throw yourself a bone


Pairing: Peter Parker x Female Reader

Word Count: 1.1k

Warnings: N/A

Summary: Peter Parker had always been patient with you.

A/N: This is only the first small part to what will definitely be a series!! It’s a little bit short, but I felt like I was at a good stopping point. I hope you guys enjoy!! :-)

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His whole life, Peter had made a habit of being chronically impatient, but with you, he was always the opposite.

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imagine unhinging your jaw and swallowing everything whole / imagine a touch so tender it sears its prints into you / imagine your lungs filling up at the bottom of the pool / someone spitting into your open mouth and you want it / you want it / you are glad to taste any part of them / your achilles heel / talk about wanting death from a soft thing / talk about not knowing where to go from here / the clatter in your scatterbrain / you taste yourself and call it testing the waters / you find yourself undressed for the arrow of it / throwing a bone to your weakness / you moan: baby / baby / come back and pull apple cores out of the dumpster of me/ I swear I throw away all the best cuts
—  Trista Mateer

Getting a variety of questions about bone staining….
You can use anything you want to stain bone, old coffee grounds and tea bags, to spices you have tucked away in
your kitchen cupboards…. from dried flower petals to boiled vegetable skins…. the possibilities are endless.

All you need to do is find a container you can soak your bones in ( i use old mason jars)
make sure bones are fully dry before you start the soaking process ( wet bones will not absorb color as much) and know that the outcome of the bones will vary heavily on each individual bone and each batch you do.
Sometimes things turn out deep and rich in color, other times its a light coated hue… Variations of bones, bone cleaning process,age and environment all have a sway on coloration and staining.

Personally i never measure when staining, i just boil water, throw a bunch of dried herbs,grounds,teas or spices in a container, throw in the bones and cover with hot simmered water…. the larger the container and amount of water… the more ‘stain" i throw in.
Then, you distract yourself and leave the bones to soak anywhere from a few hours to a couple days.

If after a couple days your bones are still too light for your taste, air dry them ( over a night or 3) and re-soak with a fresh batch of water and stain.

It is important you let the bones fully dry, just because the bone feels and looks dry on the outside doesn’t mean its dry on the inside, so its best to let them dry for a longer time rather than short, the larger and thicker the bone, the longer the drying period .Another thing that helps stain, is sun.
I have found than sun bleached or sun dried bones tend to absorb color much more intensely than others… no clue why.
I am guessing it has to do with the sun wearing on the smooth natural finish that bones have, leaving more texture for the stain to attach to….. i just pulled that out of my ass
so there is a very good chance that is not technically why sun bones stain better, but thats what ive got.

Another common question lately is why teeth wont stain when staining skulls…. i am going to blame enamel for that, teeth have that natural gloss and coating of enamel which ends up acting like a shield against stains, one thing you can do to increase your chances of tooth staining, is to gently sand away some of the enamel coating.

Sometimes you will get different coloration on the same piece of bone, this is usually due to grease or moisture, if your bone was not fully dry when thrown into the staining concoction, chances are that a section was still wet which lead to less stain absorption… if that makes sense. The other reason is grease, sometimes bones retain a bit of grease after decomposing, the grease is some what repellent to stain, so make sure you check to see if there are any darker grease stains on your bones before throwing them in a batch of stain.

Personal recopies for stain are hard to share since i literally  grab handfuls of whatever i have around and throw them in a jar…

Coffee grounds are always a great 'natural stain’
teas offer a nice rustic/lightly antiqued stain
Dried hibiscus petals and lavender offer a rich deep purple blue stain
just lavender can stain purple or even at times a deep grey color
turmeric and cinnamon create a really potent nice deep yellow/orange color
Blackberries are a vibrant purple/blue
cherries are a pinkish sometimes red color
coffee and blackberry re a deep bluish black-ish

Mix a little bit of everything, and you will come out with a dark strange brown our blackish coloration….. just have fun with it


………..*sniff*……………..*sniff*………………..FUCK! NOT AGAIN!

Your name is like a prayer falling from my mouth,
and it should be pathetic,
how badly I need to say it to still the drums in my chest,
but it isn’t,
because if you were a religion then maybe I would believe in God.

Then again, all I need is you.
All I’ve ever needed was you.
Your breath, your air, your skin in my teeth,
your hopes, your dreams, your soul in my hands,
painting me white,
because when I’m with you I don’t just see one color,
I see them all.

Roads remind me of you,
of the way you would fit just right against the passenger door,
still too big for your body,
and I can almost see you,
fifteen again with your hair in your eyes and your knee knocking mine.

Whiskey reminds me of you,
of the way it curdled in my throat on the night you left us,
with acid in your words and your claws in my heart,
dragging it out of my mouth to trail behind you like a prize.
All yours.

The colors left with you.

Some days,
I wonder what reminds you of me.
If you think about me at all in those hallowed halls, in the courtyard, in the library,
in your room,
late at night,
missing the heat of my body like I miss the heat of yours.

I say your name again into the dark,
a whisper,
my personal form of absolution.
I wonder if it’s right for me to be here,
asking this of you,
selfishly, always selfishly.
I’m most selfish when it comes to you.

You can’t hear me just yet,
standing ten feet back from the window I’m about to open with a flick of my wrist.
Probably asleep,
but not for long.
What has been burned into our bones won’t ever fade.

