throw the damn ball


part 2 of my little jercy au! ice cream date. percy you are really smooth. he was going to throw a paper ball at jason, but then he remembered “damn no, i’m trying to date this guy”, so he made a beautiful airplane cause he heard jason loves to fly.

jason’s ice cream is my favorite flavor, and i dont know how its called out there, but here in brazil is flocos. try it

part 1 here and soon i’l make the part 3!

Today I realized that, while there are still plenty of girls there, the vaaaast majority of my gym is big muscle men. Everyone looks all serious and decked out in name brand work out clothes and I just walk in like

Just a gym thoughts~~~~
Only really went through with drawing this because I need practice for an Avengers video I’m working on with Wyeth and I. Need rto get better at drawing manly men real fuckin quick.

Also fun fact. My gym bag is awful. I mean it’s adorable, it’s covered in all the eeveelutions and it looks really cute, but it was designed to have the handle attached to the bag by tying fabric around a metal loop that frequently comes undone. But on top of that I made it a death trap when I bought shower supplies because I just got a pack of disposable razors and I hadn’t thought of the repercussions of tearing the bag open and then just leaving it in my gym bag. Now the bottom is full of loose plastic razors and I’m nervous about cutting my hand open one day yet I can’t be bothered to dig them all out and put them somewhere else.

Hey! I don’t know if you’re still taking art submissions, but I just recently discovered you and I absolutely love love love your work!!! And I was wondering if you would be up to doing Louis in a crop top and flower crown? I would be so blessed.   And again, I just love your art. You’re so amazing and you’re so sweet!! 💖💖   

How could I ever say no to crop tops and flower crowns tbh?? And thank you so much, you’re a sweetling yourself 💕🌸

Glitch In The Matrix Stories #32

I Had A Dream About That!

Some years ago (maybe 2009 or so), I was living with my friend Del, as well as our other friend. My friend Del (we were in our mid-20’s) had this older friend (probably 40’s) who would give Del work in assisting him with home construction, his business.

This guy had recently moved away from where we were living (California) to Utah, and had called Del up to see if he wanted to come down and work for him, and also to go back to his house in California, fill up a U-Haul and fifth wheel with some of the things the man had left behind at his house in California, and bring it with us to Utah. Del was excited to do this, and I wanted to come, too, so the guy said okay, and in a few days we headed to this guy’s house to empty it, and once we were all packed up and ready, we eventually headed out to Utah.

Now, along this trip over 2 states, there was at least once where I got a classic deja vu feeling, but something was off. I can vaguely remember what I saw when I got the feeling. I was looking at a motel we were about to stay in (in Nevada) and got that strong deja vu like I had seen this exact shot, but in my memory, my white car was parked in front of the building. 

Of course, this couldn’t have been possible, because we took a U-Haul. My car was back in California. This turned out to be like an introductory whisper of a more extreme form of this I was about to experience.

Well, once we finally arrived at his house, I got that weird deja vu feeling again. I had seen this shot of his house before, but again, as my memory recalled it, my car was parked in the driveway. Again, that makes no sense! How am I remembering something that didn’t happen (my car being there), but parts of the memory are correct (his house, something I had never seen before)?

Keep in mind, those 2 deja vu experiences I just described were very potent forms of the classic form of deja vu we all know (with my odd twist to them, of course), but the next ‘event’ that happened was something I have never experienced, and really goes beyond what I can simply call 'deja vu’. There’s a definite sense you get when deja vu happens, and what would happen next spans quite a bit past that ’aha moment’ of a single deja vu moment.

So, we walk into the guy’s house and soon after he starts giving us a tour. Now, at this point, I was recognizing things in the house, but it wasn’t really consciously hitting me that I had seen all this before. When it finally hit me actually, it was a sort of weird, embarrassing moment. 

The guy was saying something about something in the house, and I replied “yeah, you showed me that before”. 

He stopped for a second and looked at me kind of funny, as did my friend, and I realized how @#$%ing weird and nonsensical the thing I just said was, but it was right at this point that I realized how I actually did experience this before. I had a dream about it!

Pinpointing when I had the dream is super tough for me, being that my usual memory is pretty crappy, and that I hadn’t even recalled the dream before until it came back to me now, when I was standing in the house I had the dream of. But I get a strong sense that I had the dream back at our house in California, maybe months before. I have a feeling I was on the couch in my friend’s room when I had it.

Anyway, luckily, they brushed off what I said (probably thought I was a grade A lunatic), and continued the tour. This is where it gets even more fascinating to me, and kind of proves that this wasn’t just that classic deja vu experience, but something I had a dream about.

