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noun formal humorous
the action of throwing someone or something out of a window


I see a lot of posts floating around with advice like “just force yourself to focus by eliminating all other distractions” or that offer tips for motivation that really only helps neurotypicals. I’ve struggled with ADHD for my whole life, but only recently got properly diagnosed, so I thought I would offer advice on what I’ve done to actually help others like me. These tips can also also help those without ADHD!

1. Throw your phone out the window.
Okay, obviously don’t actually throw your phone out a window. Something that I’ve noticed though, is that if my phone is somewhere inaccessible to me while I’m studying, I don’t compulsively check it the way I would otherwise. I know many of us have major anxiety over missing something important if we aren’t checking everything all the time, and often even apps like Forest (an app that forces you to not access the rest of your phone for a set period of time) don’t always do the trick. I’ve found that it’s a lot better to say, leave your phone on your dresser in your room while you study in the kitchen, or to put it on the dining table if you study in your room.

2. Make a second account on your computer, and restrict everything.
Listen. I have a million tabs open. I’ve currently got twelve open in chrome and another five or six open in safari; and of course, I’m using all of them right now. It’s just kinda how ADHD goes. And when it comes to studying, this proves to be a major distraction – how could it not be? I’m constantly bouncing between the actual work I’m meant to be doing and three different fanfictions, two youtube videos, a dungeons and dragons manual, and college admissions websites. The solution to this? I made another user account on my computer aptly titled “school.” On this account, nearly everything is restricted; I can’t get on tumblr, youtube, Facebook, Instagram, discord, or anything similar. The only sites I have access to are google’s sites (mail, drive, classroom), some math help sites, and Khan Academy. Since these things are blocked, I have to consciously make the decision to procrastinate – and trust me, half the time I’m procrastinating I’m barely aware I’m doing it, so this helps a lot.

3. While scheduling and prioritizing might seem impossible, there’s one time that almost always works.
A remarkable way to motivate yourself for neurotypicals is to simply make a to-do list. If I tried to make a to-do list, it would end up taking more time than any of the tasks on it, and it would be thirty-plus items long at any given time. HOWEVER, I’ve found that sitting down right before I’m about to do work and jotting down a list of what I need to do in the next hour is incredibly helpful. The key here is to never plan for more than an hour at a time, lest you end up with the too-long list that is likely to make you even more stressed out. Sit down and ask yourself, what do I need to do right now, and then write that down. And then an hour later, if you’ve completed all those tasks (or when you complete them, be it earlier or later than that hour) plan for the next hour. Ask yourself, well, now that that’s finished, what do I need to do now? Continue this until your homework and chores are done. The nice thing about this method is that you get the satisfying feeling of accomplishment every hour, which is very motivating and helpful for staying on task despite your ADHD.

4. If you need to be in motion, be in motion.
I know this isn’t true of everyone with ADHD, but I physically cannot stay still. I play with my hands, bounce my leg and my foot, twist my ring, run my hands through my hair – you name it. I find that standing while studying is helpful to this; I have a high kitchen counter with stools that I can slip on and off of easily. When I need to watch a video, I give my hands something to do; I’ve found that stretchy erasers are great for occupying my hands without distracting me from my task, but whatever works for you – fidget cubes, food, silly putty, etc. – is worth a shot. Even something as simple as letting your legs hang off whatever you’re sitting on so you can fidget as you need can be extremely beneficial in keeping your focus.

5. Recognize that sometimes, you won’t be able to get everything done. And that’s okay.
Fun fact: neurotypicals can’t always get everything done either. The important thing to remember is that ADHD is manageable, and can be worked with.

how he kisses you : saeran

an apology for not getting much work done on here ! been thinkin about my boi alot so, here u go <3

Slow and powerful, his hands all over you, from your cheeks to your sides, your sides to your breasts, your breasts to your hips, hips to your rear, then to your thighs, so he can lift you up and set you on the counter in front of him. His tongue makes claim of your mouth all over again.

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What I really want to happen next episode:

So Magnus tries to convince everyone that he is no Valentine,they of course ignore him and just throw him in a cell.Everyone just thinks Valentine is trying to play them again.But Alec feels that something is of,and goes to talk to Jace.

Jace tells him he mustn’t believe a single word that comes out of Valentine’s mouth.While his rational part says Jace is probably right,Alec still cant shake the feeling that something is truly amiss,and goes to see Magentine,not really knowing what to get out of it,but he goes anyway.

Once in the dungeons,Magnus,again,tries to convince Alec that he is Magnus,begs him to believe him.But Alec is still not convinced,he is torn.Before Alec stands the man who abused and tortured his brother,was the one behind his posession and murder of Jocelyn,the man whom he thought he had lost Magnus to,just a day ago.And yet he cant ignore the part of him that says Magentine is telling the truth

Before both can say anymore,Imogen Herondale enters,(maybe she gags Magentine? to stop him from speaking)And declares he is to be executed. Alec is still torn and doesn’t know what to think,but then Valentine gives him the most vulnerable and fear filled look,pleading,begging for his help.And Alec knows,he knows this is not Valentine,this is his boyfriend,his Magnus. Alec turns towards Imogen…………and KNOCKS HER THE FUCK OUT.

He unties Magnus,grabs him and gets the fuck up outta there.On the way they agree to go find Valentine(in Magnus’s body) “cause no way in hell is his boyfriend going to stay like that”. At Magnus’ loft they find Valentine,trying to undo the spell himself, and agree to work together to exchange bodies(Valentine most certainly doesn’t want to stay in a warlock body) 

The blast of the exchange send everyone flying.Disoriented Alec looks up and carefully makes his way over to Magnus,not knowing if its still Valentine in there. Magnus looks around dazed and meets Alec’s eyes,neither of them move,they just stand there,frozen.

But then Magnus whispers a broken and teary”Alexander”,and starts to cry. Alec doesn’t hesitate one second to throw his arms around his boyfriend,and pulling him against him.Magnus’ quiet cries grow into sobs as he clutches at Alec,and buries his face against his chest.All the while Alec shushes him,kisses his hair,and mumbles soothing words of comfort.Magnus cries untill he has no more tears left and his sobs quiet down to soft sniffels. He lifts his head up to look at Alec,who in response brushes his fingers softly against Magnus’ cheek.Magnus leans into the touch and gives him a tearful little smile,reaches up and gives him a soft kiss.

and then Alec throws Valentine out the window or something, and takes Magnus to bed,where they cuddle.   

