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Imagine a jealous Pennywisee

I’m gonna do this as hc’s if that’s okay, I probably will end up doing a fic at some point if you want! just let me know if you want smut, fluff ect ( •⌄• ू )✧

- he gets jealous of literally anyone
- because he notices the way you change when you’re with different ppl and how different aspects of your personality come out and he wants all of it with him all the time!!!!
- try to get close to him whilst smelling like other people? he hiss
- a lot. like you know when you piss off your cat and it just hisses at you for like seven hours until it comes over like ‘cuddle me’ yeah he’d be the same
- pouts. he gets super super pouty when he watches you hang with friends and have a good time bc he rlly wants to join in but can’t
- sometimes tries to tempt you away from whatever ur doing with sudden gifts. sometimes it’s a balloon outside wherever u are, sometimes it’s setting the fire alarms off in a building or throwing a radio through a window
- his argument for the radio was that he saw it in movies but didn’t get why they didn’t just THROW the boombox through the window bc that gets someones attention a lot easier ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
- if someone gets a bit too close to you he’s gonna torment them for days. he’ll probably be pretty mad with you too even though you have no idea what’s wrong
- “What’s up?” “YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID.” He then proceeds to storm off
- which isn’t all that dramatic considering his suit jingles aggressively as he saunters off
- lots of possesive and dominant sex
- you’re gonna need about 5 tubes of concealer to cover up them hickeys and bruises babe
- “You’re mine.” He hisses with every thrust, each one harder than the last
- normally a slap around the ear and a stern talking to snaps him out of it
- or a blowjob tbh if you can’t be bothered with the lecture
- you know he’s looking out for you, but you also know he doesn’t like others touching what’s his

How Avengers React to Someone Breaking Into Your Home

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Tony Stark (Iron Man)-

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Becomes very panicked on the inside, but does his best to stay calm on the outside. He gives you very clear instructions on how to stay safe while he rushes to get his armor on. He tells you to get into a closet and close the door. He keeps you on the phone until the moment that he is in front of your home ready to destroy whoever thought it was a good idea to break into your house. It doesn’t take long for him to deal with the wannabe robber and then he spends the night at your house double and triple checking that you’re ok and talking to the police about what happens. After that he draws up a complex security system for your house so that you’ll never have to worry about intruders again.

Bruce Banner (The Hulk)-

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As soon as the words leave your mouth that someone is breaking into your house, his heart freezes. His mind is taken over by a very strange sense of calm and it feels like he’s not really on the Earth anymore. But through this dissociation he walks through he walks you through getting a safe place and staying calm. He calls the police on your police and gets in his car as quickly as possible. It kills him that he can’t instantly be by your side and the stress and anxiety of the situation permeates his body on the drive. By the time he get’s to your home, the police are already there and you’re sitting on your front porch in your pjs with a blanket wrapped around your shoulders. He feels really terrible that he couldn’t be there for you sooner, but as soon as he sits down next to you, you scoot so that you’re pressed against his side. That makes him feel a little better. 

Steve Rogers (Captain America)-

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Steve is out the door the minute he hears that you’re in danger. Unlike Tony, Steve is calm and collected and he knows exactly what he’s doing. Your house is pretty nearby to where he lives and he doesn’t want to get stopped by traffic or lights, so he just sprints to your house. There is no hesitation as he bursts through you’re already destroyed front door. His main concern is you and your safety so he hardly gives the robber a second glance. He just flings the guy across the room and runs to your location. He double and triple checks to make sure that you’re ok before he even thinks about calling the police. And before the police arrive he gives the robber a talk that’s a mixture between threatening the man and inspiring the man to live a better life. 

Clint Barton (Hawkeye)-

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Clint knows that he won’t be able to reach you in time, and he knows he can’t do much more than talk you through the situation and it eats him from the inside out. He calls or messages every single person in his phone, trying to find someone that can get to you and help you even though he can’t. His frantic messages actually results in about five SHIELD agents and two other Avengers showing up to your house. Needless to say that robber will never rob a house again. Afterwards Clint hangs around your house for a few days just to make sure that you aren’t too shaken up and that no one else is going to attempt a break in. 

