throwing caps

“Keith look, make a wish!”~

This is my attempt at a fake screen-cap(??) I spent tooooo long on this, please just take it lol

I want teen wolf to end with the last scene being graduation. I want braedan and Derek in the stands smiling as they see everyone graduate. I want to see Danny getting his diploma and joking with Stiles. I want to see Isaac come back to congratulate everyone. I want to see Lydia walk up to Stiles as everyone is throwing up their caps and to finally kiss him passionately, confirming her feelings. I want Malia to be hugging her father and feel a tap on her shoulders and turn and see Kira there. I want it to end with the camera following Scott as he walks into the woods into a cemetery, cap and gown and all, and end up at Allison’s grave, placing his cap on the ground, smiling fondly as the camera pans out.

On December 9th, I will graduate from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelors Degree in French and Francophone Studies. I am a first generation college student, and the first woman in my family to graduate from college. It only felt fitting to decorate my cap with the theme of Hamilton, a musical about living up to your potential, and “not throwing away your shot”.


- the kids at camp half-blood ask the satyrs to play focusing songs for them while they read or something else that requires concentration

- percy constantly fiddles with pen!Riptide, spinning it across his fingers, tossing and catching it, twisting the cap around. sometimes he almost forgets not to uncap it.

- annabeth twists her fingers in her hair as well as twirls it as a stim, which makes knots and tangles sometimes. she keeps it up in a ponytail to avoid this along with the already stated reasons.

- percy and annabeth don’t pick their wedding rings at the jewelry store but get them forged at camp. the rings are spinner rings and made of celestial bronze.

feel free to add more!

Ok but… do you know what I want more than anything?????

So picture this ….its another quiet day in the troll kingdom. Dave and jade and karkat are watching tv, nothing special. theres a knock at the door, and jade enthusiastically offers to get it. she swings the door wide open, and what do you know? none other than Aradia Megido is standing at the door

the entire household would be just. SHOCKED at first. they havent seen her since they were 13, and its been 7 years and aradia looks so different but theres no denying that same friendly smile belongs to aradia. jade and dave would be shocked, it might even take them a few moments to realize who she is, but in the end, theyd be happy! the more the merrier, right??

but karkat…. karkat, whos known her for years (presumably) before they even played this game. someone whos shown regret for how he mistreated her, someone whos list of troll friends went from 11 to 2 in such a short time. if he was carrying something when he saw aradia, he wouldve dropped it. he’d be gaping at her like she had grown two heads, and she’d just extend her arms and smile and express how happy she is to see him

and when he gets over his shock, he fuckin crash lands into aradias arms and just starts losing it

aradia would baffled beyond BELIEF. this was supposed to be a joyous reunion, and karkats sobbing into her shoulder!!! did she do something wrong??? but then she hears his blubbering, barely distinguishable words in between his sobs,  talking about how he ‘didnt fail her’ and ‘youre not dead i didnt kill you’ and once aradia realizes what hes saying, she hugs him tight and goes “of course you didn’t kill me! oh, stop crying, youre gonna make me cry! i missed you, you goof!” and hes sobbing like 7 years worth of guilt and self pity into her shoulder and she lets him, hugging him real tight and flashing a grin to dave and jade over karkats shoulder, saying “its great to see you guys too, your magesties!” and dave and jade being at a massive loss of what to say

even when karkats done crying, he wont let go of aradias arm for a second, and hes got all sorts of questions for her, like where shes been for all ths time. before he can ask, though, she expresses that she wants to see her other friends too, that shes missed them all so much and shes so happy to greet them!!

just… imagine. imagine. kanaya is known for being such a hard worker in her kingdom. she works hard to make sure that the grubs are well treated and sent to good homes, and everyone knows kanaya to be a kind yet orderly worker and ruler. 

god just… imagine dozens of jadebloods watching in surprise when their boss’s calm facade just breaks when some rustblood with red fairy wings catches her eye. imagine these jadebloods seeing a whole new side of their boss as she throws her clipboard to the ground and throws herself in aradias arms. kanaya and aradias laughter echoing through the caves as aradia swings kanaya around in a circle. rose watching on with a wide grin, because this is just one thing that her wife doesnt have to worry about anymore

imagine that once the tearful reunions are finished, the three trolls sit down together and talk about what they’ve been up to all this time. kanaya tells aradia that she got married, and once she explains to aradia what a human wedding is, aradia is crestfallen that she missed it. karkat occasionally breaking into fits of sobbing because hes been blaming himself for his friends’ deaths for so long, and the fact that someone else made it out alive despite his mistakes is just so overwhelming for him

and man, dont even get me started into the aradia and terezi reunion cause i will cry

idk man its 5 in the morning and none of this is really coherent. i just… these were aradias friends, and they probably miss her just as much as i do

it is what it is.