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Okay regarding your answer to- Why does Gaster have blood? I SWEAR TO GOD CAMI. The question you left at the end. ( Maybe now they can withstand more of something else ? OwO) If it's firkin' determination I'll throw my laptop out the window. You have to pay attention to literally EVERYING in the story. You sneaky thing. Anyways, loved the animation as always. <3

Thank you! The plot’s been in development since August from last year for a reason xD

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I just found your blog and I absolutely adore it! I was wondering how your process of getting to your current art style went? Because I LOVE it! It's so cute! Your art makes me smile so much!


it’s mostly just constant little adjustments to proportions or features plus randomly deciding “actually what if i did it like this instead?” it kinda evolves over time.

just for fun, here’s a comparison. the first 3 are from like mid-2015 and the last one i drew right now in 5 seconds

certain aspects came and went in the interest of making him easier for me to draw consistently and making him hella cuter :333

the deer’s face pissed me off for the longest time because it never fukgning worked at any angle other than 1/2 

i still kinda liked it though, so i had to think a bit about how to keep this look/style but also make it work better in 3d. he also looked pretty generic so i gave him the neck/chest floof to make him a little more identifiable i guess?

part of my problem was that i also sucked at drawing so i had to force myself to get better so i could do more stuff as well as do it faster.

it can also help if you occasionally just throw everything out the window or try something wildly different and see what sticks. the stupid angular shading thing is just something i did on accident once and then decided ‘hey this looks alright, guess i’ll keep doing it.’

sorry if this is delving a little too much into character design, i kinda just make shit up as i go. eehhhh

Not As Think As You Drunk I am - snowbaz

this is rambly and awful and basically a switch of my fic SOLS but this one has alcohol and crying.

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Warnings: alcohol, abandonment issues, a really bad coming out joke that (again) i have used in real life, implications of feeling sick, mentions of death and murder and drugs, nostalgic af

Summary: Baz walks in more than drunk and Simon is more than happy to have some late night chats with him.

Word Count: 3004

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  • what they say: i'm fine
  • what they mean: dan just. i cant believe he did something so fucking disrespectful. that damn selfie of him and phil, phil with his cute little face, which is confirmation that they are on holiday??? with the lesters??? how fucking rude i hate dan howell i hate phil lester i hate them all i love them i hate them fuck this what the fuck honestly im deleting

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Hi! I was wondering if you had any dialogue prompts for prison inmates? Thanks!

Ooh what a good idea! Let me see what I can do, I hope they help:

  • “Why is your hand bleeding?” She stood abruptly, the other jumping at the sudden movement. She blinked down at her hand, watching as gems of red dried over her knuckles. “I-I don’t remember.” She said, not looking up.
  • He looked up, meeting the others eyes warily. “Why are you staring?” The other threatened glaring ferociously. He swear he saw a glimmer of black and red in his eyes. He wasn’t going insane already, was he?
  • She began scratching words and pictures into the walls with her nails. “Stop! Why do you do that? What are those symbols?” She paused, half turning so she could meet the girls eyes. Shaking her head, she turned back to the wall and carried on scraping away. “You wouldn’t know, newbie. Alice is it? I’m not insane… I just know a lot.” Alice blinked rapidly and fell silent and motionless. No one had even spoken her name in her proximity, how was she to know it was Alice?
  • “What did you do then?” He shifted to lean against the wall with his knees pulled to his chest. “I don’t want to talk about it.” he replied shortly. The other gritted his teeth, staring down at his dirty hands. “Well we may as well talk, I’m not getting out any time soon and seeing as you’ve been put in this zone, neither are you.” He grunted through clenched teeth.
  • “You’re making too much noise!” She turned sharply, registering her surroundings and standing to reach the small window and throw something out. “I wasn’t speaking.” She replied, turning towards her and leaning against the wall, slyly. “What did you just do? What did you throw out that window? I don’t want a longer sentence for some stupid prank you want to play!” The other shrugged and turned back to stare out the window.
  • Jumping off the bed, he pulled the notepad from the desk and began to scrawl letters and numbers rapidly across the page. “Am I interrupting?” He looked up to see his cellmate standing expectantly. He looked as if he’d asked a question, but being too engrossed in his notebook, he’d not heard. “Do you want me to say it again?” Suddenly the man was gripping his collar and the notebook had fallen to the ground, his pen spurting blue ink across linoleum. Four guards appeared after what felt like an eternity. He jumped back and didn’t make a move or try to speak.

I hope this is okay and they might help! If you need more in-depth or specific ones, just DM me, good luck! Lots of love from Yasmine xox

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i'm all for carpe diem, but seriously, how do you find joy in their wedding when at the end it could all be for naught and it could end in a sobbing and emma-less killian? there's a big chance for cs to be doomed if colin stays... therefore no happy ending, no hope... sorry for this, i'm not a nervous nellie and i don't need to be talked down but i can't stop the show in my mind if they'll end cs whether by separation or death. i'm genuinly asking how do you do it?

My philosophy is pretty simple … I focus on the positive.

Everything you are worrying about is the worst case scenario. And while it’s certainly possible that the writers could throw six seasons of hope out the window just to make something work with a continuing storyline for some cast members that stick around for a potential Season 7 … I just don’t think that is where they are heading with this story.

For now I have no confirmation that they even will have a Season 7 … or who would be in the cast if they did … so I choose to spend the next nine weeks looking forward to my OTP getting married and then maybe seeing something after that … right now I have no idea what.

If they doom CS and toss Emma into oblivion so they can start Season 7 with an Emma-less Hook I’ll be pissed … then. But I would rather spend 9 weeks looking forward to the beautiful scenes I know we’re going to get than worry about something that is only a possibility if the worst thing happens.

I kinda feel like fandom has warped the idea of “lower your expectations” into “everything is terrible all the time so let’s see the worst in every storyline” … how about we just meet in the middle and say that some of it will be great and some of it will be disappointing? The way I do it is to just deal with that after I see it.

