27th January 2013

OK Magazine claims the two had a “very secret rendezvous in a French hotel” last month.

Swift and Styles supposedly booked suites at the same place during the Cannes music festival, with an OK! source claiming, “She told Harry it was best if they pretended not to be together.”

“Taylor has learned from her mistakes, and feels like the only way they stand a chance is to keep everything away from the public until their romance is on solid ground,” explains the tabloid’s insider.

The OK! tipster goes on to say, “They had a great time hanging in each other’s rooms. But in public they made sure to not even cross paths. It was very well coordinated.”

Inspiration for Wildest Dreams perhaps?

Bonus: 11 months later Harry posts a similar view of the Cannes’ hotel room, mimicking Taylor’s sunset picture:


The Gem In The Stone - October 2007
Starring Joan, Joe, Josh, and David Seger

Oh man - I’ve been working on a new demo reel (hire me!) and digging through hard drives for any old files and found this weird movie. Back in 2007-2009, our LA gaggle of pals used to host these parties called “Movie Night” in which we’d decide on a theme and everyone would make a little movie and we’d all watch them together. This was for our “(BLANK) in the Stone” challenge in October of 2007. The memory is foggy, but I was home in Michigan for some reason and didn’t bring any production supplies - so I had to make this movie with my Mom’s point-and-shoot and edit it on her computer in Windows Movie Maker.