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The newest mp100 chapter featuring a collapsing Mob and a sentient broccoli has messed me up, y’all. Also I’ve been wanting to try getting into some of the mp100 character’s heads, so here’s a short attempt.

Mob would not wake up.

It had been a week since the Divine Tree incident, as the citizens of Spice City had begun to call it. A week since Mob had confronted Dimple at the giant broccoli, a week since Mob had talked Dimple out of his ambitions of godhood, only to have the sentient form of the plant rear its head to battle for its hold on the city. A week since Mob had fallen into a deep sleep and the being that inhabited Mob’s unconscious body had awakened, blasting the enormous plant into oozing chunks as large as buildings, then floating them out into the ocean. A week since Dimple had last been seen, escorting the floating pieces out to sea and remaining nearby to ensure they would stay, dormant, in the ocean where they had been dropped. 

It had been a week since Mob’s body had collapsed, still, silent, to the ground, alone but for the crowd slowly arousing from their brainwashing. The panic-stricken citizens had rioted in the streets, left floundering after the tree’s extraction from the city and their minds. It had been hours before the small, motionless form of Kageyama Shigeo had been found mere meters from the breaking waves. He had not stirred since. 

Kageyama Ritsu sat in the corner of the hospital room, head bowed, arms crossed, glowering at anyone who approached him. He did not want their comfort. He could not stop thinking about how easily he’d been brainwashed by the cult, had so easily abandoned his brother. Only when the nurses were absent for long stretches of time in the night did he creep up to the unmoving form of his brother, whispering apologies, stifling sobs. 

Hanazawa Teruki kept constantly on the move. He flitted about the city, helping to remove rubble from the streets and pull people out of collapsed buildings in the aftermath of the broccoli’s extraction until he could collapse straight into an exhausted sleep each night. He did not think about the role he had played in the affair, how he had been coerced into attacking the one person who had set him on his new, more fulfilling way of living. He did not think about how he’d wrapped his arm around Mob’s neck in a macabre echo of the first time they had met, or that Mob’s last memory of him might be being forced to blast Teru out of the tree for his own safety. 

Reigen Arataka paced the floors of the hospital, making incessant demands of the staff. He dragged to Mob’s room any new doctor he had confused, manipulated, or even begged into looking at his student; none of them could tell him anything new about Mob’s condition. He did not think about the last words he’d said to Mob: that he would not go with him, that Mob would have to go confront the power behind the Divine Tree alone. He did not think about how those might be the last words he would ever say to him.

Because Mob still would not wake up.

Part Two: Truths

I'd Read to You

“I miss magic.”

Baz almost misses it, a soft whisper, barely audible over the smattering of rain against the windowpane. His eyes are drawn to Simon, who’s bundled in a wine colored throw and looking particularly glum. Baz can’t help but think about how much older he looks. It’s only been a few months since Christmas, but those blue eyes have aged so much, surrounded by creases of worry.

Baz’s lips press into a hard, thin line. He doesn’t know how to respond. Offer to spell his shoes tied? His scones warm? His tea brewed?

“Not in the old sense,” Simon, as if reading Baz’s thoughts, tries to explain. “Just the feeling of wonder, of something different.”

“Have you ever read Harry Potter?” Baz asks, arching an eyebrow. His fingers sift through the blankets piled onto the couch until they find Simon’s hand.

“I’m not much of a reader.”

“You’re in luck.” Baz smiles, and something softens in Simon’s face. He looks closer to that boy before the White Chapel. “Your boyfriend happens to be a bit of a reader.”

Baz hops to his feet and disappears into the bedroom, returning moments later with a book read to worn, soft edges. “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, where it all begins.” His fingertips run over the cover, over the fading words.

“You’re going to read to me?”

“Yes.” Baz slowly leafs through a few pages. “I’m going to read to you.”

Simon smiles. “Okay.”

Baz draws Simon to his side, and begins to read. “Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much…’

  • me: buys spotify premium so i can finally listen to music without internet
  • me: tries to download music from spotify so i can listen without internet
  • spotify: doesnt download the damn songs because the internet is TOO SLOW
"Am a throw this"

so I am an dwarf who makes beer and our party went in to some catacombs. While down their we found a 50 year old keg of wine which my dwarf carried around with him then we get into a fight with a zombie guy.

