If Taylor approved the lyrics why would her publicist have to come out and say it wasn’t approved then a bunch of her friends (even ones legally obligated by contract to promote Kanye’s shoes) come to Taylor’s defense and why would her brother and boyfriend throw shade and Kanye or Taylor not say this ahead of time?? Like come on

on the record im just going to state WE DONT NEED THIS MANY GOD DAMN NUDE EYESHADOW PALETTES ON THE MARKET. give me shine! sparkle! glitter! duochrome! pigments so pure you can snort them! im tired of the same 4091102 greige mauve fade to brown ass colors at least if youre gonna make a nude palette throw in some statement shades i mean shit. that one becca ombre matte nudes palette turns me into a grumbling hobgoblin every time i think about it. i blame the naked palettes and we need to stop this madness

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lol yes he is and of course you had the gross fans under that screaming i ship it & ( dad??) Iwonder if they actually read what he said or the just say the pic and spazzed? I have to say I really do enjoy Jensen throwing all the shade 😂😂

They masturbate any time he even mentions or interacts with Misha. He could tell Misha that he’s going to murder him if he ever sees his ugly face again and they’d all be going “HUSBANDS!!!!!!!”

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I hope Taylor throws shade during her acceptance speeches at the Grammys

I don’t want it to be some immature thing. I don’t see how her doing that won’t come across as immature :/ if she does something I don’t think that’s the right way to do it. I think completely ignoring him for the rest of her life and cut the shit about all this forgiveness crap would be a good way to start.