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(Throwback) The Way You Move - OutKast ft. Sleepy Brown

look no offense and i know it’s been three years but why the hell did hermann gottlieb not get a musical theme when even frickin hannibal chau got one?? i demand an hgotts musical theme he is important and he deserves to be introduced with cool tunes like everyone else i refuse to be silent about this

rafaelcasal 8:31AM in New York, clutching my phone at a nearby diner, bad cup of coffee and 2 hours of sleep, heart pounding hard enough to shake the silverware on the table, thinking, “come on… say his name. Say his name. Say his name.” #TONYS2016 #diggsforthewin #getback

Throwback to Daveed’s Tony nom.
The support these two have for eachother is out of this world.