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My newest creation! This baby is handmade from antique copper wire and polished amethyst. It’s an entirely new style and I LOVE it. Hopefully you all do too (: I haven’t added it to my shop yet, but if you’re interested in a similar elf ear cuff just request a custom order on my site!

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Hey guys, I wanted to tell you about this super cool app I’ve been using to help me earn money for art supplies.

Its pretty straight forward, you just complete little tasks and you earn coins which you can redeem for gift cards. The tasks usually consist of downloading popular apps like Clash of Clans. All you have to do is play with the app for a second, and then you can delete it or keep it if you like it. I usually redeem the coins for PayPal or Amazon gift cards, but there are plenty of other options too! If you join under my referral code, you’ll get 200 coins to start with, but you don’t have to.

I’ve redeemed gift cards from this app before, so I know its legit. Just wanted to throw this out there as a way to earn some extra money. If you have any questions about it feel free to ask :-)

The app is called GiftCard on the Apple Store. The icon for it is shaped like a giftbox. 

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Yo twinsie happy birthday, now hook me up with how Gladion, Hau, and Guzma would celebrate their s/o's birthday

Happy birthday to you too ya nerd


- He is so excited about his S/O’s birthday

- He wants to throw you a surprise party with all your friends

- If he’s been dating you for a long time, you know he throws the party every year. He knows that you know. You both just roll with it

- He works extra hard to make sure everything is perfect

- Always gets the perfect gift without fail. He’s super observant and caring know knows exactly what you like

- He gets the biggest cake you’ve ever seen. It’s also the tastiest cake you’ve ever had. He always makes the joke “I got it because it’s as sweet as you.” You groan and smile as he pokes you cheek.

- At the end of the night you two cuddle and he peppers your face in kisses. Like any normal night, he’s just more affectionate than usual which is really saying something

- You two stay up until two a.m. You’re both very tired and everything is funny and you can’t stop laughing.

- This continues until you can barely keep your eyes open.

- He holds you tight and whispers “Happy birthday” one more time before you two fall asleep


- He lets you spend the day with your other friends. As the leader of Team Skull he knows he doesn’t have the best rep around and he doesn’t want to interfere

- A few grunts that are good in the kitchen bake a cake for you

- Guzma wants to help but has no idea what he’s doing

- That night there would be a party in Po Town with his 40 adopted children

- There’s karaoke, there’s Mario Cart, things get intense

- Without Plumeria the place probably would’ve burned down

- He isn’t the best at gift-giving but damn he tries his hardest

- Guzma pulls you away for moments at a time to be alone, but Grunts always find you and pull you back to the party. Guzma gets a little annoyed but you laugh and go with it

- You catch him looking at you multiple times. He likes seeing you smile and laugh. It makes the headache he’s getting from the noise worth it

- When things calm down some Grunts put on a movie

- You end up asleep on the floor, Guzma holding you, surrounded by your 40 sleeping children


- He’s so nervous that he’ll do something wrong

- Someone help this child

- All he wants is to make you happy

- He isn’t comfortable with parties. If you want to have one he’ll only come if you ask. He can’t say no to you

- But he will not let go of you the whole time

- He eventually gets more comfortable with everyone around and starts to socialize a bit

- Everyone has a good time

- That night when you’re alone he’ll give you your gift

- He gets really embarrassed and nervous about giving it to you

- It’s something so unexpectedly sweet you start to tear up

- Silvally immediately gets worried and jumps on you to lick away your tears

- You both laugh as you hug him

- Poor boy can’t stop blushing

- You spend the night together, winding down after the party

- He’s happy that you’re happy

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How would the Gasters react if they thought their S/O was cheating, when it turns out they were just being secretive to get them a present?


- He’s concerned
- Which is putting it lightly
- You’ve been staying out late, hiding your phone screen while you text, avoiding conversation
- His first thought isn’t that you’re cheating, but that something’s wrong
- Are you stressed from work? Depressed? Did someone upset you?
- He keeps dropping hints that he knows something’s up, that you can come to him with any problem and he’ll gladly help
- The more that you say you’re fine, the more he worries
- It’s Sans who plants the idea in his head
- ‘maybe they’re gettin’ bonely and started seein’ someone on the side.’
- He literally only said it for the pun, but Gaster’s way too insecure to not take it seriously
- He can’t stop thinking about it
- On the one hand, he has total faith in your loyalty
- But on the other, he’s shocked you ever wanted to date him in the first place
‘I’d leave me, too.’
- Soon he can’t take it any more and timidly begs asks to know what you’ve been up to
- He admits that it’s been driving him crazy
- You didn’t want to ruin the surprise so early, but it’s not worth making him anxious
- So you tell him to pack a travel bag and take the next week off work
- You’ve been planning a trip to Disney World
- Gast’s all like

- This 36 year old man is gonna have the time of his heckin life wearing one of those mickey ear hats and eating overpriced churros and you’d better kiss him while the fireworks are going off because it’s so romantic-


- If you’re being disloyal, he’s going to kill you
- …except he won’t
- He might kill someone else, though
- And be really, really sad angry
- When you start acting strange, the idea doesn’t even occur to him
- He’s prideful enough to believe that you’re perfectly happy with the relationship
- But part of him is fully aware of his flaws
- i.e. his temper
- Sometimes it scares you, or his stubbornness makes you upset
- Has he pushed you too far? Is that why you’ve stopped talking to him?
- Expecting the worst, he closes himself off
- He’s back to his old, snide self
- Cold, distant, cruel, angry
- It’s really just a defense mechanism, since he’s sure you’re going to drop the truth at any moment
- And break his heart
- You notice, obviously
- And ask him why’s he’s being such a dick
- He childishly argues that he’ll stop being this way once you tell him what you’ve been up to
- So you walk to the closet, pull out a hidden box, and shove the immaculately wrapped present at him
- Gaster almost immediately realizes his mistake
- He feels incredibly stupid
- So he opens the gift and sees it’s that expensive book set he‘s been wanting
- He quietly thanks you
- There’s no spoken apology, but he does take you out to a nice restaurant the next night


