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Something I’ve been debating for my au for a long time is whether morro should be killed by his own true potential or not. Ghosts have to relive their deaths every year and those that don’t have the will to go through with it disperse and are sent back to the cursed realm. The ghosts were also released at the beginning instead of right before possession, meaning Morro had the will to live through getting the flesh shredded off his body and torn to pieces at least twice before possession rolls around.

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Prompt for ya: Marichat where Marinette knows it's Adrien but he doesn't know she knows, and he comes by her balcony late at night, #marichat tropes Also, Adrien doesn't know she's Ladybug

There was a light thump behind her. Part of Marinette’s instincts told her to whirl around and threaten the intruder with hot chocolate thrown in his face…but she suppressed the urge. After all, there was only one person who would come calling this late at night…

“Hello, Chat,” Marinette said, turning to greet the cat boy as he prowled forward, a familiar grin in place. “What brings you by tonight?”

“I smell chocolate,” he said, not even bothering to hide his need for sweets. Rolling her eyes good-naturedly, Marinette turned to the table beside her and poured him a mug of hot chocolate from the thermos she had waiting beside her. After all, she had a funny feeling he’d be stopping by tonight, if his face in school today was any indication…

Marinette passed the mug over, watching as Chat practically purred in satisfaction as he took a sip. If she squinted, and tilted her head juuust a bit…she could see the boy behind the mask: the boy with blonde hair, green eyes, and a shy, sweet smile…

It had been an accident, the way she had discovered Adrien’s identity. All she did was round a corner at the wrong moment, searching for a place to transform…only to see Adrien there, transforming into Chat Noir right before her very eyes.

He hadn’t seen her, and had sped off right after, leaving Marinette reeling as she stared at the spot where he had disappeared, her whole world shifting on its axis as she tried to process what her mind was half-convinced she had not seen…

Since then, however, Marinette slowly began to wonder how she hadn’t realized that Adrien was Chat Noir. She began to notice it more and more: the cheesy jokes he made to Nino, his sudden and coincidental disappearances when akumas attacked, his blatant swooning whenever Ladybug was brought up–

Marinette tried not to think about that part too hard. It was hard enough for her to still act normal around him, without considering the implications of his admiration of Ladybug, and how deep they might be…

Marinette realized she had been staring too long when Chat’s gaze cut to her, and he smirked.

“I know I’m amazing, Princess,” he teased with a wink and a pose, “but you don’t have to stare at me like that. Well, I mean, it’s understandable if you can’t help yourself–”

“Chat,” Marinette interrupted him, tilting her head to the side as she watched him carefully, “we’re friends, right?”

That made Chat pause, blinking in surprise as he looked at her. He mimicked her head tilt, appearing to muse over something for a moment.

“…Of course,” he replied, as if that much should be obvious.

“And you know you can tell me anything…right?” Marinette pressed. Chat blinked again, beginning to frown.

“…Is something wrong, Marinette?”

“No,” Marinette assured him with a shake of her head, forcing a smile. “Just…I’ve noticed that you usually come here when you’re upset about something.”

“…” Chat lowered his gaze to his mug, the slight pout on his lips confirming Marinette’s suspicions. “…You’re sharp, Princess.”

“Only when my friends seem to be feeling down,” she said, gently nudging him as she rested her arms on the railing of her balcony. “I won’t push you if you don’t want to talk about it, promise. Your business is your business.”

Marinette glanced over, waiting until Chat returned her gaze before she spoke again.

“But if you need someone to talk to…I’m here.”

She couldn’t be sure, because Chat–Adrien–Chat ducked his head too fast, but she rather thought his cheeks had turned pink. The thought of Adrien blushing around her threatened to fluster her as well, but Marinette made herself keep her grip on things. After all, it didn’t matter that Chat also happened to be the boy she’d had a crush on for ages–no matter who he was under that mask, Chat was Chat. And (though he didn’t know it) Marinette was Ladybug, and she was his partner, so if he needed her…

There was a brush of soft hair, and Marinette paused, registering the weight that leaned on her head, the breath that ghosted across her hair.

“…Thank you, Marinette,” Chat said softly, and now Marinette did blush. Oh well–he couldn’t see her face from this angle anyway, so…

“No problem,” Marinette told him, swallowing. “What are friends for…?”

