tbh idol companies who don’t feed their artists/trainees don’t deserve them. they gave up everything in their life, why do they need give up one of the most important thing to survive?

I’m gonna answer this in the form of what-ifs and personal theories and also based only on the Prime 3 pirates so here goes:

Since their real body is a limbless leech, I don’t think they could have utilized tools on their own. They were probably the weird alien fish equivalent of dolphins. UNTIL

Maybe a certain species of alien bird with no sense of boundaries was watching these little worm guys and seeing their potential. So they decided to show up and be like “hey u guys want limbs and also space travel?”

There’s definitely a pattern in the series of the Chozo being responsible for horrible disasters that kill a bunch of people. Like Metroids, you know because SOMEONE thought virtually-unkillable killing machines were just the dandiest solution to get rid of another unkillable killing machine. And also uplifting the Bryyonians and we all know how that went. So I think it would be perfectly in-character for them to also be responsible for the Space Pirates being a threat, (and also destroying their own Homeworld hey just like Bryyo) when they would have otherwise been harmless alien fish on a perfectly healthy planet.

I mean think about it, they spend their whole lives in the ocean with no arms and then suddenly someone shows up, sticks them on land, gives them hands and is like alright have fun with that sensory overload mate. And then they go crazy developing and dominating every inch of their planet’s surface for no other reason than NOW WE CAN. And then that one planet just isn’t enough, so they use their newfound legginess to make laughable attempts to conquer every other planet too! 

And the rest is history.

Man there’s this one reviewer I used to be a fan of when I was like 14 and forgot how many videos had him talking about how anything related to love makes him uncomfortable because he’s asexual and then randomly rants about how it’s weird that allos are into sex


I know this whole discourse about the anti aarmau community been ended by Jason (and many others giving their opinion about it) but I wouldn’t be me if i didn’t give my change worth.

Being somebody who skews older in age compared to most young people in this fandom, I tend to give this weird mix of a rant plus advice. I seen this shit before and honestly every thing i could say is in these tweets.

tl;dr: dont be goofs ya goofs; nobody likes a gremlin, so dont become one.

griffith, guilt, and sex

I think there are some strong, very pointed parallels between Griffith having sex with Gennon and having sex with Charlotte. The obvious direct visual parallel that comes to mind is Griffith scratching himself afterwards, which is so obvious that it practically invites the reader to compare the scenes further.

Both are done for the sake of his dream in Griffith’s conscious mind, but I think that both sexual encounters are forms of penitent self-harm in and of themselves, subconsciously.

The scene with Gennon is pretty obvious about it. A kid died, Griffith prostitutes himself for money, rationalizes it as having nothing to do with guilt, it’s just pragmatic, a cost-efficient step on his way to his dream - but the fact that he says this while tearing his own arms up makes it as clear as can be that he’s in denial about the guilt he feels. He also asks Casca if the water is “too dirty” when she refuses to join him, pretty obviously stating how he feels about himself in that moment. Casca points out that he didn’t need the monetary short-cut Gennon provided - it saved lives, but before a child died Griffith didn’t think it was necessary to take this route. The simple fact that Griffith’s night with Gennon took an emotional toll on him, didn’t feel necessary to him until he was struck with guilt, and that he also physically scratches himself directly after, makes it easy to read both actions as forms of self-harming behaviour motivated by guilt.

Now, the scene with Charlotte starts with emotional denial: “take all the sad and frightening things and cast them into the fire.” It ends with Griffith tracing, and maybe adding to, self-inflicted fingernail scratches on his shoulder. In his conscious mind I think he’s actively seizing his dream - he has two things he cares about, one of them (Guts) just left, so he’s throwing himself into the other one - but his subconscious mind is another story.

The last scene he shared with Guts before the duel was extemely revealing and feeds directly into this scene with Charlotte imo: “I involved you in this filthy scheme… and I didn’t even get my hands dirty. […] Do you… think that I’m cruel?” Throwing around words like dirty and filthy again, and, in a hugely significant moment, questioning his own dream in fear of Guts’ judgement of him and of the steps he has to take to get there.

The next time we see them together is the duel, and I absolutely believe that Griffith takes Guts’ determination to leave as a personal rejection. It’s not a coincidence that the last time we saw them exchange words Griffith needed Guts to reassure him about the kind of person he is, but instead of hearing “no I don’t think you’re cruel” he got an answer more along the lines of “I mean it’s a necessary evil, right?” At the time he accepts it for the encouragement it is, but when Guts leaves a month later I have no doubt that Griffith now sees that exchange as a solid “yes I think you’re cruel, your schemes are filthy, you’re filthy, and I’m done here.”

What he flashes back to while fucking Charlotte are these exact words from Guts during that scene: “You believe that, don’t you?” ie both the moment Guts questions Griffith’s willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve his dream, and the moment he believes Guts condemned him for those actions by implicitly calling him cruel. “You believe that your cruelty is necessary, don’t you?”

Similarly to the scene with Gennon, having sex with Charlotte that night is not a necessary step to take on the road to his dream, and not only that, it’s an extremely risky step - and that brief flashback to Guts’ question more than anything suggests to me that on some level Griffith knows he’s potentially throwing his dream away. He remembers Guts asking if he believes the dream is worth the filthy schemes, and wants to say “yes” but those filthy schemes are, he believes, what lost him Guts. Which basically encapsulates all his self-loathing revolving around everything from assassinations to prostituting himself, all the underhanded actions that make him feel dirty, that he tries to hide from the rest of the Hawks. From his point of view he let Guts in to see a very vulnerable, unworthy part of him, seeking reassurance, and what he got instead was judgement.

And it’s not worth it. While balls deep in the princess he might be telling himself the dream is worth driving Guts away, just like he told Casca he doesn’t feel guilty that people are dying for him, but the very fact that he’s flashing back to Guts asking him the question tells us it’s not worth it, and deep down he knows it.

So it makes sense to me that sleeping with Charlotte is a subconscious act of self-harm and self-sabotage. Sure, he might’ve gotten away with it, but it was extremely risky, and the princess even tells him so when he first shows up. It’s entirely unnecessary on the path to his dream, and that night he’s feeling huge amounts of self-loathing, doubt, and most likely guilt for the things he’s done for the sake of his dream that he believes are what drove Guts away. He is, in essence, throwing away his dream during this scene because the dream wasn’t worth losing Guts for, and just like when he slept with Gennon, sex as self-harm fits together nicely with his physical acts of self-harm.

(Not to mention goading the king into laying into him with a whip the next morning, to top off all the self-harming behaviour.)

@mastermistressofdesire (bc it seems like the kind of griffith meta you might be interested in)

@yesgabsstuff (one of your comments about griffith using sex as penance + self harm basically inspired me to talk about that for 10 paragraphs lol)