throwing bottles


“You look really pretty today.”  The young prospect blushed, an armful of empty beer bottles for disposal cradled in his arms.  The guys were really making him work for his patch.  It was sort of comical.

“Thank you.”  You replied, twisting back and forth in the bar stool you were seated on.  The goofy grin on the prospects face fell quickly, and you knew that meant that Jax had found you.  Sure enough, the blonde’s hand came to rest on the small of your back as he glared at the prospect.

“Beat it.”  Jax growled.  Slowly the prospect nodded, down casting his eyes as he turned to throw out the beer bottles he had collected.  Jax’s lips found their way to your neck as both of his arms wrapped securely around your waist.  “I hate that prospect.”

“You only hate him cause he flirts with me.”  You teased.

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what the hell are you going to do? rally up a bunch of your mates after work and throw a beer bottle at the gates of one his estates? #resistance #communismwillwin

to be fair, Class War will probably actually do this

Germans take their day of rest very seriously. Shops are shut, people take leisurely walks and there will be absolutely no domestic drilling thank you very much. It is against the law to drill at any time on a Sunday. And it doesn’t stop with DIY either, take note that throwing away bottles in the recycling bins is also strictly forbidden outside certain hours - just check the containers.
In the same vein, Germans like their peace and quiet and it is STRENG VERBOTEN (strictly forbidden) to tune your piano at night.


where’s that one vine where there are two guys outside on a porch and there is a metal folding chair between them and the guy on the right flips a plastic water bottle onto it and it stands upright and then the one on the left throws a bottle but it’s glass so it shatters and then you see the shattered glass and then they go back to the guy on the left who dabs weakly, all while the intro of mad world plays in the background


The I dare you to throw another bottle at Zhang Yixing Squad Moodboard

i really hope after all that yixing is okay and still smiling and feeling loved, i hope one ugly doesn’t bring the sweet little bunny down. i hope he knows just how much everyone else loves and appreciates everything he has done for exo and us!!!! 

  • MC: What is your favorite part of performing?
  • Taehyung: During concerts I like to make the fans wet!
  • Namjoon: Uhhh what?!
  • Taehyung: Like- *Imitates throwing a bottle of water over a crowd*
  • Namjoon: Oh thank god. Yeah totally. That's totally what I thought you meant.


Agents Maine and Washington are the only ones on the Mother of Invention who know sign language. And, like, they’re ALWAYS TALKING IN IT like super long, fast conversations. Wash will be talking to Connie and simultaneously signing to Maine at the same time. Maine will laugh. (Well. Chuckle. Maine doesn’t -laugh-.)

Everyone is really fuckin curious because Maine doesn’t talk, except he and Wash have conversations that last hours and no one understands what they’re saying (except maybe Florida? But who knows with that fucker)

So, like, Maine and Wash get sent on this super long mission, like a few weeks. And York spends the entire time on the internet learning sign language. He’s determined.

Finally the pair gets back and York is ready, so fuckin ready to see -

- and Wash and Maine are signing the bee movie to each other.

(York runs crying into North’s room. North throws him a bottle of vodka and sighs.)


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wait ok but what did mark's 'snake' friends do last yr??? gimme the tea girl โ˜•๏ธโ˜•๏ธ

loooool ok ok so imma dig it all

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OK SO before the concert people didn’t like his friends already since they’ve been using GOT7 and Mark for a long time to get attention and fame on Twitter and Instagram (and after the concert also on Snapchat but we’ll get there), stuff like 

apparently, she is Mark’s ex gf

And also using the n-word even tho they’re all just privileged half white half asian kids who do it carelessly on a normal basis

Now at the concert… umm so basically all Mark homies went to the concert in LA and drunk off their asses while half of the people there were still minors. 

They became an embarrassing mess and threw lightstick on a fan, making her cry, and then started throwing cups and water bottles on fans and well, they ruined their nights and their hand-made signs as if the show was some kind of fucking rave. 

They took the encore segment (where they had to do some dance moves and stuff) as a fucking joke, just lifting their shirts and screaming and other nonsense stuff. Mark even felt like he had to apologize for his friend’s wild asses at the end of it. 

Because of them a lot of fans had a negative experience at the concert and went home dissatisfied.