Lesson 6: Witchery 101 Part 2

Banishing, Warding and Protection spells

By: Headmistress Trick

Live class date and time: 1/8/2017 @ 6:00PM

As with all things in the pagan community, I advise you research twice then come to your own conclusions. Your craft is YOUR CRAFT, this may not be a perfect fit for you, that it okay. We are all  the tailors of our own spiritual clothes.

 Today I’ll be talking about banishing negative energy, shielding/warding, and basic protection spells. Protection spells are a very ancient idea. A vast variety of early cultures believed that ailments and misfortune were caused by evil spirits and believed the way to relieve themselves of their influence were charms or spells that warded them off. They had superstitious practices about things they had to do to make themselves safe. These practices, much like many early forms of medication, were usually more religious than actually effective, but they were also primitive forms of magic. In today’s world we do not feel so much that we need to ward our house from wolves or plague, but we have our own worries with which to contend.  At the end of the lesson I’ll be teaching two simple warding spells, one you only need a single object to enchant for protection. Don’t use a living item, other than that whatever you like.  I will also teach how to make an easily hideable little protection sachet for your household or luggage.

Banishing is simply casting something out, generally negative energy, but not always. You might wish to banish the memories of an ex-girlfriend, the lingering soul of a dead goldfish, or the guilt you’ve been feeling over cheating on a test. These are all perfectly acceptable uses for banishing spells. A MUCH more common use, is for those that do spiritual or energy work to get rid of the “icky things” that might negatively effect your workings. I’ll go over some simple ways of banishing later.

If banishing is throwing something out the door or window, you’re going to want a way to lock it so they don’t just turn back around and come back inside. That is where warding or shielding comes into play. If you’re not having a problem with something but you think you might in the future, such as you think you’re going to get cursed, you can ward without banishing. That’s perfectly fine as well. In general warding is like putting up an electric fence to keep out things you do not want. I will say, be sensible about the things you try to ward. Don’t try to force things you know can’t happen, such as warding the classroom door so your teacher/professor can’t come inside. That’s not going to work. You can, however, try to cast several other spells to help that situation.  

Never try to banish or cast a ward against an actual physically dangerous situation until after you have taken mundane steps to remove yourself from the situation. Magic CANNOT take the place of you taking every step you can to ensure your own safety. Remember that in cases where harm is possible, get help from mundane sources first, put up magical wards as a “just in case/extra boost” to those precautions later. Warding your apartment is not a substitute for actually locking your front door, shielding against traffic accidents is not going to protect you if you don’t wear your seat belt. Put forth your OWN 100% effort, then try magic.


Anyway! Some common methods of banishing:

  • Using a broom, leaf, or feather to sweep the energy out
  • Burning various herbs to help fumigate it out. Sage is a commonly used one for this, but I personally prefer basil or bay laurel (NOT MOUNTAIN LAUREL. IT IS TOXIC.)
  • Using crystals or stones to absorb said energy, then cleansing them to remove it later
  • Calling upon spirits, deities or entities you WANT in your space, and asking them to kick the bad guys out. (Like asking your friends to help you get rid of a bully)
  • Imagine wrapping the energy up in a dish towel and then “whip” it out the window. (This is a method I kind of made up…but I do it a lot when my kitchen feels icky. I just added it in to show it doesn’t always have to be super serious and stuff)
  • Yelling loudly/ringing bells/playing music to drive things off
  • Using your mental strength and focus to push whatever you’re drying to get rid of away
  • There are a ton of ways of doing this. These are just the ones I’ve used before. Of course with everything else I teach, I encourage you finding your own favored method. Something that feels right for me probably won’t be exactly perfect for you.  Go into it with confidence and intent, faltering will only make it harder for you to cast something out.

 Shielding and Warding can get a little more complicated than simply banishing, because you’re trying to weave a barrier between yourself and the problem. Some have the mental and spiritual magic to cloak themselves with intent and that’s enough armor for them, others need something a little more tangible like a charm or physical ward.

Sigils are very commonly used for this. A covert sigil taped to the underside of a desk or written on the inside of a batter case of a phone can be easily concealed. I personally don’t work with a lot of sigils outside of runes anymore. Since sigils use tends to be a somewhat personal thing, I will leave the search for what one you actually want to use up to you. There are plenty of people in the Sigils tag on the server that would be wonderful for helping with this.

Amulets and and charms are really commonly used in protection and warding. Crystals and gems are really common in witchy jewelry and many of them have properties that are for keeping negative influences away from yourself. Any item you wear daily can be a powerful protection charm. Just remember to boost it on occasion to keep it as effective as possible.

Some common protective stones are Tigers Eye, Jet, Hematite, Petrified Wood, Amber, Jasper, Coral and of course Quartz Crystal. There are of course tons of others, those are just the ones I have written down specifically for protection in my own grimoire. They may not resonate for you. If your mother always wore a pearl necklace and you always felt safe in your mother’s arms, pearls might be a strong protective thing for you. Personal magic and intuition always takes precedence over the correspondences other people agree upon. Just remember not to research everything you use before you use it. Many stones are toxic and some are only toxic under certain circumstances. You don’t want to wear something that is perfectly safe until it touches water since you never know if it is going to rain or you might splash it washing your hands in the bathroom. Safety first!

Protective herbs are vast and varied, but Basil, bay laurel leaf, black pepper, cinnamon, lavender, nutmeg and sea salt (not technically an herb I know) are not only commonly used, but they’re usually easily found. Research what you wish to use, some have more power for specific types of protection such as against psychic attacks or against illness. As usual, ALWAYS make sure you know the physical properties of an herb, such as if it is edible and under what conditions it is unsafe to use, before you take the metaphysical into account. Some herbs are safe to touch but not safe to eat. Some are safe to eat but not to burn. Please cross check it with several reputable sources before using anything with which you’re not VERY familiar.

Now, on to the simple little protection enchantment.

What do you want to be protected from? Is it just negativity in general? Is it jealousy/gossip? Is it bad luck? Is it the vengeful spirit of your dead goldfish? Whatever you wish to be protected against, focus your intentions and energy onto it.

