throwing sparks

The thing is. Everyone should be critical of this season.


The way they threw in Irene for no reason (we thought we knew why but it wasn’t so - at least not explicitly). Also throwing a spark of hope for adlockers? Not addressed.

The way John beat Sherlock until he was on the floor and continued to kick him??? Physical abuse. Not addressed.

The way Molly was treated. Emotional abuse. That’s not okay. Molly fans/sherlolly fans should be outraged. Again, not addressed.

Mary’s unbelievable redemption arc and ridiculous death scene. Not addressed.

Non-shippers, are you really happy with this season of ‘what the hell is going on’. So many mistakes, inconsistencies, plot holes and other general what the fuckery? None of it was addressed.

Take out the fact johnlockers didn’t get explicit canon johnlock and you still have masses of things wrong.

JJ Abrams on Rey and Kylo Ren - TFA Commentary

Some very interesting tidbits from JJ Abrams about Rey Kylo

“ And now we go to this scene, where we actually get a very different side of Kylo Ren. Where we see how unlike Vader he is. How tempestuous he is. How uncontrolled he is. […] We were really throwing sparks his way. I think the moment I actually just fell in love with Adam Driver was in his timing of this line. “Anything else?” This is the moment of course where Kylo Ren learns about Rey. And now, these two disparate pieces come together.” - its called fate JJ

“And this idea that she [Rey] won’t share with him here is, of course, because she feels like the only belonging she’s ever going to have is her family and if she leaves she’ll never get a chance to see them. So there was a very powerful idea that what she desperately wanted was belonging, which she’ll get, but just not how she expects.” - you’re right JJ, Rey is going to find her belonging in the most unexpected way

“This whole location of Maz’s, of course, mirrors the cantina from A New Hope, as this Starkiller Base mirrors the Death Star. These were the kind of locations that felt like a given in Star Wars. For example, we looked at it like a Western or a fairy tale. What are the elements that you’re going to see that makes it this genre, this specific genre? You’re probably going to have a castle, and a prince and a princess, if you’re looking at a fairy tale. We wanted to give these sort of, fundamental, not cosmetic, but, sort of, prerequisite elements. These locations in which we can set our new story and our new characters.” - Just before Rey and Kylo meet in a very fairytale-esque forest. He also described Rey as Cinderella and Kylo as a Prince later on. 

“One of the new relationships that we were focusing on was between Kylo Ren and Rey. They’ve never met but he’s heard of this girl. And so, now comes a moment when their meeting is inevitable. […] And now we’re back to our heroine. And this moment where she is about to, for the first time, be confronted by Kylo Ren, a character who she’s going to have a very interesting relationship with moving forward. […] The takes we have of Adam Driver being unable to see in that mask and tripping over these rocks, I think, it just added to the rage that he used in the character. It really is a very specific kind of talent to be able to perform a character when your face is completely hidden. His body language was very specific.” - I wonder what he could mean by ‘ineresting relationship? lol

"This now becomes the first time that you see who’s behind the mask. And because of Vader, I think you expect him to need the mask. That, like Vader, it’s some kind of breathing apparatus, some sort of necessity. But when his mask comes off, you see Adam Driver, and he just looks like a sort of prince.”

“So the idea here is that Kylo Ren’s gotten inside of Rey’s head, sees that she has seen the map and is now letting go of the droid as his goal, and focusing just on her. And clearly you think, well he must be able to just extract the information he wants now. But because he’s taken her, you get a sense that there might be something else going on here.” - Of course JJ, he’s thinking with his dick

“So the two of them, working together in this scene…It was fun to imagine what kind of sounds there would be. And if you listen to what Gary Rydstrom and Matt Wood did for this scene, the kind of sounds of the Force power between the two of them… There’s kind of this war going on. This battle.”

“Well, the planet’s ripping apart.” So, Larry and I decided what if the two of them, in this kind of, operatic moment, actually get separated and the decision is taken away from them and left for another time.”

Hmm, very interesting JJ, very interesting. 