- I’d like to think he’s mature and experienced enough not to jump to conclusions
- But like
- He’s a Gaster
- It could go one of two ways
- 1) He is a mature adult and brings up that you’ve been acting differently, and if something is wrong you should talk to him about it
- 2) He goes full Phantom of the Opera and gets extra clingy, even more obsessive
- Like making excuses for you to stay longer when you visit
- ‘You can’t leave yet, I need help with…moving a couch.’
- ‘Please disregard the fact that I don’t own a couch.’
- He’d never force you to stay but he’s nearly desperate when asking
- Plus he does all these super unnecessary things to prove his affection and ‘win’ you back
- Someone plz let him know it is not the 1400s and you don’t get a spouse by throwing gifts at them
- He’s just so upset and he could easily discuss it but he’s too busy being an operatic drama queen
- I bet he writes sad poetry about it in his diary, fuckin dork
- Either you’ll have to intervene or he’ll pull himself together and be a goddamn adult about it
- Option 3 that I hadn’t considered until now) he makes use of his sneaky skills and straight up follows you
- Hopefully it occurs to him that that is a huge violation of trust but like I said, he’s a Gaster
- They tend to not have the best judgment


- It’s not until he sees strange receipts on the table that he starts to get ideas
- Why were you shopping at these high end stores…?
- Rather than coming to the blindingly obvious conclusion that you’re getting him something special, he’s heartbroken
- It’s finally happened, hasn’t it? You’ve found someone better, and you’re wooing them with fancy gifts
- He goes to soap opera levels of drama and imagines how you’ll break the news
- Each scenario is even worse than the last
- He mopes around his massive mansion, anxiously waiting for you to come home
- You return with a bunch of shopping bags, which only reaffirm his suspicions
- He outright asks who you’ve been seeing
- Your confusion seems genuine
- But he pushes on anyway
- He shoves the receipts in your face
- You must be getting gifts for your secret lover! Why else would you be buying a…
- …a telescope…and a book on astronomy…a star map…
- Come to think of it, he hadn’t actually looked at the items listed
- He’s so ashamed for accusing you
- In his defense he’s been cheated on way too many times, it’s left him a little paranoid


- He doesn’t really understand the concept of cheating on a partner, since his species is pretty much entirely asexual and often polyamorous
- But he does understand jealousy, and it seems like you’ve been spending more time with someone else than with him
- And that is wholly unacceptable
- How dare you not spend every possible moment you can in his company
- He’ll be super passive aggressive and bitchy about it
- I mean he’s usually a grump but this is a new level
- Turning his back on you, refusing to surface, splashing you with saltwater, the silent treatment
- Basically just a giant baby about the whole thing
- I don’t know what you could even get for him, it’d have to be waterproof and tailored to his very specific interests
- Which are pretty much just food and anything to keep him from getting bored while you’re away
- Maybe pool toys or something
- Whatever it is, he will grouchily accept it
- And gradually forget why he was angry because hey, this gift is really nice!
- Also his short term memory is really shitty so

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Hakumor for the meme plz!

Thank you for the ask =)

who cooks normally?: Hakuryuu! Morgiana also wants to learn how to cook but so far all her attempts are unsuccessful.

how often do they fight?: Not very often. They are very good at communicating and even when they have a problem with the other they solve it without fighting.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?: They train. Training keeps them focused on a task and don’t let them miss each other way too much.

nicknames for each other?: Hakuryuu still calls Morgiana “Lady Morgiana” out of respect.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Hakuryuu won’t let Morgiana pay any bill when she’s with him. He’s quite traditional on this aspect.

who steals the covers at night?: Actually, Morgiana is the one who throws the covers at Hakuryuu because she feels hot. Hakuryuu always welcomes the extra warmth.

what would they get each other for gifts?: Hakuryuu has lot of money (since he’s a prince) and he likes spending them on Morgiana. Nothing brings him more joy than buying gifts for her. As for Morgiana, she gives handmade gifts to Hakuryuu because she finds it more romantic.

who remembers things?: Both have good memory. But Morgiana is amazing at remembering even the smallest detail of something that happened ages ago.

who cusses more?: Neither of them cusses. The kids have some manners.

what would they do if the other one was hurt?: Both would react very strongly. Hakuryuu would make sure that Morgiana is okay and would try to make her feel better while Morgiana would attack the person who dared to lay a finger on her Hakuryuu.

who kissed who first?: We all know that Hakuryuu was the one who kissed Morgiana first. 

who made the first move?: After Hakuryuu’s unsuccessful attempt to confess on Morgiana, he always respected her boundaries and he never again tried to flirt with her.So, it was Morgiana the one who made the first move.

who started the relationship?: And she was also the one who asked Hakuryuu to date her.

ADA Rafael Barba & His Assistant, Carmen

Per request HERE regarding: more Barba & Carmen headcanons.

