they say you were something in those formative years (for my best friend) // 8tracks,download

1. THE WEAKERTHANS // Diagnosis (I’ve got a feeling / hums with the streetlights / hides under ice in always frozen lakes)
2. JULIANA HATFIELD // Nirvana (here comes the song I love so much / makes me wanna go fuck shit up)
3. TANYA DONELLY // Pretty Deep (you thought you saw a body on the beach / when we got closer it was just a tire / and you were disappointed, I could see)
4. STINA NORDENSTAM // Fireworks (or in the deepest tunnel / the train just stopped / but you gave me no chance)
5. THE BESNARD LAKES // People of the Sticks (I found you, I found you, I found you)
6. THROWING MUSES // Red Eyes (we hide in showers / looking for the rain
7. WAXAHATCHEE // Catfish (and we lay on our backs, soaking wet / below a static TV set / conversation flows, counting shooting stars and catfish)
8. DUM DUM GIRLS // I Got Nothing (I will get stole / ‘cause I’m far from home)
9. DUBSTAR // Stars (we’ll take our hearts outside / leave our lives behind / and watch the stars go out)
10. RED HOUSE PAINTERS // Have You Forgotten (when we were kids we hated things our sisters did / backyard summer pools and Christmases were beautiful)
11. DAR WILLIAMS // When I Was a Boy (see that picture, that was me / grass-stained shirt and dusty knees)

Two Step
  • Two Step
  • Throwing Muses
  • The Real Ramona

Throwing Muses - Two Step

This track, which closes their album “The Real Ramona”, is the only track which has ever been credited as written by Throwing Muses and not either Hersh or Donelly. As Tanya left to form Belly following this LP, there’s something about this track that always just says “end of an era” to me. There’s something else curious about the song too - it’s so very much not a Throwing Muses song. It’s not as raw/energetic/grating/confronting as a track written by Hersh. Neither is it as pop-driven/accessible/bright as a track written by Donelly. I think the co-write here is spot on. It’s unequivocally a Muses track, and maybe it’s just because I’m looking for them but you can see the spawning here of both frontwomen’s future sounds. The squalling guitars here are as good as anything on Throwing Muses’ “University”, the simple and heartfelt execution on a par with Belly’s sublime “Stay”. It was the first Throwing Muses song to make me sit back and go “huh” because it truly felt greater than the sum of its parts. And what a set of parts.

two step behind the rest / one fingertip too long
a hole in the box they carry / spills sugar in the road

For You #7

Throwing Muses, Pearl
(Lyrics unrelated to any personal situation)
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Throwing Muses,
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