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milk ninja x jay

“ah!! it’s my first day of being a ninja” milk ninja said and he walked down to other ninjas with toast in his mouth cus he was late.

“sup guys im mark the milk ninja i drink milk”

“hey” says a mysterious voice belonging to a mysterious man dressed in blue

could it be? milk ninjas crush?

the guy turned around and flipped his hair “im jay”

milk ninja throws his flip flop at jay and runs off in fear with a red face
“baka its not like i like you or anything!!” mark says while running

hope you likwd that littlw extract from my new fanfic “milk boy and the lightning man”

  • Megami: the milk is spoiled
  • Kizana: no, its not
  • Megami: yes it is.
  • Kizana: no, its not!
  • Osoro: have either of you checked it?
  • Kizana/Megami: no
  • Osoro, opening up the bottle of milk and taking a swing of it, before putting it back down: its spoiled.
Fine Line

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Mark

Rating: NC-17

Prompt: “Please put your penis away.” / Smut / It’s a fine line between love and hate. At least, that’s what you tell yourself in order to remain blindly oblivious to the fact that, despite your best efforts, you have a definite attraction to your roommate. A roommate who may or may not like you back. 

Word Count: 2,330

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John highlights from the concert last night (Austin 4/14)

1. Opened with “smoke weed everyday” & then launched into song
2. Randomly throwing out “warm milk”
3. *sees couple making out* “Man, I wish I had a girlfriend”
4. “Did everyone go pee? NO MORE F*CKING SLOW SONGS”
5. Constantly checking to make sure everyone in the crowd is okay, asking what they need
6. “Does anyone drink Mountain Dew? stop f*cking drinking that, it’ll give you cancer!! This songs about Baja blast” (proceeds to play diet soda society)
7. “Has anyone ever peed their pants before? I peed my pants in 7th grade” “you peed your bunk” - Garrett
8 . “Wear your seltbelts and eat your veggies when you get home”
9. “You guys have been so nice. Thank you. Take care of each other.”

okay so i had the most horrible idea for a kagehina scene so now you all have to suffer with me - 2.4k, rated t, :( but then :)

Hinata found him behind their gym. His uniform jacket was stuck to the prickly cinderblocks half-way up his back like he’d leaned and slid down into the grass instead of sitting on the ground in the first place, like he couldn’t bother with normal human actions and just melted down the side of the wall out of spite or something. His messenger bag lay upturned and half-way gutted over the green ground in front of him, with his shoe dangerously close to the crime scene. It looked like he’d kicked it himself in anger.

Hinata bit his lip, wringing his hands as he stepped around the corner and approached Kageyama. 

He’d planned it all out, researched the best ways to go about it and the best poems–even read some in Japanese and English to see which language would sound cooler in the moment–and the best day in the week to do it. He’d talked to Yachi about it, and then Noya, who were both more in touch with this kind of stuff (especially compared to him). He’d thought about how tired they would be just after lunch versus at the end of the day (he couldn’t do it in the morning, because what if it went terribly wrong and Hinata would have to go to school with him all day instead of being able to escape at any point–best to avoid unnecessary embarrassment if he was rejected). He hadn’t anticipated this, though.

Just before last period, he’d pulled the piece of paper out of his trouser pocket–the one that he’d nearly scribbled and erased and scribbled down to pulpy nothing, the one he’d read and reread so much that the blue lines across it were fading at the edges from his restless thumbs (the one that he’d nearly thrown in the wash the other night)–and held it in his hands as he walked up to Kageyama in front of the sciences building. As usual, the volleyball team tended to gravitate toward each other during any sort of between-class downtime, so Tanaka, Ennoshita, Yamaguchi, Yachi and a couple of the first-years were all sprawled or leaning or loitering on the lawn with Kageyama, who sipped at his box of milk through a straw and slouched in the shade of a scraggly tree, listening to another one of Tanaka’s stories. 

