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some Yuri on ice things for November ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) the katsudon and ice skating one might have clear charm versions too idk yet~ i’m trying to make the eros one a two-piece (yuuri in front, viktor in the back), hopefully it goes well?? nervous laugh~ gdi i love victuuri 


Stavos chibi chibi (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

theres been some grossness on my dash recently so heres a quick reminder that:

  • blackface, brownface, & yellowface are never okay, and defending them as ‘accuracy in cosplay’ is a racist, douchebag move (here’s why)
  • whitewashing a character in art is never okay, and defending it as ‘artistic license’ or ‘being too difficult to get right’ or even ‘just poor lighting’ is a racist, douchebag move (here’s why; this post is focused on fallout but the concepts are universal)
  • orientation conversion mods (’bi dorian’, ‘bi sera’ and the like) are never okay, and defending them as ‘just the same as bi cullen or bi cassandra’ or ‘just personal preference’ is a homophobic, douchebag move (here’s at least part of why, without even touching on the grosser implications of these mods)
  • if you’re not aware of these issues, or don’t get why they’re bad, please take a moment to do some finding out. it’s often as easy as googling ‘[issue] + problematic’ or ‘why is [issue] bad’
  • if you are aware of and educated about these issues, but think they’re not a big deal, or nasty sjws being mean to poor fans, or even something like reverse-racism or heterophobia, you know where the door is

post-war hinny. harry’s struggle with sleep reaches a new low.

Ginny knocks on Ron’s bedroom door and, met with nothing but silence, pushes it open. She slips quietly through and moves to close the door behind her but is brought up short by the sight of Harry standing in the middle of the room, silent and looking slightly lost.

“Oh,” she says. “Sorry. I thought you were still sleeping….”

Harry’s head turns toward her, but his eyes are…odd. Glazed. His brow furrows just a bit.

“Mum sent me up to see if you wanted something to eat,” Ginny explains. “She’s made tea.” Harry doesn’t say anything, only looks more confused. He reaches for the hem of his t-shirt, twisting it loosely in his hands. Ginny steps closer to him, an uneasy feeling settling in her stomach.

“Harry?” she says softly. “Are you alright?”

She’s standing right in front of him now, and his eyes find her face but she can tell he’s not really seeing her. Then he speaks and the pit of unease turns to something more like terror.

“I think Remus is dead.”

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if  jace  was   gold,      catching  the  light   &   the  attention,      alec  was   silver.      &   silver,      though  few  people  knew  it,      was  a   RARER  METAL  THAN  GOLD.      //      private  alexander  gideon  lightwood.      loved  by  ari.

  • Me, when I eat: *feels really sick, dizzy, like im ganna throw up, everything aches. Pain*
  • Me, when I don't eat: *feels really sick, dizzy, like im ganna throw up, everything aches. Pain*

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the whole love concept wouldn't really suck imo it would just take the uniqueness out of the whole concept. until now hyyh was assumedly a whole new take on youth, something no group had really tried to touch before and making it all about falling in love and heartbreak would just kind of throw everything back to what other groups do. but i agree with u on not dwelling on negative emotions we'll just have to wait and see and not freak out this early lmao

then we can dwell on negative emotions later hehehehe! the thing is I think most of the disappointments comes from your/our own expectations from bangtan and the hyyh concept.

so what if it’s what other groups do? is that so awful?

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my apologies to kyungsoo i just remembered how he always uses gender neutral pronouns for like everything but the aggressively masculine capricorn aura throws people off u know

i wanna apologize too

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Hey su, how do I get over my ex?

convince them to move to antartica or get like a really tall ladder and place the ex under it and climb up and down the ladder works like a charm



9pm: wow! I can finally eat! After five days my appetite is finally coming back! Maybe I can even keep these two bites of rice down!

1:30pm: bitch u thought. Throw up everything you’ve ever touched in the past 24 years

hello good Evenin fam how r ur beautiful faces doin im B which is short for Bad @ intros but im here n im tryin which is the whole point Am i right ?? this is ari my Girl n im gonna give u some info abt her n some plot Ideas ??  so Yea keep reading n give this a Like n ill come to u for plots ok

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