throwing lamps

  • Aries: Throw matches at people that need to get flamed.
  • Taurus: Throw cuties (little baby oranges) at people to make them cute.
  • Gemini: Throw lamps at people that need to lighten up.
  • Cancer: Throw a care bear at people that need to care.
  • Leo: Throw clocks at people that need to get with the times.
  • Virgo: Throw soap at people that need to clean up their act.
  • Libra: Throw freezers at people that need to chill.
  • Scorpio: Throw a brick at someone to kill them.
  • Sagittarius: Throw a bridge at people that need to get over it.
  • Capricorn: Throw handles at people that need to get a grip.
  • Aquarius: Throw charges at people and force them to be 100% with you.
  • Pisces: Throw scissors at people that need to cut it out.

Lux: I’m throwing lamps at people who need to lighten up.

Syndra: I’m throwing handles at people who need to get a grip.

Lissandra: I’m throwing refrigerators at people who need to chill.

Camille: I’m throwing scissors at people who need to “cut it out”.

Zilean: I’m throwing clocks at people who need to get with the times.

Annie: I’m throwing matches at people who need to get fired up.

Jhin: I’m throwing a brick at someone to kill them.

Your Big Fight - Tyler Joseph Imagine

Imagine- You and your boyfriend Tyler get in a big fight. (Happy ending)
Requested by; moose-on-the-l00se

Triggers- Almost abuse??, Cursing

Note- Okay this probably sucks buuuut here?? :,))
I wasn’t comfortable having Tyler slap the reader and them getting back together, so I hope this is fine?? Honestly I don’t even know how I feel about him almost slapping her, but I hope you like this anyways.
Also i’m so sorry for the crappy title god nsndjdjdei


Tyler was yelling. You hated when he yelled. You didn’t even know what you two were fighting about, only that Tyler was furious. He’s never been like this before, and he almost scared you. He did scare you.
“Fuck it all!” You heard him scream, throwing down a lamp he got from a table and you watched as it smashed into the ground, tiny glass shards from the lightbulb scattering all over the floor.
You backed up against the wall, frightened for life. You’ve never been this scared. You stomach twisted in a knot as you looked into Tyler’s dark chocolate eyes, trying to find something other than anger.
He raised his hand to the air and you whimpered. Immediately Tyler’s face softened, realizing what he was doing. Worry and guilt clouded his eyes and he lowered his hand. All you could do is slowly slide down the wall so that you were now sitting, tears streaming down your face.
He fell by your side, “Oh my god, y/n, I-I-”
“Get away from me,” You managed to choke out, and you were surprised that Tyler even heard you. His eyes filled with tears and he slowly backed away, respecting your space and hanging his head low.
“I’m so sorry, I never wanted to hurt you, y/n,” You could tell he was choking on his own words, on his own breath.
Before he could say anything else you gathered all the energy you had and ran for the front door, shards of glass pushing into your feet painfully, but you didn’t care.
You barely heard Tyler calling after you as you ran out of the house into the chilly night. The cold air bit at your skin. You didn’t bother to stop and get in the car and continued for as long as your tired and cut feet would take you, and you found yourself in front of your best friend’s house.
You slowly walked up the steps to the house and hesitantly rang the door bell. When the door opened you saw Josh’s confused and surprised face. You realized you probably looked like a mess.
“Y/n? Are you okay? What’s wrong?” You could see the worry etched in his face.
“C-can I come inside?” You could feel your eyes starting to tear up again, but held them back.
“Of coarse,” Josh stepped out of your way and you walked inside, falling onto the couch, and sobbed.
Josh was by your side in a flash, letting you cry into his shoulder. He didn’t ask any questions, and just rubbed your back until you got everything out.
When you were finally empty of tears, Josh looked at you expectantly.
When he realized you weren’t going to talk, he spoke, “Do you want to tell me what’s wrong? Why aren’t you with Tyler?”
Your breathing hitched at his name, and Josh must have noticed.
“Did he do something…?”
You took a deep, shaky breath before finally speaking in a croaky voice, “I-it started out with us fighting for some stupid reason, I don’t remember what it was…,” You breathed in and out before continuing, telling Josh everything, beginning to end.
When you were finished, Josh was silent. You didn’t like how silent it was. You could have sworn you’d have been able to hear the pit-pat of a mouse’s feet walking by.
“Tyler did that?” He finally whispered. You couldn’t do anything out look down into your lap, fiddling your thumbs.
“Y/n, I’m so sorry…. I swear to god if he shows up here I’m going to beat him up,” You could tell he was dead serious by his tone.
“How about you get some rest, okay? You can sleep in my bed.”
“W-where will you sleep?”
“The couch will be fine. It’s not like I haven’t fallen asleep on here before,” He gave you a small smile, though it wasn’t exactly filled with happiness.
When you nodded your head and got up in your feet, you were quickly on the ground, the glass shards in your feet too painful to walk.
Josh slightly gasped.
“We need to get your feet cleaned up,” He picked you up and took you to the bathroom and cleaned them, then taking you to his bed and letting you borrow some of his clothes to sleep in, then he left you alone in the dark room.
You jumped at every small sound, still a bit shaky. You tried to get everything off your mind, but it was overwhelming.
Moments later the door bell rang, and you heard Josh open the door.
“Tyler, what do you think your doing here!? You better get the fuck away before I tear you to pieces,” his voice was muffled but you could still hear it clear enough to tell he was enraged.
“Please, Josh, I need to talk to y/n, I-”
“No way! I know what you did. You’re not going near her.”
“I just need to tell her I’m sorry…. I swear I didn’t mean anything!” His voice was desperate.
“Goodbye, Tyler,” The door closed.


