throwin' gang signs


It’s Gonna Be Me 

Every little deke I do

Never seems enough for you

I don’t wanna lose it again

I’m so much better than them

Stanley when you finally

Get raised by somebody

Guess what…

It’s gonna be me.

Ways to Remember Blackhawk Numbers
  • Duncan Keith: is missing his TWO front teeth
  • Patrick Sharp: is a perfect TEN
  • Brandon Bollig: has the beard of FIFTY-TWO grown men
  • Jonathan Toews: might buy you a drink if you're over NINETEEN
  • Brent Seabrook: sails the SEVEN seas
  • Nick Leddy: is EIGHT years old

Blue Lines Presented by Team Canada

One thing I ask of you

Let me be the one, defend our medal too

Go from Canada to Sochi, boo

Yeah I’ve had the Cup but she ain’t as bad as you

I’m your last guy, they’re all too square for you

So I’ll be on the podium and do that salute

You know I want it, you know I want it, you know I want it