Take your item you wish to enchant and either cup it in your hands or place it on your workspace and put your hands on it (depending on size.) If visualization is something you use in your practice, imagine your energy rising up into your hands and encircling the object. If you do not use visualization, simply put all your intent into the item. Focus very hard on it.  

Decide on how you want to word one of these, or a similar idea you wish to use:

“I am protected from (insert whatever you wish to be protected against)”

“I am safe from _.”

“I am not bothered by _.”

“I am stronger than _.”

Take a deep breath in and focus your intent/energy. If you are able and comfortable saying it aloud, say your incantation as you breath out and push the spell into the object. If you don’t want to say it out loud, just breathe out and say it in your mind. No matter how you say it, the key is to really believe it in the present moment. If you do energy visualization, imagine the energy from your hands actually entering the item you are enchanting.

If after a single time you feel good about the object, that’s perfectly fine and you can be finished. I usually do it three times with slightly different wording because I feel it makes for a stronger charm, but it’s your spell, do what you like.  You be the judge of what feels right for you. I have known some people that do this as many as ten times before they really feel that they have “filled” the object.

This is just a basic spell that can be dressed up as little or much as you like. If you want to fill the room with color corresponding candles, burn incense and cast a circle before you do this, that’s wonderful. If you want to do it with a keychain you just bought at Wal-mart while you’re still sitting in your car in the parking lot, that is also perfectly fine. It’s a BASE spell, you make it yours however you are comfortable.

To make a simple protection sachet using items you can either find or easily purchase (and are easily written off as common household objects if you’re a closet witch) uses a few common baking spices.


For this sachet you will need a small sachet bag or scrap of fabric. You can use any fairly thin fabric that you like, such as an old t-shirt or pillow case you no longer use, or pretty fabric bought specifically for this purpose. I used a little square of anchor fabric because I happened to have it lying around after another project.

For this you will want one of the following:

A bit of copper wire or a penny. You can find copper wire in the power cords to an old trash appliance, just be careful retrieving it or you can buy it if you would prefer to use that instead of a penny. Just be careful and DON’T destroy something you’re still using for the sake of a spell.  OR an acorn, piece of bamboo, ceder or mistletoe. You can also use a small piece of crystal or stone you feel is protective. I personally used a little tiger’s eye bead in mine. You CAN leave this out if you want to just use the herbs too. It is ENTIRELY up to you. Just keep in mind if you only use herbs that most of the ones we will be using are fairly light, if you plan on putting it anywhere where there is breeze or it might get knocked around a little, you might want to put something to weight it down a bit.

  • Cinnamon – you can use the ground kind, or the stick type. It doesn’t matter.
  • Cloves- Once again, whole or ground is entirely up to you.
  • Nutmeg
  • Black Pepper (or peppercorns)
  • Marjoram
  • Mace
  • Sea Salt
  • A cotton ball (also completely optional)
  • String, yarn, wire or ribbon to tie shut


I generally lay my square of fabric in the middle of my work space (for me this is the kitchen, but for you it could be your altar or bathroom cabinet if you want to do it in secret. If you’re in the broom closet and someone sees you doing this, tell them it’s for a scent sachet to keep your closet smelling nice and you saw it on Pintrest.)

I put my cotton ball down first and sort of spread it out a little bit, then place my protective item (rock, gem, crystal, copper, or wood thingy)  then put generous pinches of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, mace and marjoram on them. Now pepper is powerfully protective, but also powerfully scented and not everyone like the smell. I would use sparingly unless you like the scent.

When you have finished adding your ingredients, simply gather the top and tie it shut. I use three knots when I am making them because three is an important number to me. A number that is sacred to your path or meaningful to you is good. Each time I tighten a knot I force it full of my intent with saying things like “My home is protected.” or “This is a barrier against negative energy.”  I also like to drip a few drops of wax onto the knots just to keep them from coming undone. You can use a candle, sealing wax or even a melted crayon for this.

Anyway, that’s all I have for you today. Please feel free to message me with any questions you have about this lesson. Much love to you all and thank you for attending. <3


KYUNGSOO X i don’t even know what to make out of this EYEMAKEUP MOODBOARD (◉Θ◉)  (insp)

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Dating Tom Holland, and running a fan account for Sebastian Stan would include…


  • Having the account (Which was on Tumblr obviously)before Tom got his role as Spider-man
  • So it used to be a sort of hilarious secret between the two of you
  • “Haha, just imagine if you actually ever met him in real life, though.”
  • Only showing Tom parts of your blog, like the fan art and the gifs. You would use any possible means to make sure he never strays over to the deep, dark side of your blog
  • Namely the fanfiction side
  • Because, ho-ho, if he ever saw the fanfiction and reader inserts you read on a daily basis, it would most possibly scar his innocent mind
  • “Y/n, what’s thi-”
  • “Nothing, it’s nothing, absolutely nothing. Hey Tom, look, it’s Harrison Ford!”
  • And you’re only option would be to fake your own death and move to Atlantis
  • Having Marvel movie marathons with Tom, and inwardly and outwardly screaming whenever Bucky pops up
  • “He’s so hot, but he’s also dark and mysterious, and his face is just- oh my god.and don’t you dare say that James Buchanan Barnes is a villain. He was brainwashed, and didn’t have a choice.”
  • Having multiple posters of Bucky Barnes on your bedroom walls
  • “He’s so beautiful. Just look at his eyes.”
  • So when Tom ran up to you one day, completely out of breath, with very important news, you couldn’t wait to hear what it was
  • “Tom, just tell me. What happened?”
    “Y/n, I’ll tell you, but you have to promise me that you won’t freak out and do something crazy, like throw that cup of coffee out the window.”
  • “You know I’d never waste a perfectly good, steaming cup of coffee.“
  • “I got a role in Captain America: Civil War, and I’m Spid-”
  • WHAT?
  • “Aw, come on. What did that coffee ever do to you?”
  • Begging him to let you visit the set with him
  • “Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please.”
  • After a few days of endless ‘please’s’, he finally relents and lets you tag along with him
  • "You’re being so unfair! You know I can’t resist it when you do your puppy dog face.”
  • Watching Tom while he goes swinging in his  Spider-man suit in front of a green screen (And taking a few pictures here and there, obviously)
  • Hanging out at craft service, and stealing a few snacks here and there, before you feel somebody tap your shoulder
  • Turning around to see Tom standing in front of you, an excited smile on his face
  • “Y/n, I’ve got a surprise for you.”
  • And standing behind him is Sebastian Stan
  • Sebastian. Freaking. Stan.
  • Long story, you froze for a few minutes, then started babbling about how much you loved and admired him, then cried, then asked him for a hug, then started babbling again, and cried a few more times before running out of the room
  • having to restrain yourself with every last ounce of self-control you have in your body not to spill out all the details about meeting Sebastian Stan on your blog
  • “Resist, Y/n. Just… resist.”
  • Tom taking you as his date to the Captain America: Civil War Red Carpet World Premiere
  • And, once again, you spent most of your time just crying and babbling and crying even more
  • “Oh my god, Robert Downey Jr., I love you so much, oh my god…”
  • And you try not to break down in front of Sebastian Stan again
  • Hanging out with Tom and binge-watching Netflix during his break before he has to start filming Spider-man: Homecoming
  • “So, Y/n, do you like Spider-man or Bucky better?”
  • “Oh, that’s easy. Definitely Buck- Ow, okay, I’m kidding, I’m kidding!”

