60 minutes of cardio and shoulder day today. My first day of my new job was yesterday – it was a long day, so I skipped my workout. Today I’m working 6:30PM - 1:30AM. As much as I miss the bartending money, I don’t miss the late nights. I forced myself to stay up until 1 last night and I stayed in bed as late as I could force myself to today so that I’m not exhausted by 10. We’ll see!


Despite what happened, this song is still such a great collaboration.

Rest Of My Life - Kevin McCall ft. Chris Brown

Throwback when my hair was long lol
I know I’m not active as much as I used to but I’m taking 5 lessons and along with my trainings it’s pretty tiring for me
Tbh I don’t want weekend to come cause I’m writing to tests on Tuesday and I gotta read😶😞💔
Hope you have a great weekend💎