thrown in the dumpster

I know we’re joking a lot about Matt Murdock being pulled from a dumpster but tbh I’m pretty sure most of the Avengers and associates have probably been pulled from a dumpster at least once.

Like, you know preserum Steve was getting dumped in trash cans right and left and Bucky was fishing him out of them. (and Winter Soldier Bucky probably does surveillance from them, here have a sad)

Clint, obviously, dumpster trash.

But also Kate Bishop because I feel like that’s a Hawkeye thing, being thrown off buildings and out windows and into trash cans.

And Sam gets thrown into one helping Steve out once (it’s not really Sam’s fault, ok.)

And Tony found himself in many a dumpster in his youth. (occasionally next to Rhodey. it should be said that it was only once Rhodey’s fault they landed in the trash)

Reed Richards probably gets thrown into dumpsters by other Avengers on purpose. (and Johnny too probably)

If Bruce de-Hulks in a dumpster he considers that a good day.

Sometimes Thor gets knocked out of the air and can’t course-correct. (and Tony once threw Loki into a dumpster, so)

Peter Parker, yeah, he’s been in a few dumpsters, both to evade authorities or enemies and also because sometimes baddies have good aim.

Wade Wilson, jfc, he throws parties in dumpsters, probably. If you’ve been tossed into more than one dumpster, there’s a 90% chance that one of those times you were thrown into a dumpster with Wade in it, or had Wade thrown in on top of you.

Like, the only Avenger that I am 100% certain has never been thrown into a dumpster is Natasha because throwing Natasha into a dumpster would be the last thing you ever did. (also, she’s Natasha. You might aim her at the dumpster, but she’ll parkour off the fire escape and land neatly next to it while Clint goes sailing in. )

At Hot Topic
  • me: *sees a bracelet of Harley Quinn and The Joker with the words "Relationship Goals" printed*
  • me: ah yes. I just love being emotionally, mentally, and physically abused by my partner. I want to be thrown into a dumpster and left there to die. Thanks, Hot Topic. You described what I want in a relationship perfectly.

Sometimes sets can get a bit… wacky.  I once saw a version of Richard III that looked like it was set in some sort of post-apocalyptic England.  Trash and metal everywhere.  When characters were killed, they were thrown into a large dumpster with graffiti on it.  Someone had to sit in the dumpster to catch people.  Since it was onstage almost all the time, they couldn’t leave.  They created a twitter account and live tweeted from the dumpster.  And it was the best thing ever.

Even at the lowest point of John and Sherlock’s relationship, Sherlock’s interactions with Molly are always about John. Always. Yet another scene where sherl00lz is thrown in the dumpster.

If ur reading this it's too late-I'm out of fucks to give

Every time an anti-lifter finds my blog, first my heart sinks bc I know these bitches are whack enough to pull some poetic justice type shit but then I realize. Damn. Baby’s gettin big 💁🏼 like tbh why y'all sour that I get my shit for free? Lifting literally only hurts the lifter bc if we ever get caught our asses are on the line. I don’t hurt workers, corporations, or steal from family business or individual people. So please tell me what’s wrong with taking it upon myself to take something that is more than likely going to be thrown in a dumpster or burned if it doesn’t sell? For real I’d love to hear how moral it is to trash and burn things so low income people can’t access them (:


The devil of hells kitchen was one of your…inspirations, for lack of a better word. He was an impressive fighter and as far as you could tell he was a normal human. He didn’t have an advanced suit or enhanced abilities, he was a regular person and to you that was pretty inspiring. 

However you weren’t a skilled fighter, you could barely even call yourself a fighter so you didn’t know what possessed you to try and be a hero when you saw two people trying to mug a woman and a child. 

Good news: the two of them got away with their possessions and their lives; you however weren’t so lucky. They’d taken your money and apparently one of them had liked your shoes because they’d taken those too, and after they’d done all of that they’d thrown you in a dumpster for good measure. 

In all honesty you weren’t in the mood to get out just yet, sure the smell was less than pleasant but your body hurt too much to do anything. 

“Hello?” You heard a voice call out from somewhere outside the dumpster. You stayed silent hoping that whoever it was would just move along. 

“I know you’re in there. I don’t really wanna bother you, but that’s usually my dumpster.” The voice called out. 

You couldn’t help but laugh and then groan because of the pain it caused. You sighed and pulled yourself of and slightly gasped when you saw the person you were talking to. 

“It’s you.” You said looking at Daredevil standing in front of you in his red leather-ish suit. “The Devil of Hells Kitchen.” You clarified looking at him in awe. 

“You don’t have to call me that.” He told you “I personally think it’s a bit dramatic.” He said.

