Character Details: Ireine Vilauclaire

appearance -
gender: Female
race: Elezen, Duskwight
height:  184 cm
eye color:  deep blue
hair color: grey blue, with some darker starnds

the facts -
name day: 3rd Sun of the 1st Astral Moon 
occupation:  Scholar
sexual identification:  Heterosexual
romantic identification:  Heteroromantic
alignment:  Neutral Good 
criminal history:  She has none, but as a duskwight living in the Shroud, she faced a lot of accusantions throwly carelessly out to any duskwight kid while passing by some villages, she learnt to pretend she didn’t listen to it and it didn’t make her sad (it did, tho, it did).
relationship status: Married.
sweet on: Augustiniel Valtin, like a moth to the flames

favorites –
favorite food: .While growing in the Shroud, and being of a duskwight family that still lived in caves, she didn’t had that much variety of foods to eat, but as soon as she left the caves behind, she found a love for all kinds of food, specially seaside food and some breads with creamy fillings
favorite drink: herbal tea, apple juice and some mulled wine.
favorite artist: She doesn’t know any artist by they names, besides some novel writers she loves, such as Jeanette Austen, Juliete Mariller, Castronaux Alvein¹ and she have a lot of other books, some borrowed from her mother-in-law particular library.
favorite scent: the sea breeze and the smell of the herbs she have on her garden.
favorite person: she have a lot of important people on her life, like her cousin Ejaux Daserain, her in laws Artoriel and Mme. Valtin, her parents and sister but, the truth is, there is no candle who can hold against Augustiniel’s light.

(¹you can see I’m bad at it, but I tried)

randoms –
ten facts about your muse:

  1. Ireine has a kinda low self esteem, propagated by all the things people on the Shroud think and say about her kind, she often thinks of herself as dull and colorless.
  2. She’s the only one who knows how to read and how to write in her family, as Augustiniel taught her when they were kids, but her sister or parents never wanted to learn it and rely on Ireine when they need something written or read.
  3. The strands of dark blue on her hair is something she need when she first ingressed on the Arcanist guild, trying to make herself different from what she was before, trying to be less grey and less dull - to herself, as if she wanted to prove herself she was also a colorfull and interesting person.
  4. Has a deep knowledge of herbs and mushrooms accquired on the Shroud with her family, as they often used it to cook for not having access to other kind of spices.
  5. She tries to mind her own business and while she helped some adveturers sometimes, through her own connections with the Arcanist tribes, she tries to mantain a low profile and doesn’t participate in any great demands.
  6. Ireine is also a very romantic person, holding very romantic dreams, and some part of her still believe in fairytales. However, she turns that part down and ends being a little to pessimist trying to silent it all.
  7. She doesn’t believe in the Twelve with the same fervors of the wildwood, but and hates all kinds of fanatism, so when she had to stay some time in Ishgard, she lived a real hell with all the fanatism going around and people comitting attrocities in the name of The Fury, but she wasn’t that kind of surprised since, for her at least, thalf of the Shroud is guilty of the same crime, maybe just tunned down a little.
  8. Gardening is something that helps her relax, she loves the smell of her herbs and all the flowers she put on their garden - includding the pom tree she and Augustiniel compromised in having for he also had a morbol chandellier on their house.
  9. Ejaux and her looks more like sibling than cousing, for she is kinda not that close to her sister, being so different from each other as they are: Ireine loves the world, loves being outside and discovering new things, while Arleine vowed to never leave the caves.
  10. Small fat creatures and little birds make er all soft in the inside.

five things -
5 things they like:

  1. Moogles
  2. Gardening
  3. Sleeping by the fire on their fluffy rug
  4. Jewelry
  5. Reading romance novels

5 things they dislike:

  1. Fanatism and extremism
  2. Cold weather
  3. Being looked down
  4. Augustiniel (lack of) eating habits
  5. People messing with everyone she loves

5 good habits:

  1. Caring for her husband eating habits
  2. Gardening only in the times of the day the sun is not too strong and always wearing a big hat
  3. Being a nurturing and emphatic person
  4. Learning how to weave
  5. Reads all kinds of books and tries to understand them before judging

5 bad habits:

  1. Might flee when she thinks the situations cannot be solved
  2. Low self esteem
  3. Talks too much in metaphors
  4. Can dislike someone at first sight and not open to them ever
  5. Can be very stubborn when she thinks she’s right even being wrong

5 personalities they gravitate toward:

  1. Smart, brilliant
  2. Peaceful calm
  3. Confident 
  4. People with a bright light inside them
  5. Brooding nerds

5 personality types they avoid:

  1. Fanatics
  2. Aggressive
  3. Apathetics
  4. Bigoted and prejudiced
  5. Petty

5 fears:

  1. Being left alone for everyone
  2. Not being able to protect people she loves and considers family from having their hearts broken
  3. Not being enough
  4. Losing people, not being able to heal and nurse them back to health.
  5. That Augustiniel will see someday she is too grey, too dull, too boring, being as smart as he is.

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