At one point in the tour, we passed the first floor bathroom. Yep, this was how I remembered it in the dream, but.. I noticed that there was one of those thick, blurry windows at the far end of the bathroom. I distinctly remember that when I saw this bathroom in my dream, the window was not yet set in the pane. In the dream, the window was sitting on the floor against the wall next to the window pane. 

I clearly remember this, because, in the dream, I went to pee, and I felt so awkward and uncomfortable, because just around the corner of the open window slot on the other side was the dining room, and everyone (the man, his wife, and Del, possibly more) was sitting at the dining room table talking, like they were sitting right next to me. In real life, this dining room and table were just where they were in the dream, around the corner, but the window was set, and there was no group sitting at the table when I entered it.

So I had seen this exact room before in a dream, but one distinct thing was very different.

This scenario happened again soon after, when we headed upstairs and he showed us what would be our rooms. When we entered Del’s room, it was just how I remembered it in the dream, but there was one clear, distinct difference. When we entered the room in my dream, Del’s big stereo system was in the room. In real life, he had left this big stereo system at home, back in California (this is just like me seeing my car at the motel, and outside the guys’ house).

Another big part of this that super fascinates me is that at some point that night, I remembered that in the dream, this man (I had no idea who he was in the dream) had come to our house in California and asked if we wanted to check out his new house. So, in the dream, he loaded us into his pickup truck, and we drove only blocks away to this house; maybe a 10 minute drive.

Of course, later in reality, my friend and I drove ourselves to his house in a U-Haul truck, 2 states away.

As crazy and interesting as all this is to me, there is one last part that really gives me goosebumps and a strong sense of wonder. I hadn’t even made the connection until years later, but my friend Del was a really oddball kind of crazy, funny guy. One of the things he used to say was, whenever our group of friends would talk about, well, most anything, he would get this crazy aha look on his face, and say “ohhh yeahh, I had a dream about that!”

He also always liked to look out at the stars for extended periods of time, always talking about UFO’s and aliens and stuff. In fact, on our way to Utah, before stopping at the motel, we stopped like goobers at a remote spot off the highway in Nevada near Las Vegas, and watched the stars for at least an hour, sitting in our car.

Now this last part is kind of silly, but still I can’t help but admit that it puts a twinkle in my eye, and a temporary suspended disbelief of what can be possible.

My other friend at the house in California had a girlfriend who claimed to be a witch. I didn’t know if she was full of hot air or not, but she was into it more than at just a surface level. I remember her burning sage with us at one point to remove negativity, and one time I vaguely remember her doing some kind of ritual in our backyard (I remembering seeing the stones laid in a circle outside, too). Anyway, I remember one time we were hanging out in the kitchen, I think, and she looked at him for a few seconds (like, looking him over) and said something like “I don’t think you’re from here. You’re an alien, aren’t you?”

Del looked at he for a second, then just replied “yeah”, in a classic, Del matter of fact way, where you really didn’t know if he was being serious or not.

Haven’t been able to reconnect with Del since I went back home to California from Utah days later. I found his Facebook, but I don’t think he’s been active on it for at least over a year. It appears he’s living with his older brother, though, which is nice for him.

Credits to: yepimthetoaster

Childhood Glitch

This is something that happened to me in the first grade, though I still remember it incredibly vividly. I’m wondering if anything like this has happened to anyone else?

I was in the gym with my class playing dodgeball, and was incredibly frustrated that I couldn’t catch any of the balls. Eventually, I threw my arms up in exasperation, hoping that someone would just throw me a damn ball so I could properly participate in the game.

That’s when everything stopped. Quite literally. A green ball came flying in my direction, and froze. Everyone froze in the middle of their actions, like a movie put on pause.

The world was eerily silent.

I looked around in horror for only about 3 full seconds before reaching up for the ball. As soon as my fingers wrapped around it, everything came back to life, unpaused.

I screamed, “You froze! You all froze!” This caught a few of my team mates’ attention, and they gathered around me, asking that I explain what I meant. I was frantically trying to tell them that they all froze mid-action. My peers tried to calm me, and told me it was only my imagination.

I got so overwhelmed, gasping and partly shrieking, trying to tell everyone that they were frozen, but no one believed me. My teacher eventually made me sit out to calm down, but I still swear to this day that the world froze in the middle of a dodge ball game.

Credits to: ahlivia

I Have A Memory That Doesn’t Add Up

When I was a junior in high school my friend and I were at my house hanging out. We were eating a snack and watching Youtube videos. He then told me about how everyone in his physics class (I wasn’t taking physics yet) had to make a presentation on thermodynamics and somebody in the class had made a terrible rap video. We watched it and then he showed me the comments and explained that one of the comments was from somebody he knew and another he didn’t know and it was funny. Here’s the video. The comment from PlayaSlayaMedia is the one we didn’t know. 