“The media has a habit of doing that.” You said wincing a bit, this whole time you’d been biting back the pain but it was getting to be too much. 

“You’re hurt, come on I’ll take you too my friend.” He told you motioning of you to follow him. 

“It’s really fine, don’t–”

“I was heading there anyways.” He insisted. You nodded and fell into step with him. 

“So do you spend a lot of time in dumpsters?” You asked him jokingly. 

“I’m pretty sure I could ask you the same thing.” He shot back with a smile.

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"You know, I remember a time when you were a Element of Harmony. When you weren't some violent fucking miserable pile of fur and feathers that's nothing more than a shell of her former self. You're just a frustrated magic wielding child turned homicidal maniac."

::Queen Midnight::

“And what are you, Silver? Tell me what you are? You’re a criminal’s blunted carving knife thrown in a dumpster in a back-alley, you two-bit punk. All you do is mouth off to everyone around you, enemy and friend alike. I bet you’ve lashed out to your loved ones as much as you have to your enemies. Go and ask them. Ask them if they’ve got scars from you. I bet they’ll tell you yes because knowing you is just like knowing me. You might as well have just looked in the mirror spewing what you just did it at me. Except I do a little more than peanut gallery commentary these days. I have a kingdom to rule and I do it thanklessly while dealing with ungrateful shits like you who decide to show up and give me their two-bits about my looks and how I ‘used to be.’ Which, by the way, you didn’t like me back then either. There’s really no winning with you, Silver. Oh, and by the way. The Elements of Harmony. They failed. When it came time to save the world from a the real homicidal maniac– they didn’t do shit. So we’re back at square one. Yeah, I used to be an Element of Harmony. You called me stupid then too. What of it?”

After first being introduced to Kurt Hummel (played by Chris Colfer) as he was being thrown into a dumpster on the series premiere of Glee, the Fox show tackled gay issues big and small, bringing LGBT storylines to the forefront. In 2010, Kurt met the swoontastic (and equally out) Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss), causing the audience to cry “squee!” into their Tumblrs and Twitter accounts at the same time. Blaine and the Warblers serenaded Kurt with Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” and the Glee cast earned its best single sales week for a download with the song’s release (214,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan).
—  25 Pivotal LGBT Moments In Music  | billboard

The Texting Adventures Of The Avengers and (Y/N)

  • A half-dead horny cow (Loki, get it? Haha) was found in front of the tower.
  • Turned out (Y/N) Jr. didn’t die as (Y/N) found him living at the dumpster. Which means Loki got thrown off a building and beat up because of a possible stray cat. 
  • Good. 
  • (Y/N) went to the party and it was great. 
  • S/He got wasted af. 
  • Also, the party thankfully didn’t end up as an orgy but (Y/N), Nat, Steve and Tony ended up skinny dipping because they were wasted af even though i’m pretty sure Steve is sober and he’s just there because he wanted to see some iron ass. 
  • Steve was gay af that night. 
  • Jk Steve was gay af every night haha. 
  • They got arrested that night because apparently the lake that they skinny dipped in was in a restricted area. Steve and Nat tag-teamed and tried to seduce their way out of it. (One of the cops, totes had a boner for Steve btw.) 
  • They got arrested anyway after (Y/N) puked on one of the cop’s shirt after trying to impersonate George Washington. (S/He was drunk and it seemed like most relevant thing to do in the moment, okay?)
  • Thor arrived and successfully seduced the chief officer then he bailed the gang out. 
  • They returned to the tower to find Loki hanging of the ceiling while Hulky Bruce, Pietro and Clint is trying to hit him with broomsticks. 
  • Cow-God pinata haha.
  • (Y/N) approves.
  • They had a pinata party.
  • Wanda was drunk and is smoking weed in the corner of the room (She was actually smoking Rosemary.) 
  • Vision was twerking while putting on an excessive amount of eyeliner because he’s a modern goth. 
  • Sam arrived late but got wasted anyway and he spent the rest of the evening flying around and throwing flower petals at drag queens down the curb. 
  • Bucky regrets his life decisions. 

And they lived happily ever after~~~ 

 (Proof that I should write fanfics)

I don’t want to go through the dumpster to search for that thrown away piece of me. I’m scared, I’m scared to dig up all of the other memories and things of us that you have thrown away, and you know what? Now, I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same again, I feel used and abused and just sad. I just want to talk to you and know what happened between us, because I learned to love you and now I don’t know if I can never not love you.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #259

Winnipeg teen with special needs thrown in dumpster, trapped inside for two hours. 

A Winnipeg teen with special needs was thrown into a dumpster by two men and trapped inside for two hours. A passerby eventually rescued him.