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Press Your Number

This was a bit different for me so I hope you like it :3

Originally posted by jonghyunetc

The lights of the motel room flickered, shedding filtered light on Taemin who was getting a bag and slipping his gun in to his jeans pocket. You gulped, knowing what he was going to do and you knew you couldn’t stop him, yet, you felt like you needed to try. 

“Where are you going?”

 You asked, trying to sound calm, sitting up on the creaky bed the two of you shared.


He replied bluntly; you hated when he acted cold because he wasn’t. As much as he tried to be a bastard, he couldn’t be; under the mask was a wholesome gentleman who just wanted to provide for you. You tried to understand but it was hard. 


You questioned. Taemin grabbed his leather jacket from the seat in the corner of the room. 

“Who are you? My fucking mother?! Just drop it (Y/N).”

 You gulped, anxiety making your palms sweat.

 “You told me you’d stop.” 

You uttered; it was obvious he was going to do another ‘job’ for a guy he knew that was all sorts of bad news; it was so dangerous out there.

 “How do you expect me to pay for this fucking motel, huh?! How do you expect me to get us food?! What do you fucking want me to do (Y/N)?! Fucking tell me!”

 When he raised his voice, his eyebrows frowned with anger and even though he didn’t scare you, it made you wonder what was going on in his head. You gazed at your name tattooed on his arm, thinking about what you meant to him; how much you meant to that man. There was a silence. Taemin hung his head down, looking at the damp floor.

 “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to shout.”

 He confessed, his voice gentle to your ears.

 “I know.” 

 You replied. Taemin climbed on the bed, his forehead creased with distress. He reached over to you, caressing your neck and shoulders gently with his fingertips. 

“Look at you. You should be wearing diamonds, silk robes, and lace lingerie. Just trust me, jagi. I know what I’m doing. With the money, I could get us a better place to live, I could get a better car, we could go and get you a ring!” 

Taemin seemed to be so excited when he spoke about the future; the possibility of having a happy ending. Deeply, your boyfriend sighed. 

“I want to give you everything.”

 He said before dropping his eyes, full of guilt; frustrated about the state you were in. You couldn’t help but tilt his chin up and make him look at you. Every time you gazed in to his eyes, you fell in love so hard all over again. 

“I just want you.” 

You replied whole-heartedly. For a moment, you were motionless, just trying to read what he was thinking through those troubled eyes until he threw his things on the floor and pounced on you. It may not have been the most romantic setting and the timing was far from perfect but the way he smiled so warmly and the way his eyes sparkled when he looked at you was incredibly romantic and perfect. 

“You have me, always.”

 He whispered before pressing his plump lips against yours, caressing them and teasing you with his tongue. It was the Taemin you knew, playful, gentle, a protector. Kissing Taemin, you ran his hands through his dirty blond/ light brown hair and wrapping your legs around his back. He noticed he still had the gun in his pocket. Taemin reached down and threw the gun on the floor with the rest of his stuff, symbolizing how love conquers over evil. You needed more; he was the most addictive drug. Everything about him was so beautiful. You pulled his shirt from under his jeans; Taemin lifted his arms, biting his lip as you removed his top. Instantly, your hands ran over his athletic body, drawing shapes of love hearts over his chest with the tips of your fingers.

 “This is what I want, to make love to you for hours and hours.”

 You told him whilst your hands slowly travelled down to the button of his jeans. Not being able to look away from the bulge in his pants, you pulled his jeans down his legs and you wished neither of you had to wear clothes. Taemin stared at you with raw desire, waiting, panting hard. Surprisingly, he pushed you down, so desperate for you, desperate to love you. Making your whole body alive, he ran his hands up your sensitive thighs and through your hair, his eyes locked on yours, looking at you so lovingly. It was hard to believe what the beautiful man did for a living.


 You cried as he relentlessly thrust himself in and out of your trembling body. 

“That’s right baby, feel it.”

 He groaned before leaning down and kissing your neck, intensifying your pleasure. Taemin grabbed your legs and pushed them forwards towards your stomach, making him feel even bigger; he knew exactly how to drive you crazy. 

“Damn (Y/N), you’re so beautiful, so sexy.”

 Taemin’s eyes were coated with lust, possessed by your love. Needing you urgently, he wrapped his arms around your body and pounded you hard and deep. You squealed out, not being able to handle the insane sensations. For the sake of staying conscious, you grabbed on to his hair, you clawed at his shoulders, anything to stop you from screaming the motel down. 

“Oh Taemin! Taemin! Fuck!” 

You could barely get your words out as you were so close to a mind blowing orgasm. Like he could read your mind, the sex god reached down and rubbed your clit, just hard enough to send you over the edge. It was like a sex bomb had exploded and sent you spilling over him like a red hot volcano. 


 You threw your head back, almost blacking out as he shot his warm cum inside you, letting all of his frustration go.


 He panted hard, his chest heaving in and out, his body glowing with sweat; he dropped beside you and took your hand. Wanting to be close to the man you loved, you curled up beside him and wrapped your arm over his stomach.

