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Any tips for adding personal touches to your home when you love all things kawaii but your partner doesn't? Decorating is always so hard because me and my boyfriend have such different tastes.

Compromise is important in any part of a relationship but especially when it comes to living together and creating a space that you’re both happy to be in. Find a way to work in pieces of both of your personalities in a way that works together. For example, maybe he likes dark colors but you like pastels. Well, pastel colors can make great accents on a darker base (or vise versa). You could choose dark colored furniture which makes a good neutral base and then add cute pastel throw pillows, or have a dark wall color and then add kawaii artwork on top of that. You could even put together a gallery wall featuring art relating to the various interests of both of you but frame everything similarly to create a cohesive look. You could also create a very cute yet elegant look with a light colored base and darker accents.

(Not necessarily just like either of those, but it shows you how good the color combinations can look.)
You can also add tiny touches like character figures here and there to bring some of your kawaii style in. Of course it’s also a good idea to go shopping together so you both have a say in what goes into the space, and you should both be able to put some personal touches around. Also think about things you can both have that aren’t necessarily part of the decor like throw blankets that get stored in a box at the end of the day, mugs that hide in the cabinet when not in use, even storage bins that live in the closet. Things like that are great ways for you both to have pieces you love without clashing decor. 
You could also consider each taking a room to decorate on your own if that’s an option. If my boyfriend and I get the house we’re looking at renting I’m going to have an office that’s going to be my personal kawaii space and he’s going to have his personal space in the basement so we both have somewhere for our things that don’t quite go together. If you don’t have the option of completely separate rooms you could also each take a room that nobody spends a ton of time in. You probably spend the most time in the living room and bedroom so those would be neutral ground while one could take the bathroom and the other takes the kitchen or something like that. And who knows, the more you work on it together the more you might find that you both like. Like if he’s into any fandoms maybe you could find some kawaii fanart from it and really bring your worlds together.
Not having all of the same interests doesn’t have to be a calamity, you might just have to get a little creative. Have fun with it!

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Hey! I saw your post where you added keith to your redbubble and society6 and I saw keith on the tote bag which I really like! But I was browsing through your redbubble and didn't see it anywhere! :c

Thats because the tote bag is on Society6!

RedBubble has their tote bags under throw pillows, so I usually forget to enable them. However I just added one now in case you prefer RB’s services over S6.

Thank you for your interest in my store! Hope this helps <3

how i know i am a truly next level insufferable nerd: whenever i see a seemingly ~nice~ jane austen novel quote about love or friendship or literary enthusiasm on, say, an internet graphic or a notecard or a throw pillow, i can’t just let it slide. i always have to complain about it. to cry out “CAROLINE JUST SAID THAT BECAUSE SHE WAS SO THIRSTY FOR DARCY, SHE DON’T CARE ABOUT READING” or “ISABELLA THORPE IS THE WORLD’S #1 HYPOCRITE, SHE OBVIOUSLY MEANS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF THAT, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, GET THOSE WORDS OFF YOUR THROW PILLOW UNLESS YOU WANT IT TO BE A THROW PILLOW OF LIES.

Never have I ever - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Never have I ever

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: It’s a dirty version so I guess you can imagine, but also lots of fluff

Imagine: Imagine playing a game of ‘Never have I ever’ with Team Free Will which leads to things being revealed from a certain hunter you’ve had feelings for very long.

A/N: Yall I wrote this so long ago that I can’t even remember. Now I am seriously in need of some Sam and Cas lovin’ but all that once requests open!

“Alright, alright I think I might have a good one. Never have I ever-” you smirked as you looked around you from Sam, to Cas and then your green-eyed crush Dean “-called someone the wrong name during sex.” you smiled as Sam chuckled.

“I have never.” Cas said simply “And I still don’t understand what is the purpose in talking during-”

“Cas!” you cut him off sharply with a chuckle following “It’s just- just answer the question. I’ll explain it all to you later when we’re alone.”

“You’ll what?” Dean exclaimed, his eyebrows shooting up as you smiled softly to yourself at how it always got to him like this. Maybe you weren’t a thing and maybe you had no idea about his feelings for you yet but seeing him have small bursts of jealousy like this made your heart flutter.

“Relax, Winchester. I’m not gonna corrupt him.” you shook your head.

“Anyway-” Sam cleared his throat, giving his brother a look as Dean relaxed visibly relax but still give a warning look to the blue-eyed angel “I have never, either. You?”

“I have never.” you said, shaking your head “Dean-o?”

“I-” he started, shifting uncomfortably in his place and giving his brother a hard glare when he saw the smirk on his face. Was it a knowing smirk?

