how i know i am a truly next level insufferable nerd: whenever i see a seemingly ~nice~ jane austen novel quote about love or friendship or literary enthusiasm on, say, an internet graphic or a notecard or a throw pillow, i can’t just let it slide. i always have to complain about it. to cry out “CAROLINE JUST SAID THAT BECAUSE SHE WAS SO THIRSTY FOR DARCY, SHE DON’T CARE ABOUT READING” or “ISABELLA THORPE IS THE WORLD’S #1 HYPOCRITE, SHE OBVIOUSLY MEANS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF THAT, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, GET THOSE WORDS OFF YOUR THROW PILLOW UNLESS YOU WANT IT TO BE A THROW PILLOW OF LIES.

Little Notes

Bucky Barnes x Reader


Request: “A cute little Bucky X Reader idea popped into my head today. How about the reader always writes reminders/her To Do list on her hands, so she always has writing in them. She’s so busy all the time that she often falls asleep wherever she sits down in the tower. When she wakes up she sometimes finds new notes written on her hands written by none other than the Bucky Barnes. Do what you wish with this little idea, I trust your creative genius! Thank you always for writing 💜” - @lovelyladylilac

Word Count: 1972

Warning: little bit of fluff

To @lovelyladylilac, thank you for requesting the cutest ideas, and thank you for checking in on me when I’m absent for too long. Even in my writer’s block and overwhelming life you’re always there to make my day and help me focus on what makes me happy. You mean the world to me! <3

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private tutor | part one

request from anon: Can I request a namjoon in college!au? It can be about anything! Maybe a tutor? Thanks and I love your writing!!

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[Namjoon x Reader]

Genre: College!au, Humor

Words: 3535

—> “I am brilliant, thank you very much. But if you don’t have a form of payment, I’m afraid I will have to decline your proposal.” You fall to your knees, hands clasped together, “Please, Namjoon; I’m willing to do anything.” The last word causes him to look away from his book and down at you, taking in your rather pathetic self. A smirk stretches across his lips, “Anything?”

A/N: Joonie can tutor me any day ;) hope you guys like this part one/intro of this series (i’m thinking three parts?)! xoxo

Well, this is awkward.

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On the Bright Side 

If you’re like us, you’re so ready for all things spring. It’s not too early to start bringing the brightness of the season inside. With a few simple touches you’ll be ready to thaw out from those winter days and indulge in the sunnier side of life. 

Think lighter fabrics, like a chic white sofa, to create an open, airy feeling in your living room. Although white seating can seem scary, it works well with most decor styles and truly brightens up spaces of any size.

Another stunning way to evoke the energy of spring is to add pops of yellows, blues and other cheerful shades with pillows and wall décor. And if you truly want to bring the beauty of the season inside, add punchy paint color and standout lighting.. and voila! Spring dreams just became reality.  

Ready to remedy your case of spring fever? Let the outside in.


There was nothing like being on tour in Europe with the people you loved most. For Shawn, the people he loved were able to follow him wherever he goes. His family who would visit him at least one week during each leg of the tour. His loyal and loving fans would catch him on the streets of any city. And let’s not forget about his team/best friends: Geoff, Andrew, Tom, and Brian, who were basically his brothers. Yet, as he sat in that comfortable couch in front his best friends, there was something clouding his mind. 

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Playing With Winchester

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Request: Hi! Congrats on your Writing Anniversary! I had this idea that maybe the reader asks Dean to help he train but he notices she’s doing it to help her insecurities? If that even makes sense. Thanks so much if you do!

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,900ish

Warnings: language

A/N: This one got away from me in a good way…

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anonymous asked:

7!!! For the Drabble list , cutest way for Shawn to ask his so to move in with him 😊

7. “Could you be happy here with me?”

a/n: i’m crying holy fuck also idk how to end things lmao soz

After a long time of waiting for Shawn to finish his tour, you finally get to fly up to Toronto to see his new condo. 

“So yeah, this is the kitchen and the living room, this is my studio in here and then that’s a guest bedroom, and, finally, this is the master bedroom.” He tells you as he leads you through his new space. When he opens the door to the master, you waltz right in and throw yourself onto the bed, making the fluffy comforter ruffle and the pillows bounce.

“This is a sweet place, babe! Look at you being all adult!” You tease, throwing a pillow at him, which he catches before hopping onto the bed next to you. “You should get like… a fish… or something, you know. So it’s not so empty.”

Shawn laughs and rolls over to look at you on the bed, so you mimic him. He reaches for your waist and pulls you closer to him, so that you are chest to chest and nose to nose.

“I’m glad you’re here with me for the first night of my new adulthood.” He whispers to you with a little breathy laugh at the end. You smile and lift your lips to kiss him on the nose.

“Me too.” You whisper back, and you nuzzle into his chest.

“So, you really like the place?” He asks you, pulling away a little to see your reaction.

You nod your head, “I love it! It’s very… Shawn. I think you’re gonna be really happy here.”

“Do you think…” He starts, but he stops himself. “Could you be happy here with me?”

You perk up from your cozy position in his arms and flip onto your stomach, leaning up on your forearms.

“Do you mean…?” you ask, not sure what he is implying.

“What if this wasn’t just my place? What if it was yours, too?” He asks, struggling to meet your eyes.

A small smile appears on your lips. “You mean like… move in here?”

He finally connects your gaze with his and he nods shyly. “I mean, you’re going to be here all the time, and we’ve already designated the spot for your toothbrush, and half the things you wear are mine anyways, so we wouldn’t have to worry about there not being enough closet space…I just want you with me all the time.”

You bite your lip before leaning close to Shawn and pressing your lips to his.

“So is that a yes?” He asks when he finally pulls back from your kiss. You nod your head and kiss him again to give him your answer.