Fast forward a year, I began recalling this memory over and over, but I can’t ever remember which one of my friends it was that showed me the video. I kept thinking about it and it bothered me that I didn’t know who showed it to me, so I went to the only 3 friends that I would have had over after school like that. I showed them each the video (individually) and explained the comments before showing them the comments. 

All of them said they had never seen the video before, and it really scared me. It’s two years later now and I still think about this all the time, and I have no idea of how to explain it. 

Credits to: VeryVerra


I went to a small Catholic school, only 20 kids per grade. One day in 4th grade I stayed home sick and my mother received the strangest call. The principal was nearly in tears. According to the students, my teacher, and the bus driver, I was in school that day but disappeared after morning prayer. They thought I had been kidnapped and were contacting the police. My mother, confused, tells them there’s no way that I stayed home sick. 

The next day, my classmates recalled conversations we had and everything. Everyone was shocked but glad I was OK and that was the end of that. 

Credits to: Udanokor

Carnival prompt where Kara promises to get ALL the things for Lena because it’s her first time being in a carnival, there’s a catch though because she also promised herself that she would do it by using as little of her strength as possible to avoid any mishaps like throwing the ball too hard that it goes through the bottles AND the tent, so they get to their first stop right? The bottles, she got to like three tries before she had the urge to just throw the damn ball to the sun because why won’t it budge?? So Lena steps in all smirking and eyebrow raised with a playful “step aside” and there she goes, Rao, on her first try?? she gets this huge bear and gives it to a wide eyed Kara saying something like “I didn’t just lovingly throw the microscope at Jack, Kara” so Kara’s thinking, okay maybe I will use my power just this once, but it happens again maybe 6 more times because Lena’s trying to one up her every time (she does a few times) it ends up being this weird competition where they go around finding games to play trying to win prizes for each other like the dorks that they are

anonymous asked:

Can you do "we almost kissed in front of everybody but we didn't. Now everybody is looking at us strangely." For javid canon era please

Hi hello! Sorry this took awhile, I had a hard time coming up with a plot for it that wouldn’t be too similar to this one. I hope you like it!

“Ball!” Crutchie calls.

Davey gets up to retrieve what seems like the hundredth wild pitch of the day. He tosses the ball back to Jack, “Ya know, it’s a good thing you’re better at selling papes than ya are at pitching.”

Jack makes a mocking face in Dave’s direction, about to reply with something equally snarky until Race intervenes, “Hey Jack, just throw the damn ball. We ain’t got all day!”

With another pointed look at Dave, Jack winds up and actually manages to throw a pitch Race can hit. The makeshift ball bounces off the bat in Albert’s direction, and he scrambles to get ahold of it before lobbing it at their first baseman, Buttons. Unfortunately, the ball doesn’t get there before Race, eliciting a collective groan from their team. Buttons tosses the ball back to Jack while Specs steps up for his turn at bat.

“Now you’re just doin’ it on purpose!” He yelps, narrowly avoiding being hit by another stray pitch.

“Is it really that hard to throw a ball?” Albert groans.

“Team meeting!” Davey stands from his spot behind Specs, where he was acting as catcher. He sighs and crosses the space between home “plate”, which is really just a newsie cap, and where Jack stands. Waiting for the rest of their team to join them before he speaks, Dave places his hands on his hips, “Jackie, why don’t ya just let someone else pitch?”

Jack puffs out his chest, glaring at the other boys when they make sounds of agreement, “I’m the best pitcher on the team, Dave!”

“Really?” Davey crosses his arms, lifting his brows and tilting his head slightly. “‘Cause I think ya record today says otherwise.”

Jack narrows his eyes and steps closer to Davey, stretching his frame to be as tall as he can be. He glares up at him. “Like you could do bettah’.”

Davey watches Jack attempt to be imposing, stifling a scoff. He invades Jack’s space further, using his slight height advantage until their noses are nearly touching. “I think I could.”

Jack’s breath hitches slightly in his throat when he realizes just how close Dave is. He forgets that they’re not only out in public, but also surrounded by their friends, and finds himself studying Davey’s big, bright eyes. His gaze darts between the taller boy’s eyes and his lips. Itching to close the painfully short distance between them, Jack runs his tongue over his lower lip.