Every one took their turns before me

Me: Am a throw the keg of wine!“

DM: are you sure?

Me: Yes

Dm alright make a dex check

Every one at the table: woudn’t that be more strength then dex

Dm: alright make a strength check

Me: rolls 20* crit

Dm: ok then roll 2d2’s

Me: rolls 4 then add my stregnth giving it to 10

Dm: so you smack the zombie in the face with 50 year old wine dealing 10 damage …. HOW THE HELL did you do that

Me: all in the arms


I found these Date Night in a Box ideas from the Dating Divas.
I like this idea because it’s super easy to make on your own.

The first step is to decide on  theme. It can be sexy, movie night, outdoors day, or a special dinner. The box can be as small or as big as needed. Decorate the box and fill it with essentials for the night. Throw in some candies, sodas, popcorn, and movies for a movie date. Throw in wine, pasta, sauce, and diy decorated wine glasses for a dinner date box.

These are a good idea for any guy or girl in your life any day of the year, especially valentines day!

  • A very drunk Chuuya: What if it rained wine instead of water?
  • Kouyou: That's it! You're going to fucking sleep!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm that anon with the Apostasia/De prompt with bloodlust. Thank you so much for taking the time to filling it! I actually just saw it this rescently, lol. Love what you did! Also... Any headcanons for drunken El Gang? Like, angry drunk or happy drunk El Search Party members? Thank you! :)

Elsword sleeps. He sleeps through the party and completely misses out on everyone else making a fool of themselves. He’s the first one up the next morning making everyone hangover soup.

Aisha sings when drunk, and she’s very, very off tune. She also gets very enthusiastic about things, such as food, and throwing wine glasses.

Rena hardly ever gets drunk, because elves have crazy alcohol tolerance. Get enough booze into her and she’ll reveal her hidden talent of knitting en masse. Basically she goes from Mom Friend to Grandma Friend.

Raven also has pretty high alcohol tolerance, but he’s also been known to get very, very weepy while drunk. He’ll flop over the table/bar/counter and cry himself to sleep.

Eve is a nasod, and nasods don’t drink. However, if one were to get, say, a temporary virus into her that causes her to become intoxicated, she’d become a loud storyteller, heralding tales of days before the fall of the El.

Chung doesn’t drink either. He doesn’t like alcohol. He stays up all night cleaning up after the party, and sleeps well into the day.

Ara spent her childhood mooching off the preserved rice her mom made. She’s not a loud drunk, but she’s not a quiet one either. Usually she ends up being the subject of Elesis’ flirtations.

Elesis is the life of the party while drunk. She flirts with everyone who doesn’t protest, stands on the table to sing duets with Aisha, and ends up having to be accompanied home.

Add fights anyone and everyone while drunk. Poor boy would probably take on Dark Nephilim barehanded while drunk. Unfortunately he has no physical body strength and tonkers out after getting flicked in the forehead.

Lu is forbidden from drinking by Ciel due to her small stature. In the good old days, however, she used to hold grand parties… And pass out cold after dancing all night long.

Ciel is a lightweight and should not be allowed to drink. Due to this, Lu usually ends up being the one to get him home after the party.

Rose is the argumentative drunk. She starts very loud philosophical debates while drunk, and doesn’t stop even after the party. She’ll argue with you. She’ll argue with anyone. She’ll argue with herself. She even continues arguing into the morning.

Ain isn’t supposed to drink, but he gets very grumpy while drunk and snaps at everything. Usually he just sits and watches the chaos of the party unfold, then gets up the next morning with Elsword and Lu to make everyone else hangover soup.

[ from here with @leviaraelle ]

spencer’s breath had been sucked from him the minute she put her arms around his neck. breathing was a conscious effort. close. she was close in a way that even he could tell was something more then friendly. and suddenly her lips are on his and if there were such a thing as actually having your soul sucked from you – spencer felt it right then. he was so bewildered he hadn’t kissed back, just sort of froze. she’s speaking and he can barely hear over the rushing in his ears – the pounding of his heart. 

( ’ i’m sorry , spencer ━ i shouldn’t have ━  was that okay for me to do ? ‘ )

how does he speak, no words want to come out, his cheeks are a red that could make a strawberry pale, and he moves his hands, shyly moving til they are resting on her hips. “y-yeah–it was fine.” his voice cracks a bit, awkwardly jumping an octave like a kid.