- Rafael would never admit it, but he is hopelessly nosy and a sucker for gossip. When he didn’t require privacy, he’d have the blinds open to slits just large enough so he could see anything going on outside the confines of his office. Clearly, this gave him a good visual of Carmen’s desk, which was exactly how he noticed when a familiar face stopped by. Immediately at the sight of the counselor, Rafael began to tidy of the contents of the work he had been busy with- but surprisingly, it appeared the man wasn’t there for him. No, instead, Carmen rose to her feet and gathered her coat before trotting out of the office noticeably close to the attorney. A quick check to confirm his beliefs, and Rafael realized it was lunch time. Well, wasn’t that fascinating…

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Hellenic Polytheism 101: Xenia

Xenia is a concept in Hellenic polytheism that is very close to my heart. It’s really one of the core parts of my practice, and I don’t know if I would be comfortable trying to separate it from my practice, because it is so heavy wrapped up in everything I do.

Xenia is hospitality. It’s our responsibility as hosts to treat our guests well, and our responsibility as guests to be kind and thankful to our hosts. There are dozens of examples of xenia in ancient Greek writings. From Penelope and her suitors, to instances of the theoi disguised as humans seeking shelter, food, and drink from mortals. Xenia goes beyond a religious act, confined to ceremony, to a daily practice and a way of living our lives.

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OH! Love your writing! How about exchanging gifts with Supercat?

imagine Kara has just started working at Catco and isn’t supergirl yet

Kara makes little hot chocolate kits for everyone who works on the floor. It’s not a big deal. It’s a little expensive, sure, even with the simple mugs she bought at the dollar store, but it’s cute, and it’s the holidays—she can afford to splurge a little to make people smile. Cat bans Secret Santa, but she doesn’t ban gift giving as a whole. So Kara comes in extra early one day and puts the kits on everyone’s desk. It’s a mug, decorated with some sort of winter-esque imagery—snowflakes and candy canes and shooting stars, nothing religious, no Christmas trees or anything—and inside is a pouch of hot chocolate mix. She makes three different types: peppermint, caramel, and chocolate supreme. There’s mini marshmallows in every pouch, too.

Miss Grant gets a fancier mug, even though Kara is fairly certain she’ll throw it away—or at least never be caught using it where Kara would see. Her mug is big enough for Kara to fit all three kinds of hot chocolate mix inside, plus a little chocolate heart. Miss Grant is the boss, after all, she deserves something special.

Kara doesn’t expect a reaction from Miss Grant, and she doesn’t get one. What she does get, two days later after everyone else has gone home for the night and she is in Miss Grant’s office working on her tablet, is a present tossed onto the couch next to her. It’s wrapped in light blue paper with sparkling white snowflakes, white ribbon around it, tied off in a bow.

“What’s this, Miss Grant?” Kara says, not yet reaching for the gift.

Miss Grant rolls her eyes. “Generally you have to open presents to find out what they are, Keira. Otherwise what’s the point in wrapping them?”

Kara wonders if Miss Grant wrapped it herself.

“It’s for me?”

“I’m taking it back if you ask any more stupid questions.”

Kara grabs the present. It’s light, and doesn’t make any noise when she shakes it—though Miss Grant does, scoffing under her breath. Kara goes slowly, pulls the end of the bow gently. She tries not to tear the wrapping paper too much.

“Miss Grant,” she says when the present is fully opened, a thick notebook that feels heavier in Kara’s hands than when it was wrapped. “It’s beautiful.”

Miss Grant rolls her eyes again. “Please, Keira,” she says. “You use those cheap spiral bound notebooks until you tear them apart.”

Kara tends to tear them apart when she’s flipping through them and forgets to check her strength enough. She’ll have to be more careful with this one, though its hardcover feels sturdy even under her hands.

“Thank you, Miss Grant. I love it.”

“Yes, well.” Miss Grant turns back to her computer. “You may go for the evening.”

“Are you sure? I could—”

“Good night, Keira.”

Kara gathers her things, including the wrinkled wrapping paper. “Good night, Miss Grant.”


PJ: PJ had recently been throwing himself into a lot of new projects. You knew he could handle them, but he loved to take a day off and de-stress occasionally. You knew today was one of those days when you heard him messing around with chords on his guitar. You decided it was best to leave PJ with his music, so you didn’t bother him for the day. A few hours later, you heard PJ walk down the hall to the room you were in. 
“Hey PJ, what’s up?” You asked as PJ sat down on the couch next to you.
“Well I’ve been experimenting with new sounds on the guitar and wanted to see what you think.” You nodded your head and PJ started to play. It started out like any ordinary song on the guitar, until PJ started to sing. It wasn’t long until you realized he was singing about you. You smiled brightly as you listened to the song PJ had written for you. 
“You wrote that for me?” You asked as PJ finished the song.
“Yeah. I thought the chords sounded special together and decided to dedicate it to a special girl.” You gave PJ a big hug as  the two of you cuddled into the couch to watch a movie.

Chris: Chris was out with Jimmy for the day and you decided to stay home. You heard Chris walk through the door and you turned around to greet him. 
“Welcome back. You were gone for a while, did you have a nice time?” you asked as he sat down next to you with a bag in his hand. “What’s that?” you asked him. 
“Well… I was out with Jimmy as you know… and we decided to go into a jewelry store as a joke then all of a sudden I saw this and my emotions took over and I just had to buy it.” Chris explained as  he handed you the velvet box that contained the surprise gift. You opened up and saw a lovely necklace with a beautiful heart pendant studded with your favorite stone. 
“Oh my goodness, Chris. This is beautiful!” You exclaimed as you took it out of the box to put it on. 
“I saw it and your voice saying that was your favorite gem echoed in my mind, then all of a sudden i found myself at the counter buying it for you.”
“Well it’s absolutely gorgeous. I love it, Chris. Thank you.” You leaned over and kissed him before cuddling into his side. 
“Wow, maybe I should buy you gifts more often if this is the reaction I get.” You laughed slightly as the two of you cuddled in closer.