The small action doesn’t go unnoticed by Davey, who’s also come to the realization that they’re a little too close for comfort. His breath shakes almost imperceptibly when his eyes drop to stare at Jack’s lips, wondering how they would feel against his own. He’s just about to lean in and find out when…

“Uh, guys?” Albert elbows Jack in the ribs, his brows furrowing as his gaze goes between the two boys. “What’re we doin’ ‘bout the pitching situation?”

The question yanks Jack and Davey back to reality. They immediately jump back from each other, visibly shaken by their lapse of restraint in front of the others. Davey turns a vibrant shade of red as Jack scratches at the back of his neck, glancing shyly at the other boy with a shrug. “I- uh- I guess Dave can pitch if he wants ta. He’s probably right anyway.”

The boys still stare at the pair in confusion, unsure of what exactly they just witnessed until Crutchie yells, “So do we have a decision o’ not?”

“Yeah?” Buttons replies uncertainly, giving Jack and Davey another look before shaking his head and returning to his spot at first base. “Dave’s gonna pitch for us now.”

“Well get on wit’ it then!”

Davey’s face remains a brilliant shade of red as Jack pushes the ball into his hand. Their gazes meet, but they both swallow thickly and quickly avert their eyes. Jack hurries to take Dave’s previous place as catcher while the other boys return to their former positions. Dave looks around, scanning everyone’s faces for any sign of a reaction, but they all seem to have brushed off the odd confrontation. He finds himself thinking about the way Jack stared at him.

No. Not now.

Shaking his head to clear the thoughts, Davey looks at Specs, who’s patiently waiting for him to throw a pitch. He sighs. Baseball was a poor decision.

Malec cuteness

But like can you imagine Alec trying to bring up the little girl and her gills?

“So uh, I met a little girl who had gills as a warlock mark.” Alec briefly mumbles as he twists the label on his beer bottle Magnus had handed him upon arrival to the warlock’s loft. Alec’s eyes are stuck to the floor, not quite sure how to make eye contact with the man before him-not with what is on Alec’s mind anyways. 

“Oh?” Magnus places his own drink down on the coffee table in front of him so he can give a nervous Alec his full attention. Magnus knows Alec knows about warlock marks but it’s one thing to know of something, than seeing it and still being okay. 

“Yeah, I mean..” Alec clears his throat. “I told her they were cool.” Alec blushes at the mention, briefly looking up only to see a small smile crossing pink stained lips. 

“And you meant it?” Magnus is teasing a little, knowing the flush on the shadowhunters cheeks means the guy is a bit embarrassed. Pink cheeks is a nice look on Alexander, Magnus decides. 

“Of course,” Alec quickly defends almost feeling a bit offended. “In fact, I was wondering…” Alec trails off, looking to the ground again for silent support. 

“Wondering…” Magnus gestures with his hand for Alec to continue. Magnus can feel his heart racing a thousand beats per minute he’s so nervous. He has an inkling as to what Alec might suggest, which makes him feel anxious. How will Alec respond when he’s truly faced with the mark of Magnus’ demon; the same mark that lead to his own mother committing suicide? Will Alec too reject him, like so many previously have?

“I was hoping to see your mark.” Alec breathes out in one go; voice sounding raspy and unsure. Magnus’ eyes seem to shift, almost as if trying to desperately make sure that Alec is legit. “It’s just…” Alec pauses briefly. “I think I saw them for a flash the other night when I came to apologize, but I was so nervous and distracted that I didn’t even…” Alec stops when he sees an amused smile on Magnus’ face.

“What distracted you? Do tell.” Magnus gleams while Alec narrows his eyes.

“You were shirtless and throwing magic balls at me, I think you know damn well.” Alec huffs, even though a small smile is threatening to pull onto his face. 

“Oh honey, if I knew my balls were so distracting I would have thrown them at you a lot sooner.” Magnus winks leaving Alec a flushing pile of goo on the couch. 

“Magnus.” Alec chastises in a whisper, as if someone could hear their conversation right now. 

“Sorry darling, I’m being serious now.” Magnus relents. “You want to see my warlock mark, yes?” Magnus asks for confirmation; hands feeling a bit clammy. 

“Please?” Alec begs which sends a jolt up the warlock’s spin. Magnus swallows, twisting his fingers out nerves, before dropping his glamour. The cat eyes are on prominent display and Alec can’t help but feel floored. 

The shadowhunter has battled countless demons yet has never felt as winded as he does right now. He nearly spills his drink as he tries to absentmindedly place the bottle on the ground; too busy staring at cat eyes to focus on anything else. 

“You’re not breathing,” Magnus tries to tease but the joke falls flat due to the slight stutter in the man’s tone. 

“By the angel,” Alec lifts up both hands to touch at Magnus’ cheeks. “You are so gorgeous.” Magnus doesn’t remember who leans in first; all he remembers is fighting back tears as his lips smash into Alexanders. 