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Imagine...Trying To Get The Pack To Finally Admit What They Are

This is for @sdavid09 What If Challenge. I got the prompt,What if someone knew about the pack’s secret and instead of coming out and just saying it, tried to drop hints so they would come clean they were werewolfs?

Characters: Y/n, Derek, Kira, Lydia, Scott, Stiles, The Pack

Pairing: The Pack x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL READER)

Warnings: Mostly…fluff?? Iunno what this is…crack, just some random friend reader stuff…

Word count: 996

Summary: Knowing their secret for so long, you decide it’s time the Pack finally come clean about what they are. But will they get your hints?

A/N: Ok, so, some weird hinting shit going on. I dunno. But I think it’s sorta cute. Hope u like it!!

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Derek barely jumped, turning his head to the side and smirking at you.

“Hey, y/n”, he chuckled, grabbing a carton of milk and throwing it into the shopping cart.

“So, whatcha buying?” you asked, following him with your basket in hand.


He looked at you, a small smile on his face, but still wary.


You shrugged, grabbing a loaf of bread and putting it into the basket.

“Just thought I’d accompany you”.

He nodded, not really thinking much of it.

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hi senpai! what are your recommendations for skk and fyoya fics? love your blog!


I’ve already made 2 fic rec posts HERE and HERE but because I lurk like a loser here are some more recs:

- Anything and everything by Kuranoa. Hands down one of the best fyoya + skk combi writers in my book, really lovely humor but when she angsts it smashes you until you’re a pile of dust and you hate yourself but you keep reading. And my god her Chuuya is badass adorable

- Anything by Memos. Not even gonna lie I cry over her nsfw at least 30 times a day then cry some more in the bathroom then cry some more before I go to bed because her fics are just that good

- Anything by AnonLearnsToWrite. Their humour is grade S excellent I laugh everytime, it’s really so on point and their plots are so damn precious and I really love their characterizations of Dazai. But can they please update Three’s a crowd because I’m dying. 

- Anything by writingfromtheshadows. Especially if you’re a fan of mafia boss Dazai and badass Chuuya. The ust can drive you nut at times but they do compensate with… several pieces of delicious nsfw and generally I just want more but pls stop killing me with the ust.

- At this point, deep sighs, sells soul to devil, anything by Kibasix. But everyone and their fifth removed cousins know I’m blatantly a Kibasix fangirl so what else is new really. 

- All the skk fics by WhisperingWinds99 because I’m kind of a loser and haven’t really read their sskk ones. BUT THEIR FICS ARE REALLY ADORABLE AND PRECIOUS AND IT SOOTHES MY SOUL EVERYTIME MY FLUFFY ANGEL AMONG ALL OF YOU ANGSTY DEVILS. 

- I generally really love hitherelovely’s fics because mmmmmmm their Dazai is delicious and just KDSJFHAKJFHAKF FANS SELF but their themes might be a bit heavy for some of you so this is a rec but rec with caution please read tags carefully before proceeding.

- Noir. This fic is one of the rare instances where I have to say that the portrayal of Chuuya is perfect. It explores his relationships with other characters in such a good way that it makes everything in my soul hurt. And the realistic ending of it makes me cry all the way until this day. Please. For the love of God. Read it.   

- Touch me. AKA THAT ONE TEACHER! DAZAI/MILITARY!CHUUYA THAT I FINALLY GOT HOLY SHIT INCOHERENT KEYBOARD SLAM. Very detailed setting, Chuuya is the cutest, Dazai is a little shit just like how I want him to be, and the smut… oooooh boooooooy. I’ve already recced her in my last posts and there’s a sequel in progress as well so tbh just check out her profile

A Spring Without You is Coming. Aka that one fic that made me curse three times in the span of 2 minutes 48 seconds because WOW WHO AUTHORIZED THAT HOW DARE  YOU WHAT THE FUCK. No seriously what the fuck. What. Who hurt you.

