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Sooooo, I really like your latest breakfast post. And the part with saeyoung walking in MC and Saeran kissing was funny. It gave me an idea. Can I request how the RFA+Saeran would react if another member walked in on them and Mc making out? Heehee~ thanks!

Haha, we laughed at this one. Hope you like these~


  • You brought Zen lunch during his rehearsals
  • It was just him in his dressing room since he was taking a break
  • When he saw you had brought him lunch, he kissed you on the lips as a thank you
  • Well…you two accidentally ended up kissing a lot more
  • Little did you know, Jaehee had thought to visit Zen as she had a short break from work
  • You two had left the door slightly open so she just walked in….and saw you both…and neither of you noticed
  • After a few minutes of stunned silence, she clears her throat awkwardly
  • You nearly fall on the floor trying to distance yourself from Zen
  • You can’t even look Jaehee in the eye
  • “Oh, er–enjoy your lunch, Zen. Bye!”
  • And you dash out the door
  • Meanwhile, Zen can’t stop blushing and stammering
  • He takes a huge bite out of his lunch to cover it up when Jaehee notices a smudged lipstick mark straying from his mouth
  • “Uh, you have something on your face…” she says with a small laugh
  • “Oh? Is it some sauce?”
  • “Not quite….”


  • It was your usual movie night at his house
  • The movie wasn’t at any interesting point, so Yoosung made his move
  • It started out as a few little pecks, and next thing you know he’s leaning over you and you both get lost in your own moment
  • Too bad the sound of someone munching on popcorn ruined the mood
  • You both pull a little away from each other to look at the source
  • Seven is casually sitting on the couch near the corner staring at the TV  
  • “Didn’t know this movie was rated PG-13,” he grins at you two
  • Yoosung starts yelling at Seven from his place on the couch
  • But Yoosung is still hovering over you on the couch
  • It doesn’t make the situation any better for you, but he doesn’t seem fazed
  • You guys just start throwing pillows and whatever soft items you can find and pelting them at Seven
  • When he finally leaves the house, Yoosung just keeps going like nothing ever happened
  • You stop him and make a joke that Seven might still be around
  • You hear a chuckle from nearby
  • “Seven, what the heck!”
  • To this day, neither of you knew why or how he was in Yoosung’s house that evening


  • The latest RFA party had just ended
  • Jumin was given the task of rounding up the members for the afterparty
  • He can’t seem to find Jaehee or you anywhere
  • He’s passing by a storage closet and he hears….voices?
  • It’s a long shot, but he figures he’ll check and and opens the door
  • You two are sitting on the floor oddly calm and playing…Go Fish
  • “Uh…what are you two doing?”
  • “Playing Go Fish.” Jaehee deadpans holding up some cards
  • “In a storage closet?”
  • “The party got too loud,” you shrug before turning back to your cards
  • Jumin looks between you two as Jaehee takes a turn
  • He doesn’t even try to figure out what’s going on
  • He just shuts the door and leaves and just tells everyone you two will join them later….probably


  • The next RFA meeting was at his penthouse
  • You had come early to help set up and use the kitchen to bake some treats
  • You’re not exactly sure what happened
  • You were just rambling on a bit while plating things, and he was watching from the doorway
  • Next thing you know, he lifted you onto the counter and his lips were on yours
  • This was all very pleasant…except for the fact that Jumin had told the security guards to let the RFA members in whenever they arrived
  • Zen so happened to arrive a little early and went searching for you and him in the house
  • He lets out a yelp, “Jumin, you can’t just do that to her wherever you want!”
  • Jumin sighs and rolls his eyes, “This is my house, so…if you would excuse me”
  • He just goes back to kissing you like nothing ever happened
  • You just hear Zen’s complaints growing more distant until he retreats to another room to wait for the others
  • You find a lot of complaints in the chatroom later


  • You were just about to leave Saeyoung’s house for the day
  • You gave him a kiss goodbye…then one kiss led to another…and another
  • Then he was gently pressing you up against the door as things got heated
  • Saeran was coming home from some outing or another…and he really had to use the bathroom
  • After getting through his twin’s ridiculous security system, he goes to open the door
  • But it kept getting stuck
  • He tries a few more gentle tries before peering through the window on the side
  • When he sees you and Saeyoung making out against the door, he’s so done
  • He shoves it open, not caring that he’s shoving you and Saeyoung onto the wall
  • “My bladder is not going to wait for your lips to stop moving!” 
  • You thought Saeyoung would be mortified….but no…he’s yelling at Saeran for ruining a moment
  • The twins start bickering at each other….one from the doorway and the other rushing towards the bathroom
  • You slide to the floor confused by the whole thing


  • Saeyoung had heard gardening might help Saeran…so he wanted to start one in the backyard
  • He even invited you and Yoosung to help
  • He didn’t account for the fact that Saeran had no interest in gardening
  • But he had a great interest in you and vice versa
  • So when you two were sent to fetch something from the shed, you take the advantage of kissing him, shutting the shed door behind you
  • As per usual, things heat up really quickly
  • Yoosung was sent to check on you both since it seemed to be taking so long
  • He opens the shed door and takes one glimpse at what you were doing
  • The sudden light makes you two break apart, shuffling away from each other
  • Yoosung doesn’t help your embarrassment since he’s covering his eyes
  • “No, no! Don’t mind me! Continue–er–whatever–um–”
  • He tries to grab some tools, but ends up tripping on everything while encouraging you two to continue kissing
  • After he falls over the seventh time, you and Saeran give up and walk out of the shed…you might also be trying to hide your laughter   

