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ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-04: favorite parent/child relationship

( Lo & Moffy )

“It’s only two days, Moffy.”

And then he cries, “I hate you!”

My eyes burn. I hate you rings in my ears. “You can hate me for two days, Maximoff, but I’ll love you for a thousand more.” I wipe his tears with my thumb, and he sniffs, calming down for a minute. “It may seem unfair, but we’re your parents—and if there’s anyone in this world you need to listen and trust, who will always have your back, it’s us. We just need you to respect us when we tell you something. The same way that we respect you when you ask us questions. What do we do?”

He thinks for a moment. Then he says softly, “You listen to me, and you always answer back.”


“A lugubrious being was Montparnasse … less than twenty years of age, with a handsome face, lips like cherries, charming black hair, the brilliant light of springtime in his eyes; he had all vices and aspired to all crimes.” – Les Misérables

Montparnasse | Photography

anonymous asked:

I love that Lydia's guilty pleasure is 80s pop, 80s pop is the bestttt (and the fuck off thing, thats amazing), I can also see her listening to some 90s throwback just because that reminds her of childhood and stuff? but thats just me lol

i can see that too! i see lydia as having a super eclectic music taste, so 90′s throwback stuff is def in there.