 “I love you, Taemin.” 

He let out another deep sigh, like he needed to hear it. Sweetly, he kissed your forehead, letting his lips linger there for a while before he said 

“I love you.” 

Your eyes examined the room, travelling on their own until you found yourself gazing out of the window at the dark night. 

“Don’t go.”

 You uttered, the lights beginning to flicker again. Taemin sat up, his back facing you.

 “I have to. Please, try to understand.” 

You gently kissed his back and his gorgeous shoulders. 


You begged, your heart beginning to go cold with worry. Taemin got up from the bed and began to put his items of clothing back on, leaving you helpless on the bed. 

“(Y/N), please. I don’t want to fight with you.”

 Goosebumps spread across your body in horror when he picked the gun back up and put it in his pocket. With a brave face, he walked over to you and kissed your quivering lips. 

“I’ll come back, I promise.”

 Within seconds, he was out the door.

A tear rolled down your face, not knowing what to do; you had a very, very bad feeling. An idea struck you when you saw that he had left his phone on the bedside table. You picked it up and scrolled through the messages he had with his apparent boss, hoping that you’d find the location of where he would be and, like a miracle, you found it. Taemin had taken the car so you called a cab; you were going after him and bringing him back, whether he liked it or not.

The taxi parked a few metres away from the house so nothing looked suspicious. Thankfully, no one was outside. You felt very uncomfortable with another one of Taemin’s guns in your jeans pocket but you knew that it was a necessity to have one, walking in to a house of gun men. The house was huge, expensive looking with enormous groomed gardens; the perfect place for a murder. Almost tiptoeing, you walked through the entry hall, your feet almost sticking on the glistening marble floors. At first, you heard nothing but eerie silence until you got closer to what looked like the main room of the house. Louder and louder, you heard the sound of bitter, angry voices. Vaguely, you could see Taemin, standing in front of what appeared to be a dead body. Shaking from adrenaline, you hid behind the door, being careful not to be seen. Your whole body was on edge; you felt sick. Deep down, you knew Taemin shot that man. 

“There. I killed the mother fucking guy. Now give me my money.” 

Taemin barked at one of the guys, dressed in a black suit with shades on; he appeared to be the boss, standing in the middle of two other men.

 “Oh no, Mister Taemin. That’s not how it works. You do as I say and when I feel like it, I’ll give you your money.” 

“I’m not fucking with you Simon. You owe me. Give me my fucking money!”

 You’d never seen Taemin be so violent and you didn’t want to, it was so out of character for him. Your heart was tearing in to pieces; he was risking his life for you. 

“Are we going to have a problem here Taemin? Because if you happened to get shot in the brains tonight, I doubt anyone would give a fuck.”

 You could feel the chunks rising in your throat; you had to do something. Not thinking, throwing safety out the window, as his boss rose his gun to Taemin, you ran in and let your finger press down on the trigger, shooting one of the men down with a BANG! 


You screamed, alerting him. His eyes widened in a mixture of surprise and fright. Taemin screwed his lips together and shot the bullets, one by one through the boss’s head as you took care of the other man, taking him down with the gun. You’d never heard so much noise. Blood splattered all over your clothes, painting your hair a dirty red, coating the floor; the scent of death rising in the air. Taemin stood like a statue, as still as space. Shaking like an earthquake, you dropped your gun on the floor, the sound echoing through the room. 

“Let’s get the f..fuck out of” 

You stuttered, unable to find your words after the terror; you were a killer for the one you loved. Slowly, you walked over to Taemin’s dead boss, lying in a pool of his own sickly blood. In his pockets, you found what Taemin was looking for, $5000.

Taemin nodded, staring at the innocent man he killed before taking your hand and walking out to the car. 

“It’s going to be okay now Jagi.”

 His soft, slightly blood stained hand reached up and caressed your cheeks, easing your anxiety.

 “Let’s find paradise.”


Alternative ending.

“Let’s get the f..fuck out of”

 You stuttered, unable to find your words after the terror; you were a killer for the one you loved. Slowly, you walked over to Taemin’s dead boss, lying in a pool of his own sickly blood. In his pockets, you found what Taemin was looking for, $5000.

 Taemin nodded, staring at the innocent man he killed before taking your hand and walking out to the car. 

“It’s going to be okay now Jagi.”

 His soft, slightly blood stained hand reached up and caressed your cheeks, easing your anxiety.

 “Let’s find paradise.”

 About to get in the car, suddenly, an arm wrapped around Taemin’s slender neck violently and a gun was pressed against his head. You screamed in terror. 

“Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! I’ll give you anything! Please!” 

You begged, tears beginning to fall from your eyes like a water fall.  The mysterious killer smirked. 

“I’ll have my money back and me and Taeminnie here are going to have a blast from the past, aren’t we?”

 The man had slick, blacker than the night hair. He was petite framed, dressed smart but what was haunting was the eye patch over his right eye. Quicker than the speed of lightening, you got out all the money from the bag, your heart pounding so hard that you felt like you were going to pass out. The crying was uncontrollable, you were so scared for your angel. 

“Aren’t we Taemin?!” 

The horrible man growled, shoving the gun harder against Taemin’s skull. Taemin’s eyes were glazed with fear. Noticeably, Taemin gulped feeling the sinking of dread.

 “Yes, Kibum.”