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bts as types of furniture

yoongi: a chair. solid and dependable. just like yoongi. can be used for throwing at people. 10/10.

hobi: windows. lets in fresh air and sunlight. which is good. unless you’re a vampire. then it’s not good.

namjoon: a coat rack. tall and skinny. when knocked over, scares the family cat and breaks things. well-dressed.

jin: a mattress. because you all keep sleeping on him and ignoring his amazing talent and hard work and making excuses for why he has so few lines by saying that he’s not as strong of a vocalist or that his voice isn’t well-suited for bts’s music style when he has proven time and time again that he is a talented and versatile singer and performer who somehow manages to shine brightly despite his lacking opportunities and how little attention the fandom gives him. seriously, appreciate jin, you guys.

jimin: a throw pillow. small, compact, firm. can be thrown at people. being hit hurts more than expected.

taehyung: a couch. comfortable and homey. can expand into a bed if there is company. is often found with throw pillows on it.

jungkook: a desk. strong and solid. versatile. used in many different ways (ex: napping, studying, eating, drawing, napping). a desk you can trust.

  • Taehyung: I love this movie. Don't you guys love this movie?
  • Jin: I'd love it a lot more if I could hear what they were saying. Jimin can you wake Yoongi up, I can't take his snoring anymore.
  • Jimin moves his hand to Yoongi but his arm is grabbed mid-air.
  • Yoongi: So you have a death wish?
  • Jimin: Oh, you're awake? So you just snore for fun?
  • Yoongi: No, I snore in my free time.
  • Jin: SHHHHH!
  • Jungkook: I'm going to get some popcorn do you guys-
  • Jin: SHHH!!
  • Jungkook: (Whispers) Want anything?
  • Jimin: Get me a Pocky will you?
  • Jungkook nods and leaves.
  • Taehyung: I just really love this movie.
  • Namjoon: What's to love? It's so predictable. See that guy? He's going to die.
  • The guy dies.
  • Namjoon: See?
  • Taehyung looks like he's going to cry.
  • Hoseok: This why I don't watch movies with you guys.
  • Namjoon: No, this is why we should have watched La La Land.
  • Yoongi: I told you, I don't do romance.
  • Namjoon: You aren't even watching.
  • Yoongi: I'm listening.
  • Jimin comforts Taehyung.
  • Jungkook returns with a single Pocky stick and holds it out to Jimin.
  • Jimin: What is this?
  • Jungkook: You asked for 'a' pocky.
  • Jimin: I meant the whole box.
  • Jungkook shrugs and sits back down, and munches on the single Pocky stick.
  • Jimin: Do you even love me?
  • Hoseok: Don't answer that.
  • Jin: SHHH!
  • Yoongi grabs the pillow from underneath his head and chucks it at Jin but he misses.
  • Jin: Wow. Real classy Yoongi. First you pick this shit movie, then you sleep through it and then you throw a pillow at me for trying to get you guys to shut up so I can enjoy it?
  • Taehyung: Don't say this movie is S-H-I-T.
  • Jimin: Yeah don't say this movie is shit.
  • Jungkook: Oh shit he died?
  • Namjoon: Jungkook you can't say shit!
  • Jungkook: Oh shit, I can't?
  • Jin: Shhh!!
  • Yoongi: I swear to-
  • Jin: SHHH!!
  • And then there was no more Jin and no more Yoongi. There was only darkness and a stain on the couch from where Taehyung S-H-I-T his pants after seeing the rise of sleep deprived Yoongi murder Jin.
  • ~Armygirl
Sirius Black/ Female-Reader

Imagine you and Lily sleeping over in the boys dormitory 

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It is Sickening

James and Sirius returned triumphantly from the kitchens with more Butterbeer and even some Firewhiskey. The party was in full swing celebrating the end of the school year and, for the seventh years, the ending of their school career.

Remus was drunk and having the time of his life, dancing with a handsome sixth year lad in the centre of the room. You and Lily were dancing together laughing. Dumping the bottles of drinks he carried on a tipsy Peter Pettigrew, James went straight over to Lily and kissed her full on the lips.

“Waaayy, Prongs,” Sirius cried, coming over to you. You were laughing and clapping: when James and Lily had finally got together earlier that year you had been over the moon.

“Firewhiskey?” Sirius offered you some of his drink. You nodded and took a large swig before grabbing his hands and pulling him away to dance.

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That's My Spot

(Jughead x Reader)

Summary: You and Jughead constantly bicker. Everyone knows the two of you don’t mix. What will happen when your friends find out you’ve been crushing on your rival?

Word Count: 1,539

Warnings: Swearing (I mean, what did you expect?), Beronica(?)

A/N: I finally wrote something! I’m so sorry it took so long, writers block has been kicking my ass. But I’m back! There’s obviously going to be a second part to this, but it’s almost 2am and this is getting really long so I didn’t want to add too much. Sorry for the crappy ending. (Also i know this seems really similar to What Just Happened but it won’t be I promise!) PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF I MADE ANY MISTAKES, IT’S LATE AND I’M WAY TOO TIRED TO PROOF READ.