No, Magnus can not tell the future, but what he can do is fight like hell to make sure Alec is always in it. 

Baseball [Smut] - Dylan O’Brien Imagine

Author: dylanowhy (me)

Summary: Dylan takes you on a date to practice baseball, which quickly turns into a bet. Heads up, you lose. 

Pairings: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Warnings: Language. Oral (Female x Male).

Word Count: 2,209

A/N: So this was requested by a friend, I hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by dylanobrienaddicted26

“This is illegal.” You said for maybe the tenth time that day. You paced back and forth on the gravel watching as your boyfriend climbed up a metal fence. “You have like a billion dollars, you could have just paid to get in.” You didn’t want to complain, but you also didn’t want to get to jail either. For the past two month now you had been dating the guy of your dreams, Dylan O’Brien, and he was more than a riot to hang out with. Today, he decided to take you to one of his favorite baseball fields, only problem was the place was locked up – but not for long.

“(Y/N), if you could just give me a little boost.” Dylan was obviously struggling with getting his leg over the not too high fence and you couldn’t help but laugh. He took you on adventures and treated you right, what more could you ask for? You help lift his leg, giving a small playful smack to his ass, causing him to go spiraling over. “Really?” He asked as he stood up, dusting himself off, “What? I liked what I saw.” Even if he wanted to be mad, you knew he couldn’t, the smile etching on his face being a dead giveaway. “Be happy you’re cute.” He simply stated as he walked over to the gate.

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Kang Daniel Hogwarts Au!

So I thought, hey, how could I start this blog? A Hogwarts au! Please nice I’m only a small bean~

•Kang Daniel is your friendly neighborhood Hufflepuff,
•(Could also high key be Gryffindor but Hufflepuff Daniel!!!),
•He’s probably prefect because let’s be real could he be anything else?,
•Also one of the teams chasers,
•You’re Slytherin who’s also a chaser so yanno, You’re competitive,
•And when you pass each other in the halls you always shout playful jeers at each other that are SO BAD,
•"Hey Y/N,  they say laughter is the best medicine, everyone would be healthy if they watched you play.“,
•"Was I ment to be offended, Kang? The only thing offending me is your face.”,
•You can’t help but laugh at eachother/your selves because they seem to get worse each time,
•But Daniel is a goof with you and it’s probably just what you need,
•(Don’t we all need a lil bit of goofy Daniel?),
•Although sometimes he makes you want to scream,
•You were in potions and making a potion that would flash colours and fizz (because it’s pretty yanno) but yours would only turn dull blues and browns,
•So here comes Daniel with this pot of whatever,
•"Here Y/N this should brighten it up.“,
•Next thing you know it’s a neon orange and FIZZING,
•Although fizzing isn’t a strong enough word because that stuff is like a bowl of Coco pops on crack,
•Long story short you manage to loose your eyebrows and could only see in black and white for a few days,
•Daniel walks you to madam Pomfrey, Apologizing all the way but you can see him laughing when he thinks your not looking,
•So you hex his hair to turn pink but he actually turns out liking it,
•So you become his new hair stylist,
•The Slytherin stereotype is to be great at potions but nope, not you,
•So you reluctantly start working more with Daniel because, despite a few rare hiccups that are generally hilarious, he’s pretty good at potions,
•And you’re brilliant at transfiguration so it works both ways and you end up spending so much time together that others start to think it’s suspicious,
•And, honestly, so do you,
•Daniel always catches you at breakfast or lunch and asks for help in something or another,
•And then when you get round to it you can tell he’s lying and is actually perfect,
•You confront him each time and it always goes like,
•"Huh, I guess I’m just better than I think I am,”
•"So can we head off, I heard Jisung and Seongwoo are going to See who can eat the most Puking Pasties in a minute"
•"No, come on Y/N, we’re here now we might as well just stay, do you want to go for a walk around the lake?“
•And you can’t say no to him, because when he asks you it always makes your heart flutter in a small way that you crave,
•It’s the final quidditch match of the summer and boy are you ready to WIN,
•The score is 130-160 to Hufflepuff and you aren’t having any of it,
•One of your team mates manages to steal the quaffle (right as the snitch has been spotted) and launches it at you,
•Just as you throw the ball the bludger comes flying at you and damn is that thing fast,
•You fall off your broom and are dangerously hurtling towards the ground but you don’t care because the quaffle has just gone through the hoop,
•But then u realise,
•Damn what happens when you hit the ground?
•But before you know Daniels swooped down and rescued you like a damn knight in shining armour with a huge grin as you gather your surroundings and rest your hands on his shoulders for support,
•You giggle a little when you see the shine in his eyes as he leans in slowly,
•Woojin’s the commentator "And just as we where all about to never be able to watch Quidditch again, Kang Daniel flies in to save us all from being scarred and- LOOK AWAY KIDS! JISUNG YOU OWE ME 5 GALLEON- and prof. McGonagall would like you to know Hufflepuff have won”
•Your kinda salty Hufflepuff won but you’re going to have to live with it,
•That trip to Madame Pomfrey is a hell of a lot of pain but, hey, Daniel doesn’t leave your side,
•Dating Daniel would be like before but x10,
•More awful jeers but just as everyone thought they couldn’t get worse,
•"Hey Y/N, you need more quidditch practice, not only do you fall off your broom but you fall for me.“
•"So you can catch me but not the quaffle?”
•Everyone groans,
•But you guys are giggling,
•Dates to the astronomy tower late at night where you’d talk about your worries for the future or your deepest thoughts,
•Dates to the kitchen where your joke around and give Daniel a beard with whipped cream,
•The room of requirement used atleast twice a week to be able to chill and cuddle together in peace,
•Everyone knows about you guys so constant teasing,
•Your THE couple in Hogwarts even the first years know and everyone comes to you for advice aswell,
•"you’re asking me to help when I’ve got that dork?“
•You love him really,
•You both get eachother goofy hand made Christmas presents, like a poorly stitched pillow that says ‘My Boo’ in changing colors because you’re cheesy,
•You could be walking to the nearest park to your house in the holidays and suddenly Daniel will apparate , grab your hand and you’re off to a new location he’s found that are always so damn pretty,
•Daniel talks you over and you ultimately become part of the pink hair Squad,