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so, about my new desk setup- i have reached maximum marker-hoe capacity and (after lurking pinterest lmao) decided i wanted to make a shelf unit for them for easy access. because i hoard every box ever to be put on our doorstep, i armed myself with those, scissors, acrylic paint, sloppy measurements, and did this while i was without my computer. (Drawing only goes so far before i get twitchy.) needless to say, i love it. it’s so spacious and convenient and rainbows are everywhere. i really love how small and neat the trays are- they fit spectrum noir, prismacolor as well as copic and some others from reviews i read! 

my room was a bit smelly all week from the paint, but it was worth it.








omfg I was only gone for 4 days and this shit happens…..I need to rant bc some of yall really aren’t getting it:

•  Yixing is NOT leaving exo, we still don’t know the whole story as of now…don’t make this into a bigger deal than it needs to be. Please, calm your titties and stop stressing him out even more.

• SM does NOT hate Lay. You really think they kept it civil and friendly for the past 3 years after all the other Chinese members left if they hated him and wanted to torture him like the others? No, bc they know he’s a moneymaker and I hate to break it to you, but that’s pretty much all SM cares about so they don’t exactly hate money.

• I’ve seen this on other blogs and I’m gonna say it again: he needs to keep good relations between China and South Korea bc of all the tension that’s been going on recently. You really have no idea how much impact he has in China and how much of an influencer he is.

• this man is constantly tired, sleep-deprived, and sometimes not well fed due to his exhausting schedules.

• and why do you think he does that, instead of signing with a Chinese entertainment company who’s offered him hundreds of millions of dollars? BECAUSE HE LOVES EXO AND HE’S MADE A PROMISE TO EXO-L’S I’m really tired of seeing this ot8 bs, if you’re not gonna stand by him on whatever decision he makes, then you’re not an Exo-L .

• legit one of the only things he does when appearing at interviews is to promote the group and talk about his Korean brothers, you can’t tell me he hates exo.

• SM is in no way holding a knife to his neck and telling him to stay…they know he’s wanted by not only Chinese entertainments, but everywhere worldwide, and they’re not gonna fuck up like they did with Kris and Luhan and Tao.

• again I’ve seen this on other blogs too so I’ll say it again: remember that Kai barely did any promotions during Monster era yet he was still in the music video…we don’t know what the full extent of the situation is and what he’s going to appear in and what he’s not going to appear in.

• I’m sure the other members are upset by this as well, so let’s keep their feelings into consideration after what they’ve all been through the past 5 years.

• no matter what he decides to do, I hope he knows we’ll stick by him and support him, and yall better not be planning any sort of boycott against exo just bc he’s not promoting with them on this one comeback…that’s not how you show support, and you’d just be hurting them and yixing.

• he truly is one of the hardest working men in this industry, no one can tell me any different. He knows this is going to affect exo, and that it’s going to affect us, but tbh we just need to trust him for now and see what he’s got planned for the future.

(I see this news is bringing out the ugly side of armys again, kindly unfollow me and block me if you’re gonna be one of those uglies <333)

I woke up at like 6 in the morning today by my kitten meowing and rubbing his face against mine, trying to sit on my head and wouldn’t let up no matter how much I tried to encourage him to go back to sleep. So I did what any respectable cat mum does. Give him lots of food until his lil bell is full and do some snuggles afterwards~ 💕 🐈

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Oh no your cat, what was wrong? Please give them all the pets for me <3

My cat kept throwing up all of his food, and then was throwing up stomach acid after that, and while it’s not abnormal for him to cough up some hairballs once in a while, it was going on for way too long so I went took him to the vet. Did x-rays, some blood tests, and doc gave him some meds and he seems to be doing better now. It may or may not have been related to his chronic pancreatitis, but doc just says to keep an eye on him for now ;_;

Both my pets are super old so I’m always super paranoid >.<;

okay party people. im making minimum wage and need money to get places and whatnot. so im selling my soul here. 

SUPER CHEAP fully done, lined, colored, and shaded, selfies are on the market. 

we’re a bunch of rp slaves, lets face it, and we’re always wanting pics of our muses, so if you throw some money at me, i’ll give you art. this is for a limited time only, because i wanna do proper commissions with better prices for my own sake later on. 

so if you want fully shaded selfies of your muse at a discount price, hit me the fuck up in IMs and we’ll talk out what you want! 

I dunno where y’all came from but I’m happy you’re here!! Tumblr activity feed is kinda junk, so if I ever missed replies, I’m sorry. Thank you for all your nice tag comments and stuff!

Would you like to send me some art requests to doodle? …or chat with me, idk. I need to kill time between DPS/PvP queues o:

I love the sanddune rags so much that I’m making another OC into a dragon just so he can wear them, because they don’t work well for any of my current dragons. But this OC of mine would def wear them.

And now I have to make his girlfriend into a dragon too. Flight Rising why do you own my soul like this