Part Two

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shopping at ikea with tom

please send in requests here 

special thanks again to @infinityywar she is an angel and helps me with everything, like she’s too pure for this world

  • having to walk all the way across the parking lot bc you decided to be dumb and go on a saturday
  • you both get sidetracked on your way inside at the backyard displays in the middle of the parking lot (dummies wtf you have an apartment, you don’t even have a backyard wyd?)
  • you finally make it inside and tom tries to sneak into the kid’s play center bc he’s a damn child
  • ”if i just walk on my knees i’ll be the perfect height to go in" he tries to reason with the lady at the window. she gives him a glare and you just roll your eyes and pull his hand, bringing him upstairs.
  • he has to sit in every room to see if he likes the way it’s set up
  • “i like this one, come sit darling.”
  • you sit together on the couch in front of the television that isn’t plugged in and he wraps his arm around you and you lean your head on his shoulder
  • “i feel like i’m home right now.” you say and he just smiles.
  • “love, why do we need 6 different pillows for the couch?” tom says as you put a bunch of pillows in the cart but even though he always complains about how you buy too many accent pillows, he finds himself missing them when he stays at hotels because they remind him of you! so he goes to the local target and buys some he recognized from your place
  • he sits in every single office chair and swivels around even though he doesn’t need an office chair
  • he finds one with a tall back and sits in it, the back toward you when you walk up he turns the chair slowly and says, “i’ve been expecting you”
  • he tries to read in one of the office rooms but comes to find that all of the books are written in swedish
  • he gets excited when you guys are on your way to the bedroom setups.
  • “c'mon love, let’s get in bed” you just roll your eyes bc he’s behind you and kissing your shoulder.
  • “we should get bunk beds, it’ll be like summer camp all the time!”
  • “we’re not getting bunk beds, tom.” “but i’ve always wanted to go to summer camp.”
  • “tom !!? tom!!!??? ” you’ve lost sight of him in the store because he wanted to look at something and said he would “be right back” whatever that means! and you walk through section after section to find him looking at the lamps “babe loOK AT THIS ONE ITS A CLOUD WE HAVE TO GET IT. !!”
  • the kitchens are your favorite and you play around in them, pretending to make dinner for tom sat at the table with a smile on his face. you walk over to him with the empty pan and push the imaginary food onto his plate
  • “looks delicious, love.” he smiles at you and walks over to you at the counter.
  • “i love you so much” he kisses you softly and passionately and it feels so right and he lifts you onto the counter and then you realize you’re not in your kitchen at home
  • you guys go home with a few throw pillows and some ideas for your apartment.
  • “i just want everything to feel like home when we get everything, you know, tom?”
  • “darling, i don’t care what furniture we have, i’m always home when i’m with you.”
Paradise | 2

Overview/Summary: After one of her best friends goes through a bad breakup she’s not ready to discuss just yet, Riley is dragged along to an impromptu vacation in a tropical paradise. While her and her two friends are there they meet three guys who seem just as lost as they are. 14 days. 10 Rules.
Writers Notes: In this AU Farkle was never childhood friends with riley/maya + as always text in ‘italics’ are flashbacks. 
Rating: T/M  (Because cursing & also because I’m not going to restrict myself)
Previous Chapters: 1 
WordCount: 3,730
Playlist ]


Chapter Two: Thou Shall Not Be Reckless.

[ Last Night ]

“So Columbia, huh?” Lucas smiled, plopping himself down on the sand. The other four were still making their way up the beach when he decided he needed to take a break. Riley sunk down next to him, pulling her knees against her chest. “What was your major?”

“Journalism.” She answered politely, “With a minor in Anthropology.”

“Those seem like two very different things.” He chuckles, “Why Anthropology?”

Riley shrugs, “I don’t know… I guess I like people. I’ve always been a people person.”

A small smile falls on his lips, “Wow.”

“What?” Her face drops, suddenly very self conscious.

“It’s just… that was refreshing.” He laughs, shaking his head. “I’m so used to people being pessimistic y'know? Like everyone is always talking about how people suck and that they hate everyone. It’s just nice to hear.”

“As an eternal optimist I have a lot faith in humanity, sometimes a little too much.” She smiles, glancing at him quickly before looking back down at her hands. “Most people think of it as being naïve.”

“I don’t.” He replies without hesitation. “I think it makes you special.”

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24 Hours with Suga [ Min Yoongi ]

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From the prompt: 

“I thought you didn’t like cats?”

“Way to go, kid.”

“Stop looking at me like that, weirdo.”

A.N : Let me know what you think! Not really proof-read to there may be some mistakes  


Yoongi scrunched up his nose as he stared down at the black fluff in front of him, his girlfriend standing across the room with her arms crossed, eyes daring him to make a stupid comment on her newly adopted cat. He glanced up at [Y/N], lips pressed into a thin line as he forced himself to smile instead of coming up with unnecessary remark.

“A black cat.”

“What’s its name?” Taehyung sat up from the couch. The rest of their friends paused the game on the TV screen and focused their attention on the small commotion behind them.

“His name is Suga.” [Y/N] proudly beamed, earning loud snickers from the boys. “Well, he reminds me of you.” She shrugged her shoulder when Yoongi sent her a glare.