Phil: You had been busy the past couple of days with your job. Your boss had you working double shifts and extra hours and anything else he could think of to throw at you. you were excited for your day off so you could spend it at home with Phil. You had to admit, you missed him from working so much and he missed seeing you too. You both agreed to stay home and relax since you knew you would be tired after weeks of constant work. But those were always the best kinds of dates you had. 
That morning, you woke up to the smell of bacon and pancakes. You walked into the kitchen where you saw Phil making breakfast.
“Morning,” you said sleepily. 
“Morning!” Phil chimed as he pecked you on the cheek. “Go sit down on the couch I’m making something special.” You smiled and nodded before walking into the living area. About ten minutes later, Phil brought in a beautiful breakfast to you. 
“I knew you haven’t had the time to make yourself breakfast in the mornings lately so I decided it would be nice to pamper you on your day off and make you a nice breakfast!” You looked at Phil and smiled brightly before pulling him into a big hug. 
“Phil, that is the sweetest gift you could ever give me. Thank you.” You kissed his cheek before the two of you dove into the amazing breakfast Phil had prepared.

Dan: Dan had been really busy recently. Between coming home from vidcon, the radio show, his youtube channel and getting ready for SitC, he was almost never home. But you knew he had a busy schedule and respected that. You did miss him like crazy though. 
One night, dan had come home slightly later than usual, trying to hide a large bag behind his back and suppress a smile growing on his face. You set down your laptop and turned to face Dan as he walked towards you.
“Welcome home… Your back late and with an unusually large bag… Where’d you go?” You asked.
“Well I’ve been busy lately.. Really busy, and you have been really patient with me,” you nodded along and as Dan’s smile grew wider your curiosity grew more intense. “I miss you, a lot, and I’m almost back to a normal schedule, but until then I want you to have this.” Dan reached into the large bag he was carrying and pulled out a plushie of your favorite animal. “This is my attempt at saying thank you for being so patient with me and that I can’t wait to spend time with you again.” You leaned over and gave Dan a big hug. 
“Thank you, Dan. This means a lot. I can’t wait to spend time with you again too.” You said in his ear as he hugged you tighter. You kissed his nose then the two of you went to go turn in for the night.

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Question 1. What flowers would fans normally send to concert venues? My story is someone put a very rare flower with personal meaning a (a flower which one musician's mom grew and sold in his childhood-and no one knows about-and mom has also been missing for years) but I want to also be able to describe the musician seeing the bouquets fans sent then his eyes landed on this one extra flower stuck in the bouquet too.

(Originally I had both questions as one big ask, however, that were a lot of words, so I decided that it would be nicer for everyone’s dash to keep them separated as they are. So if you’re reading this Nonny #2 is on its way.)

Hey Nonny,

to my knowledge, most of the gifts musicians receive from fans come to them by being throw on stage and I actually have a funny list of things that did end up on stage with one of my favourite bands but nevermind that. To be honest, I have never heard of fans sending flowers to concert venues, but knowing fans as they are I trust in their capability to do so and the flowers actually making it to the band members as well.

First I have a few things for you to consider: Where is the concert? (Open air, in a concert hall, in a stadium etc.) Where is the artist located? And when do the flowers arrive? Which all boils down to realising that concerts usually last several hours, especially if the artist is popular and that the flowers need to be kept in water. I imagine there’s only so much space backstage, even if it’s only a single musician who performs and if gifts like that to him are a regular occurrence he might already have left the staff with instructions where to put them. Since concerts are announced long before they actually occur it’s more likely that fans will have sent the flowers to arrive before the show, but given how busy touring artists are he likely won’t have time to have a look before he gets off stage later that night.

Now that the flowers are kept safe in vases with water for your character to retrieve whenever he’s done with his concert and feels like it, let’s get to the special flower. You should consider just how many other bouquets there are overall and how outstanding the one containing the special flower is. Considering his fans send him flowers he must be pretty popular so he likely gets a lot of bouquets. As for the flowers within the bouquets it can really be anything, depending on what and how much the fans could afford, their own favourite flowers they wanted to share with him, red roses en masse or other flowers to confess their love, seasonal flowers, potted plants if that is an option, after all, flowers mentions in songs or their titles are also an option and I promise you if there was ever an instance where he named his favourite flower for whatever reason, no matter if it was a lie, the fans will have latched onto that information and would have sent only those to him for a while. In short: they will send almost anything.

Ultimately the question is what makes the flower stand out and why wouldn’t it be in any of the other bouquets? But considering it seems to be special enough that he can recognise it on sight, I think it would be pretty easy for him to spot.

- Mod Jana


This blog is intended as writing advice only. This blog and its mods are not responsible for accidents, injuries or other consequences of using this advice for real world situations or in any way that said advice was not intended.

