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Sadly looks out the window as their daughter feeds from Sids weakened frame. She waits for help from her sparkmate.

Throwdown came in with a sigh, some weld marks along his left forearm. “I’m never stinkin’ my servo in another beastie’s mouth ever again.”

March Goals.

New month = new focus.

Sticking to my current training split but adding in an extra day just for the booty, also 2 HIIT sessions a week. Hoping to be able to deadlift 70kg for 3 x 3 by the end of the month, and keep 60kg comfortable for 4 x 10. Also want to work on my pull-ups, neglected practice for a while but determined to do one soon! Lots of lat pull downs, assisted and negative pull ups incorporated in to my split. I want to compete next year, either in the student MASS throwdown (crossfit) or powerlifting. I’m on the fence about physique competing still, I don’t think it’s really the aesthetic I’m going for and the intensity required is asking for stress really alongside my studies- goals need to be realistic and achievable to work. 

Outside of the gym I want to complete my volunteering hours so I can make a head start on my essay, and start looking around for a part time or evening job. 

BUSY!!! What are your goals for this month? Let me know!


So Perry’s freaking out a little bit, LaFontaine’s found a parasite and the mystery of the missing girls is still plaguing Silas U.

Good thing Laura and LaFontaine have a plan…a totally solid, foolproof, airtight, nothing-is-going-to-go-wrong-at-all kind of plan.

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