“He does, hyung.” Jimin nodded his head in agreement, grinning in amusement while the older male grumbled quietly.

“I have to go meet a client and won’t be back until tomorrow, so can you guys please look after him? I have his food and all his stuff in my car.” She explained in a hurry. “I wouldn’t ask you if it wasn’t that urgent.” She added when she looked at her boyfriend’s displeased expression.

“Sure.” Namjoon easily agreed and moved on to approach the cat, stumbling a little in the process.

“Yeah, why not, noona.” Jungkook nodded. “We don’t have anything to do anyway.”

Yoongi didn’t have the heart to tell her no when he saw her bright eyes and felt her lips touched his. One day. It was just one day and he won’t have to deal with this… impostor anymore, he told himself as he walked her out of the house he shared with his best friends.

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“Sister Night” (Day 1 #Danvers Sisters Week)

It used to be their ritual.

At least one night a week, no night in particular, was devoted to the terrible twosome.

Sister Night had been a sacred, cherished time, reserved for just Alex, Kara, a host of junk food and a dizzying array of TV shows on demand.

But that was before.

Before the eldest Danvers discovered her true self and subsequently had her heart both broken and mended by the same woman.

Before a father’s return, harsh words denouncing family ties and hurt feelings all leading to a devastating betrayal.

Before Alex was nearly launched across the galaxy trying to redeem her father for both she and Kara.

Before a familiar face from the past brought terror and a glass cage filled with freezing water and so, so much pain.

Before the youngest Danvers had been forced to poison the atmosphere, send her boyfriend hurtling into the dark void of space, all to stop an invasion.

So many world-ending scenarios had sent Sister Night into the background but now, now it was needed once more.

Because Alex had taken the plunge and Maggie had accepted with tears streaming down her face and Alex had thought she had never been so happy.

But she couldn’t enjoy it; not really.

Because Kara; sweet, caring, beautiful Kara was hurting. Utterly devastated over the impossible choice she’d been forced to make.

Alex was ready to finally be happy but only once Kara was as well. No matter how much space Maggie occupied in her heart, she would always make room for Kara.

So when she texted her little sister to come over after a particularly trying week at the DEO…

When she greeted her at the door with a warm hug, the whole apartment smelling of pot stickers and fresh baked cookies courtesy of her fiancée, Alex knew it was what her sister needed.

When warm tears rolled down Kara’s cheeks, her face a mixture of disbelief, gratitude and unending adoration for her big sister, Alex knew.

Knew they could never again neglect Sister Night because she needed Kara as surely as Kara needed her.

And Maggie understood.

Encouraged Alex to do what was best for both Danvers sisters, because one was unable to thrive without the other.

Maggie understood that, at times even wished she could have had such a relationship with her siblings, grateful the Danvers had taken her in. Kara had called Maggie her “Spare Big Sister” and the detective couldn’t fight the warm fuzzies that she felt in that moment.

So it shouldn’t have come as a surprise when Alex texted her “Kara wants to know when you’re coming to Sister Night?”

“That’s sweet!” She replied. “But you guys don’t need me…”

Her phone quickly lit up as Alex replied, “She says it’s not Sister Night unless ALL the Danvers sisters are present.”

Maggie had never been more grateful to be texting; she would have been incredibly embarrassed on a phone call over how quickly Alex’s reply had her choked up. She sent back a quick “On my way” with a slew of heart-shaped emoji’s she knew both girls would appreciate it before settling her tab and leaving the bar with an extra little bounce in her step.

The first face that greeted her at the door was not her fiancée but rather a beaming, bouncing, possibly over-stimulated Kryptonian with a hell of a grip!

“Hey, Little Danvers!” She wheezed out past the crushing embrace.

“Maybe don’t crush my fiancée okay, Kara?” Alex joked from behind them, voice full of laughter.

“Oh! Right. Sorry, Maggie,” Kara apologized with a sheepish expression. “I just missed you, I guess.” She finished as she released the tiny detective, furiously adjusting her glasses.

“It’s okay, kid, I missed you too.” Maggie replied with a wide smile as the pair made their way towards Alex on the couch.

“What about me?” The agent asked, putting on her best ‘Puppy Danvers’ face.

“Nope.” Maggie replied with a wide smile. “Can’t say that I did.”

Liar.” Alex growled as she pulled Maggie down by the front of her plaid button down for a heated kiss.

“WOW. Um, yeah, so what are you guys watching?” Maggie stammered once Alex released her, gesturing lamely towards the TV as she tried not to blush to no avail.

“We were just about to watch FROZEN!” Kara squealed as she drug Maggie down on the couch between the two sisters.

“A classic.” Maggie agreed, nodding her approval as she snuggled quickly into the blankets while Alex set the movie to play. “Who’s Elsa and who’s Anna?” She teased as the movie began.

“Well, that depends…” Kara adjusted her glasses, deep in thought. “I mean, if we’re going strictly off looks and super powers then I would have to be Elsa. But, Alex can be all moody and withdrawn soooo…..”

Kara trailed off as Alex fixed her with an “icy” glare and Maggie pretended not to be amused as she hid her face in her fiancée’s shoulder.

“As long as I don’t have to be the moose.” Maggie chuckled, trying to shake her girlfriend out of her now glum mood.