Right after the show, their drunk asses got into a fight and some say that one fan’s mom had to break them up, but in the end, they had to call THE FUCKING COPS

The day after the concert, Mark’s dad had a pool party at their house and invited all of his nasty friends again lol. This was the day that they uploaded images and videos of GOT7 on their social media, mostly on snapchat, that is actually why most people don’t like them. They disrespected his “friend” and GOT7′s privacy (except for Youngjae, he wasn’t even there BUT STILL PEOPLE WERE DRAGGING HIM)

There were videos of Bambam saying the n-word and shirtless drunk Yugyeom (tbh I don’t see this as a problem, the thing is that he was exposed). After this Bambam got death threats and a lot of people asking him to leave GOT7 along with Mark and Yugeom, who was fat shamed and also bashed. (I won’t be sharing this videos cause I don't think we should still keep spreading them but you can look for them yourself if you fell like you need to but you don’t lol)

After all this polemics, GOT7 didn’t say a thing (I believe it’s because JYP didn't allow them to speak) and Bam’s sister had to speak for him

and Bambam didn’t want to keep silent, so he actually spoke 

In the end GOT7 unfollowed a lot of Marks friends on Insta and Twitter after their stay in LA. 

+ By GOT7 airport photos of their flight back to Korea you can clearly see that they’re all with their heads down and upset/ashamed 

I also don’t think Mark is fully innocent since these nasty snakes are his friends, like cmon he's a grown ass adult and needs to get his shit together like Bambam did, but I think this post is already big enough, so if you want to understand my reasons you can read this pls read, it’s important

Things I learned about Cassian and Bodhi from reading the visual guide in a bookshop

-As a child Cassian’s rebel actions include throwing rocks and bottles at stormtroopers: he is petty as fuck

-Bodhi has a nervous tick of fondling his comms device even when it’s not working

-All of the fake names Cassian has used for missions sound like stripper names


-Willix. Joreth Sward. Fulcrum. Aach. All stripper names.

-Bodhi’s gambling habit seems to have actually been a net positive; it helps him deal with his shit job and has landed him with loads of people in his debt

-Cassian’s middle name is Jeron

-Bodhi is six centimetres shorter and one year younger than Cassian and I’m sure he is constantly reminded of that

-Cassian’s job was so dangerous that the probability of him surviving 20 missions is only 23%

-That statistic is so specific that I know it was K-2so who spent the time to work it out

The Gang Goes to the Beach

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-Darry switches from laying in the sand to wading in the water.

-The second they hit the sand Steve unnecessarily cartwheels.

-Pony brought a book but got all pissy when it got sand in it.

-Johnny was making a sand castle when Pony threw his book right into Johnny’s castle.

-Johnny threw the book back at Pony #justicewasserved.

-Soda makes sure everyone has sunscreen on.


-“Two-Bit, we’re not even in Florida. You can’t swim to Cuba.”


-He literally just starts swimming out.

-Dallas throws beer bottles after Two-Bit, trying to hit him.

-He ends up getting a leg cramp and Darry has to go rescue him.

-Dally is in regular clothes for god knows what reason.

-Socs are at the other end of the beach, Bob’s over there making hot dogs and hamburgers and shit

-Because of the segregation, the Shepard gang shows up near where the gang is.

-Curly is in a speedo.(fight me on this.)

-Angela in a bikini turned quite a few heads, including some of the Curtis gang’s.

-Heavy drinking commences.

-Steve, Two-Bit, and Soda (sometimes Dallas) cat whistling at the girls.

-Darry actually flirts with a cute blonde after she tripped in the sand and he asked if she was alright.

-Pony joins Johnny’s castle making and they make a badass castle.

-Tim is actually actively swimming most of the time.

-Curly watches the castle-making while spouting about some bullshit that makes him look tuff.

what I like the most about Twin Peaks is that Dale Cooper is so different from other crime solving leads they’re always like

I am a mysterious, cold agent that solves crimes with pure logic and intelligence

while Agent Cooper is like

I love these trees. I saw a bunny today. I like coffee and pie. I got this dream with mysterious puzzles. let’s throw stones at bottles to see who the murderer is. Do you know about Tibet?