Ta da! So it’s nothing spectacular but I love Daniel and Hogwarts headcanons! Hope you enjoyed~

(Also I gotta say I’m heavily inspired by imagineproduce101 because they’re great pls check them out)

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Church of the Poison Mind (Trixya) - Dahlia

This is going to be multiple chapters of just me crying, being emo, and typing entirely in italics. Thank you so much from the bottom of my smol bean cinnamon roll heart to all of the ANGELS who inspired me and kept me going, it literally would not have been possible without Lale, Matilda, and BromeoandJooliet!!!  Feel free to drop by my side-blog DahliasForKatya and say hello! Thank you!!! More parts coming soon

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Summary: During a relaxing day off with the team, Bucky gets a little too laid back and says something that may change the dynamic of his friendship with you.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1368

Genre: Fluff. Humor.

Warning: None.

A/N: I’m sorry, I meant to post this yesterday but I’m such a wordy little shit! I really don’t think I’m capable of writing anything less than 1000 words lol.

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

No missions, no life or death situations, no fighting for your lives. This kind of thing didn’t happen often. It had almost become so rare that you all forgot what life was like without stress. But today you were going to take advantage. With the whole team being at the compound all at once, you were going to spend time together and relax in each other’s company.

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“You’re My Lobster”

Hey friends, this is my first ever submission to #choicescreates! It’s a super fluffy Chris x MC piece. I hope you all enjoy it!! @hollyashton @ravenclawpokegirl25

Becky and Chris are cuddled up on the couch watching Friends

Becky suddenly shushes him and says, “This part is good.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll be quiet,” Chris promises.

Chris turns his attention back to the show as Ross and Rachel kiss. “See, he’s her lobster,” Phoebe Buffay says.

Becky smiles and looks up at Chris. He looks down at her and she plants a quick kiss on his lips.

“You’re my lobster,” Becky says smiling.

“I thought Jerry was your lobster,” Chris jokes.

“You’re my back-up lobster then. Just in case things don’t work out with Jerry,” Becky teases.

“Well, this lobster needs some sleep. I’m going to need all my energy to win you a prize at the carnival tomorrow,” Chris says as he yawns.

“Good point, let’s go to bed,” Becky says.

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Heavy Sleeper [Gladion x Moon]

welp, this might be the cheesiest thing I’ve ever written

oh well, its better than nothing

sorry for almost 3-weeks of no real content besides my rambles, I hope this makes up for it :)

also, Gladion still can’t cook

With a hand over her mouth, Moon had to suppress her giggle. The faint almost violet sky filtered through the open window illuminating the wooden floor and wrinkled sheets that held Gladion’s snoring figure. His features were calm, eyes peaceful and mouth parted slightly and his thin body raised up and down which each steady breath he exhaled.

It was no surprised that he was sound asleep. Gladion always said he would stay up and wait for her whenever she took the night shift at her job of being Alola’s Champion but he never could really follow through with his plan.