“He’s a reindeer.” Alex huffed, arms crossed, adorable pout fixed in place. “And I am not withdrawn.”

“Course not, babe.” Maggie pecked her gently on the cheek and smiled as the agent relaxed under her attentions.

“Thanks, Olaf.” Alex replied with a smirk as Kara nearly choked on the four pot stickers she had just shoved into her mouth.

Maggie pulled away from Alex. “That better not be a short joke, Ally!”

“Course not, babe.” Alex mimicked her, smirk still in place. “It’s because you’re loyal and caring and I know how much you love ‘warm hugs’…” Alex wiggled her eyebrows suggestively thumping Kara on the back as she began to choke once more.

“I guess…” Maggie felt heat rush to her face again at the agent’s double entendre.

AND,” Alex gave a half-shrug. “You are too tiny to be anyone else!”

“That’s it!” Maggie pounced on her fiancée, giving the woman a thorough thrashing with the large throw pillows.

 “Hey! You guys are ruining the movie!” Kara squeaked before a misplaced shot had her glasses sitting sideways!

Both Maggie and Alex ‘froze’ in shock waiting for Kara’s reaction. She calmly straightened her frames before stating, “If that’s the way you want to play it.”

In the end, no one saw the movie, so focused on the pillow fight and the subsequent need for snacks and hot chocolate followed by warm snuggles on the couch.

It didn’t really matter, anyway.

This night had never been about movies; all that truly mattered were the three women sharing one cozy blanket and their love for one another. 

Vemod [Jungkook]

{{ noun // pensive melancholy, tender sadness ; negative, calm feeling that something positively emotionally significant is over and never will be back }}

How do you fall in love with someone you don’t even know?

Angst. Friends with Benefits / College AU. 2,195 words.


Let’s get to the point. The two of you are fuck buddies.

Frankly speaking, you two aren’t even buddies, pals, friends, or acquaintances for god’s sakes. It’s more of strangers with benefits or just repetitive one night stands with the same person.

After three months, all you know is his name, his phone number, and that he goes to the same college as you. But despite the fact that you both attend the same university, your paths never cross until one late night party happened and you both found yourself in the same bed. And that became the start of your relationship. Well, if you can even call it that.

And right now, a simple text of “my dorm in 15?” from a certain Jeon Jungkook has you scrambling to grab your keys and phone. There’s no need to even get ready at this point. Who do you have to impress? It’s just sex and then you leave.

No strings attached.

Zero complications.

Or at least, that’s what the two of you thought.

Things are always less complicated in theory than in action.

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Dating Joy would include...

Originally posted by 1krystaljung

(You’re Yeri lmao)

  • Total badass couple everyone loves but is also kinda jealous of
  • Lowkey you  guys always look so good together, not couple outfits but you guys just always tend to pair well with outfits that make everyone turn to stare
  • You’re always putting your hand on her thighs. Like when you guys are seated somewhere or you’re just hanging out at the dorms. Your hands just fall to her thighs. 
  • Joy doesn’t even notice it until Yeri points it out. 
  • “(y/n) always hands their hands on your thighs, why?”
  • So Joy asks you and you admit you love her thighs and it’s just relaxing
  • Every time you do it from now on Joy smiles to herself and she might tease you once or twice about it
  • One day after Joy pranks Yeri, Yeri comes to you asking for your help to get her back. You aren’t really sure about it at first because you know how Joy gets with pranks. 
  • It’s not until you get back to your apartment and Joy scares the hell out of you that you go to Yeri and start planning how to get her back. 
  • You and Yeri spend weeks on the plan to prank her back. Joy gets suspicious because you don’t usually spend so much time Yeri. 
  • When Joy asks about it you panic and tell her you’re cheating on her with Yeri. 
  • She doesn’t believe you (because you would NEVER cheat on her) and starts hitting you with a pillow. “What are you hiding you idiot??? Tell me!”
  • So you text Yeri that the prank has to happen soon because Joy might find out. 
  • The next day Joy and Irene are in the practice room when you and Yeri shut off all the lights and music. It’s all dark and Joy tries to find Irene. 
  • You and Yeri sneak into the room and creep up behind Joy. 
  • Wendy (who you guys also enlisted to help) counts to three then turns on the lights. 
  • You and Yeri scream at Joy as the lights switch on and Joy straight up hits you in the face as she’s yelling. 
  • Irene is on the floor terrified…..collateral damage from the prank.
  • You land back on the floor from Joy’s hit. Joy was angry but then she saw that she hit you and went to your side apologizing. 
  • Yeri is the only one cracking up about to die from laughter. 
  • You’re massaging your jaw. 
  • Joy smacks your arm. “Why did you that? Stupid.”
  • You shake your head. “You’re hitting me again after you just punched my face? What are you a boxer?” 
  • You’re never pranking Joy again you’d rather not get hit. 
  • You apologize to Irene for lowkey traumatizing her. Yeri is still laughing.
  • Joy starts smiling seeing how regretful and guilty you look. “Serve you right for scaring me jagi…” Then she softens and wraps her arms around you. “I’m proud you did manage to get me back though.”
  •  Lazy hangouts with lots of cuddling and making out
  • So much making out the other members start throwing things at you guys telling you to get a room
  • But also sweet cuddles that leave the other members jealous so they throw a pillow at you guys telling you to stop rubbing it in that they’re single.
  • You suggest to Joy that you move hanging out and cuddling to your place only, for the other girls’ sake, but Joy refuses. She loves showing you off because you’re the best (boy/girl)friend ever.
Sit Down

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Featuring: Roy Harper

Summary: Jason gets back from patrol and needs to be patched up.

