, you almost broke out of those damn handcuffs so you could do it yourself.

“I want you, Jungkook.” You say underneath your breath.

“You want who?” He questions, testing your limits before you call this whole thing off.

“You! Jungkook! You!” You were practically screaming by now. 

“Anything for my princess.” 

“Jungkook?” You ask before he starts taking his shirt off.

“What.” He growls.

“Can you please take me out of these handcuffs, they hurt. I promise I’ll obey, and if not you can tie me back up.”

He nods and reaches over you, grabbing the key and a condom. After unlocking you and setting the handcuffs to the side, he pulls his shirt over and off of his body. You examine his toned muscles. He unbuttons his jeans and pulls them down taking his boxers with them. His member springs free, causing you to silently gasp from his size. He rolls the condom over his throbbing dick.

He crawls over you and positions himself in between your thighs, before sliding into you. 

You pant from the foreign feeling. You’ve had sex before, just not in a while.

He lowers himself next to your head and starts moving in and out of you slowly, making sure he isn’t hurting you. 

“Are you okay.” He asks still inside of you.

“I’m fine, just keep going.” 

“Y/N, if it hurts too much we can stop.”

You shake your head. You wanted this.

“Just go faster.” You reply.

As you get used to his length and you found each of yourselves comfortable, he almost pulls out of you, before plunging himself back in deeper and deeper each time. After doing that for 10 minutes, his thrusts get sloppier, his hips pleading for a break. But he didn’t stop. You wrap your legs around his back, forcing him to get as deep as he could into you.

You started to feel a tight knot in your stomach. You arch your back. Your head falls onto the pillow as you grasp the sheets on each side of you. You shut your eyes and see dots playing with your mind.

“Oh my god- YES. Fuck! Jungkook don’t stop! You puff out all at once.

In such little time, you already felt yourself being taken over the edge, almost like a spring coiling slowly and tightly, then being released in an instant.

“I-I think I’m going to cum.” Jungkook says in between breaths. 

After the knot in your stomach releases, Jungkook stops moving.

He pulls out of you. You jerk from the sudden movement and he drops to the bed next to you. Once your heavy breaths come to a halt, you turn and face Jungkook. 

“Do you still want to go grab some food?” You ask while giggling slightly.

Jungkook looks up at you and props himself up with an elbow.

“How about the restaurant down the street?”

  • Director:And... ACTION
  • Martin:[goes for Ben's neck and licks a stripe up it]
  • Ben:[moans obscenely]
  • Director:Cut
  • Director:Ben, what are you doing, focus
  • Ben:[apologies profusely]
  • Director:ACTION
  • Martin:[licks neck, gropes butt]
  • Ben:[moans obscenely]
  • Director:ACTION
  • Martin:[licks neck, gropes butt, whispers] Ah, Sherlock
  • Ben:[giggles]
  • Director:[throws hands in air] I give up, let's just cut to the sex scene

What I don’t get is why they don’t shut down the castle as soon as Colin gets petrified, but not the school. Like, okay, you know what we do in the Muggle world when a school building needs repair? We get those portable classrooms and set them up in the parking lot.

I know enchanting big plots of land to keep out Muggles is a lot of work, but your students’ lives are important, and a school isn’t the BRICKS it’s the students and teachers coming together to learn.

Cat gets petrified, and within a month so does a student? Pack everyone onto the train home for an early, extended Winter Break, pick a BIG field somewhere, and start enchanting it like they did for the Quidditch World Cup. Did that take months? Yeah, but I bet the Hogwarts population during Harry’s years was smaller than the Quidditch World Cup attendance numbers. Set up some streamlined dorm buildings (I’m thinking lots of bunk beds?) and basic classroom buildings. Resume classes in the temporary on the first of February, January if you get it done sooner.

Meanwhile, flood the Hogwarts castle with Aurors and Magical Creatures experts. “But didn’t dozens/hundreds of headmasters over the years look for the Chamber?” yeah, but the only time we’ve heard of it being opened is when Tom Riddle experimented with homicide back in the 1940′s. If it’s open, that’s a different kettle of fish from when it’s closed.

[of course, then Ginny would be out of the castle and diary!Tom woudn’t be able to let the basilisk out, but the adults don’t know that, and being in a different context might give Ginny the chance to find help]

So this is the first time I’ve done this on the new blog and I’m happy to say that I got past 300 followers. I don’t know where I’d be without you guys supporting me, it’s been a wonderful three months so far. If you don’t find yourself on here, I apologize and I promise that I love you, I’m just slapping this together quickly is all. (And I apologize for my bad editing skills orz). 