“Adam Driver was the idea of Kathy Kennedy. Not that Adam Driver was the idea of Kathy Kennedy. For this movie, it was her idea. I mean, he existed prior. But she brought him up, and we immediately thought, ‘Oh my God, this guy would be amazing’.[…] And Adam would just go into these fantastic rages. Not at anyone, just sort of… It’s his process. But I loved the guy, and working with Adam was one of the highlights of my professional career. […]  And now we go to this scene, where we actually get a very different side of Kylo Ren. Where we see how unlike Vader he is. How tempestuous he is. How uncontrolled he is. […] We were really throwing sparks his way. I think the moment I actually just fell in love with Adam Driver was in his timing of this line. ‘Anything else?’” - J.J. Abrams

Corruption among the youth

There will come a time when corruption and lewdness among the youth will reach the utmost point. There will hardly be any virgin youth left. They will see their lack of punishment and will think that everything is allowable for them to satisfy their desires. God will call them—however—and they will realize that it will not be possible for them to continue such a life. Then—in various ways they will be led to God…That time will be beautiful. That today they are sinning greatly—will lead them to a deeper repentance. Just like the candle before it goes out—it shines strongly and throws sparks; with its light—it enlightens the surrounding darkness; thus—it will be the Church’s life in the last age. And that time is near…

- Saint Seraphim of Viritsa, “Life-Miracles-Prophecies of Saint Seraphim of Viritsa: The New Saint of Orthodox Russian Church 1866-1949"

Random shit we forgot

*Percy can play pinochle * Clarisse was the first to call Annabeth wise girl in the books *Annabeth knew Percy was big 3 spawn but figured Zeus cuz he us such a man whore *Grover is Percy’s best friend *Chiron brought riptide into school when he was Percy’s teacher Mr. Brunner *Percy was on wanted posters * Annabeth’s eyes change In the sunlight *Grover is Percy’s best friend * Annabeth cried when they had to leave Cerberus waiting for his ball to be thrown *Percy and Grover both almost fell into Tartarus in Lighting Thief *Jason “throws” off sparks *GROVER IS PERCY’S BEST FRIEND


Mileena’s outfit is almost done! Everything looks fine in game, I’m just doing some minor fixes, and also adding her sai as a usable weapon, with an extra bonus (I’m making an ability that’s similar to her pinkish sai throwing spark attack in the games ;) ).

Now I’m also planning to convert other outfits from the ladies (mainly Mileena, Kitana and very maybish Tanya), but my question is.. Which one would you guys like to see converted next?

Kitana’s default outfit or her Dark empress one?

Song game

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Eternity is set in her eyes
throwing sparks back at the world that’ll never die.
And I think:
“She has robbed of her innocence, had no more time to play.
She’s only a little girl, but she stronger than the flames”

Here she comes, here she comes.
I’ve been waiting for so long.
Here she comes
rose again from the flames
my little Phoenix

Here she comes
I’ve been waiting for my little Phoenix

You’ve got to get close to the flame to see what it’s made of
You’ve got to get close to the flame to see what you are made of.

Pokemon Go Leaders Headcanons



  • Blanche looks like they can kick your ass. They can. But they can also be the cutest sap ever 
  • Candela and Spark are the two who get into trouble. Blanche is the one who has to come and bail them out.
  • Everyone thinks Spark is a fuck boy but he’s asexual
  • Candela is a mix between butch and lipstick lesbian, depending how she feels that day
  • Spark is sunshine and give his Pokemon just odd names like limberbutt and pants
  • Secretly, Blanche enjoys getting mistaken as the wrong gender.
  • Candela is the best cook of the leaders. Cooking just isn’t Blanches forte and gets frustrated when it doesn’t turn out the way they wanted. Spark just throws together whatever’s in the pantry and has ideas like “Ohh! What If we put mustard on the pizza??:D”
  • All three were friends when they were younger but got separated around their late teenage years when they joined their teams. Although they feel like their against each other, they make time to hang out together like the good old days, especially for birthdays and holidays
  • Spark and Blanche have a tradition of giving Candela a gag gift and she still has them all to this day
  • Blanche collects those fancy little glass animals(but Pokemon) and Candela or Spark will gift them to Blanche randomly
  • Candela helps out at the local soup kitchen, Blanche sponsors a LGBTQ+ community centre and Sparks volunteers at pet shelters
  • Blanche will talk down sass anyone who makes fun of or insults Spark. Candela just fuckn fights em. Don’t mess with Spark.
  • Blanche is either a total tsundere or always a cool calm cucumber even when openly flirting w/ Candela
  • Candela can’t handle those sweet and embarrassing words coming from such a calm and cool Blanche
  • Candela and Spark were the first people Blanche came out to as nonbinary. They were fully supportive and went out for drinks to celebrate.
  • Spark and Blanche knew that Candela liked girls. They both waited until she was ready to come out.