Mommy Is Daddy’s Only! THIS ONE HAS BABY SKK AND IT’S REALLY CUTE AND IT ALSO HAS FYOYA AND TACHUU IN IT SO HELL YEAH. Or you can just read it solely for Akutagawa throwing his milk bottle in Fyodor’s face.

- 1893. Oh my god. Dazai’s POV in this. I’m just. I have no words. Actually I have one word. Gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. Wow that’s 3 words but okay it’s so good it would deserve 3 thousand words but I’m just mostly speechless.

- Eight time’s the charm. Ever feel like being cockblocked? Then cockblocked some more? Then cry because you got so cockblocked you don’t know what to do? This is just the right fic for you. Just. Trust me. Go for it. 

- The Courtesan. Let’s see. You have Fyoya and SKK. You have courtesan Chuuya (whisper through gritted teeth yes holy shit). You have your one and only Moulin Rouge AU. And the writing is gorgeous. Need I say more chop chop get on it but BRACE YOURSELF FOR THE FRIGGIN PAIN BECAUSE MOULIN ROUGE. 

I found myself in Tesco the other day but….I don’t know! Whatever I say, it’s going to be catastrophically wrong. It’s going to say more about me than anything else you could possibly ask. Oh fuck! I’m going to say….34p.
—  Gillian Anderson answering the question that all celebrities fear, ‘How much is a pint of milk?’, Empire Magazine, December 2016 (x) She is not far wrong, it’s about 45p a pint.

A Post TO S4 thing that I couldn’t resist. Longer than I anticipated but isn’t that always the way? Contains all of the magic kids and Hayley just so y’all are prepared.

Reset The Bone

You never quite get used to jolting awake to a frantic pounding on the door. Her life’s been pretty quiet lately but Caroline’s been dealing with life and death emergencies for almost a decade and the adrenaline that floods her when she becomes aware, the way her body coils in readiness to fight, is familiar.

Honestly, she’s missed it.

Caroline hurries out of bed, heart pounding and gums aching, straining her ears in an attempt to hear something that might be useful. Her room is the closest to the stairs, something she’d insisted on when they’d been drawing up renovation plans. If the spells Bonnie had placed around the boardinghouse ever failed, if someone ever did attack them, Caroline planned to meet them with teeth.

Jeremy sleeps across the hall and his door creaks open just as Caroline steps outside, hastily belting her robe. He’s sleep mussed and alert, crossbow in hand.

Caroline’s still kinda shocked that Little Gilbert, Elena’s stoner brother, turned out to be competent at weaponry and decent with kids. She lifts a finger to her lips, gestures that she’ll go down first. His nod comes quickly and he falls into step behind her as they make their way downstairs. They’re probably being paranoid – odds are that someone with sinister intentions wouldn’t bother with a polite knock – but Caroline’s always been a big believer in covering her bases.

Still, she never would have anticipated opening the door and finding Hayley Marshall on the other side. She swallows her knee jerk reaction when she spies the small figure slumped against Hayley’s back. It would have been harsh, likely profane, and inappropriate for little ears. Caroline presses her lips together as she surveys the other critically. Hayley looks worn, her clothing wrinkled and her hair flat. “Hey,” she greets softly. Hayley’s wary and using her body as a shield, tense as she waits for Caroline to speak.

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ya so s3 trailer

as yall know we kinda run out of content to rely on so i went wild

the season 3 trailer

ok so first we have the boys water fight. isak is sitting there, watching them. the water doesn’t touch him, just passing by him. also, water: transparent. both the things symbolize how isak sexuality was something he alway thought about and knew it was there, but couldn't quite figure. it passed by him. he saw through it.

next, we have the milk. or, we have jonas throwing the milk at isak.
let’s take a look at milk.
in my opinion, the milk part (and the trailer itself) had a really sexual vibe. but there’s more to it.
Harvey Bernard Milk (May 22, 1930 – November 27, 1978) was an American politician who became the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in California “ (Wikipedia) the milk is also white, a color that represents enlightenment and truth.
the milk represents homosexuality, in a very obvious way.
jonas threw the milk at isak. this was meant to represent jonas helping isak to discover his sexuality, could be also the crush on s1 or the talk and support on s3.
isak look is following the milk. he almost seems… interested? curious? he is not trying to fight it or stop it from happening.

