throws hands up in the air

Cut-throat casually threw her knife up into the air, easily catching it by the handle in her hand. It was a practiced motion that she had done a million times before in training. Today should have been no different, but it just was. The presence of the other gangs in the training rooms put her on edge. She felt as if there were eyes all over her body.

Just as she was about to throw the knife, someone stepped in her path. She raised her eyebrow at the body, questioning them without words.

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i hate how people characterize levi as this huge misanthrope who's completely unwilling or unable to connect with people emotionally, who has no regard for the sacrifices and wellbeing of others, both on an individual level and in terms of humanity as a whole










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srsly quit acting like he’s not constantly expressing gratitude and concern for humanity just because he’s stoic and crass and occasionally violent goddamn you guys 


The sound of the shop bell ringing brought her gaze away from the other people in the bookstore, her gaze shifting to watch the man that had walked in. She recognized him…somewhat. She watched a lot of people and eventually faces tended to blur together.


ambrosiapsyche asked:

"God -- you are just, perfect."

          Oh my god. He’s wheezing. He’s at a ridiculous loss of words and, holy shit, are his freckles blushing? Is this real? Has God finally smiled down upon this ridiculous booby and just said, ‘Son, let me fuck you up.’ Thanks God. Thanks world. Thank you Cosette for being the perfect example of why Marius should not be around cute, perfect people. 

You know what I’m mad about. Out of all the conversations and arguments floating around on my dashboard, no one is addressing the plot of the film, and barely addressing the characters. Everyone’s just talking about surface issues and it’s like wooooooooooow that isn’t the movie. These are all problems, but they aren’t the movie. I’m okay with people seeing Frozen and then putting together a logical argument on how it’s a flawed film leaving much to be desired, but if your only experience with the movie is the trailers, gifs, and angry tumblr posts, you’re not qualified to call it a terrible film.