“What’ll be the title of this one, then?” Sherlock asks as he removes the red-haired wig from his head. He throws the wig cap away with wild abandon - he has at least four more - and ruffles out his curls. 

How they can remain immaculate is beyond John’s reasoning, but then again, not everything can be explained by logic or reason. That’s why he’s around. “’The Red-Haired Stepchild’?” John muses with a shrug. He rips off the fake mustache with a hiss - he thought that ghastly thing would come off cleaner - and rubs his upper lip. He sees Sherlock smirking in delight and throws the mustache at him. “I’ll come up with the title after lunch. Tea?”

“Please,” Sherlock replies with the tiniest of smiles. He falls upon his new chair, a more modern uptake of the same one lost in the fire, and puts his feet upon the table.

“Just going to check on Rosie first,” John adds as an afterthought before disappearing to the upstairs bedroom. He comes back down a few moments after; the coos and happy tone in his voice signal his return before Sherlock even sees his feet on the stairs.

By the time John and Rosie are in the sitting room, Sherlock is grinning and bright-eyed. He holds his hands out expectantly. John pulls Rosie closer to him with a pout.

“I’m her father, I get to see her first,” he reasons before planting kiss after kiss on his girl’s head. She kicks with glee and flails her stubby arms.

Sherlock crosses his not-so-stubby arms and glares at the sight. “Well, I’m her Papa,” he argues, “and she’s still getting to know me.”

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Nah but dark comedy Netflix Hawkeye prequel series with young Clint Barton tryin’ to turn his life around but gets caught up with Russian mobsters, budding relationship with Laura, annoying neighbor Kate Bishop, his older brother asking for help and dealing with his depression by saving a building of people and becoming a superhero


Jughead Jones x Reader

The time had finally come for us all to graduate from Riverdale high and even though with everything that’s happened, I’m honestly going to miss this place. To anyone looking in from the outside, Riverdale looks like a small town that many people just pass through on vacation or road trips and want to make a quick food stop at Pops.

All seven of us know there is so much more to Riverdale but all of that aside we’ve all shared so many memories together here. Throwing our caps in the air, big smiles on our faces, we looked like the happiest seven people to be graduating but we all know there should be nine of us stood here, glancing at each other Cheryl and Betty both had an extra cap each, one for Jason and one for Polly, linking arms, smiles still on their faces, we all watched as they tossed the caps in the air, almost like they were both freeing themselves from everything.

Pops had closed the diner to the public and held a small party for all graduating students and their families. Sitting in our usual booth, we laughed, we cried, we danced and we all ate way too much food. “Next week is the last time we’ll ever be sat in this booth” I stated, looking around at my friends, knowing they’re all going to college, making the next chapter in their lives only without me and Jughead, well except for Ronnie and Betty.

“And you and Jughead have this amazing next chapter to start together and I wish we could be around to watch you’s attempt that from the beginning” Betty, chuckled, her voice light. Looking up at Jughead, he was already staring at me, I knew Betty was right but it felt strange knowing this would be the last time we were together for the next year or for us the next few weeks.

“I promise we’ll all stay in touch because we aren’t missing out on any of this” Veronica, encouraged. I really am going to miss her and Betty while they’re in New York. But I know Jughead and I will be with them soon.

“2 more weeks and we’ll be introducing this little bean to the world” Jughead, grinned, his hand rubbing circles on my pregnant 9 month stomach. “I just want him here so we can be in New York. You being at college, me taking the year off and at least we get to spend a year with two of our friends” It’s going to take a lot of work and definitely some struggle but I can’t wait.

“It’s all going to work-” Jughead stopping mid sentence. “Did you say he? Are we having a boy?” His face lightening up even more than before, nodding, he grabbed my face in his hands kissing every inch of my face that he possibly could.

“Jughead Jones the fourth” I joked. Spending the rest of the night celebrating with our friends, to the future, to the sex of our baby and most certainly to finally graduating.