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Reasons Why Donnie RULES OOTS:
  • WHEW, lucky Don was on hand to catch Leo - one-armed - and let him just dangle there while the others bicker.  It’s time to go? That’s okay, he’ll just throw his bro into the air. One-armed. Nonchalant badass.
  • “Doitdoitdoit, won’t stop until you do it!” - I think we just had a snapshot into Raph and Don’s relationship growing up. And it’s ADORABLE. <3
  • “I say go, you say Knicks!” - why is it when Donnie leads the cheer I can’t stop myself following?
  • That wiggly little dance of glee he does when they score a goal.
  • Why does he carry around a peashooter? Not just any peashooter, the world’s fanciest peashooter. What’s that about? Why does it need a telescopic sight? Just because he can? Just for giggles? Or was that one of his first inventions, created primarily to torment the hell out of Raph and Mike??? MYSTERIES.
  • Casually tasing Mikey without even looking. More nonchalant badassery.
  • Fanboying over Baxter Stockman. <3
  • But he doesn’t even question April’s claims. He completely trusts her.
  • omg he’s programmed that fucking watch to display his own smiling cartoonified-face when a task is completed ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh his attention to detail is OFF THE HOOK.
  • Speaking of: that fucking battletruck! 
  • That fucking battletruck and yet all he can do is apologise for all the little things he hasn’t finished yet. “When it’s done it’s gonna be amazing!” Donnie you are too cute. You are too precious. You are too adorable. Your fucking battletruck is already amazing and everyone is in awe of you and yet you won’t be happy until you’re sure the job is done. YOU’RE amazing.  DON’T ARGUE. SHUT UP. YOU ARE.
  • Because he’s thoughtfully equipped the rear of that truck with punching bags. He knows exactly what Raph is like and exactly how impossible he’d be to travel with. He thinks of everything. He really is “The Brains”.
  • “Big-ass magnet”. One of only two characters who cuss in this movie. That nonchalant badass.
  • “Appears to be some sort of residue from a teleportation event”. Donnie how exactly is it that you have words for EVERYTHING? 
  • Oh, Mikey’s gonna do an intro reel is he? Okay then, Donnie’s just gonna roll with that. He doesn’t even hesitate, he just plays along! He might be quiet, and studious, and cerebral, but make no mistake, Donnie definitely has a unique flamboyant edge to his personality. Donnie is the most fun, next to Mikey.
  • He tracks Bebop and Rocksteady via “isotopic signatures” HOW I DON’T EVEN KNOW BUT HE DOES IT AND IT WORKS.
  • Then he spends his spare time between hunting crooks and dinner to whip up a whole batch of retromutagen. Okay Donnie, this prodigy thing is getting kinda old, take it down a notch willya.
    Kidding! Do it some more!
  • Hyper-excited Donnie practically hyperventilating as he so-carefully speed walks to Leo: “Leo! Leo! Oh my gosh oh my gosh this amazing!”
  • oh MY GOD the LOOK on his face when Leo shuts him down. The way he bows his head. How he dutifully, obediently responds with perfect logic and rationale to bolster Leo’s position, yet he cannot disguise the utter heartbreak and devastation he’s feeling. This is one of the finest moments in the movie, every gesture and expression and vocal intonation is absolutely perfect and there are galaxies of unbearable emotion in those eyes that leave us all aching and anguished for the generous, loyal, completely self-sacrificing turtle that is the one and only Donatello.
  • He does NOT LIKE that Leo asks him to keep it a secret from Raph and Mikey, he does not like it ONE BIT. But for Leo, he will.
  • “Sorry guys”. I just love that he acknowledges the unfairness of it all to the others.
  • Did he really blind Leo by accident or was that a little pass-agg retaliation cos Leo harshed his buzz about being in the museum? You really can’t tell, and that makes it even more awesome. 
  • Baffling Leo with geek speak. Love. It.
  • Just tasing a couple of cops, nbd. 
  • He bows his head when Raph yells at him about lying to his family, but he does not snitch on Leo, all the same.  You just know Donnie is feeling hella guilty anyway - he never wanted to keep it from them. He’s ashamed and heartsick. But he won’t snitch.
  • “You know the plan.” And then he jumps. He just steps up to the door, and jumps. Without a parachute. Like it’s no big thing. Like he’s just popping up the corner shop for a carton of milk. Donnie is possibly the biggest badass on the team? Eat yer heart out, Raph. 
  • Look at that smug bastard just casually plummeting through the air, swinging around the plane and landing perfectly. Like a badass. A nonchalant badass.
  • “Don’t worry, guys, I’ll level out the plane.” Yeah, nothing to worry about guys! The cockpit is blasted to shreds and the joystick just popped out, but don’t worry! Donnie’s got it all under control!
  • … uhhhhh… and it works! Holy shit, Donnie lands that fucking plane pretty goddamn well considering it’s basically just twisted sheets of metal at that point. Look, there’s no denying it anymore, Donnie is the freaking hero of this movie. And some.
  • “How could you??” The tone of voice says it all: “DO NOT BE A JERK TO MIKEY!!!!!!!”
  • “And boatloads of heart!” You can hear the genuine love and appreciation in his voice so hard I just got goosebumps from thinking about it!
  • Just casually strutting down the street with his super high-tech holograph computer display he whipped up one morning after breakfast from a coffee can and a lava lamp. nbd.
  • And there he goes, just leaping onto the edge of a strut at the top of the Chrysler. It’s how he doesn’t even seem to think about any of this deep-level badassery that makes it just so… badass.
  • I could die for the way he pep talks himself as he does all his sciency-computery stuff. (。♥‿♥。)
  • Oh don’t mind him, he’ll just casually hack the technodrome then casually leap right through the air to just casually stab Krang right through the droid with his freakin’ bo. H E R O.
  • As the technodrome disassembles, in that moment of joy and triumph, he reaches for his bros, seeking their touch, their closeness. <3
  • That humble, sweet, thrilled grin when he’s given his key. DONNNIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE why do you have to do this to me, I’ve got cavities.
  • Jumping for joy up the top of Liberty cos all the nonchalant badassery is taken care of for now and it’s time to be the adorable goof we all know and love so much. <3 <3 <3
  • For real though, Donnie gets shit DONE in this movie. SO MUCH SHIT GETS DONE BY THE HAND OF DONNIE. He out-brains, out-manouevers, out-techs, out-cutes and out-badasses literally everyone else in the whole goddamn movie and he’s still too freakin’ humble to even call attention to it even though he COULD and everyone else would be forced to recognise! But nah, Donnie will go on quietly over-achieving and knowing April is always gonna call because, let’s face it, who else is she gonna call? It’s not like Leo can hack the technodrome, track an isotopic signature, engineer a retromutagen, taser some cops, jump out of a plane without a chute, land a plane using only his bo and a whole lotta gumption AND put together an incredible battletruck whilst also being a muscular, agile, ninjitsu-fighting badass who delivers the final blow to Krang and protects his little bro at every turn, can he? Yeah, nah. DONNIE IS KING.