Part 2

Never mind a girl who writes if you want a quiet life because you—if you ever manage to make her fall in love with you—will make her throw sparks and paint the world with your name in bold letters; you will make her want to always change the world—or at least your usual coffee order.
—  Never Mind a Girl Who Writes, Roch Lazarte
Teams whilst driving

Spark: Super anxious, lets everyone over take, blasting trash music whilst Blanche plays the backseat driver and Candela judging and ranting about Spark’s driving skills

Blanche: Low rider, smooth af, turns curves like she throws her pokèballs whilst Spark sticks his head out the window like a sparkling pupper and Candela’s chill af



Clips with Wirru Spark and DABDOS, Episode 1 - NICE THROW

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A Port in the Storm. Part 21.

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“…come on, my Sassenach. Tell me, aye?”

The fire chose that precise moment to spark and throw a burst of amber light over an already glowing Claire.

“I…well, I don’t think I can explain it.”

Jamie smiled at her attempts to dodge the question. Still, he pressed forward, running his fingers along the length of her.

They had fallen asleep wrapped in each other’s arms beside the roaring fire, too fatigued to even crawl into bed. Now, as the sun rose and threw speckled hints of red throughout the room, they lay still locked together, warming each other with subtle touches.

“Ye can, go on…”

At his urging she closed her eyes, allowing herself to indulge in his fingertips brushing over her delicate skin, and tried to rouse the emotions she’d felt through the night. She felt him stir beside her.

“Does…that hurt, you know? When that happens…”

He was tempted to move his hips away from her, but she was so warm and pliant that he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“No, it doesna hurt. It…aches, ye ken? But no’ in a bad way. Just that sort of ache that bids me to touch ye, to kiss ye, to have my hands and lips in as many places as I can reach. It makes me need ye, badly, Sorcha. I feel…like if I dinna get close as I can to ye I might die, ken?”

“That bad…?”

Her voice was low and breathy. He chuckled as he watched her, sleepily.

“Aye, that first time. Aye. If no’ die, shatter into pieces of want for sure.”


She certainly knew that feeling. The dance he was playing across her skin was causing all sorts of want within her.

“It’s the s-same…for me. When you touch me…like this, when you kiss me, I feel…alive.”

Gooseflesh was rising down every inch of her that Jamie touched and he smiled as she appeared to lose the ability to speak.

“I…feel…so much. All at the same time. I didn’t even know it was possible. That night. The night in the barn. I just needed you so badly, I couldn’t even think. I knew we shouldn’t, but then you were there. I needed you, I…ached too…”

“Aye, I could tell ye did. I was glad for it, even though I kent it was wrong, ye know, us not being wed. But I couldna stop myself, and ye…ye too, so I didna stop.”

Through their exchange they had shifted closer and closer to one another, now there was barely any room between them, Claire’s eyes held Jamie’s as her leg carefully and slowly slid up his and rested, anchored around his hip.

“Tell me…tell me what it feels like for ye, Claire. When I take ye like that…please, I want to ken how ye feel when ye lie wi’ me.”

“Oh-alright. Well, it starts slowly. The first time…during the storm…it h-hurt a little, you know, because I’d never…done it before. But then…then, my skin felt as if it were alight. Like I couldn’t get close enough to you, although you were as close as you could be. Every time you moved away from me I felt the need to pull you back.”