Just imagine…

-Vincent sneaking extra desserts as a child because he’s just so sly…too bad mama Claudia was just so vigilant
-Vincent getting in a fight with Frances when they were kids and becoming incredibly embarrassed when she hits back and totally kicks his butt even though she’s like seven
-Vincent having mixed feelings about going to Weston, because he’ll miss Frances, his room, and that one stuffed animal he continued to sleep with secretly throughout childhood but can’t dare be seen with anymore
-Vincent sitting in class at Weston, doodling the 1800′s equivalent of dickbutt on his work because he’s that bored
-Vincent being that kid who would write a note on a paper airplane and fly it across the room to communicate when the teacher wasn’t looking
-Vincent biting his lip while in deep thought
-Vincent, despite having to be “oh-so-serious” sometimes, becoming frustrated over homework and just laying on the floor in his dorm room whining about how “he doesn’t wanna” because Watchdog or not, he’s still a teenager
-Vincent drawing a mustache on his dorm mate while they sleep
-Vincent getting something worse than a mustache drawn on him while he sleeps the next night
-Vincent kissing Rachel for the first time and having to put in a big effort to not grin like a dork in order to keep up the watchdog front but she just smiles because she sees him blushing and she knows hes a dweeb deep down and loves him for it
-Vincent seeing somebody’s literal pet dog and thinking “same” (with both amusement and frustration)
-Vincent around the time of the telephone being heavily improved, turning to Dee, and in all seriousness asking him if he thought it would be possible to prank call the Queen one day
-Vincent feeling secretly so relieved whenever Rachel was there for him when he felt bad, because he always tried to hide it but she always knew and she was the one person he let himself open up to
–Vincent always being there when Rachel got sick or felt bad too
-Vincent coming home from a tough case and immediately hugging Ciel -who’s thrilled to see him- and feeling a wave of relief that he’s back home in one piece so he can see his son again
-Vincent being extremely determined over picking the right Christmas gifts for Rachel and Ciel
-Vincent probably dragging an angry Diedrich along at least once on a mission to find the right presents for them
-Vincent feeling incredibly proud when Ciel wakes up on Christmas day in excitement over Father Christmas’ gifts
-Vincent making some lame ass pun at the Undertaker’s funeral parlor and UT just throwing one of those dog bone cookies at him because it sucked so bad
- Vincent sneaking extra desserts to Ciel because he’s just so sly…too bad mama Rachel was just so vigilant

I’ve been slow to share our comic con experience with y'all because I’m pretty sure all my followers that clicked follow for gaming don’t want to see too much personal stuff but going through bits of photos that I want to share in the future, I knew I needed to throw this one up here.

K’s birthday gift was going to meet Alex Kingston at the convention and take a photo with her and get her autograph. Sadly, she had to pull out at the last minute. With extra cash on hand, I decided to take him to Paul McGann’s table (the 8th doctor himself). K didn’t know what to expect….meeting someone famous was a first for him. He was flabbergasted to say the least. But that didn’t stop Paul….he told him about how one day we would have an American Doctor and why couldn’t it be him? He talked to him about his costume and when they took their photo, he asked if he could possibly share the screwdriver with him.

And I’ll admit, he threw me off my game when I had to turn back around and come back for our cell phone photo after being enchanted with how he treated my baby….I was rambling my head off and he laughed and called me fascinating and I about melted into the floor. 

I may have made one parenting mistake in this though….now K is determined to meet all his heroes and nothing will stop him! Guess we will be driving back down in Feb to meet Captain Jack. 

Pork Noodles and a Shotgun: Part Nine

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
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Part Seven
Part Eight

This took ages and ages, it seems, but finally we are closing in on the end!

“Damn it!”

I sighed as yet another curse carried down the hall from the room we were turning into a nursery. We had less than a month until my due date, so every spare moment was time for another project to get ready for the baby’s arrival. This weekend we were finally putting a coat of paint on the walls- or rather, Takuto was, since my doctor had been very clear that paint fumes would be bad for the baby. My worried husband had taken this advice so deeply to heart that he had convinced me to leave the house all together, and I had played along to keep him happy. Ranko was more than happy to go out shopping for a few hours anyway.

I decided to check in on my frustrated husband one more time before I left; he was still taping off the trim, so there were no paint fumes to worry about as I walked- or waddled, at this point- into the room where he was hard at work. I stopped for a moment to take in the sight of Takuto on the ladder, wearing an old pair of slacks and a white undershirt that fit him closely. As he stretched to reach the ceiling his shirt pulled up to expose his surprisingly fit torso, and I found myself spaced out and blushing deeply.

It took him a moment to notice me, but he hurried to climb off the ladder as soon as he did. “What’s with that look on your face?” he asked, reaching out to put a hand on my bright red cheek.

“I-it’s nothing,” I lied hurriedly, and he frowned at me, studying my expression. Something seemed to click inside his head suddenly, and he smirked.

“Are you thinking dirty things?” he teased, leaning down until our noses touched. I blushed deeper as I denied it, but he pressed me further, still wearing an infuriating smirk while his hot breath brushed across my skin. “Tell me…”

“You look sexy when you’re working,” I finally mumbled, and he chuckled before pressing his lips gently against my own. I huffed a frustrated sigh when we pulled apart again. “I swear you’re even more aggressive now that we’re married.”

“Probably. But you’re my wife, I’m allowed.” He kissed me again, on the forehead this time. “Now get out of here so I can paint. I want to get this over with already.”

“Are you sure I have to leave?” I pouted just a bit at him. “I really don’t think it will hurt me to be in the house as long as I stay away from this room, and I’m tired today…”

“No, you have to go.” He sounded a bit more forceful than I expected. Was he really so worried? Probably so; Takuto had been the protective type all along. “Besides,” he prodded when I still looked hesitant, “you wanted to go to the baby store in the mall while there’s a sale, right?”

I nodded slowly. “Alright, if you insist. I’ll see you later then.” We shared a quick kiss before I took off to meet Ranko at the mall.