“I have.” he sighed, shrugging and your eyebrows shot up as you smirked interested.

“Oh do tell? Which girl and what name?”

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secret [richie tozier x reader]

summary: during a sleepover (name) confesses her feelings for trashmouth

a/n: this is written for @superwolfiestar ‘s “Beauty and the Beast Halloween prompt challenge”! this is day 15 and prompt black cat. YA I KNOW I’M LATE SUE ME. also, request by anon:  hi!!!! can I request a Richie Tozier x reader where the reader rlly likes him and all the losers know it so one day they all tease the reader and richie’s like clueless and the reader tells richie and it’s super awk at first but richie just kisses the reader? If you have time thank you so much

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A black cat jumps from the trashcan and walks down the dimly lit street. From the inside of Bill’s house, you watch it slowly trot away out of your vision, having the urge to follow and pet it. Derry is unusually quiet for a weekend night – even if you’re never invited to join a party by your older sister (she is 17 and way too cool for you (her word’s, not yours)) you know what crazy ragers go on since once your mom had drove down a few blocks to collect her. It is a bit foggy too, just in the mood for Halloween. You smile to yourself, catch your reflection in the glass through the corner of your eye along with your group of friends throwing pillows and moving about. It’s late, really late and your mom would kill you if she knew you are still up. But it’s not like you can help it. You’re too happy to sleep. Richie is here, along with the rest of the Losers, but he’s the most important. Why? Well, obviously because you have a crush on him!…

And you plan on telling him. Tonight. When everyone’s asleep already and no one can tease you about it.

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Tooth Be Told | Hoseok

“Dude, you’re being like… super uncool right now.” Hoseok says, a glare marring his handsome face.

“My heart is breaking at the prospect of not being deemed cool by you, Jung Hoseok.” You roll your eyes at him and he yanks the phone from your hands so he can look at you properly.

“Did I or did I not cover your rent this month when you were short?” He seethes and you jump to your feet, jabbing a finger at his chest.

“I didn’t get paid until 2 o’clock and rent was due at 12 you ass hat I literally gave it right back to you!” You hiss.

“Yes, okay, good but it’s the principle of the matter. You needed me for something and I came through.” He retorts.

“Yeah because it’s my month to pay rent and we’d both be on our asses if I hadn’t.” You snort.

“Dude its a free dental exam what is there to protest? You don’t even have dental insurance so you can’t get routine cleanings, anyway, your teeth probably look like—“

“I refuse to let you anywhere near my mouth. You’re not a dentist and it’s very clean inside there thank you very much!” You say indignantly and it’s Hoseok’s turn to roll his eyes at you.

“I’m almost a dentist, one that’s offering to give you a free exam while my degree is pending.” He sniffs.

“What a nice way to phrase it—your degree is pending. You mean you’re not certified yet and if you think for one second that just because we’re friends or roommates or whatever that I’m going to—“

“If you don’t I’ll tell Jungkook it was you who accidentally washed your red shirt with his laundry.” Hoseok threatens and you gasp, a hand clutched to your chest.

“You wouldn’t.” You hiss.

“Try me.” He smirks.


“You know,” Hoseok begins, and you’re propped up on his bed, it’s all very unprofessional and half assed. His iPhone is macguivered onto a selfie stick he’s duct taped to the wall so he could have a light while he works and he’s wearing yellow dish washing gloves that you hope are new as he prods and pokes at your mouth, “you actually have really really clean teeth like there’s slight decalcification and some areas that are high risk for cavities but it’s nothing you couldn’t fix with some PreviDent—it’s like eight bucks at the store down the street. Pretty damn good for someone who hasn’t had dental insurance for like four years now.”

Hoseok pauses when he feels your tongue move against his gloved fingers and he frowns, ignoring the slight tingling sensation in crotch—very slight because any shot of arousal is quickly tamped down with the fact that your mouth was stretched open in an unflattering way and he had ample view of your double chin from this angle. He tugs his hands out with a, “sorry what were you saying?”

You inhale, making a gross slurping noise as you attempted to suck residual drool back in, because Hoseok was messy and your jaw fucking hurt.

“For the record you’re a terrible fucking dentist, just drop out now. Jesus,” you say, swiping at your face, and making Hoseok glare, “and also why dentist do that?”

“Do what?” Hoseok asks dryly.

“Ask you questions when their in the middle of fisting your goddamn mouth!” You snap, narrowing your eyes at him, and rubbing your face, “Are you trying to make my jaw come unhinged like y—oof!”