Tyler fell backwards onto his back as the door slammed into his face. He stayed on the cool pavement for several minutes, his eyes red and puffy from crying. There was a black hole inside his chest consuming every considerably good feeling inside him until he felt numb.
“I really fucked up,” He shakily whispered to himself, rubbing his tear filled eyes with the palms of his hands.
“Shit, y/n deserves so much better than an asshole like me.”
He really didn’t want to hurt y/n, he would rather die than harm her. She was his whole world, always there, for the good and bad times and always cheering Tyler on. Guilt ate at his heart.
Tyler finally got up, staring at the front door a moment longer before slowly walking away from the house, his shoes scraping against the ground.


The next morning you dragged yourself out of bed, walking into the kitchen and helping yourself to a cup of coffee, though you didn’t drink much.
You sat on the table, staring inside your mug when you heard shuffling in front of you. You looked up to see Josh.
“You doing okay?”
You shrugged, “Better than before, i guess.”
He gave you a sympathetic look before getting himself some coffee and cereal and sat down in the chair next to you.
“I should probably stay at a hotel or something for awhile, instead of bothering you, being here…,” You said, still staring at our coffee.
“You’re welcome to stay here as long as you’d like, y/n. You’re not bothering anyone, I promise,” You let out a small breath as Josh said that.
“Thanks,” You murmured, genuinely thankful for your friend.