“Oh, look how precious these tiny shoes are!” Ranko squealed, holding up some of the smallest glittery sandals I had ever seen. “Should we get some?”

“And what if we’re having a boy?” I sighed. “I’m not buying anything we might not use.”

“Oh, poo. You can always use them for the next one. Aren’t you going to have a whole bunch of kids, Aiko?” Ranko grinned at me and then laughed at the dumbfounded expression on my face. “What, have you changed your mind since we were young then?”

“I’m still trying to get through the first one here, thank you!” I exclaimed, flustered. “We barely got to talk about kids before suddenly finding out we were having one, so I’m kind of just trying to take things as they come.”

“Fine, fine.” Ranko kept giggling at me as she put the baby sandals back. “But if you have a girl I’m coming right back for those!”

“If you insist,” I answered with a smile of my own. “And if it’s a boy?”

“Ummm…” Ranko turned back to the rack of shoes, contemplating her choices. As I chuckled at her serious face, I felt a sensation that was becoming all too familiar- a tightening through my belly that quickly grew into a rather strong contraction. My sharp intake of breath drew my friend’s attention immediately. “Aiko, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” I answered as the spasm passed almost as quickly as it came. “I’m just wearing out a bit. Sorry, but can we head for the checkout now? I think I got everything I was supposed to.” With a nod from her, we quickly checked our purchases and started towards the front of the store.

Another pain rippled through my abdomen, stopping me in my tracks. Ranko looked on with worry as I breathed deeply, waiting for it to pass. “Are you sure you’re alright?” she asked with a frown.

“I’ve been having contractions here and there, but my doctor says it’s normal,” I assured her, rubbing my stomach lightly. “Walking a lot can bring them on. Don’t worry about it.”

“If you say so.” Ranko could not quite manage to un-knit her brows as we began walking again, but I made it through the checkout process with no more contractions at all. My luck did not hold out, though, when another spell overtook me as we walked toward the main entrance.

Ranko tried to fret over me, but I waved her off. “I just need to get home and rest, and have a big glass of water. I may be a little dehydrated. Trust me, I’ve been having false labor pains for weeks.”

“At least let me carry the bags,” she haggled, and that much I gladly let her do as we slowly worked our way back to the train station.


“We’re home, Takuto!” I said brightly as we came in the door. I had been able to sit down for the whole train ride, so I was feeling much better already. I stopped short when I saw several pairs of shoes in the entryway. “What the…”

“Hey!” Takuto’s voice barked out as he came to “greet” us. His laser glare was fixed on Ranko. “You said you could keep her busy until it was time for lunch, at least!”

“She started having contractions at the store!” Ranko snapped back. “Did you want me to keep her out in that condition?”

My husband’s expression immediately switched from anger to concern as he looked at me. “You okay?”

“Just false labor,” I assured him. “I haven’t had any for a while now. I definitely should rest, though. I overdid it a little. Are you already finished painting?”

“Uh, well…” Takuto struggled to answer, and I gave him a quizzical look. He had a smudge of paint on his cheek, so I knew he had been working, and I had no idea why he was not giving me a straight answer.

Ranko came to his rescue instead. “Takuto, why don’t you help Aiko with her shoes? I’ll go on inside and get a place ready for her to sit down!” She skipped inside before I could protest, leaving me confused.

“I don’t need help with my shoes,” I sighed as my husband bent down. This was not our first time having this discussion, though, and he slipped the sensible shoes off my feet and replaced them with my house slippers like he had been doing most days. I always tried to stop him because it was embarrassing, but I had to admit that it was nice not to bend over with so much extra weight on my belly. It was one of the small thoughtful gestures Takuto used to show he cared.

We headed towards the living room together next, but I was stopped in my tracks when we got there. Not only Ranko waited inside, but Boss and Hiro as well, and the room boasted cute pink and blue streamers and a banner that read ‘Welcome Baby Hirukawa’. “Surprise!” the three of them shouted, smiling brightly. It seemed our early return had interrupted their plans, since I saw extra streamers hastily laid aside.

After recovering from my momentary shock, I smiled. “Well that explains the extra shoes at the entry,” I chuckled. “Thank you, everyone! What a lovely surprise! Takuto, did you plan this?”

“Hell no, I don’t plan parties,” he scoffed. “I just told them a good day to come over because they wouldn’t shut up until I agreed.”

“Seiko and ended up working so well together during your wedding that we wanted to throw you a shower too!” Ranko explained as she led me to a comfortable chair that had a stack of gifts piled up next to it.

“Unfortunately, Seiko had to work today,” Hiro added with a sigh. “But she says she’s here in spirit!”

“Make sure you thank her for me, too, then.” I took the glass of water Takuto handed me and drank from it greedily, hoping that some hydration would keep me from having any more contractions, especially now that I had a party to enjoy with my friends.

“Hey guys, are you finished yet?” Boss yelled down the hall. A 'yeah’ drifted back, and after a few moments Riki and Kenshi emerged, dressed in old clothes and splattered with paint just like Takuto. I could tell they had been helping out, and I could not keep from smiling.

“You’re back early, Ootori!” Kenshi laughed. “You spoiled our surprise!”

“It’s Hirukawa now,” Takuto reminded Kenshi, glaring at the firefighter. “You’re such a dope Kenny. We got married two months ago already!”

“Sorry, sorry! Old habits!” Kenshi laughed and Takuto grunted in irritation.

“I keep telling you to call me by my first name anyway,” I laughed. “How long have we been friends now, Kenshi?”

