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Throwback Thursday! 

On Valentine’s Day this year, Oregon turned 156 years old. Hard to believe that it was just 56 years ago that the state turned 100 years old! For the Centennial celebration, the BLM provided the Douglas Fir tree that was displayed at Oregon’s Centennial Exposition.

The Centennial Tree was brought to Portland under the supervision of the last BLM State Supervisor, Virgil T. Heath. After Virgil’s tenure with the BLM, the State Supervisors became State Directors.

Take a step back in time to 1959 and see how this mammoth tree made its way from Coos County to Portland:

A “throwback Thursday” shot from the winter road near Tulit'a, Northwest Territories - taken last January. Yesterday we drove for 13.5 hours from Yellowknife to Tulit'a. The winter road section was beautiful but we did it all in the dark. I’ll have to make a point to drive the section between Tulit'a and Wrigley again sometime during daylight hours - it is supposed to be especially beautiful because of the Franklin Mountains that run along that stretch.