Natasha Romanov (Black Widow)-

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Natasha is very terse in her instructions to you. She doesn’t mess around with telling you to get something to defend yourself and finding a place to hide. She tells you that she’s going to be there soon and then she hangs up. That’s it. But as soon as she hits that button to hang up she moves at lightning speed to get to a car. She ignores every single traffic law in existence in her rush to get to you. She flies through red lights, passes people on the shoulder, ignores every stop sign and  goes about twenty over the speed limit. And dear god I feel bad for that robber because she doesn’t hold back. In fact, robbers throughout the entire city know that you’re address is off limits until the end of time. 

Thor Odinson-

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He’s probably one of the only people who isn’t worried when you tell him that someone is breaking into your house. He knows that he can be at your house almost instantly. In fact, he doesn’t even say anything to you when you tell him that you’re in danger. For about five seconds you wonder if the call was dropped and if you were all alone but then an enormous clap of thunder comes out of the clear sky and Thor is standing in your front lawn. The robber doesn’t even stick around for very long you actually see the man running across your backyard trying to get away. He asks you over and over if you want move temporarily or permanently nearer to Avenger’s tower so that he can keep an eye on you, but you assure him that you’ll be fine. Especially if he always shows up that quickly.  

Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier)-

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Bucky doesn’t stray too far from you during the times that he’s not on a mission. So he’s actually in the building with you when someone throws a rock through your window and tries to get in. He doesn’t do anything special. He grabs a broom that you have hanging out  in hallway and he goes after the robber. Bucky is silent throughout the entire thing, but it’s the robber who starts screaming. Bucky doesn’t ever really touch the guy, but his physique and the fact that he’s half in the shadows is absolutely terrifying. When he comes back to bed he doesn’t even bother with calling the police. He just wants to go back to bed and he tells you he’ll take care of it in the morning. 

T’Challa (Black Panther)-

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T’Challa is absolutely powerless to do anything. He’s all the way in Wakanda and all he can do is listen to you and try to keep you calm. He tells you that you need to hide in the closet or the bathroom and call someone closer. After he hangs up he is a bit of a mess. He can’t do anything other than pace around wondering if you’re going to be ok or if you were never able to get the help you needed. He doesn’t get any sleep that night and his heart doesn’t stop pounding until you call him in the morning to tell him that you’re ok. Unfortunately you lost some of your more expensive things before the police showed up and scared the thief away. So to make up for his inability to do anything helpful, T’Challa buys replacements for you. He doesn’t make a big deal about it and it’s a bit of a surprise when a bunch of stuff ends up on your doorstep. 

Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)-

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Wanda has a way with words and just hearing her voice calms you down. She is very soothing when she gives you instructions about how to stay safe. She’s one of the few people who tells you to grab something to defend yourself if it comes to that. She can’t get to you physically, but her advice is so concrete and it works so well it seems like she’s actually in the house with you. With her help you scare the robber away by yelling and screaming and bluffing your way through the confrontation. Afterwards she does come over to visit you and she’s pleasantly surprised to find that you’re not that shaken up about it. But she does spend the rest of the night listening to you recount the tale of your night over and over again.

Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver)-

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It shouldn’t be surprising that Pietro zips over to your house immediately. When the call first comes in he gives you a couple seconds of reassurance before he speeds to your house. He swoops the robber out of the house and promptly delivers him to the police department. And when he returns to your home he has your favorite food and small trinkets that he thinks will take your mind off of what happened. Throughout the night he reminds you that he will always be their to protect you and that nothing and no one will ever be able to hurt you. In the following nights any time that you call him after having a nightmare about someone breaking into your house, he sprints over and reassures you that he’s not leaving. 

Sam Wilson (Falcon)-

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Sam, like Tony, very quickly puts his wings on and makes to fly to your house. Unlike Tony, he is much more calm and collected. He’s really great at operating under pressure and when he touches down he is fearless. And he’s not fearless because he thinks he’s invincible, he knows he’s not, but because he knows exactly what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. He gives the robber one warning to leave all of your things and run far away. When the thief doesn’t take the chance to get away, Sam efficiently takes him down and ties him up outside before calling the police. Then he turns all of his attention on you and tries to make you laugh by telling you about the look on the thief’s face when he realized he messed up. 