enjoytheduck replied to your post:Anon here! Since I don’t have anything particular…

the basement is gonna be empty :) cant imagine Reiner NOT destroying or taking whats inside

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What if everything is a metaphor? What if Eren is just a normal titan, dreaming a long dream? What if he gets to the basement and he wakes up, and 200 years have passed? holy shit. THE KEY TO WAKING UP.

*makes exasperated mom face at enjoytheduck and martin-noober-king* Both of you, Shush! There will be something in the stupid basement. I don’t care if it’s a parcheesi game and fuzzy dice. It will be there, it will be IMPORTANT AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!

You know what I’m mad about. Out of all the conversations and arguments floating around on my dashboard, no one is addressing the plot of the film, and barely addressing the characters. Everyone’s just talking about surface issues and it’s like wooooooooooow that isn’t the movie. These are all problems, but they aren’t the movie. I’m okay with people seeing Frozen and then putting together a logical argument on how it’s a flawed film leaving much to be desired, but if your only experience with the movie is the trailers, gifs, and angry tumblr posts, you’re not qualified to call it a terrible film.

ambrosiapsyche  asked:

"God -- you are just, perfect."

          Oh my god. He’s wheezing. He’s at a ridiculous loss of words and, holy shit, are his freckles blushing? Is this real? Has God finally smiled down upon this ridiculous booby and just said, ‘Son, let me fuck you up.’ Thanks God. Thanks world. Thank you Cosette for being the perfect example of why Marius should not be around cute, perfect people. 

rcdlion  asked:

“This is one fucked-up seduction.”

next to normal starters. | accepting.

               ‘— and while we’re on this subject, your smile is so much nicer
               than when you look all grumpy. seriously, it makes a huge diff –
               wait, what?

               he takes a step back, hands thrown up in front of him in defence,
               eyes wide. he gulps, something he hopes keith doesn’t see or
               hear, and shakes his head vigorously. 

               ‘i’m not trying to seduce you! my game is way better than that!’