Hoseok shoves you back down with a glare, roughly opening your mouth as he shoves the mirror back in, letting it clank as he goes, “Like I was saying, slight decalcification but back here—“

Your eyes widen when the metal instrument treks back, far from any teeth and Hoseok’s eyebrows raise as he sends you an almost pleasantly surprised look.

“The most impressive part about this entire thing,” he murmurs and he’s long since shed the mirror as he ventured in your mouth, making you wonder just what exactly he was doing in there, “is that you have like literally no gag reflex like—look.”

The noise you make is somewhere between a squeal and a gasp as he presses his finger back, and you grip his wrist sending him a wild look. “Hoshrkdk fuduckek eurdj!”

“What?” He frowns and you yank his hand from your mouth.

“Hoseok, you fucking perv!” You spit, swiping the leftover drool from your mouth and he laughs, loudly, letting the gloves snap as he tugs them from his hands.

“I’m just saying I had my entire finger down your throat and wow just… wow. how is it that you can’t keep a boyfriend?” He snickers and you kick him til he’s tumbling off the bed.

“I hate you!” You sneer, sitting cross legged so you can chuck a pillow at him. “And for the record I would never in my entire life sleep with you, so you can wonder all you want.”

“Why? Because I could give you something to gag around?” He retorts and the words are off his tongue before his brain has time to catch up. Still, he plays it off as a joke, sending you a grin and hoping you don’t notice the way it falters.

He nearly deflates when throw another pillow.


Hoseok only laughs, perching himself on his elbows so he can see you better from the floor. It rubs you the wrong (or maybe right) way that he looks so good even like that—hair messy and pushed off his forehead and eyes red rimmed from lack of sleep. He’s wearing those stupid fake glasses he insists make him look smarter—more “denitisty”

“Well for the record, it wasn’t offered, you missed your window of opportunity in the pre roommate stage when we met at that party,” he nods.

“God, you still remember that?” You grumble, but your cheeks are heated and Hoseok sees.

He grins.

“It’s not everyday I almost drill my roommate through a goddamn wall,” he snickers, using one hand to push his hair back in thought, “I don’t think I’ve ever had a worst case of blue balls before or since.”

“Do you think if Jungkook,“ you bite your lip and shake your head, but he only raises his eyebrows for you to continue, “it’s dumb.”

“Do I think if Jungkook hadn’t interrupted that night,” he says, reading your mind, or really voicing his own thoughts, “do I think it would’ve been a mistake—is that what you were gonna ask?”

You nod.

“Honestly, I don’t know,” he murmurs in contemplation, “I mean… I wouldn’t have someone to split half of rent with so there’s that. We probably wouldn’t be friends either so that would’ve sucked.”

“Why do you say that?” You frown.

“Because you were a naive little freshman who I would’ve plowed and then never called back,” he says honestly and you wince at his honest words but you asked, “Not that you’re not hot or almost stupidly funny and cute. Because you’re all of that and I bet you’d even be a good lay, I’m into that real cute inexperienced type and from living with you I could tell you’re prime girlfriend material.”

“I don’t know where you’re going with this but I would like to know how you made all of that sound like an insult.” You say dryly, opting for a light tone despite the pang in your chest.

“Things happen for a reason and I’m a strong believer in—“

“Not this bullshit again,” you roll your eyes before dropping your voice an octave to mimic him, “Im a strong believer in the Universe and the stars and anything that’s not meant for you won’t find it’s way to you blah blah blah. Give it a rest alright?”

Hoseok is quiet for a beat before meeting your gaze, “Are you sad things didn’t work out between us? Or like just sad about how they are now?”

“And how is that?” You implore, wondering where the sudden turn of conversation came from.

“Platonic.” He says honestly.

“I don’t know.” You murmur, and as though there was a force pulling you towards him, you meet his gaze head on, unable to look away.

A silence fills the room before Hoseok asks a question—the question.

“Do you still want to have sex with me?” He asks and your gaze flutters back down to his comforter.

“I don’t know.” You say quietly.

On the Bright Side 

If you’re like us, you’re so ready for all things spring. It’s not too early to start bringing the brightness of the season inside. With a few simple touches you’ll be ready to thaw out from those winter days and indulge in the sunnier side of life. 

Think lighter fabrics, like a chic white sofa, to create an open, airy feeling in your living room. Although white seating can seem scary, it works well with most decor styles and truly brightens up spaces of any size.

Another stunning way to evoke the energy of spring is to add pops of yellows, blues and other cheerful shades with pillows and wall décor. And if you truly want to bring the beauty of the season inside, add punchy paint color and standout lighting.. and voila! Spring dreams just became reality.  

Ready to remedy your case of spring fever? Let the outside in.