Warning: Slight argument but ends with fluff and also hints towards sex.

A/N: Really hope you enjoy it! :)

It was a long and exhausting night on patrol for Jason because he had stopped two robberies and five muggings. During one of the muggings, someone pulled a knife on him. He could feel the knife pierce through his skin, but this did not stop him from his patrol. When crime began to die down a bit, he decided to go back home. He quickly snuck into the apartment through the bedroom window without making a sound as not to wake you up. He was almost at the bathroom when he began grunting from pain. You rolled over in your bed to look at the clock. 2:25 a.m. You began to sit up in bed when Jason turned around to face you.

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Klaine Summer Challenge Day 5- Summer Breeze

Word Count: ~500

Just a normal (which means unusual) day in the loft. AO3

Even though everyone else in the apartment is refusing to go outside, Blaine thinks that summer in New York is just as good as when it’s covered in snow.

“I swear Hobbit,” Santana said, opening the windows, “If I hear another word about how magical and incredible this place is, I’m going to purposely put you on the wrong subway everyday this fall.”

Sam laughs. Mercedes throws a pillow at him.

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Patches || M.C.

Characters:Michael Clifford, Y/N


Summary:The one where Michael is the most thoughtful boyfriend ever while on tour.

Colorful leaves crunched beneath your worn converse as you walked from your car and into your home and like clockwork, your new kitten greeted you at the door. The central heat clicked on with the new gush of cold air that had followed you in. You dropped your car keys in the dish by the door which sat upon shelves of your favorite novels and a few scrapbooks.

Next to the dish was a picture that made your heart sting. The picture was taken by a fan but it didn’t make it any less special. Your arms tight around your boyfriend, pulling him in and begging him not to go. You remember the day as if it was yesterday.

A bright but gray day, accurately representing your mood and the time spent at the airport just as the sun was rising. It was right as the boys were leaving for the Australian leg of tour, their final stops before finishing up a nearly year long world tour. You had gone with Michael to the gate, hand in hand swinging as he whistled along to an unfamiliar tune. The two of you waited together in uncomfortable airport seats waiting for the boys’ flight to be called.

It was never enough; the time you got together between tour legs. Sometimes it was a week, others two. But Michael never failed to show you how much he loved you during those weeks on break. Anything you wanted to do or anywhere you wanted to go was fine. There were never any complaints because it meant spending time with his girl. You felt a single tear roll down your cheeks as you looked at the photo. It was one of your favorites. An intimate moment that normally you would have preferred to be just between the two of you, but it captured love and it captured life. It definitely wasn’t easy being a famous guitarists girlfriend.

You shrugged off your favorite denim jacket and hung it in the hall closet. Michael had bought you that jacket after weeks and weeks of stealing his and gushing about how cute the patches on it were. As much as he loved how you looked in his jacket, he knew you’d rather have your own at least while he wasn’t around. You grabbed the mail off the floor and headed towards the kitchen, your kitten following on your heel. You tossed the mail on the table, letting it join the rest of the mess scattered there. Most of it nonsense, others being magazines Michael subscribes to or coupons to your favorite beauty stores.

Your new kitten, Jax, as Michael had agreed on, the name very appropriate for the high jumping cat, was on his hind legs pawing and meowing at you. “Okay, okay!” you giggled. You filled his bowl with food and sat down at the kitchen table to go through all of the scattered mail from the last couple days. You placed your hands over your face with an exasperated sigh.

It’s been a little too quiet since Michael and the boys left for tour. You knew they only had a few weeks left and you couldn’t be more supportive, but most days you missed the noise. Your place being the main hangout for all five of you. The laughter, video games and constant swearing and bickering of your boyfriend and his three bestfriends engrained in the walls and sounds of your home. You sighed and returned to the reality of opening your mail. How very exciting. Bills, junk mail, mail for Michael, mail from Michael.

Wait… Mail from Michael? Your heart began to speed up and you smiled, ripping open the small peculiar manilla envelope. Inside a short letter and a patch? The letter written in your boyfriend’s nearly illegible scrawl but the mere sight of it made your heart swell.

Hi Babe!

This is weird because you’re in the shower while I’m writing this but you won’t be reading this until next week. Pretty cool, huh? Anyway… I know how much you love my denim jacket so I already got you one! You probably wore it today if I know you well enough. Well I saw this patch and thought of you! I bought one for myself so we can match. The boys won’t let me hear the end of it. Luke keeps mocking me and calling me whipped. Gonna show him who’s whipped! Anyway, enjoy babe! I hope you like it!

Mike X

Your heart was soaring! You took a look at the patch again, it was a Statue of Liberty wearing aviators and a guitar. You practically cackled. Only Michael. You ran from the kitchen and grabbed your denim jacket. You added the patch and snapped a pic to send to Michael.

“I love it babe!! Thank you!!” You texted, attaching the picture of the patch now adorned on the breast of your jacket. You ironed it right on the jacket above your heart. Corny but what about your relationship wasn’t?