“Blah blah blah! Less talk, more presents!” Hiro interrupted, holding up a gift that, judging by the colorful wrapping, was probably from him. “This one first, Aiko!” With a giggle I agreed to indulge him.

I opened the bag to find a few receiving blankets in cute prints from a high-end designer baby brand. They were soft to the touch and I ran my fingers over them with a smile. The gift with Seiko’s name on it had coordinating hats from the same line so baby could be bundled head to toe. “These are so cute! Thanks, Hiro, and make sure you thank Seiko for us too. You guys have great taste.”

“It would have been easier to pick out gifts if you knew the gender,” Hiro pouted. He seemed to be having more trouble with the anticipation than even we were. “I really wanted to choose some of the cute clothes!”

“The surprise is part of the fun!” I insisted for the hundredth time, though my smile was patient. “We’re looking forward to hearing it for the first time in the delivery room. Right, Takuto?”

“I already know,” he responded, shrugging casually as my jaw dropped.

“How?!” I shrieked, though I was immediately horrified at the tone of my voice and tried to rein it in. “Did you talk to the doctor later? I thought we were waiting!”

He just shrugged. “I looked at the ultrasound pictures we brought home. It’s really easy to tell if you just look, but you wanted it to be a surprise so I didn’t tell you.”

“Tell me Takkun!” Hiro cut in, a gleam in his eye. “I need to know!”

“Hell no.” Takuto glared sharply at the younger thief, who tried to pout, but to no avail. “Aiko doesn’t want anyone else to know, I’m not telling.”

“I didn’t want you to know either,” I mumbled, sulking a little.

Kenshi placed another gift in my hands to distract me. “Open this one next!” he urged me with a smile. “Mom helped me choose something she says every parent needs.” I sighed lightly but let my husband off the hook this time; it was much more important to have fun right now and appreciate the effort my friends had put into the shower.

The Inagakis had gotten us a baby food maker, which Takuto took from me and started examining since it was a strange new gadget. Riki wanted to start the baby’s library early and gave us a whole set of educational books. Ranko, naturally, had to get cute baby clothes- and for all the complaining about not knowing the gender, she sure had found a lot of darling gender-neutral outfits that I cooed over.

“Last but certainly not least, this one is from me!” Boss announced happily, handing over the last package. “I made it myself!”

“Because you’re cheap, old man?” Takuto snorted, and Boss’ face fell.

“Handmade gifts aren’t cheap, they’re wonderful,” I replied, hurrying to open the gift with anticipation. Inside was a cute stuffed animal, a black fox of course. It was a little rough around the edges but I might not have guessed it was handmade without being told so. “Oh, it’s precious! I didn’t know you could sew, Boss!”

“I have quite a few surprises up my sleeve,” he laughed. “Our first baby fox needed something special!”

“Baby fox?” Ranko’s sharp ears didn’t miss a thing, and she wore a quizzical expression at the unusual term of endearment. I could see gears turning in her head as she looked at the homemade toy.

“Like the mascot of the bar,” Riki cut in hurriedly. “He keeps calling us weird things because we hang out there. Stop it, Boss.”

“Ehhhh? Riki, have pity on an old man! I just want us to be a family!” Atsumu managed to play along perfectly and cover his slip-up to Ranko’s satisfaction, and nothing else strange happened as we all chatted and ate lunch together. Not even the contractions that kept sneaking up on me could ruin the mood, and I kept them hidden with a smile.

“Hey, Takuto, can we show her yet?” Riki asked after we had all finished eating. “We left the windows open so the room should be aired out by now.”

“Show me what?” I tilted my head as I looked at my husband, but he was busy thinking.

“Should be okay,” he finally nodded before standing up and offering me his hand. Curious, I placed my palm in his and let him help me to my feet. He led me down the hall towards the nursery, and all of our friends eagerly followed behind us.

I was told to close my eyes as he put his hand on the doorknob, and I obediently did so. Carefully he guided me inside and I heard everyone file in behind us; Ranko could not hide a delighted gasp, and I was practically jumping with anticipation. When I was finally allowed to open my eyes, I let out an excited squeak. “You guys did all this?!”

The nursery was all but finished now, much to my delight. Nothing could touch the freshly painted walls just yet, but the furniture was all assembled and someone had even put the bedding on the crib already. I could tell it must have taken help from all five friends to finish so much work in the time Ranko and I had been gone. The artwork I had picked out was even propped up on the rocking chair and the changing table, making the whole thing come together just the way I had imagined.

“I just wanted to get it over with,” Takuto mumbled shyly, his cheeks turning red as I gushed over their work.

“Well, thank you anyway!” I laughed, squeezing his hand affectionately. “And thank you too, everyone, for all your hard work. We’re so lucky to have such good friends looking out for us!”

“Don’t include me in that,” my husband groused, looking away.

“I wasn’t,” I giggled, “I meant me and the baby! You need to say your own thanks for once!” My teasing flustered the hacker and I laughed at his expression until suddenly the strongest pain yet took my breath away without warning.

Everyone was suddenly on edge and I had to do my best to laugh it off. “It’s fine, it’s fine!” I insisted, straightening my back and putting on a smile. “I should probably just sit down and drink some more water.”

“You’ve had a big day,” Kenshi observed, his protective instincts kicking in. “We should head home and let you rest.”

“Please don’t worry about me,” I tried to protest, but everyone sided with Kenshi, and I soon found myself saying goodbye to all our friends and thanking them one final time for such a wonderful surprise.