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement Sentence Meme
  • “I know I studied diplomacy and political science at school but there is no course for in Queen or How to Rule A Country.”
  • “I’m going to live in a beautiful palace like in a fairy tale.”
  • “The one downer in my fairy tale is I’ve never been in love.”
  • “Maybe I’ll meet Prince Charming tonight.”
  • “A queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early.”
  • “The fault was entirely my own. I apologize.”
  • “Woodland animals are a lovely thing to be compared too.”
  • “I’m very glad to see that my clumsiness hasn’t affected your dancing.”
  • “If this were my party, we’d be kissing by now.”
  • “You don’t curtsy like that.”
  • “Shut up doesn’t always mean shut up.”
  • “Law states that a princess must marry before she can take the throne.”
  • “A man doesn’t have to marry to be king.”
  • “Not all of us are sure that the princess is the most suitable choice to govern our great nation.”
  • “An arranged marriage is my only choice.”
  • “I dream of love, not fondness.”
  • “You don’t have to do this. You don’t have to become queen.”
  • “I’m sure I want my chance to make a difference as a ruler.”
  • “I would gladly take a bullet for you.”
  • “If there’s any mischief going on, I’d prefer it to be right under my nose.”
  • “Whoever he is, we will be charm itself.”
  • “Nepotism belongs in the arts.”
  • “He’s not eligible because he’s in line for his own crown.”
  • “His boyfriend thinks he’s handsome also.”
  • “Must be rather hard to get to know each other this way.”
  • “Let them bond.”
  • “A royal proposal has been made.”
  • “Your task is to romance her. Show her what a real relationship could be, a relationship filled with heat and passion.”
  • “His last words to me were help him, one day he could be king.”
  • “Power, my boy, means never having to say you’re sorry.”
  • “I just had a momentary lapse of good manners.”
  • “The point is that I’m onto you. Oh boy, am I onto what you are trying to do.”
  • “Does she have the makings of a queen?”
  • “In less than a month, you will no longer be queen and I will no longer be your head of security.”
  • “I think it’s time we bring our friendship out of the shadows.”
  • “Even if you can’t help, you have to show the people you care.”
  • “I can’t ride side saddle.”
  • “You’re very observant, a regular David Attenborough.”
  • “You shouldn’t hide. It only makes them gossip more.”
  • “You never think about anyone but yourself.”
  • “Just this once, can you please let me be miserable and not make me feel worse about myself?”
  • “My job is to protect the crown, to make sure no harm comes to the crown.”
  • “If you hurt my girl, you will answer directly to me.”
  • “I happen to feel that she’ll make a great ruler.”
  • “How can one rule the people if they do not know the people?”
  • “Why not brag? You’re an amazing woman.”
  • “You two make sure a lovely couple.”
  • “It’s a shame you’re not attracted to him.”
  • “What is wrong with you? You can’t just go around kissing people!”
  • “What’s confusing about a kiss?”
  • “I have an idea, I have a brilliant idea. Why don’t you go underwater and I’ll count to a million?”
  • “Hiding in a closet with a man who is not your betrothed?”
  • “People look up to us and we’re held to higher standards of behavior.”
  • “Would you like to be a princess today?”
  • “I declare that anyone can be a princess today.”
  • “We could always use more princes in the world.”
  • “To be a princess, you have to believe that you are a princess.”
  • “I feel guilty having two homes while they have none.”
  • “The queen approves of the plan and I intend to see it through.”
  • “Are you crashing my bridal shower?”
  • “It’s time for mattress surfing!”
  • “Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if she ran the country.”
  • “I can’t believe that I am hearing this. You want her to rule?”
  • “You’ve fallen in love with her.”
  • “I put in the effort to make you a king, not to have you marry a queen.”
  • “I just want us to stop trying to sabotage her.”
  • “Go to her, congratulate her, and tell her that we surrender.”
  • “Should I shoo him? Should I shoo him? Just tell me who I should shoo and I’ll shoo.”
  • “He’s not the one she’s marrying, is he?”
  • “You were never just my queen. You were the someone that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.”
  • “Just look out your window. Prince Charming is throwing pebbles.”
  • “Do something impulsive for once in your life.”
  • “Tell me your greatest desires.”
  • “Anyone can see your desires, no one knows what’s in your heart.”
  • “I got played.”
  • “The queen would not approve of spying.”
  • “You chose me and I accepted. A gentlemen never bows out on his word.”
  • “I’m getting married today.”
  • “Being married is about being yourself, only with someone else.”
  • “A very cute moose. Make all the boy moose go wah!”
  • “I think it would be better if I didn’t go to the wedding.”
  • “This is a disaster in the making. Wouldn’t miss a moment of it.”
  • “He was much too delighted that you aren’t going to that wedding.”
  • “I’m a girl who loves black and is wearing pink.”
  • “I just wanted to say before I do this, I’m sorry you’re retiring.”
  • “The heart does things for reasons that reason cannot understand.”
  • “I made my choice, duty to my country over love.”
  • “I want you to make your choices as a woman.”
  • “Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Make your own mistakes.”
  • “Whatever choice you make, let it come from your heart.”
  • “Everyone deserves the chance to find true love, right?”
  • “Thank you for saving me from doing the proper thing for once in my life.”
  • “A few moments ago, I realized the only reason I was getting married was because of a law and that didn’t seem like a good enough reason.”
  • “I believe I will be a great queen.”
  • “I stand here, ready to take my place as your queen, without a husband.”
  • “The law clearly states an unmarried woman cannot be queen.”
  • “I cannot have you giving all this up just for a girl.”
  • “I move to abolish the marriage law.”
  • “it’s time we had a new tradition. I like change.”
  • “If I may say so myself, you rule!”
  • “Just because I didn’t get my fairy tale ending, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.”
  • “Am I too late to ask you to accept my hand in marriage?”
  • “I’m in love with the queen to be and I’m inquiring if she loves me too.”
  • “Will you, in your power, cause law and justice and mercy to be executed in all judgements?”

anonymous asked:

Ok quicK HP RANT: Why did Voldemort use a death spell on a one year old kid? Couldn't he just throw Harry out the window or something? And also, why did they not keep the potters' house? The kid had an entire mine of gold, and he had to go around asking people for pictures of his parents what the HEll

I guess throwing someone out of a window is too “muggle” for voldemort xD
Also harry’s room was one the first floor, he could have survived the fall.
I think the house was destroyed when the spell backfired if I remember correctly. Wasn’t it left like that as a memorial for his parents? 🤔 I swear Harry deserved so much better, idk wtf dumbledore was thinking -_- couldn’t have hagrid or McGonagall taken care of him??

What I needed

Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY or any of its characters.

Warning: incest 

Pairing: Enabler, Slight Monochrome/checkmate

Genre: Romance, fluff.

Link to FF.


The dorm room was silent, save for the noises of lead on paper. Ruby sat at her desk with a book in hand, trying to memorize the content for their next test. Miserably glancing at the mish mash of illegible chicken scratches on her notebook, she dropped the pencil with a sigh. ‘I don’t get any of this stuff.’ The girl bemoaned, slamming her forehead into the table. ‘Weissssss, where are you?’

