You know nothing, Jon Snow

Shippers being critical about rival ships, I can completely understand. Using logic, theories, facts, even opinions to disprove their non-OTP, I can get behind that. Hell, even salty shippers throwing shade makes sense to me. But when I heard this seemingly popular theory that Jon Snow is not actually in love with Dany, he’s simply playing her, I literally LOLed.
Like this is Jon ‘you know nothing’ Snow we’re talking about! Clueless Jon! Oblivious Jon! If it had been literally any other character, I would have considered that theory (except the idea of precious bean Jaime Lannister trying to manipulate people is ridiculous but yeah, I can go with that). Jon Snow! A man who is an excellent fighter but, let’s face it, barely good at diplomacy. He got freaking killed bcoz of his decisions man! He is not good at reading people, at getting into their heads and all the stuff people like Littlefinger and Varys and even Sansa excel at. He’s good at charging full-tilt into combat, giving a damn about his own safety. He’s good, he’s honorable, he’s noble, but playing people? It’s just not him. It’s not Jon Snow.
So why do I believe Jon is definitely not playing Dany? 1. Bcoz, like I said, he’s frickin Jon Snow! Mr. Honor Incarnate! Imagining him ‘playing’ Dany (or literally anyone for that matter) is like imagining Littlefinger cares for the Stark family! Basically it’s BS bcoz Jon is simply not savvy enough to manoeuvre and make a woman like Dany, who’s not exactly an amateur at love, believe he’s in love with her. 2. What’s the point of pretending to be in love with her? If he’s planning to use her for her dragons and then betray her later by dumping her for the North (and Sansa?), might as well bend the knee and betray her anyway. Why the ruse? What’s to be gained by it if betrayal is his whole point anyway? 3. *Got Spoilers* Why bend the knee after she’s already promised to help him? And the lame argument of ‘she may go back on her words once she comes out of her emotional state’ is just that. Lame. And stupid. The Night King killed one of her children. Boy, has he made it personal. No way is Dany going to stop at anything now from destroying him. Jon surely knows that. She’s beyond a doubt on his side. So why bend the knee? For what? To make her fall in love and…? He’s already got what he wanted. Her fighting against the Night King with her dragons and army? So why the pointless charade then? He doesn’t have to fake-love her because right now she’s totally driven by revenge as it is. He doesn’t have to bend the knee because she doesn’t care about anything else right now. Except the destruction of the Night King. Aka Jon’s mission accomplished. So it literally makes zero sense to bend the knee or pretend to love her now. You know what’s easier and more logical to believe? That Jon came to know her and love her. Yes, she’s a tyrant to a lot of her haters, but to the general audience she’s a good person. Yes, she makes mistakes. Everyone does. But if there’s one completely established fact about GoT it’s that everybody pays for their mistakes. The whole argument that Jon doesn’t really know her is not strictly relevant here because Jon discovered a lot of facts about her while they were together. That she cares about her people immensely! That she is not afraid to risk her own life whenever needed! Remind you of someone? Someone who’s always on the front lines of war despite his position? Who takes risks solely for the betterment of his people? Hell the parallels between Jon and Dany are astonishing if you think about it, is it really that tough to imagine Jon realizing this and developing feelings for her? Yes Dany is ruthless at times, yes she loses her temper quickly, and that’s the whole point of her needing Jon! Where Jon is naive, she’s smart. But where she’s impulsive, he’s careful. They differ in a lot of ways, yes. But that’s partly the reason behind their ship, isn’t it? Theirs is the song of ice and fire? I don’t think it’s a stretch to imagine that Jon started liking her while they were together, and he fell for her when he saw that she risked her life to come save him. Who wouldn’t? Who wouldn’t fall hard for someone whom they already like, are similar in some ways to, and who risk their own life to save you when they had no obligation to? That she threw all caution to the wind and answered his call instantly. That she came there for him. To save him. So in the boat scene, Jon is in love with her. It’s not playing here, it’s not pretending to get what he wants via faking it, it’s not killing the boy and letting the man be born. It’s him falling in love but being unable to do anything about it because it would only complicate things further. It’s him being unsure whether she wants him as much as he does. And okay, not going to be too sappy here, but it’s him falling for the woman who sacrificed her child, her dragon, for him and realizing the goodness in her. And about the giving the North, why is it looked upon as a betrayal, I’m failing to understand. People are talking about him ‘giving the North’ to Dany as if she’s going to move to Winterfell and kick all its occupants out or something. He didn’t give her the North, he gave her his allegiance. To let her know that now she was a deserving Queen in his eyes. This is Jon Snow we’re talking about. Titles never mattered to him. What matters is the survival of his people. And who’s going to help him with that? Dany. Without asking for anything in return. And it is precisely because of this, that he declared his allegiance to her. What people need to understand is that Dany is not the enemy. She’s not going to suddenly turn on the North, or impose absurd rules on them, or anything of the sort. She’s not Lannisters. She’s not a flowery South Queen who doesn’t care about them. She’s willing to fight for the North. To defend them. She’s acting as a Queen should. So Jon bending the knee under these circumstances is very understandable and not a ploy. He may lose his crown, but then it never mattered to him really as long as his people are safe and protected. Which they are. And once people stop imagining Dany as the enemy (bcoz she isn’t), it’s not even a betrayal on Jon’s part. As king, he’s looking out for his people’s survival. Just like his ancestors did before him. But where they bowed out of fear, he does for love. P. S. Whether or not Jonerys is endgame, I have no idea. It’s very much possible it ends in tragedy, or disaster. Or he may end up betraying her, who can tell. But my point is. He’s not playing her. For now, Jon is in love with her. And whatever happens later, happens. As one of my favorite characters said, “If we die, we die. But first, we’ll live.”

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Tbh I think Camila has done a much better job of handling any questions about her leaving the band. I feel like she's just being really honest and upfront which is something 5h hasn't done, I mean when ur PR person has to get directly involved that means you're either hiding something or you're not capable of answering a question without throwing shade.


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How about kinzou being married to a feisty Latina headcannons

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  • Kinzou really digs the sass tbh
  • He likes ‘em feisty
  • It’s a total turn on for him
  • Somehow they never argue
  • He’s too dense to care about it really
  • And not clever enough to throw any shade back
  • So he’ll just cave in the moment they get hot-blooded
  • Also thinks their accent is sexy as hell

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Is it possible to shade unconsciously someone?

 Yee, i’d say you’re kinda likely if you have Taurus, Scorpio or Capricorn in your placements, you can throw shade without eve realising it.
 Gemini and Sagittarius will still try to be friendly but they can get really passive agressive. Aries, Libra and Aquarius won’t really say anything but they’ll make it super obvious if they don’t like you and Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Pisces are usually very peaceful or just avoid you completely.

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Technically ty didn't say they were dating. People asked him and he said what do you think?.. that doesn't mean he was confirming it or denying. He just let everybody assume he never say yes or no. Everybody know he plays too much lol. The other day on his live somebody said turn the camera around if Camren is real and he did it. You just have to ignore him and with the giggling thing with Lauren she was giggling when he asked about Tyren. So is that throwing shade too?

Apparently. 😂

What if Derek returning back to the Big Brother house is actually production trying to throw shade at the current houseguests but sadly they won’t understand because the majority of them have probably only seen one season


when your final arc is actually good

when they can’t give you a dad haircut cuz you’ve been a dad since episode 1

when you get a full anime adaptation to the last arc

when you trolled pretty much every tv show for 13 years but still got no copyright strike

when you’re the only shonen jump character who’s not a virgin since the start

when people think your show is all fun and trolling