A week has passed and you were still at Josh’s. You mostly stayed in bed all day and haven’t gone out of the house at all since you came, though Josh tried to urge you to get out and do something. You knew it was unhealthy but you didn’t feel like doing anything, not even take a shower.
To make everything worse, Tyler sent you at least one text a day saying he was sorry. You knew he was. You knew he felt guilty and that he never wanted to hurt you, but you didn’t know if you could ever look at him the same again. He almost hit you, how could you? But he has been the love of your life for the longest time, also. You felt trapped and confused. You didn’t know what you should do next.
On the 9th day, Josh finally got you to take a shower, eat, and get out of the house to watch a movie to get your mind off things.
The movie was nice and you laughed for the first time in awhile. Getting out of the house wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be, but the feeling of being lost was still there.
After the movie the two of you went to Starbucks and sat down at a table inside.
“Are you feeling any better?” Josh hadn’t asked any questions all day, which you where thankful for, until now.
“Well, now that I got out of the house, yea,” you smiled.
“See? I told you it wasn’t good to stay home all day,” He smiled back at you.
A moment later you saw a familiar face walk through the door of the building. You eyes widened and you suddenly felt exposed and out in the open. You tried to shrink into the chair.
When Josh turned around to see what was wrong, he spotted him too.
“Oh… Y/n, we can go if you-”
“Y/n?” Tyler interrupted, slowly walking towards you, like he was unsure. He was a mess, like he hadn’t gotten out of the house recently either. His eyes were dull and it looked like he’s been wearing the same thing for awhile. You realized he probably wasn’t taking the situation well either. It hurt to see him like this.
“U-uh, Tyler….,” You didn’t know what to say.
“We can go if you want, y/n,” Josh said gently.
“N-no, it’s fine,” It wasn’t fine, not really.
Before Josh could say anything else, Tyler spoke up.
“Y/n, I, uh…,” Tears were forming in his eyes. You could tell he was trying to stay strong, “I’m sorry. I’m really really really sorry. I-I’ve been doing everything I can to make sure it never happens again. To like, control my anger I guess. I’m even looking into yoga, I-”
“Tyler, I think you should go,” Josh interrupted when he saw your breathing becoming faster and tears forming in your eyes.
“But,” He looked at you, waiting for you to step in.
“I think you should go,” You choked out quietly.
You didn’t look up at Tyler, you couldn’t, but you could practically feel his face crumble.
“Okay,” You barely heard what he said before he slowly walked away, out of the shop without ordering anything.
Josh looked at you with a concerned face, “Y/n, are you okay?”
“Can we just go?”
He nodded and you both walked out of Starbucks, and drove back to Josh’s house.

The next day, Tyler didn’t text you at all. You didn’t know whether to feel relieved or upset. Either way, you were heart broken. You knew it was extremely selfish, but you couldn’t help it.
He didn’t text the day after that either.
And when he didn’t text the next day, you couldn’t take it anymore. You couldn’t live without Tyler. You needed him and he needed you.
You practically ran into the living room, dressed and ready to go.
“Josh?” You called. You had to tell him where you were going first.
He looked back from where he sat on the couch, probably watching a Netflix show on the TV or something.
“I-I need to go see Tyler.”
You held your breath as you waited for a response.
“Are you sure?” He finally asked.
“Yes,” You said instantly, probably a little too quickly.
Josh looked hesitant as he stood from the couch.
“Okay, do you want me to drive you?”
“No, I’ll be fine. It’s not that far of a walk,” Really, you just wanted to go alone.
“Y/n, please be safe,” He gave you a tight hug.
“I will be. I promise,” You couldn’t help but smile a little when hugging him back.
Then you were out the door and on your way.

You hesitantly made your way up the steps to the house and rang the doorbell. You were so confident before, but now all the confidence has drained out of you.
When the door opened, Tyler wore a surprised face. You opened your mouth to speak but nothing came out.
All you could do was run up to him and put your hands around his neck, and you started crying into his chest.
You felt his two arms wrap around you.
“Hey, It’s gonna be okay,” His voice was shaky, but you believed him.
You were home again.