Unluckily for Ruby, the heiress had long since finished studying and decided to take Blake out on a date; as surprising as that sounded. Weiss neglected to tell her partner that they would be spending almost the whole day in Vale, since Blake also wanted to visit the book shop which had opened recently.

As Ruby was about to throw book out of the window in frustration, something yellow burst through the door. The girl let out a noise of surprise, turning around to meet the excited lilac eyes of her half-sister, Yang. “Heya Rubes.” The blonde greeted with a wide grin.

Her eyebrows furrowed when the red cloaked girl responded with a pitiful attempt of a smile. Worry shot through her, making her saunter to where she sat.

Upon seeing the mess that was Ruby’s desk, Yang felt a knowing grimace grace lips. Likewise, she had also struggled to memorize most of the stuff on the test but thankfully, she had encountered Pyrrha in the library and got a three hour long cram session which more or less helped her through the worst of it. 

“Need some help, sis?” Yang asked sympathetically. “Pyrrha really knows her stuff. You should ask her for help.”

“She’s busy with Jaune.” Ruby groaned, shutting the book with a slam. “I saw them at the library this morning. I actually wanted to ask Weiss to help me but…”

“Oh, princess? I saw her heading out with Blake. Tough luck, Ruby.”

Yang stopped the laughter bubbling in her throat when the younger girl let out a small groan and buried her face in her arms. She reached out and began petting her head. Actually, it was more of a massage than actual petting. Yang made sure to put in just enough strength as she kneaded the girl’s scalp, experienced hands going down lower to Ruby’s neck.

“Oh…” Ruby sighed in part relief and surprise as a set of strong hands slowly pressed the tight spots around her shoulders. One thing she loved more than cookies was in fact, Yang’s massages. And for a good reason too, they always felt amazing. Ruby tilted up her head, eyes closed in pleasure and mouth opened in an ‘o’ shape as her sister worked her magic.

Yang glanced at her current state and grinned, an idea coming to mind.

As Ruby continued to enjoy the massage in a haze of pleasure, the hands on her shoulders suddenly tugged the collar of her shirt sharply, causing her eyes to fly open in shock. She was about to open complain when something warm pressed against her lips. Silver eyes met playful lilac ones, and Ruby couldn’t help but melt into the kiss.

Yang’s shampoo swirled around her as they continued kissing, the sweet smell adding to the pleasant haze that encompassed her mind. “Y-Yang,” Ruby mewled against the older girl’s lips, causing her grip on the collar to tighten.

Yang hummed in response before they both broke apart. The two were red, pupils dilated and panting slightly. Ruby gave her a look which said ‘that was hot’ and the blonde couldn’t help but agree with a nod of her own. Though her sister was younger than anyone she had been with, the benefit of knowing her well had a bonus all on its own. Yang smiled and gave her a peck on the cheek before heading towards her own bed, kicking off her shoes and grabbing Ruby’s red and black headphones.

Now feeling invigorated, Ruby turned back to her book and cracked her knuckles.

There was no way she was going to let something like this beat her.


The test results were better than she had expected.

Ruby skipped all the way back to their dorm room, with an amused Weiss trailing behind her. The heiress didn’t bother to hold the hyper active girl back, knowing that she deserved to let loose. Her partner’s red cloak disappeared through the door, leaving Weiss standing outside. Just as she was about to enter however, she spotted Blake standing at the end of the hallway, near the steps which lead down to the school’s garden.

The cat Faunus smiled and gave a little wave of her hand. Weiss felt warmth curled in her stomach. Turning away from the door, she headed towards her girlfriend, ready for an afternoon of warm cuddles and calm silence.


“Yang! I passed!” Ruby cheered when she entered the room. Yang returned her enthusiasm with a hug, lifting her little sister off her feet. The younger girl laughed, the bubbly sound making the blonde grin. She twirled the girl around the room, both students giggling heartily as the room spun around them.

Slightly out of breath, they toppled onto the nearest bed. “Nice job, Ruby.” Yang said, breathing into Ruby’s ear. A pleasant shiver ran down her spine. She tilted her head to meet the blonde’s gaze, a small smirk forming at the corner of her lips. “Thanks sis. You know, for the encouragement. I don’t think I could have done it without you.” The sentence was punctuated by a sweet kiss which Yang returned eagerly.

“Don’t sell yourself short.” Yang replied with a small frown. “You would have passed with or without my help.” Her frown tapered off into a sly grin. “Or maybe you just wanted some of this?” She gestured to herself.

Ruby blushed and rolled her eyes, causing the blonde to laugh. The smaller girl buried her face into the crook of Yang’s neck, lightly nuzzling the soft flesh there. She smiled when her sister let some of her aura leak through, enveloping them both in a blanket of warm sweetness. Hooking her arm around Ruby’s waist, she made sure that they were comfortable as they just lay there; enjoying each other’s company.

Ever since their arrival at Beacon, many things had changed. Some for the worst and some for the better. The falling out with their father, Taiyang, had broken Ruby in some ways, but with the help of her beloved sister and girlfriend, Yang was able to heal her bit by bit. Just because they understood his point of view and reasoning, did not mean that they had to agree with it.

There were some nights that both sisters missed their father, but they made up for it with each other.

If you asked either of them, Ruby and Yang would have told you the same thing. Regardless of what they lost, what they gained was far more important.

Her friends had taken their relationship well, much to their surprise. Weiss and Blake had also revealed their relationship, something which the sisters had seen for a long time coming. The revelations had brought their team RWBY closer, improving their communication and combat skills. Yang was grateful for lucking out with the Schnee heiress and the cat Faunus. Despite all their sort comings, they had managed to pull through tough times and came out stronger than ever.

“Weiss is gonna kill us for messing up her bed.” Ruby whispered, pressing her body further into her girlfriend’s.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Came the husky reply. Yang could already feel her eyelids drooping. “She won’t be back till later anyway. Blake will keep her busy.”

“If she gets mad, I’m blaming you.”

“I’ll like to see her try.”

Ruby snuggled further into her and yawned. Yang smiled gently and pressed one last kiss to Ruby’s lips before surrendering herself to sleep.