throwdown! with bobby flay

Exhaustive List of Bobby Flay Shows on Food Network

  • Throwdown With Bobby Flay
  • Grill It! With Bobby Flay
  • Brunch at Bobby’s
  • Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction
  • Food Nation With Bobby Flay
  • Christmas at Bobby’s
  • Fileting with Flay
  • Burger Brawl with Bobby Flay
  • Soufflé Shootout With Bobby Flay
  • Just Fucking Grill It, Already! With Bobby Flay
  • Flayvor Country
  • Prison Eats With Bobby Flay
  • Flaycate the Masses
  • Iron Chef All Stars: Flay vs. Flay
  • Dead Inside With Bobby Flay
  • Flan Fracus With Bobby Flay
  • How To Cook Endangered Species With Bobby Flay
  • Meatball Melee With Bobby Flay

Speaking of Bobby fuckin’ Flay, what’s the deal with Bobby Fuckin’ Flay? There was a time when he was just the whitest Iron Chef of them all, and that was OK. Now he’s the star of every third show on Food Network. Does Bobby Flay have a family? A home he can go back to? Is Food Network keeping him against his will, or is he a food automaton? You can watch him in Iron Chef, Grill It! With Bobby Flay, Throwdown With Bobby Flay, Worst Chefs In America, Food Network Star, Boy Meets Grill, Grillin’ And Chillin’, and probably a dozen other shows that air at 3 a.m. that even I can’t be bothered to watch. Let Bobby Flay sleep!

I understand the need for a corporation to latch onto a star and squeeze the life out of them. Disney does it all the time with people like Miley Cyrus. Food Network does it to Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri – only Guy Fieri is such an endless font of doucheisms and frosted tips that they could give him his own network and he’d probably manage to fill it with 36 hours of programming per day, with not a single repeated Hawaiian shirt. Bobby Flay, however, always seems just this side of slapping someone for over spicing their fish and walking off set forever. The man needs a break. And so do we as an audience.

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