throwing milk

Tuukka Rask

Tuukka Rask enter a Starbucks and orders an Awake tea latte. The barista asks for his name, and then how to spell it. Tuukka rolls his eyes and answers, “two U’s, two K’s”. He receives his tea moments later. Uukk is written on the cup. Tuukka throws a milk crate across the Starbucks in frustration. He is banned from the establishment.

I just cooked myself a mug cake at 5:24 a.m.

The perks of living alone and being a careless and unhealthy college student 

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This is probably really late of me but I just went back and rewatched the s3 trailer and realized it's jonas who throws the milk and like........ idk how to coherently explain the meanings/parallels but it's still making me Feel Things

i cant explain either but i know i feel it too omg

What Really Happened...

Fans: *ask Louis about how he likes his tea*

Louis: um well…*awkward silence*…how do /you/ like your tea?

Fans: *nervous af* oh um j-just tea, with n-nothing else in it



Louis: *eye twitches*


Louis: *throws carton of milk at them* Fooking losers! Add milk goddammit! *flips hair* *walks away*

A Possible Discussion Between SKAM Writer(s)+Director(s)
  • Writer: We need to come up with a way to introduce our next main character.
  • Director: How about we include something related to his sexuality?
  • Writer: /smirk/ like what, throw milk at his face?
  • Director: ....
  • Writer: .....
  • Director: Say no more.

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Tosses her url for the kitchen thing=

  • Who washes the dishes by hand and who uses the dishwasher?

Crono by hand, Schala the dishwasher, and by dishwasher I mean that everything cleans themself like in the mickey mouse movie.

  • Who cuts vegetables, fruit, etc by hand and who uses the easy to use chopper?

They both do it by hand.

  • Who pours the cereal into the bowl first and who pours milk before the cereal?

Both of them do it with the cereal first.

  • Who buys/drinks bottle water and who uses/drinks from the tap?

Both use the tap.

  • Who hoards disposable containers and who throws them away?

Schala hoards, Crono throws.

  • Who buys milk in a paper carton and who buys it in a plastic jug?

Schala carton, Crono takes the first one he sees.

  • Who picks paper bags and who picks plastic bags after grocery shopping?

Schala doesn’t care, she carries them levitating. Crono uses plastic so he can carry more of them in the same time.

  • Who HOARDS the plastic bags and who recycles them?

None of the recycles. Well Schala does, with magic.

  • Who hoards salt/pepper packs, togo silverware and other togo condiments?


  • Who lets the garbage can overflow before throwing it out?


  • Who gets annoyed when someone doesn’t use the clips for the potato chips?


  • Who uses paper plates?


  • Who uses coasters?

None of them.

  • Who licks the spoon/butter knife after they use it?


  • Who loses the bread ties?


  • Who kicks the ice under the fridge when it falls on the ground?


  • Who constantly cuts/burns themselves when they cook?

Crono. And Schala

  • Who organizes the spice rack?Who uses the microwave more?

Crono, and none of them use the microwave. Well, no. Schala does sometimes.

  • Who stops the microwave one second before time’s up?

As answered before, they don’t use it, but both.


  • Who cooks better?

SCHALA.(just because she doesn’t kill you with her food, like Crono does.)

A list on why letting Hayner (aka chickenwuss) move in with me was a mistake:

1) He’s messy.
2) He never throws out the milk when it’s empty.
3) He doesn’t know how to fucking cook and he always makes me try his shitty food. And if I say no he whines until I try it. I’ve gotten sick two times already!
4) Three days ago I found his sock in the microwave.
5) His camouflage clothing looks real bad next to mine. I have good taste, he doesn’t.
6) I just told him to do his homework ‘cause all he’s done today is lay on his stomach and watch the dumb turtle I bought him walk across the carpet and he answered with “Who wants to do homework? Henlo stinky homework, go do yourself ugly.”
7) He uses up all the hot water.
8) He snores.
9) He’s loud and wakes me up at ungoldy hours. 
10) I may or may not be head over heels for him. He needs to leave. Now.

Millie Brown Pukes the rainbow

Millie Brown has been making waves after collaborating with Lady Gaga at last years SXSW. Specifically for her artistic process that involves puking up paint. The London based artist tells us all about how she developed this technique and the meaning behind the term “Rainbow Body” in this exclusive interview.


finally, they decided to meet secretly for the biggest revelation ~

“Omooo ~ you are wearing the same clothes like mine…” said Baby Bird

“Uhmm.. Yes ~ i don’t really know what to say..” said Eric Ssi

“Like OURS Baby Bird ~ HE IS YOUR FATHER” confessed Hyesung Ssi

but ~ MinWoo Oppa discovered their plan!!!! <OMOOOO>

“I just knew today dad! that you.. you are not my daddy ~” said BaBird

as usual ~ facing a mental breakdown ~ uri Alien is speechless XDDD

“It’s not me.. Please i didn’t cheat.. but..” Mommy Bird denied ~ XD

BUT IT IS TOO LATE ~ MinWoo Ssi won’t be fooled again!!! XDDDD

looking at this last frame ~ Eric Mun is attempting to ~ THROW A MILK XD