He ran his hands down now, along her exposed side, across her hip and around to settle on her bottom. Pulling her as close as he possibly could, cradling her arse in his hand he kissed her, thoroughly. His tongue swept across her lips, before she allowed him to deepen it.

“Aye, tell me more mo chridhe…please…”

“What does that mean?”

She’d heard all manner of Gaelic since arriving in Lallybroch, but she couldn’t remember ever hearing this one. He smiled and kissed her once more.

“Ye tell me more, and I’ll tell ye what it means.”

“I can’t talk when you’re touching me like this, Jamie…I can’t…”

Punctuating each word with a subtle shift of her hips against his to show her meaning, he groaned lightly and nodded. He understood, he was getting to that stage of intimacy where words couldn’t be formed.

“It’s powerful…it builds within me…it…starts, Jamie, don’t stop, please…”

He peppered her neck and collarbone with caresses, causing her whole body to shudder.

“…it starts softly. Then it’s not soft at all. It-it’s consuming…enflaming…oh God…it’s…fire…m-my…in my belly…l-lower…hot. S-shivers. But good. S-so good…yes…”


“T-then…it feels like…like a…a-all…like my body has shattered into a h-hundred…or more pieces. I w-was flying…shaking. Still aching. But…in a good way. M-my limbs all…pounding…along…with my heartbeat…m-my skin..Jamie…”

With one move they locked together once more, Claire had no more coherent words to say but Jamie no longer needed them, her body was telling him all he needed to know.

She awoke some time later. The sun, now high in the sky, threw powerful yellow rays over them both. She turned to look at Jamie, still fast asleep beside her. She smiled, he looked so content. His hair, all billowed out atop his head, random curls poking up out of the mass. He looked so young, precious, she didn’t wish to wake him.

Instead she chose to rise alone, covering him in the plaid they’d been using as a blanket. There were fresh bannocks waiting for them, some meat and cheese and a fresh bottle of whiskey. Murtagh had been so thoughtful! Pottering about, Claire found herself humming as she prepared them a small breakfast cum lunch, twirling around the small area of the room reserved as a preparation cove for food. She hadn’t bothered to cover herself, not fearing intrusion by anyone other than Jamie, and she didn’t fear him seeing her unclothed. Her cheeks pinked at the thought, she didn’t think she’d ever be as completely uninhibited as he was in the nude, but she’d certainly become more accustomed to it. He didn’t seem ashamed in anyway about walking around with nothing on save a smile.

So in her head was she, that she didn’t notice Jamie creeping up behind her. He stood, for a time, simply watching her. Her hips were widening with the growth of their child, her bonnie arse too. She only became more beautiful to him. The small bump looked more pronounced now, her being completely naked. He’d never seen her this way, and it warmed his heart. His little family, wee bean growing every day. She twisted a little, as she plated up the bread, her sleep-squashed curls falling over her shoulder as she did so. He couldn’t help but reach over and run his fingers over the soft arches of them. Claire stilled but didn’t jump, instead she simply closed her eyes and sighed out a breath of happiness.

“I didn’t want to wake you, you looked so happy sleeping over there.” He stepped closer as she spoke, running his hands over her neck, now. “I was just making us something to eat, are you hungry?”

“Aye, in many ways Mo Sorcha, no’ just fer food…” His voice was low, deeper than usual, sultry, it made her toes curl. The vibrations as he spoke seemed to run through him and along her spine. “…bring it back to the fire, Claire.” He tugged, gently, as he turned. She followed, her gaze locked with his as she went.

Placing the food on the small table, Claire sat on the floor with her back against the small sofa, right next to Jamie. They started eating in companionable silence, subtly touching each other as often as possible whilst trying to fill their bellies. Claire knew it wouldn’t be long, if she didn’t eat, before wee bean would make itself known. She could calm the sickness if she had something in her tummy, so she ate. She could tell by how slowly Jamie munched on his cheese, that he was desperate to be touching her once more, it made her skin prickle with longing.