After finishing all the other now very boring mail, you headed upstairs taking your shower and heading to bed. Jax joined you in bed, taking up a very small fraction of Michael’s side of the bed. You pulled out your electric blanket, something you don’t need when Michael is home as he’s your heater normally. You sighed but burritoed yourself in your heated blanket nonetheless.

In the days to follow more small manilla envelopes poured in each with a different patch from another city in Australia. You knew these patches were a little piece of his first home and you were so very fond that he wanted to share that with you.

Everyday you checked the mail with a new found eagerness and a new envelope arriving almost every two days. A couple from each city of their Australian tour. You wore your jacket everyday knowing you carried a little bit of Michael with you everywhere you went. The last one arriving on the day before Michael was supposed to return home. It was from Sydney and it was the famous Sydney Opera House with the words across the bottom, “The fat lady sang!” Again, only Michael.

You got dressed, not forgetting your denim jacket, as you were heading to the airport to pick up the boys with their driver. You took a look at the picture frame by the door, smiling to yourself knowing you’d be getting your boy back in a few hours. Jax was right by your side as you pet him before going to head out the door. “Michael’s coming home soon, Jax!” The loud knock on your door startled you. You opened the door and Luke and Calum walked in like it was the most common thing ever. Just like they always do.

“Hey Y/N! Can we order a pizza? What a flight!!” Luke called from the kitchen as he grabbed a beer.

Your jaw was on the ground as you were pulled into a tight hug. “Y/N! We missed you!!” Ashton of course, always with the hugs.

The three boys settled in to the couch as they started their usual routine of the loud house shaking video games. You shook your head too quickly as if maybe trying to wake up from a dream. The noise had returned to your home, your boys were back.

“Hey.. Where’s Michael?” You asked the twinge of sadness a little too obvious in your voice. “He’ll be in! Lost a bet so he’s carrying our bags!” Luke snickers and high fived Calum.

You didn’t even want to ask. You headed outside to see your boyfriend struggling with 4 very heavy duffel bags. “Babe!” He shouted, dropping all the bags in the driveway. “Mikey!!!!”

You ran to him and he enveloped you in a tight squeezing hug before a giving you a slow, sweet and in your opinion, well overdue kiss. “God I’ve missed you.” He admitted.

“Me too Mikey!” You didn’t want to let him go fearing that he might disappear again.

“Hey, hey I’m here babe it’s okay! Let me see your jacket!!”

You stepped back and let him look at all the new patches he’s sent you over the last few weeks, now adorned all over your worn in denim jacket. “Y/N it looks so good!” Michael’s smile grew even larger if that was possible.

“Thanks Mikey! Some really great guy sent them to me over the last couple weeks!” You chided.

“Oh well I might have to meet this guy!”

He picked you up and carried you into the house not without protest of course, leaving the duffel bags on the ground for Dave to grab later. He plopped on the recliner with you in his lap and you nuzzled your face into his neck. Traces of dark scruff tickling your skin and Michael’s fingers running up and down your legs.

“Get a rooooom guys!” Luke called, throwing a pillow at you both.

“Shut up Luke! I’m gonna order a pizza.” Ashton said as he headed to the kitchen.

The days mail popped into the slot and you jumped, scaring Michael as you hopped off of him and went to grab it. “Since when are you so excited about bills and junk, babe?” Michael joked.

“Hush Michael! Your last patch came in today!!” You ran up the few steps into the living room and stood there to open it.

“Y/N, you HAVE to read us those mushy letters Michael has been writing you!! I knew he was whipped!!” Luke cried out.

“Luke you’re just jealous he’s not sending you love letters you dweeb.” Ashton backed.

Luke pouted and crossed his arms. You stood reading the letter, completely immersed and unaware of the banter surrounding you.

Hi Sugar ;-),

This is unfortunately the last patch I’m sending you from this short part of tour, but that only means one thing! I get to see and kiss your beautiful face again! Letting the scruff out for a bit so it’s just how you like by the time I get home. We were able to get an earlier flight so I might beat the mail home. So if that’s the case, Hiiii babe! (I’m waving in case you didn’t notice already!) This one might be my absolute favoritest (Is that a word? Probably not) patch so far. You’ll soon see why. At the risk of being extremely cheesy (And yes Luke, whipped) I must ask, “If I showed up with a plane ticket and a shiny diamond ring with your name on it, wouldn’t you wanna run away too? Cause all I really want is you.”

The letter ended without a sign off and you pulled the patch out of the envelope. It was a custom made diamond ring jacket patch that had the letters ‘SLSP’ stitched on the band of the ring. You were now crying, much to your dismay in front of your boyfriend and his band mates and hadn’t even realized that Michael was kneeling before you as you read the letter.

“Y/N Y/L/N, will you make me the happiest punk rock-”

“Michael you’re not punk rock!!”

“Shut up Calum!!”

You giggled through your tears. “Will you make me the happiest man alive and become my wife?” Handing you the diamond ring patch and then pulling out the real one.

“Yes you dweeb!!!” Michael stood and pulled you in close, the kiss seemingly lasting for eternity.

“Ya know, fiancé has such a good ring to it.” He added.

“Sure does babe. Sure does.” You were elated to have your boys back and even more ecstatic that Michael finally popped the question. You truly knew now why Fall was your favorite season.