(I realized I don’t include Sam and that’s a crime so here he is.)

Original Request:  hi i was wondering if you would mind writing an Avenger preference where the reader calls either late in the evening or in the middle of the night because she just heard peopke break into her house and she isn’t sure what to do now?

Imagine a Teen Wolf Until Dawn au. 

One year ago, the pack went up to the ski lodge that the Hale family owns and got up to a bunch of teen shenanigans; pranks and harmless jokes… or at least they thought was harmless; when a prank takes a turn for the worst, the youngest of the Hale sisters - Cora - runs into the forests in the middle of the night after being humiliated by her friends and her sister - Laura - runs after her. After that, no-one sees them again; they’re missing presumed dead.

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A year later, Derek (Josh) invites his friends back up to the ski lodge, but everything goes horribly wrong. The group splits up after a lot of heated arguments and Boyd (Mike) and Erica (Jessica) go down to the secluded cabin with the intention to hook up for the first time but they’re both too shy so they sit there patiently. At least they do until someone or something starts messing with them - throwing things through the window, breaking the fuse box, etc. Thinking it’s just one of the others pulling a prank on them, they ignore it. But whoever or whatever it is, grabs Erica and drags her through the shattered glass of the door. Boyd runs after her, following her screams and the trail of blood in the snow. He finds her laying on the top of an elevator shaft, bleeding and gasping for life. The wood holding her upright breaks and she falls into the mines.

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Meanwhile, up at the lodge, Stiles (Sam) wants to get away from the drama and have a nice warm bath, but to do that he has to put the boiler on and he and Derek (Josh) try to have a serious conversation about what happened last year, but every time they do they have to deal with all the pranks the others are pulling on him. 

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Once done, he gets the hell out of there just as Allison (Ashley) finds a Ouija board and she, Scott (Chris) and Derek sit down and try to contact the spirits of Derek’s sisters. They ‘contact’ Laura (but whether it’s someone moving it or not is something that’s never clarified). Derek storms out and Scott follows him but he and Allison are knocked out by an intruder in the cabin.

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As for the other characters: Jackson is Emily (Because he’s a bitch), Lydia is Matt (Because they’re a couple that either break up or don’t and she’s too good for him), and while there might not be a character to parallel Isaac, he’s there (possibly with Scott and Allison).

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I could write out the whole story but I don’t want to spoil anything, just imagine Stiles walking around in nothing more than a towel, everyone trying to help Derek who’s losing his mind after the loss of his sisters and the lore of wendigoes.

And the best thing is, it would be a chose-your-own-adventure kind of story that reflected the butterfly effect

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Okay so I have for a long time had a headcanon that Amanda Grayson is a legitimate badass. Like, she has floral tattoos all up and down her back and shoulders, she used to ride motorcycles and had a bunch of guys for friends. Her father was abusive and her mother had three other daughters and two sons, so she joined a gang and became able to hold her own in a fight and then win fights and she knows how to use weapons and cusses like a sailor- and I fully believe she was in starfleet. I think(1/?

(cont)  She joined Starfleet and joined the linguistics department and those boys from her gang love her (their not like a bad gang their just sort of a group of friends who skipped school and were super protective of one another) and are so proud of her when she goes on a starship for two years. 

Then she gets into a fight with her crew member and gets resigned to teaching at starfleet because she’s good at languages. She doesn’t care, says “fuck space” and becomes the BEST teacher. And then,  One day, Starfleet asks her to act as a translator for a Vulcan ambassador who has to meet with a Deltan, and she’s like one of the best Deltan speakers. So she goes and acts as a mediator for the Deltan and some guy named… Sarek? She thinks he’s cute, but kinda stuck-upish. 