She could feel his eyes on her, her already pinked cheeks deepened in colour at this. She turned, her hand coming to rest over her thigh as she did so. No longer could she stay away from him. Their lips found each other almost immediately, the salty taste of the bannocks still fresh in their mouths as they devoured each other. Their tongues danced and they breathed as one, desperate to be as close as possible.

Claire straddled him, the food now forgotten, there was only one thing they both needed to sustain themselves further.

Getting themselves dressed had been a hard task, they’d given themselves a day of rest, but now Jamie wanted to take Claire out to explore. It was bright and warm outside, the perfect weather for taking her into the forest on the borders of Fraser lands. Plus, he thought deviously, plenty of nooks and crannies for misdeeds.

As they wondered, hands clasped tight, Jamie told Claire stories of his childhood. She’d marvelled at the freedom he’d had, she had never felt like she’d missed out until now. Granted, she’d had Uncle Lamb and she wouldn’t change that for the world. But they’d travelled an awful lot, she’d never had a place to call home. Her stories were of strange places and even stranger people, sometimes. Nothing like the wild existence Jamie had been brought up with. His eyes were alight as he told her about those times he’d been up to mischief and he’d run off into the woods to escape his fathers’ wrath.

“I’d been out here about three hours or so, just hiding myself in the boughs o’ the trees, I could hear da calling out to me. I was so afeared, I kent he’d take his belt to me once he found me, but he sounded fair worrit. So I went to him. I wasna wrong about the thrashing either! That one still stings now!” He laughed and the sound echoed through the slight clearing they’d found themselves in. “I learned my lesson then, but how do ye tell a wee one about animals and food when ye ken they’ve taken a shining to one?”

She could tell he was thinking about how he’d teach their baby about such matters, it made her smile. The story had featured a very young Jamie and an over-friendly calf, whom he’d then freed knowing it was to be sent to the slaughter soon. His mother had sat him down afterwards, and explained the circle of life, but it made Claire pause. She knew motherhood would be a task, but these little moments reminded her of what subjects she might have to face, bringing the wee one up on a farm.

“I’m sure they knew you were only doing what you thought right, at the time.”

“Aye, they did. I was a wee bit of a scamp as a wean. I didna mean to, but I just couldna help myself. Mam spent half her time trying to cover for me, but da always kent what I was up to. After she lost her last bairn, she was that wee bit more protective of us, ye ken.” He was looking off into the forest now, his gaze reflective. She held her hands over her belly and prayed, she didn’t do it often but now seemed like the time. She could imagine what it must be like to lose a child, nor did she ever wish to.

“I can see yer mind working, my Claire. Dinna think on such things, our wee bean is going to be fair and bonnie, ye needn’t fear. I’ll look after ye both, I promised in my vows, it isn’t something I take lightly.” At this he took hold of her hands, turn them and kissed her palms with such reverence. Then he kneeled at her feet and kissed her small bump, whispering at their wee bean in Gaelic. Claire was comfortable enough to simply stand and let him do as he must, she was enjoying the slight breeze on her face.

“What did you say to the babe?”

“I told him, or her, that he had an extremely beautiful mamma, that’s all.” He winked, cheekily, up at her, before standing and pulling her over to a nearby rock. “Sit, mo Sorcha, let’s rest here a bit. It’s a bonnie spot, is it no’?”

“Jamie Fraser, I think you’re fibbing!” She chastised, jokily, as she sat on his lap. The small clearing around them was alive with the sound of the wind breezing through the trees and the small creatures going about their day, Jamie and Claire sat against one another and listened to the world move around them. Her wedding ring, sitting neatly on her proper finger, glinted as the sun hit it and Jamie wrapped his hand around it. As he twirled it around her finger he kissed a small patch of exposed skin on her neck, she smelt of honey from the morning and wild flowers.

She sighed, and lay back more fully against him, closing her eyes. She was content to sit and let him touch her indefinitely. The sun was warm enough that they weren’t cold. Jamie was certainly warm enough to heat them both, had they needed it.

“I love ye, Claire Fraser. My wife.” He purred into her ear, as he nipped at the skin at the base of it. Running his hands up her day dress, he ran his tongue along the shell of her ear. “I want ye…Claire Fraser. Now.”