“i can’t say it was expected but–” a shy smile, hazel eyes meeting hers and adverting. “levi–” he hesitates, shy and nervous. suddenly he doesn’t know what to do. so he kisses her, just a soft and shy and sweet.

Stress Relief

Could you write a Tom x reader, in a d/s relationship, but he’s the sub??  Btw love your blog <3

I can most certainly do this!  Here is your shameless smutty one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Slamming the door as you toss your bag into the corer, you stomp into the kitchen and throw open your wine cabinet.

Seething over your work day, replaying the incompetence of the actors on your set, you draw in angry breaths through your nose as you recall Mr. Evan’s words in your head.

“You’re just a kid, what do you know?”

“Fuck him,” you mutter as you slam the wine cabinet shut, screwing the cap off of the cheap bottle as you press the opening to your lips and chug away.

The bittersweet wine pouring past your lips as you drank it down felt amazing as the warmth of the alcohol tingled your toes.

But then, a harsh knock landed upon your door.

“Y/N, open up.”


Settling the bottle down hard as you charge the door, you throw it open as your jaw clenches, staring into the eyes of the worried man whom you’d decided to repeatedly shack up with in order to relieve stress.

He seemed to have a thing for being dominant.

“What?” you hiss.

Feeling him push past you as you sigh, you let the door close with a bang as you turn around, the half-bottle of wine hitting your empty stomach with a fury.

“Talk,” he says, pushing his hand through his hair.

“No,” you growl, your eyes glaring at him as he stands taut.

“I said…talk,” he says through gritted teeth.

“And I said…no,” you counter, taking a step towards him as you watch his stance falter ever so slowly.

He had never seen you this angry before.

“What do you want?” you growl, craning your neck up to see him as you grab his wrist.

“Whatever you need,” he whispers, his eyes softening as you search his face.

And before you could catch yourself, your hands had flown up to his chest, gripping the white t-shirt that adorned his torso as you pulled at the fabric, ripping it down the middle as you plant your hands firmly on his chest.

Barreling him back into the wall, you latch your teeth onto his nipple, biting down as his hands rush to your hair, gripping you tightly as your hands quickly fly to his pants, undoing them and shoving them down his legs.

“What do you need?” Tom moans, his hands curling themselves in your H/C hair as you watch him step out of his pants, your fingertips grazing his legs as you dig your nails into his thighs.

“Shut up,” you say through clenched teeth.

“Yes, ma’am,” he says, knowing his place now, his breath becoming ragged as you trail chaste kisses down his chest.

“You know nothing!”

Grabbing his ass cheeks, you jump, forcing his legs to wrap around you as you brace your back, barreling him down the hallway as he wraps his arms around your neck, his eyes wide with shock as you use his back to push the door open, his head careening back as he howls in pain.

As your ears listen for your safe word, the only thing that hits your ear is grunts.

Pinning him down to the floor with your legs, straddling his stomach, you plant wet, furious kisses on his neck, pulling his skin into your mouth as you clench down, marking your territory as his hands try to slip under your blouse.

Slapping his hand, you get off as you survey his naked body, his twitching erection bouncing on his stomach as you lick your lips.

As he whimpers as the loss of your contact, your eyes shoot up to him as you whisper, “Shut up.”

“Y-yes ma’am,” he stammers.

Getting up as you run your hands furiously through your hair, you feel the tears sting the back of your eyes as Mr. Evan’s words hit your mind with a fury.

“We don’t need you.”

Roaring as you rip your bottom dresser drawer open, you pull out a cock ring and rip your pants off, your underwear and bottoms piling onto the floor next to you as you make your way back to Tom on the floor, his eyes watching you closely as you quickly wrap it around his throbbing cock and balls, his eyes growing wide as his hands fly up to catch your wrists.

“No.  Please…” he says.

Searching his eyes, but not hearing your pre-established safe word, you snap it on, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as he groans, as you sink your body between his legs, throwing them over your shoulders as your fingers interlock with his as you pull his arms down towards you, his back arching as his shoulders are pulled taut.

Slipping his cock into your mouth, you hear him groan as he wriggles underneath you, your tongue circling his tip as your lips provide him with warmth and pleasure, but his orgasm constantly stopped by the tightness of the ring.