when the milk hits him, he closes his eyes but stands still. this part is representing isaks denial of his sexuality, “I’m not gay like you”, “I’m not gay”, even though in his heart he knows he is. the milk crushing over isak represent how fast and clear and all at once isak sexuality had hit him.

the last part, and favorite, is when isak looks up to the camera, completely covered in milk, with a “deal with it” look. completely sure and proud in his sexuallity, completely covered in it, as we see isak in the end of the season.

do you ever feel proud of your baby?

please remember Nico

  1. Probably never been/had a birthday party til Percy’s 15th
  2. Didn’t eat any of the mcdondals he got, he used it to raise the dead, to find his sister, who tried to avoid him
  3. Had to deal with Bianca appearing and contacting Percy, but not him
  4. Practically barely ate anything from the time period of The Titans Curse to the end of The Battle of the Labyrinth, and then after that we still don’t know
  5. The bomber jacket he got was about 4 sizes to big for him and probably got it from a grave or homeless shelter or something
  6. Went into the Labyrinth all by himself, which even Clarisse was scared to do
  7.   Hades straight up always compared him to Bianca, saying Bianca would have done practically anything better 
  8.  in The Titan’s Curse was 10, and he’s maybe 11 or 12 in The Last Olympian 
  9. He still tried to help everyone after he practically got outcasted for years.
  10. Is the only one who talked to Hestia in decades
  11. Watched his mother die infront of his eyes at a young age 
  12. he is just a kid and deserves to be happy and be into digimon and mythomagic and making friends and drinking chocolate milk throw a straw

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Couple dumbass tween/teen boys decided to go to dairy grab like 5 or 6 things of milk and throw them on the ground. They ran off... but I noticed that they were hanging around outside. We called the cops. Turns out there mom was shopping in the store and she was their ride. Cops made her pay for damages. And made the kids apologize to the store manager. The mom just seemed annoyed tho like 'not again'....

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i don't get the significance of jonas throwing the milk, help a girl out :S (and yes, i get what milk means :))

Sorry it took a while for me to get back to you, been a bit of a busy day!

So what I meant about it being significant that Jonas threw the milk (x) is fairly straightforward actually. We had hints through S1 that Isak had a crush on Jonas, and so combining the symbolism of the milk with the lyrics of Nils Bech’s “Waiting”, I thought the fact that it was Jonas who threw it felt like a very fitting choice. But I’ll try to be a bit more specific….

Alright buckle up I’m gonna dissect some cinematography *rubs hands* (yes I totally made this gifset so I could properly look at the shots with lyrics)

Closeup of Isak “I am the last one”
We see Isak watching the water fight “Everyone knows how I tried”

A shot of Jonas “Love, let me meet you.”
cut to the guys fooling around “When everyone has to…“

Isak has averted his gaze, a forlorn look on his face “…have someone to love”
we see Jonas reaching for the milk “I never met one”

Jonas grabs and flings the milk towards Isak “What’s so strange about me?”

The milk explodes cascading down… “Can’t I be loved? loved…”

The milk here is definitely suggestive of homoerotic imagery (confirmed by Julie that she was inspired by the line “penetrators come on your face, it shall rain cum” from the Penetrators song x) but the lyrics and visuals make it feel almost threatening, as if the milk will expose him. Isak seems aware that his attraction to Jonas is one-sided, and Jonas throwing the milk doesn’t look homoerotic until it hits Isak’s face.

Ultimately everyone is wet, but Isak’s wetness is different from everyone else in the locker…. and the lyrics paired with this imagery talks of Isak feeling strange, like an outsider, more specifically his fear of being perceived as gay. But in the end he sits there, ‘outed’, drenched in milk wondering if he can be loved…

Hope it made some sense!!