Moon leaned down to kiss his forehead softly to which he seemed to stir beneath her. Wordlessly, he drowsily patted at the empty spot beside him. She crawled in the blanket, head resting on Gladion’s chest.

“Did I wake you?” She mumbled with an apologetic glance.

“No.” He yawned, “I’ve been waiting for you. Arceus, what time is it?”

“Almost six.”

He stretched his back out slightly, covering another yawn, “was there anybody?”

Moon sighed rubbing her forehead, “more than you’d think. Half drunk Trainers, slurring out commands to their Pokémon in an attempts to win my title. Honestly, as amusing as the night shift is, it gets a bit old after a while. No one there really tries because they can barely throw their damn Poke Ball.”

“Or maybe they know they can’t beat you so they try making you laugh to throw you off your game?” Gladion chuckled twirling a strand of dark hair with his finger.

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 KYLO X READER || Soul Mate 5.5 (Valentine’s Day Special)

A/N: So, I’d like to imagine that in the SWU there is Valentine’s Day…but we all know how unlikely that is. Therefore, I made it an AU, because we all know how lovely that would be if they had such holiday. Consider this a flash back that will coincide with part 6! Happy Valentines Day and may the force be with you! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.6K+

Warning: None


“This is ridiculous…” Eyeing yourself in the body mirror, you felt your lips purse as your nose scrunched up, “Why in the galaxy…How in the galaxy do they have time to throw a damned Valentines Day ball?” You questioned, speaking to thin air as you tugged at the straps of the white dress you had been wearing. The dress wasn’t the problem, nor was the red lipstick and matching heels, the problem was you weren’t a fan of attending such massive gatherings. “All they ever do is talk politics…how am I supposed to enjoy myself when the topic is as dull as the ground underneath?” Blowing a strand of hair away from your face, you let out a deep sigh while placing your hands on your hips. “Might as well get this over with…”

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Winter Break: Part Five

Summary: Your brother, Sebastian Stan, is taking you for a little vacation and internship scouting with him on the set of Captain America: Civil War. On the trip, interesting friendships are made, and Spider-Man doesn’t stay your least favorite superhero.

Characters: Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Tom Holland, Scarlett Johansson, Chadwick Boseman, Robert Downey Jr.(more to be added)

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: hey guys, school really tired me out today, but I wanted to write, so I apologize in advance if this piece is a little choppy and short. thank you for all of the support so far (:


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You whirl around, and before you can get your hair out of your face, you’re swept up into a pair of arms, and you gasp, choking for breath.

“Robert!” you manage to get out, and the man sets you back on the flats of your feet.

“My unofficial daughter,” Robert grins at you, patting your head.

“Am I your unofficial son then?” Sebastian asks. You’d been walking with him down to the lobby, where you were planning on meeting with Scarlett, Tom, Mackie, and Chadwick to go for a bit of sightseeing. Sebastian had said something about wanting to check out a park nearby after lunch (which Team Iron Man did end up paying for), and so since no one had anything better to do, Scarlett had taken it upon herself to find directions.

“No,” Robert replies flatly. Sebastian gasps, clasping a hand over his chest, and you snort.

“You’re Mark Hamill’s son,” you tell him. “If Luke Skywalker gets to be your dad, then Tony Stark is mine.”

Sebastian sticks his tongue out at you, and you flip him off. Robert laughs over all of this, and squeezes your shoulder as you move as a group through the hall back into the main part of the lobby.

“So, kiddo,” Robert says. “Tell me about school. Dating anybody?”

You flush, and Sebastian makes a noise.

“She better not be dating anyone,” Seb says, you roll your eyes, despite your embarrassment.

“I’m not dating anyone,” you assure them both.

“Then why does your jacket smell like men’s cologne?” Robert teases, and you look down, realizing you were wearing Damon’s letterman jacket.

“This is my friend Damon’s,” you tell them, spotting Tom, Scar, Chadwick, and Mackie ahead. Tom waves to you, and you smile back. “He always gives it to me.”

“Y’know, when I was in high school-”

“Back in the good old days of the 1930s,” Seb interrupt, smirking, and Robert smacks him upside the head.

“As I was saying,” Robert glares at your brother. “When I was in high school, I gave my jacket to the girl I liked.”

“You told me this story before,” you say, holding your hand up. “The girl always gave it back.”

Sebastian lets out a noise that probably was meant to be a laugh, but sounds more like a wailing cat, and both you and Robert break into laughter.

“What the bloody hell was that?” Tom asks, chuckling with his headphones hanging around his neck.