Sucking and moaning, your eyes rolling into the back of your head, you feel him try to wriggle from your grasp as your name pours from his lips.

“Oh god, Y/N…Y/N please…please…oh god…”

Taking him in as you gag, you feel him try to pull away from you.

He loved curling his fingers in your hair.

But it caused you to pull his arms harder, a cry of desperation hitting the ceiling of your bedroom as you release his dick with a loud pop, trailing back up his body as you plant your palms onto his heaving, flushed chest.

You could see the tears built up in his eyes.

Slowly bending your lips to his ear, your breath hot in his neck, you watch as his skin begins to puckers on his body as you whisper, “Not until I say.”

“Y-y-yes…ma’am…” he whimpers.

Situating yourself over his throbbing length, you slowly roll your hips, taking him into you as your eyes roll back, your body shuddering at the fullness as Tom’s eyes roll into the back of his head, his hands reaching out to grab you as you catch them within yours once again.

“Let me touch you…please, Y/N…” he begs as a tear slips out from the side of his eye.

“No,” you state, your eyes locked onto his as you begin to rock your hips, his breath becoming ragged as his face flushes completely.

“Oooooh,” you moan as your nails dig into the back of his hands, his arms outstretched as he steadies you, your body rolling against his as he begins to buck his hips into you.

And once again, you watch him clench his teeth, only for the tension to subside because of the cock ring.

“Christ…fuck!” he yells, much to your pleasure.

“Mine,” you moan as your eyes begin to flutter open and closed, your hands releasing his as you come crashing down onto his chest.

“Mine,” you growl as tears well in your eyes, your hand slipping between your legs as you find your swollen clit, rubbing it forcefully with your fingers as your body begins to writhe and bop, no longer caring about bucking against Tom.

“Oh…oh, god…god, yes,” you say, your eyes closed as Tom’s hands migrate to your ass cheeks, his fingers digging into the meat of your body as you dip your head into the crook of his neck.

“I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum…I…I…”

Yelling into the crook of his neck as your body shudders around him, you feel Tom’s hands fly to your back, your swollen walls clamping down upon his neglected dick as you wiggle and writhe, your orgasm causing involuntary sputters and shakes as you feel his tears of frustration streak its way along your cheeks, pouring onto your shoulder.

Catching your breath as you feel Tom’s dick twitch inside of you, you feel his jaw quivering as you kiss along it lightly, your nose nuzzling against his as you open your teary eyes to meet his wet stare.

“Please, m-ma’am,” he pants, his voice low and gravelly, “I…I need you.”

And you felt your resolve melt away.

Raising up off of him as your juices drip down his now blue dick, you release him from the cock ring as he raises up, grabbing your arms and pulling you back down to him as your legs straddle his pelvis, your swollen entrance swallowing him hole as he wraps his strong arms around you, bringing your face to his as he crashes his lips down onto yours.

Wrapping your arms around him as you hang on for the ride, you feel his hands grasp your hips, his fingertips digging into you as he rolls your body, his pelvis bucking into yours as you hear him grunt and moan into your hair.

As his his legs begin to tremble beneath you, you feel his hands wrap themselves in your hair as he pulls your head back, his teeth sinking into your pulse point as you moan out his name, his tongue flicking over your protruding vein as you feel him dump himself into you, his yells and curses muffled by your soft, delicate skin as he marks you as his own, just as you had done multiple times not minutes ago.

Panting as the two of you keel over onto the carpet, Tom’s arms wrapping around you and pulling you close, your bodies tremble up against one another’s as you sniffle, tears spilling over as he nuzzles your chin, urging you to look up at him with your saddened eyes.

“I just-”

Choking on the emotion from the day as Tom’s hand comes up to wipe away the tears, he kisses the tip of your nose lightly as his other hand traces delicate circles on the back of your thigh.

“I just needed someone to listen,” you whisper.

“Yes ma’am,” Tom say cheekily, a sly smile crossing his face as you snicker and shake your head.

“What now, mistress?” Tom says, his eyes imploring yours as they once again start to darken.

And as you search his face, a grin slowly breaking out across your cheeks, you find yourself parting your legs as the juices from your body slowly begin to seep onto the carpet.

“Snack time,” you murmur, flicking your tongue out to catch his earlobe as he shudders with arousal.

“Yes ma’am,” he whispers.