throwback to 04

I See Now (feat. Kanye West & Consequence)
Little Brother
I See Now (feat. Kanye West & Consequence)

The other day I came across a box filled with a bunch of CDs I burnt back in the day. A lot of them were labeled “Best of…” the corresponding year. When I saw the “Best of 2004,” I had to listen to it. I remember very clearly being very into hip hop and especially enjoying the music that was produced that year after a lackluster 2003. 

When I started playing the mix, a song that I completely forgot existed began to play. “I See Now” by Little Brother feat. Kanye West and Consequence. 

I was a huge Little Brother fan back then. There was a 3 month period where all I listened to was them. “The Listening” is such an underrated and under-appreciated album. Phonte was a good emcee and 9th Wonder, while slightly overrated, was a solid producer. 2004-2005, Little Brother was almost famous, haha.

But back to the song. Now that I rediscovered it, the track has been on brainwash repeat. I don’t recall whether or not this was on “The Chitlin Circuit” mixtape, but who cares. I like the beat on this, Phonte had a dope verse, and I LOVE Kanye’s performance. Nothing mind-blowing, just simple and potent. He just oozes charisma.

“Now how the hell I end up arguing with this biiiiiitttch
Know EVERYTHING, but don’t know sheeeeiiit." 

What makes me sad is that 2004 is now considered throwback. How is ‘04 already 10 years ago? Noooooooooo.


Day 04 of 100. One of the greatest joys for me as an unabashed K-Pop fan is when my favorite band comes out with a good song that I really, really like AND then they release a dance practice video. Oh, joy! (B1A4, Lonely - 2013)