I’m gonna plug @ravenclawisak, she has written awesome meta about this trailer and she can surely also elaborate better about the significance of it being Jonas throwing the milk if you ask her nicely. ✌

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Malec and/or Clizzy taking a cooking class together

“Hurry up Fray, we can’t let those bisexuals beat us at this cake contest!”

“Alec, for the hundredth time, it’s not timed, let me take my time, you idiot!”

From the table next to them, Isabelle sat on the bar stool, slowly stirring the frosting in her bowl and Magnus sipped at his wine, observing his boyfriend cracking eggs in a rush and Clary panicking over that she can’t find the sprinkles. Actually, he was not the only one paying attention to that, considering that she was literally screaming “Where the actual fuck are my god damn sprinkles, who took my sprinkles, I will murder every single one of you if I have to, give me my sprinkles back!” as Alec held her back from throwing a milk carton at a white straight couple two tables away.

“Do you think there’s any use in telling them again that a baking class is not the same thing as a cake contest?” Izzy said, a fond smile on her face as she watched her girlfriend glare at the said straight white couple.

“Considering the first 3 times didn’t change anything for their stubborn competitive asses, I don’t think there’s any more need to try.” Magnus chuckled, as he put his wine glass down and reached over to open the oven and check if the cupcakes were ready or not.

Magnus and Izzy thought it might be a good idea to have a double date at a baking class, but from the second the instructor said the words “pick your partner” both Alec and Clary’s brains lost the ability to register this as anything but the biggest competition of their lives. They decided that they were going to split up into gay and bi teams and they only got to work after watching Clary and Alec spend 15 minutes saying things like “let’s see if the L in LGBT stands for ladyfingers master” and “let’s see if I’m not just gay but I also SLAY… at baking.”

Finally, their cupcakes were done. Magnus and Izzy went for simple half chocolate half vanilla ones, while Alec and Clary decided to make rainbow frosting, a rainbow cake and add rainbow sprinkles.

“I thought you said that this is a cake contest, not a who’s gayer contest?” Izzy teased, walking over to their table and looking down at their tray.

“First of all, there is no need for a who’s gayer contest, we all know that I’m the gayest one here.” Clary said, and Magnus burst out laughing at the look of shock and hurt on Alec’s face. “Second of all, there technically is no need for a cake contest either, considering that our cupcakes are like so much better than yours.”

Izzy shook her head fondly and muttered something along the lines of “This was never a cake contest to begin with, dummy” under her breath.

“How dare you say that you’re gayer than me?” Alec interrupted, “Can you believe this Magnus? She just said that she is gayer than me? What kind of disrespect… I cannot even… I thought we were friends…”

“Alexander, dear, I don’t think it is physically possible for a human being to be gayer than you.” Magnus put his hand on Alec’s shoulder and smiled at the genuine look of happiness and pride that took over the latter’s face, as he turned to Clary and stuck his tongue out to her.

After witnessing his boyfriend be the most dramatic 4-year-old he’s ever met, Magnus sat down in the stool and pulled Alec down for a kiss by the lapels of his jacket and heard him whisper “we are so going to beat you” into his mouth and then felt him smile as he kissed him softly, putting his hands on Magnus’s waist and then pulling away from the kiss, only to leave about a dozen kisses on Magnus’s cheeks, as Magnus grinned and placed a soft kiss on Alec’s forehead: “of course you are darling.”

And as Clary was making sure with the flash of her phone that all the cupcakes were 100% perfect, Isabelle walked up to the instructor and asked her to come taste the cupcakes that they made and say that the rainbow ones are so good that they don’t even compare to the half chocolate half vanilla ones and she looked over at Clary fondly and then walked up to her and hugged her from behind and felt her jump a little from the surprise and whispered into her ear “we don’t stand a chance against you do we?” And Clary turned her head and looked at her, slowly leaning down and dragging her lips over Izzy’s and pulling away with a smirk: “you really don’t.”