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Midnight | Taeyong X Reader

Pairing: Taeyong X Reader

Request: Yes

“Can I request NCT Taeyong smut?Any plot is OK 😍💕Thank You💕 “ -Anon 

WC: 1,380

POV: 1st Person

Rating: M

Contains: Lovely cute smut, light hair pulling, light scratching, honestly not very kinky, cute, pillow talk?, and slight/the beginning of aftercare. 

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‘Are you still at the studio?’ I texted Taeyong, it was already 8 at night and normally he came home by 6 so we could eat dinner before going back to the studio. Sometimes he would go to the dorm if he was out too late so he wouldn’t wake me.

‘Yeah, sorry I’m going to be replying slow.’ He texted back ten minutes later, I sighed as I sat back, sinking into the throw pillows on the couch. 

‘Do you want me to order your dinner too? Or are you eating with everyone?’ I ask before I moved to lay down, pulling a pillow under my head more and setting my phone next to my head as I stared at the screen.

‘I’ll eat with everyone, just order what you’re eating and try to not wait up, yeah?’ He replied four minutes later. 

‘I’m probably going to be here pretty late.’ He sends right after. I sighed again, knowing this would mean spending the night at the dorm again.

‘I know its probably not the time, but I miss you.’ I reply, we haven’t had matching schedules at all the last week so we haven’t seen each other in 8 days. 

No reply. I waited for a few minutes before I finally flipped my phone over before channel surfing, playing games on my phone, watching youtube, anything that would just keep me busy. I sighed as I stood up after almost falling asleep on the couch. I grabbed a water and headed upstairs to my room.

I took a shower, washed my hair, brushed it, etc. before I pulled on a giant t shirt and panties and crawling onto my side of the bed. I pulled down the blanket that was on his side of the bed just in case he came home and wanted to get into the bed. I sighed as I moved to lay with my head facing his side after turning off the lamp. Our bed was cold, too cold and I felt like I was freezing even though the apartment was 78 degrees. I nuzzled into my pillows before pulling the blanket to almost cover my head before soon falling asleep. 

The door opened and closes and I could hear steps coming up the stairs, my eyes opened tiredly but I just closed them again as soon as I opened them. I nuzzled into the pillow before I heard the bedroom door open and someone starts changing before the bed dipped down on the opposite side. I forced my eyes open for a split second before having them shut again. Taeyong tucked my head under his chin before wrapping his arms around my waist and letting out a deep sigh.

I finally was able to keep my eyes open before I moved away a bit, I cupped his cheek and I looked up at him. I traced my thumb over his cheek as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath in.

“I miss you too.” He says softly “I’m sorry that I didn’t get to reply, I wanted to get everything done so I could try to come home at a decent time.” He whispered before kissing my forehead softly. I nodded before I moved closer, pecking his lips softly before both of us just looking at each other.

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!Crack! When you have a nightmare (Hoseok)

You woke up with a whimper and nearly fell off the sofa, an awful nightmare waking you after you had watched ‘IT’ with the boys. In a hurry to escape, you raced down the corridor, tripping over several items and mistaking someone’s dirty laundry for Pennywise’s hand grabbing you. As soon as you reached Jimin and Hoseok’s room, you literally jumped into Hoseok’s bed, hands gripping his arm tightly.

“Ah, Y/N, what are you doing here??” He nearly screamed in surprise, having jumped from his sleep.

“I had a nightmare?”

“What was it about?” He questioned, sleepily rubbing at his eyes.

“You turned into Pennywise.”

“WHAT??” He screeched, nearly rocketing off of his bed in surprise.

“AH, HYUNG, LET ME SLEEP.” Jimin complained, throwing a pillow in your direction.

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