my take on the team leaders
  • <p><b>spark:</b> he's the uncle your parents warned you about but you always go to because he takes you to fun-bordering-dangerous places and gives you 20 bucks so you wont tell mom. probably has a dog, probably a jack russel, and he races the dog on an almost daily basis. will check for monsters under your bed, even if youre a grown ass adult. doesnt like confrontation but will smack a bitch and moonwalk out of the crime scene if needed. also a (very) smooth talker<p/><b>candela:</b> she will kick your ass, my ass, her own ass, then treat you to mcdonalds. she's the rich single aunt who travels the world because aint nothin holding her down. probably has a pet turtle at home just because. is friends with everyone at the local gym near her home. if you ask her "why" she'll answer "why not ;)." resident pun maker. because she and her pokemons throwdown like no other, she knows a lot about physical therapy and rehab<p/><b>blanche:</b> Team Mom™, probably has a phd in psychology or some shit like that. also the rich aunt/uncle, but the kind that has vacation homes in various tropical islands. will sue you for all your money's worth, and probably has the worst road rage. there's a rumor in their neighborhood that they have three husbands and a wife or two, but no one knows for sure. makes the best chocolate chip cookies. bffls with all the local elderly women and likes to trade gossip and baking recipes with them<p/></p>
  • Chuuya:[takes off his shoes] Don't do that to him.
  • Antagonist:Why'd you take your shoes off?
  • Chuuya:So I don't break your nose when I kick it.
  • [he proceeds to take Antagonist out with some precision karate moves, ending with a throwdown in the mud. Antagonist walks away quietly sobbing]
  • Dazai:I can fight my own fights.
  • Chuuya:[turns to Dazai] No you can't...

-   It’s a little known fact, but the Lightning flight throws the best parties in all of Sorineth.
-   Because when you work as hard as we do, you
play hard too.
-   You play so hard you go deaf for days, hoarse for weeks.  You play so hard the ground shakes and the sky breaks.  You play so hard you give the storms screeching overhead a run for their goddamn money.
-   Because those flashes you see, over there on the horizon?  
-   That isn’t lightning.
-   That rumbling you hear, that you can
feel in your bones?  The rhythmic thudding that sets the grasses trembling and the air shaking?
-   That isn’t thunder.

-   That’s the bass dropping.

-   Let me tell you, the Lightning flight is wild.  If you’ve never been to one of our throwdowns, you cannot understand what it’s like.  You have to experience firsthand the screaming winds, the shuddering air, the crescendo of lights… and the music.
-   Oh, but what makes it unearthly isn’t just the music, or the setting.
-   No.
-   It’s the figures you can sometimes glimpse from other territories, the huge looming shapes, nonsensical mashes of light and colour.
-   Dragons swirl everywhere in the confusion of sound and glow and movement, creating a maelstrom of wings and bodies.
-   The ground rumbles, and the
air seems to compress and stretch.
-   Because at the centre of every single Lightning bash, there’s at
least one titan towering above it all.
-   A gigantic cybernetic ridgeback, whose one purpose is to shred the sands.
Their hides are crisscrossed with plating and wires, their sides are speakers.  Their entire bodies light up in a massive upsurge of current, spewing a morphing, mixing lightshow with every movement.
-   The bass they ooze makes the ground vibrate so much that the very
sand dances, stacking up, piling up, twisting over itself in haunting formations as the ridge pounds out the bassline.
-   No one can get near the giant; to do so is to risk severe injury from the sound alone.  They have complete control over the dancefloor, and by the Stormcatcher do they use it well.  Whirling, thrumming, shaking, the titan has wings made of visualisers and a wicked grin on their face.  The music they generate is almost inaudible over itself, an electronic mess of shrieking leads, screaming synths, and crashing, ripping, quaking drums.
-   The energy is undeniable and even the rage of the stormclouds above seems to bend to the ridge’s heavy, charged dance.
-   And then it’s over a quickly as it began, with only the sand settling to tell of what just happened.

-   The next time you hear someone tell a Lightning dragon they’re all work and no play, watch for the knowing little smirk that will dart over their face.

-   That idiot has no goddamn idea.

V-hex Industries is launching an exclusive Thundercrack 2016 set of skincents, available only during the week of the Thundercrack Carnivale.  They will be permanently retired after the festival, and will never cycle back in.
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Well guys, here’s the official ‘buy a sticker from me pls’ post with examples of what you can get

Every sticker is unique! U ask for whatever you want, I’ll make you a sticker and send it to you in an envelope with a letter! Provided it’s not something gross (no porn, vore, incest, etc)

An individual character sticker is a dollar, and look like whats drawn above, every character added adds a dollar to price

Example: u want a sticker of david sylvian and nick rhodes about to throwdown? That’ll be $2 USD

Also as bonus, everyone gets a free little ‘rude af’ richard. Hes about the size of a pink eraser, and will go nicely on notebooks and phonecases and other things! His background will be whatever color I happen to grab to color it, unless u ask for something (i.e. *insert actual sticker request* and could the bonus richard have a yellow background pls?)

Also im just selling through myself, not etsy or redbubble so keep that in mind.

Here’s the link to where you pay (also found in my bio)

Also, i prefer u send requests via messages and add your email to the request so I know who’s paid and whatnot, also I need your address/where u want it sent in the message (or over an email if you prefer) so i know where to send it!