You don’t disappoint,
throwing yourself into me like you never left this life.
I get you down on your back with my hand on your throat,
and I remember how, without you, I could never seem to breathe.
But now you’re under my skin and you say my name too,
and the colors come rushing back.
I’d almost forgotten the green in your eyes.

—  “Pilot”

I fell out and as soon as I did Travis said it was all too much and.. I did the right thing guys I asked him if he needed a break from us. But this is so crazy and psychic that he abandons me of all of us. He’s my bro to begin with. Fuck. My bro. My bro can’t take the heat.

I’m hurting.

Well… But… He didn’t back off from us. He just said not the I word anymore. It’s feeding its energy in his energy field.

Think about our searches. Think about what Aurora said about the searches being less helpful than our own internal information at this point.

It’s been confirmed from the outside world. Plenty. Enough, the rest of you. Stop looking for outside confirmation. Trust yourself. Throw the bones. Masterbate. Remember. Meditate. Integrate. Read stories not accounts, if you have to read. Like Caleb.

you-owe-me-one-deactivated20140  asked:

HERE'S THE DEAL BABE, I NEED A SPONES FIC LIKE AIR THAT GOES LIKE THIS: Spock get's really hurt one mission and as he's on the biobed getting patched up and expects a long rant like Jim gets about 'being careful' and 'not to throw yourself in danger, dammit.' but bones is quiet as he patches him up and finally spock asks what the problem is and bones just mumbles "you couldve died" and spock comforts him PLZ JENNA PLZ

Spock had always been fascinated by McCoy’s steady hands. He assumed that the characteristic simply came along with the doctor’s many years dedicated to his practice, but it was also something distinct about him that Spock considered inherently Leonard McCoy

Leonard’s hands were not so steady at the moment.

Spock tried to lie still enough for the both of them on the biobed as Leonard finished sewing up the large gash on the side of his head. By this point Spock was aware enough of his surroundings and had regained strength enough to carry on a decent conversation (getting knocked out due to an erupting volcano on what had been presumed to be a Class M planet up until it started killing everyone had set him back just slightly). McCoy did not seem to want to have one, however.

In truth, Spock had expected an at least twenty-minute shouting match—one-sided, of course, because Vulcans did not yell; his and Leonard’s arguments usually consisted of McCoy screeching himself into a sweat while Spock sat in silence conveying utter calmness.

Drifting in and out of a healing trance earlier on, Spock had heard Leonard lecturing Captain Kirk in the adjacent biobed: “Just what the hell did you think you were doing walking up to an exploding rock, dammit? If a rock looks like it’s gonna blow up in your face, wouldn’t you wanna, I dunno, haul ass outta the way? You’re gonna be the death of me, I swear to the Almighty Lord…”

For Spock there were no cuss words, no passive-aggressive side-comments…nothing. Leonard had spoken not a syllable to Spock since the Vulcan had been rushed into sickbay.

But the doctor’s hands were trembling.

“Leonard,” he said, trying to keep the hoarseness out of his voice, “Are you well?”

McCoy snorted, placing his tools on a metal tray after making the last stitch. “Am I well, he asks. Yeah, I’m goddamn peachy. But I’m not the one who threw himself in front of a volcano.”

Ah. There was the McCoy Spock knew well. “You are…quiet,” he said carefully. It was illogical for McCoy not to say what was wrong—Spock was his mate, after all.

“Not as quiet as you’d be if Scotty hadn’t beamed you onto the ship in time for me to fix y’up,” McCoy retorted, his tone lacking its usual aggressive, rough determination.

Spock sat up gingerly, propped up on his forearms. Leonard had been busying himself putting things away, looking at Spock’s chart, doing anything but meeting Spock’s eyes until this point. Spock saw the tiredness under his eyes, but it did not mask the anxiety he also saw there. “Leonard,” he said firmly, “I cannot understand your present attitude. I am conscious and Jim is relatively unharmed. I made the logical choice below on the planet. The life of the Captain is—”

“But you could have died.” The interruption was a quiet sigh of defeat. “I could’ve lost ya. Of course I’m glad Jim’s all right. But you…I almost lost you.”

Spock truly had not expected this reaction—it did not logically fit Leonard’s typical pattern of behavior. Instead of lashing out, he had coiled into himself. In the realization that McCoy actually became a different person, lost himself in the idea of Spock losing his life, Spock used all his strength to sit up fully, catching Leonard’s wrist in his fingers and rubbing his thumb along along the inside. “Ashayam…I shall heal soon enough. That is, of course, because of you.”

McCoy closed his eyes at the touch, leaning forward and resting his forehead against Spock’s. “You pull a stunt like that again an’ I’ll kill you myself.”

Spock replied, "Yes, Leonard,” to quell the doctor’s rapidly-beating heart.

“An’ I’ll make it look like a complete accident.”

“Yes, Leonard.”

Wordlessly, McCoy wrapped his arms around Spock, pressing a kiss to the top of his head. “I will not leave you,” Spock whispered into the fabric of Leonard’s tunic. He could feel the other smile into his hair.

People—nurses, ensigns, visitors—would likely walk by and see their open display of affection. But Spock did not make to break the embrace. Perhaps it was all right, just this once.