throwing namu hearts

▏Explain. ▏Hoya ▏♦ ▏

Request: ITS OPEN FINALLEHHHH! Can I request a scenario with hoya? We were drunk, we’ll , HE is drunk then he confessed that he “cheated on me” it not sleeping with another girl, like kissed a trainee or sth.. Then you left him for one day and went to sunggyu’s house because he’s your BFF FOREVAA. Then you can decide what else to write hehehe thank you babyyyy

Comments: Last scenario of the day, now I’m heading off to bed. Good night, babes :* /throws Namu hearts/

         He was drunk.

            Plain and simple; he was absolutely hammered, intoxicated, and any other word you could possibly think of for ‘completely and totally drunk’.

            “Hoya,” you spoke, pausing in the middle of the empty sidewalk to make sure your boyfriend was still on his feet. “Hoya, Hoya come here.” You waved your hand until you were able to clutch his collar and pull him closer to you. “Hoya, you alright?”

            Hoya began to laugh hysterically and hiccupped a couple times. “Jussttt finee jagiyaa,” he slurred. “H-How are you?”

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