I start making and sending out August 1st, so feel free to request now so I can get a jump on things!

Also if shipping comes into play thats more than “hey add a stamp or two” we can talk about that in private (tho i dont think it should be a problem)

Also also! Not exclusively japan stickers! That’s all i have up there, but I’ll make you a sticker of whatever you want!

You want a barbie sticker? Cool! Want a pokemon or a beatle sticker! Can do! You want the above stated nick and david throwing down sticker? Awesome!

So let’s get this thing going, i ship from the USA!


That whore wants another Vancouver beatdown.

…. alas.

Someone else wants to beat Andrei’s ass.

Well whatever.  You have a window to get out while the gettin’s good before I have him stab you or something.


Just like that?  You get off the treadmill and think to yourself man I really want to throwdown?

Well whatever.  xD

i could never be no pokemon trainer in like, real life, cause when i battle a gym once them leaders start talking shit and bragging on beating me i’d be ready to throwdown. fuck pokemon battles, it’s a human battle

anonymous asked:

i listened to hoedown throwdown while listening to some of your fics and it was the best reading experience i've had so far

Don’t you ever fuckinf spea k to m e agai n

Earlier this week I had the honor of being @missmandii’s throwdown guest. Being on the other side of the camera is always nerve wrecking but for this pan grilled cinnamon soy chicken, totally worth it.

See the episode on @missmandithrowdown and try not laugh at me for my camera shyness please.

Thanks for having me Mandi. It’s always good times.


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*•.   HEADCANON  03  ,  COOKING.

SURPRISE  ,  SURPRISE !!   james  t.  kirk  knows  how  to  throwdown  in  the  kitchen.  in  any  verse really  ,  but  firstly  ,  he’s  resourceful.  he  can  take  a  handful  of  ingredients  and  make  a  meal out  of  it.  he  has  a  pension  for  concocting  different  plates  on  a  whim  and  making  sure  it’s  just right.  and  it’s  also  a  source  of  stress - relief  when  he  has  the  time  to  spare.

you’re  coming  over  to  hang  out  /  it’s  date  night ?   he’s  cooking  for  you.  you’re  ill  and  unable to  help  yourself  (  save  for  a  can  of  sodium  enriched  soup  )  he’s  on  his  way  with  his  own  , homemade  remedy.  you  want  breakfast  in  bed ?  he’s  delivering  ,  complete  with a  cliche handful of  wildflowers  in  a  tiny  vase.

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Stupid bloody video limits….Anyway, welcome back to “Sean shoehorns 28 gigs of music into one music player!”, a short lived segment started by @ohtze​. Carrying on from last time

6. Mr Roboto - The Protomen (The Cover Up album)

7. Hell to Pay - Miracle of Sound (turn up the volume up for this, it deserves to be loud)

8. Return - Ludvig Forssell (and the inevitable occurs as my Metal Gear trash seeps into my music collection)

9. Tesler Throwdown - Joseph Trapanese

And finally 10. See You Space Cowboy - The Seatbelts

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Until next time space cowboys


“Need someone to fly to Germany today. You in? Flight from Philly direct to Frankfurt at 7 PM.”

I was in the middle of a Reach to Teach interview when this message popped up on my phone. Usually, I have my phone away from my computer when I’m interviewing teachers, but it slipped my mind this time. I had just asked the interviewee a question and had to get her to repeat her answer. After the interview wrapped up, I called my new boss/old friend to ask if this was real.

This felt familiar somehow…

Who knew that nine years later, I’d be working for the older brother of this mysterious Dan? 

Todd started SAVAGE Ultimate out of his home in 2009. I still remember when he showed up to Chucktown Throwdown with our team’s infamous jerseys. Yeah, even the Broke Phi Broke Grundlebugs could afford these kits–Todd made sure to make these jerseys affordable for college kids. He told us a little about the company and said to talk to him about a job after I graduated. Well, I’ve graduated and Todd was serious. I was hard to find for a bit there–some people still think I lived in Thailand. But, with a new office in Richmond, Todd and SAVAGE were easy to find when I got back. One week into the job, I was getting sent to Frankfurt, Germany for the Quidditch World Cup.

But, is this real?

I weaved through six hours of traffic up to Philadelphia (much like we did in ‘07), bounded to my gate with four bags of jerseys in tow, and somehow made it to Frankfurt, where Anna, a rep from the IQA (International Quidditch Association) took me straight to the fields. 

Twenty teams (and many fans) from all over the world made the trek to compete at the sport’s highest level (in the muggle world). Australia and South Korea were the farthest-traveling teams. USA was a heavy favorite, and the talk of the tournament was whether anyone could even score on them this year. (Bulgaria wasn’t there and I suppose Krum retired.) So you can imagine how much people lost their shit when Australia beat them in the final with a snitch catch. It truly was a thriller.

Savannah, my SAVAGE partner in crime at the tournament, snapped this right after the refs called the snitch catch “GOOD!”

The whole tournament had a similar vibe to a frisbee tournament: games all day, friendly people everywhere, tight-knit community…

closing ceremonies

So…this is real. 

It all happened so fast. I watched my first Quidditch game. I traveled to Europe for the first time. I used a company card for SAVAGE, which 7 years ago was Todd and his oven, screen printing jerseys.

“Don’t be too hard to find.”