The Gem In The Stone - October 2007
Starring Joan, Joe, Josh, and David Seger

Oh man - I’ve been working on a new demo reel (hire me!) and digging through hard drives for any old files and found this weird movie. Back in 2007-2009, our LA gaggle of pals used to host these parties called “Movie Night” in which we’d decide on a theme and everyone would make a little movie and we’d all watch them together. This was for our “(BLANK) in the Stone” challenge in October of 2007. The memory is foggy, but I was home in Michigan for some reason and didn’t bring any production supplies - so I had to make this movie with my Mom’s point-and-shoot and edit it on her computer in Windows Movie Maker.



“Show Me What You Got”
My Channel 101 “EVERYTHING” Segment
from Everything Episode 6
March 2010