throwing up deuces

2016 Has Been the Year of The Mammy.

I have learned sooo much about black women this year which is for the most part is sad, disappointing, and disheartening. Many Black Women have REALLY showed their  treacherous, penis pandering mammying asses in 2016. I have witnessed soooo much mammying and treachery amongst black women this year that I have had thoughts SEVERAL TIMES about just shutting this blog and campaign down, throwing up the deuces  and calling it a day. It’s just very hard defending women who care NOTHING about their plight or that of the women and girls who look like them. THERE IS NO COLLECTIVE SISTERHOOD WITH BLACK WOMEN.

More black women have been expressing their feelings about how the large amount of mammying, penis pandering, and treachery from black women towards black women makes them just want to give up. Sistas are tired of defending ALL black women only to get backlash or backstabbed in return. Sistas are also sooo tired of especially these race women so-called pro-black mammies policing other black women’s choices in clothing, hairstyles, behavior, attitudes towards oppression, mate selection and more. These type of black women are just as annoying (and might I add as bat shit crazy) as their so-called pro-black male counterparts with their fake pro-blackness, respectability politics, internalized misogynoir, racial and sexual double standards and hypocrisy.

For example, Serena Williams’ engagement to the founder or co-founder of Reddit is getting backlash from not only the hotep men, but also their hotep handmaidens. These same mammies would be up under a post about a black man getting engaged to a non-black woman talking about “Congratulations” and “Love is Love” and blah blah blah, yet will be right along with the hotep men calling Serena a “bedwench” a traitor, a golddigger and other obscenities so they can get a pat on the head or a sccoby snack. I mean why the fuck do they care?!?! To them Serena is “ugly” and “look too masculine.” ***eye roll*** Oh and might I add ALL those lap dog mammies defending snow whites right to culture appropriate braids here (and let’s talk about that silly black woman that defended that Lance Gross holiday couples photo). You all have seen this hypocrisy before and this hypocrisy is why I’m no longer label myself as problack or a race woman. 

Starting in 2017,  I will NO LONGER be defending ALL black women. Unfortunately, I (we) just can’t defend all black women. I can’t defend black women who deny and dismiss the multiple oppressions black women and girls face daily. I can’t defend black women who defend their own oppression. I can’t defend black women who defend their oppressors over their oppressed sistas. I can’t defend black women who seek validation seeking to be one with their oppressors.  I can’t defend black women who throw other black women and girls under the bus for a seat at the table of oppression with their oppressors.

I will ONLY stand with black women who understand what type of madness we are up against and do their part individually to end it, black women who are the most marginalized, and little black girls and babies. Everybody else IS none of my concern.

I don’t accept one-sided loyalty in the name of patriarchy, male privilege for black men and I damn sure won’t accept it to hold together some faux “sisterhood” for black women.

The Struggle Is Intersectional

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