Sting: LIGHTEN UP *throws lamp*
Natsu: I’M FIRED UP *throws matches everywhere*
Gray: CHILL OUT *throws fridge at Natsu*
Erza: CUT IT OUT *throws scissors at Gray and Natsu*
Gajeel: GET A GRIP *throws handles at Gray and Natsu*
Rogue: THROW SOME SHADE *throws insults at everyone* 
Lucy: sTOP

anonymous asked:

KC + Klaus as evil Genie, or spirit if you like

  1. Klaus was cursed to be a genie because he’s a fucking asshole. Like legit, this dude deserved to die.  He’s lucky the witch decided to make him a genie instead.  Like, JFC, Klaus, why are you the way you are?
  2. Caroline comes across the lamp by accident in a thrift shop.  She wouldn’t even be there, except that  Bonnie likes crappy retro stuff, and she doesn’t even know why she takes the lamp it totally clashes with her decor.  It’s hideous.
  3. When Klaus appears  to her the first time, he tries to seduce her, thinking to speed up the whole “wish-me-free” process, because he’ll probably never get a better chance than some naive college girl.  Caroline throws the lamp out. (Of course, it reappears… but it teaches Klaus a lesson)
  4. There are worse things than an asshole genie out there.  Caroline seems to attract them all, and JFC Caroline, how do you end up with an actual minion of hell as a BFF? (Enzo, of  course)
  5. Klaus spends 90%  of his time saving Caroline because she keeps helping these people that don’t deserve to be helped, and HOW IS IT THAT SHE’S ONLY USED ONE WISH?! HE SHOULD BE MANIPULATING  THIS AND HE CAN’T!!
  6. (Bonus) Basically the whole thing is Caroline saving the world with her very done genie sidekick who  is totally in love with her, only he fails at emotion.

Send me a ship and an AU.


Star Wars + Baby = Nursery full of awesome.

A Little Help

 Jungkook is stressed from work causing him to become short tempered. It’s pissing you off so decide to relieve a bit of his frustration.

Genre: Roommate!AU, Smut (Teasing, dom!OC)

Pairing: Jungkook | Reader

Word Count: 1,377

It’s been three days since Jungkook’s come home cursing up a storm. He had become even more brattier than he already was and it was taking all that you could not to throw a lamp at him. You didn’t even know how he hasn’t gotten himself fired from his little attitudes. Like seriously can he just go out for drinks so he can chill for at least 2 minutes?

The door slammed shut and you sighed turning up the music in order to ignore his yelling. Maybe you should move out before you murder the young man. You listened to your music while finishing up your assignment when your door swung up. You took off your earphones, feeling your heart rate pick up and your ears burn,”What the hell!”

“I was calling you 5 min-”

“I don’t care you can’t just swing open someone’s door like that! Listen I don’t know who’s pissing you off at work but you can’t come screaming at me because I don’t have anything to do with your little temper,”you pushed him out of your room.

He looked at you, your bottom lips was in between your teeth, your eyes were dead cold. In all honesty, he found it hot seeing you in this angry state. “Jesus fucking christ,”he thought as you closed the door on him. He was smirking as he walked to his room already planning on what to do next.

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How To Know When The Types Are Done With You

Each type has a particular action or phrase that is a clear signal that they are done with you to the highest level possible.

I will edit this post and add descriptions and link to sources of each this evening when I have a computer and not just my phone.

INFJ: Door slam
ENFJ: “I 100% give up on you, goodbye forever”
INFP: “You think I’m a cinnamon roll? *evil laugh*”
ENFP: Te bitch-slap
INTP: Silent amputation and “Fuck You”
ENTP: Incoherent rant and lamp throw
ISTJ: “I wash my hands of you” and Morally outraged lecture and “1000% done”
ESTJ: “Nope”, “ This isn’t going to work”, and silent cull
ISFP: Walk away and “Whiping you off from my consciousness”
ESFP: “Don’t ask me to go, I’m already gone”
ISTP: “Whatever” and “I thought you were human once, but no longer”
ESTP: *Face Punch*
INTJ: “Just fuck off”
ENTJ: “Of course the most worthless opinion comes from you” *straight face*
ISFJ: “Watch me steal your friends”
ESFJ: “You screwed me over, now I’m going to pretend you aren’t here but stalk your Facebook from other people’s phones” and “I don’t like you, but I feel responsible for you…”