“Sebastian’s mating call,” you laugh, and Scarlett, Mackie, and Chadwick snort. Sebastian gives you a look, and you grin innocently at him. This time, he flips you off. “Love you too, brother.”

“Let’s go guys,” Mackie says, pulling on Sebastian. “I’m getting bored.”

“Wait, where’s Chris?” you ask, looking around for the sweater wearing dork.

“HYDRA kidnapped him,” Chadwick shrugs. “They’re turning him into their soldier. Our mission is to go and find him. In that direction.”

He jerks his thumb towards the hotel entrance.

“We’re ditching him, aren’t we?” you ask flatly.

“What?” Robert says. “Noooo.”

“He’s sleeping,” Scarlett finally tells you. “He’s been beat since he and Mackie got back from California.”

“Nah,” Mackie shakes his head, successfully uprooting Seb from Robert’s side. “He’s just finally crashing after forcing himself to stay awake the last sixteen hours.”

You frown, but let Scarlett take you by the hand and pull you out of the hotel. The cold wind that’s been blowing all day attacks you instantly, and you immediately shiver.

“Are you cold, love?” Tom asks, coming up beside you as you walk down the sidewalk.

“Uh,” you stutter, and a lie forms on your tongue. “Not too much.”

Tom chuckles and holds his arm up, and it takes you a moment to realize what he’s implying. You glance behind you, at Chadwick and Mackie, who are waving their hands at each other as they talk, and then ahead at Seb, Robert, and Scarlet, who are each arguing about something in their scripts.

Hesitantly, you duck under Tom’s arm, and are instantly warmer walking closer to him with Damon’s jacket on.

“Thank you,” you say, grateful that the chilly wind could be the excuse for the red in your cheeks.

“No problem,” he replies, and adds, “so tell me about yourself?”

You glance up at him, and raise your eyebrow. “About me?”

“Yes,” he smiles, face lit up in amusement. “If I’m going to shelter you, you’ve got to at least tell me more about yourself than your name and what you want to be.”

You smile and look down, only to start when you feel your phone buzz in your back pocket. Taking it out, without disrupting Tom’s arm, you open your texts and find a few texts from your friends in the group chat they’d created in the seventh grade.


Max: literally, add six to the time dumbass


Chris: I’m actually face palming

Jamie: it’s two pm…

Damon: hey (Y/N). how’s germany?

Forest: aww, look at him

Chris: so smol

Damon: I could punt you farther down the football field than you can throw the damn ball Chris 

Chris: okay bro, chill

Chris: …those flirt guns

Max: for being gay, your comebacks suck

You can’t help but smile and shake your head at your friends’ conversation.
“Sorry,” you apologize to Tom. “My friends have been texting me and I haven’t been answering.”

“Is Damon your boyfriend?” Tom asks, and you snort.

“No,” you chuckle. “We used to have sort of a thing in the end of eleventh grade, but we decided it was better to be friends.”

Tom gives a weak smile. “How long have you been mates with Damon?”

“Fifteen years,” you squint, and then shake your head. “I met the asshole in third grade when he fell off of the playground on top of me.”

“That was lucky,” Tom chuckles. “For him.”

“I punched him in the nose.”

Tom looks down at you, eyebrows reaching up into his forehead and lips parted in surprise. “You punched your best friend in the face?”

“He wasn’t my best friend then,” you tell him, and wrinkle your nose. “He was chubby and broke my wrist.”

Tom laughs, and wrinkles from smiling crinkle around his eyes. His laugh his contagious, and soon you both have gathered the attention of your friends, and your brother zeroes in on Tom’s arm instantly.

“She’s younger than you!” Sebastian declares as he takes two steps towards you, and drags you away from Tom, trapping you in his arms.

“Let go of me,” you complain, wriggling around against him.

“I’m only nineteen,” Tom points out.

“Too old,” Sebastian snaps, but he’s being playful. You bite his arm and he puts his hand over your mouth. You lick his hand, and Sebastian rolls his eyes. “Your childhood was run by me, little sister. I changed your diapers, drove you to school, and helped you with homework. If you really think licking me is going to gross me out, you’re going to need to find a different strategy.”

You huff into his palm, glaring at him the best you could. “Okay dad,” you mutter into his hand, trying to step on his foot.

Sebastian makes a point of ruffling your hair right before he lets go of you, and you slap at your brother. “Asshole.”

“I’m suddenly happy my brothers aren’t here,” Tom chuckles.

“I’m happy my kids aren’t here,” Robert says with a straight face.

“You’re a wonderful father,” you say wryly.

“He is your dad,” Sebastian chuckles.  

“Unofficially,” the group says back to him in unison.


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