Later that evening she goes out with her friends and walks home alone- she gets grabbed and dragged into an alley. A voice calls him to let the woman go. The momentary confusion of the man gives her the chance and she knees the man in the balls and punches him and then whirls around to see… Sarek. He was the one who asked the man to let her go. He insists on walking her home despite the fact that she can “handle myself!" 

And Sarek doesn’t understand why he likes this human so much but she’s so  so pretty and he gets this lil green blush. When they get to her house, she turns and says in perfect Vulcan  "So, is this gonna be like a an old romcom and we’re gonna fall in love now?" 

And she’s mostly joking but Sarek says "I do not understand what a romcom is but I believe I may already be "falling in love with you” as the Terran phrase goes" and Amanda is so flattered and he’s so cute that she laughs and that laugh is what does it, it’s beautiful and they date for maybe a few months before marriage comes up for the first time.

Amanda jumps in. She loves Sarek. All her boys from her gang  are there and they all cry like big babies and she goes to Vulcan- and she’s hated. Everyone hates her and she doesn’t care- but the first time some lady calls Sarek a traitor Amanda screeches “I’m gonna rip your ears off!” And tackles her and Sarek has to bail his wife out of jail later but he doesn’t say a thing, he doesn’t call her illogical because Amanda is passionate and to her, this is logical. 

To her, defending him is logical. They’re perfect together- oh sure they fight sometimes  But they’re so CUTE. And then Amanda gets pregnant and for the first time she is terrified. She’s terrified for herself, for her baby, for Sarek- especially when the word gets out of the baby and someone throws a rock through her window. 

Spock is born and Amanda falls hard for her baby. The birth takes a lot out of her, but she is legit mom number one she never stops going and Spock is a sickly child but she believes with all her heart that Spock can do ANYTHING. She tells him that, makes sure her child can be anything he wants. She teaches him how to fight, sings him old rock songs and plays him music by people like MCR, AC/DC, Twenty One Pilots, Aerosmith- classic music. She teaches Spock how to use a gun when he’s like 8 (to Sarek’s horror) and Sarek- Sarek lets his wife raise their son the way she can because he knows this is good. 

He knows Spock will prosper with her. And when Amanda dies…  When Amanda dies Sarek is heartbroken because all that, everything she survived and she dies because of someone she couldn’t fight. When Spock meets Nero, he grabs him by the collar and right there with Jim watching he clenches his fist and snarls “bitch-! this is for my fucking mother!” Before he socks him in the face in a way Amanda would be proud of.  And if somehow (fingers crossed) Amanda comes back, she says “death can’t get me!” And  Sarek and Spock are ECSTATIC. 

They can’t breathe they’re so happy to have her back and she adopts the enterprise crew she’s just like THEY ARE ALL MY CHILDREN NOW and when Bones and Jim say they want to date Spock she says “if you hurt my son Im gonna kill you” and gives her blessing and welcomes them into her family. And just- GIVE ME BADASS AMANDA GRAYSON OR GIVE ME DEATH 

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“Adios Mexicans.” I’m gonna lie down now..

acafellas - why kurtcedes is so great

1. That first locker scene starts of with Mercedes sharing the vulnerability of how lonely she is.  (Well, they all are.  But they don’t always say it.)  "Have you ever kissed anybody?“

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in Bucharest, though, when Steve and Bucky are fighting their way out of his apartment, and Bucky is literally picking up everything he can lay hands on and throwing it at the SWAT team to fend them off, and finally he picks up Steve and TOSSES him, shield-first

Bucky just. fuckin. flings Steve through the window, hunkered behind that shield like a little star-spangled ninja turtle

and the SWAT team falls down like bowling pins

and Bucky runs for the stairs and doesn’t look back

that’s it

that’s my favorite part

It’s official. After thinking about it on-and-off for the past few months, I’m finally doing it; I’m assigning names to my worries so whenever they start haunting me, I can just be like “Shut up, *insert name here*”. Fred’s my more recent concern that no one enjoys my company, and Wilma’s my 4-year-old worry of someone throwing a brick through my bedroom window(s)/jumping through them/just breaking into my room in general via my windows. Notice the subtle reference to something from my childhood? Anyways, 

I had another I named like, Susan, I think, but I forgot what it was…