That evening I was sitting on the couch with my feet up, drinking more water as I watched TV and tried to keep my mind off my discomfort. Takuto sat on the floor with the pieces of a baby mobile, one of my purchases of the day, spread out in front of him. He had been muttering under his breath for some time as he frowned at the diagram. “What the hell is this piece even supposed to be? And how will this thing even turn with that motor? I should swap it out for something with more torque if we really want it to get moving.”

“Takuto,” I spoke up, trying to interrupt his thoughts.

“No I don’t need help!” he snapped back before I could finish. “I’ve been putting together electronics since before I could talk, I think I can handle a freaking baby toy!”

“N-no, Takuto, it’s not that.” He looked up at me, his eyes suddenly growing wide as he took in the pained expression on my face. “I think we need to go to the hospital.”


For sake of being as Transparent as possible. :)

A few of you expressed certain feelings about the Indiegogo campaign and when I say a few it was like as many as I could can on one hand. All 99.9999% of you have been insanely positively and uplifting about the whole thing. But why not! Lets go through it all.

When I posted the picture of my wreck I was amazed at the concern and support all of you gave! I instantly saw a few comments say “You should start a Kickstarter to get a new car.“ Not the first time I’ve seen that comment and I had no intention of doing it because thats life. It was her fault and her insurance should be getting me something for my car.

The next day I posted the Rollin With Olan I showed at Buffer Festival. This is when I started seeing comments that said “We should start up a campaign for Olan” It was interesting to see it change to "we should.” Immediately I tried to diffuse this on Facebook by saying I’ll be fine and as nice as possible saying please don’t do it.

Then without my knowledge multiple people had started crowd funding campaigns up. I normally comment to people on my videos but I didn’t want to bring any attention to it so I didn’t reply to any of the comments on my video that listed the links. And then it started to spread all over instagram, twitter and people started donating.

I was put in a very awkward situation because I had no idea who these people were that started up the campaigns. Bless their hearts for doing something like that but it was impossible to know what their intentions were. It’s the internet it a very harsh place and I’ve seen people in the past get take advantage of similar situations like this. Not saying that was what these people were planing but it was a fear of mine that this could happen and may be happening.

I would of been completely content about not saying a word until I saw it was a Flexable Funding campaign. Which if anyone doesn’t know about crowd funding sites, most sites you have to meet your set goal to get the money and if you don’t you don’t get anything this is called Fixed Funding. If it was a Fixed Funding I could of just let it run it’s course. Well Indiegogo has Flexible Funding which means even if you don’t know meet the goal you still get the money donated.

So I had to make a decision do I act like it’s not happening and let whoever collect donations for something I was trying to avoid or do I bring attention to it in hopes of saying “hey I didn’t start this! It’s cool but please don’t donate. I’ll be ok”

Was it the right move?

My gut still says every single time says yes! I was honestly trying to avoid a situation in my head that was completely possible. So I worked up a post and put the link of the indiegogo to ensure whoever started it was accountable because that was the one that was spreading the most. Crystal bless your soul I now know you had the up most honest intentions. Other from that post I never posted the link again.

I went to bed hoping this was done and over! That I had stopped it before it went to far. Most of the times when I post things people tend to follow what I say. I woke up to a text and it said “It’s up to two Thousand something” My heart literally sank I didn’t understand why the opposite was happening. I was put in a even more awkward situation or now being involved with it. I checked all my social sites and apparently it just spread even more and I knew I would have to say something about it again.

I had to decide whether or not to accept the $2,823 it was now at. I wanted to find a way to give it back at this point. However by not accepting the gift it would of been a slap in the face to the people that wanted to help and I would in turn upset a lot of people. This is the strangest thing to ever happen to me and I felt awful because I don’t like accepting help. The consensus with everyone was I should accept it.

I then posted a picture of where it was which was at $2,823 and thanked everyone that generously wanted to help me. Not to do so would of been a very ungrateful thing to do. I thought maybe if I remind people that I should be fine when the lady’s insurance people call me. Maybe this would of been the end of it that maybe I didn’t hit that point strong enough before. That is was her fault and her insurance would cover it.

I go to bed and I wake up to the goal being met.

I sat there on my bed overwhelmed when a wave of emotion hit me. I was at a lost for words. I sat there for hours trying to figure out what to say and finally I had to say something.

I was completely unprepared for a situation like this and I know if this had happened to anyone else they would of be in awe and at the same time confused as what to do.

The money didn’t bring me to tears it was the feeling of a wave of people having my back. It’s a indescribable feeling! I sat there trying to film a small thank you video and I could’t get the words out. So I screen capped a frame from the many takes of failed videos and posted about meeting the goal.

So what to do…No matter which way I go or turn someone will be disappointed in me.

I think right now way more people would be upset if I didn’t accept it and put it towards a car. If this leaves a few people sour I will accept it! I’ve been on the Internet for years now and have been call everything in the book by now.

So that is what I will do. I will accept this gift. And again Thank You.

However this leaves the extra bit over the goal and the money I get from the insurance. Still no idea when that will happen but I thought about this a lot and decided to try and reach out to the lady that hit me and to see if she needed any help fixing her car. She only had liability and the damage wasn’t too bad to hers.

Depending on how much I get from my totaled 2004 toyota corrola…

I’ll either donate a bunch to charity or throw towards the next round of scholarships.

With what is left over after that I’ll add it with whatever happens on Black Friday through the apparel site and then this summer throw the biggest thank you free pizza with live music party anyone has ever seen in Nashville, TN.

And when I say this know it’s in the most loving way as possible But Please! Please no more donating on this. Truly Thank You! The goal is met. Mission Accomplished :)

Last but not least New Video Next Week :D It’s a new short.