Class Project ft. Bobby & Hanbin : Part III
(Part I: Here ) (Part II: Here )


You walked downstairs with Hanbin and over to the dining room. 
Hanbin bowed to your parents and introduced himself. 
“You’re very well mannered boy” Your mother said to him. 
He bowed, accepting the compliment. 

During the dinner, mostly the parents just talked and got to know each other. You and Hanbin were sitting right in front of each other. His father was at the head of the table, on the right side was his mom, his little sister and him. On the left sat your family, your dad, mom, and you. 
After dinner his dad and your dad went to the library annex, to discuss whatever it is that dads discuss. The moms were in the kitchen, sharing recipes and chatting. You were walking in the living room, just examining it out of boredom. 
“Kim Hanbyul, this is my friend” You hear Hanbin come in, his little sister in his arms. 

“Annyeong, Hanbyul” You say slightly bowing as if she was your boss
“Unnie is pretty!” She giggles
“You’re so cute” You awe at her, your eyes meeting with Hanbin’s
“Thanks, she gets it from me” He says boastfully
“Eew Hanbyul, let’s go play and leave this weirdo” You say taking her from him and head to her room
“Yah!” He says following close behind

“Here is your baby” Hanbyul says handing you one of those life sized baby dolls. You take the doll from her, she walks over to her brother and grabs his hand, pulling him over to you.
“You guys are married” she says
Hanbin plays along and puts his arm around you “How’s our baby doing Jagi?”
If you heart was racing any faster, it would burst out of your chest and run laps around the earth.
“I’m the doctor and I’m here to check up on your baby”
Hanbin takes the baby from you “She has a cold, please give her a shot”
“Hanbyul, it’s time for bed, say goodbye to _______”
Hanbyul drops her toys and runs to hug you “Bye Unnie, come play with me more!”
“Bye bye Byullie, I’ll come over whenever your oppa is being mean to you ok?” You say giving her a hug and she happily nods to your words. 
You hand her to her mother and they leave. 
“You love Hanbyul more than me” Hanbin says picking up her toys 
You laugh “Who says I love you, pabo" 
"You don’t love me? But we’re husband and wife! Hanbyul says so!” He says pouting 
“Eew” You throw a pillow at him 
“Hey!” He says coming after you 
You guys were running around the room, like little kids 
You stepped on one of her dolls and slip, Hanbin tripping on the same one. landing on top of you. You had butterflies in your stomach.
“Uhh sorry” He quickly says getting up and helping you.
You fix your hair “It’s ok" 
The rooms was filled with tension. 
”________________! We’re going!“ *thank god*
Both of you walk out and bid your goodbyes to each other’s families
You walked out the door and realized you had forgotten your jacket in Hanbyuls play room. "Oh, I forgot my jacket!” You say 
“We’ll meet you at home then sweetie” You mom says 

You walk back to the room and grab your jacket. Bidding the family goodbye once again 
“I’ll walk you home” Hanbin says getting up from the couch

You arrive at the from of your door 
“Thank you for walking me home” You awkwardly say, trying to break the weird atmosphere 
“No problem ……" 
………… *cricket cricket*  
"Well… see you later ….” You waved 
“Bye” He says
*allrighty then ….* 
You turn towards the door and open it, about to step in. 
“Wait!” You turn around and his lips meet yours. You just stood there shocked, eyes wide open. 
He pulls back “oh my god, i’m so sorry, I don’t know what happened, why I did that, I don’t, I’m sorry” He says, Hanbin was so flustered that he was just throwing apologies at you. 
You kiss him to shut him up, pulling away from the kiss he looked as shocked as you did. “You talk too much” You laugh to soothe the atmosphere. He was smiling ear to ear.
“Okay, goodnight, for real now, your mom probably thinks you got kidnapped” You say. 
He pouts “I don’t want to leave you now" 
*oh my god, he’s so cute !!* 
"Bye Hanbin” You say stepping in side the house, waving at him. 
“Okay okay” he gives in and hesitantly walks back home

You close the door and walk to your room quietly. As soon as you shut your door and jumped on your bed and danced around 
*HE KISSED ME,  I KISSED HIM, WE KISSED !!!!! *  sing in your head
You lie down and look at the ceiling, replaying the moment in your head over and over until you fell asleep.  


If any of you guys have any suggestions, (i.e what should happen next, who else should be featured, etc )  please message me ^^

ily guys Thank you for giving this series support. I apologize for any mistakes. As always, Enjoy :-) <3 (Admin S)

anonymous asked:

could you do a headcanon about Leo getting caught kissing another boy (whichever pairing you feel the most like) and everyones reaction? srry if its kinda weird of a request you dont have to do it. also i love your blog omg!!!

I mean like…. I gotta do valdangelo cause you know I’m trash. But aw thank you so much!! Sorry if this isn’t what you really asked for but I tried friend.

Jason: Normally he and Nico walk to lunch together so one day he swings open the door without knocking and finds them both making out on the bed. He just gasps loudly and is just like :O!!! HOW COME YOU GUYS DIDN’T TELL ME!!! Nico probably throws a pillow at him lol.

Percy: Percy likes to swim closer to sunset that way it’s not as hot and he won’t get sunburnt, plus it’s a nice way to cool down and relax from a long day of training. So one day he sees Leo and Nico (who obviously don’t know he’s watching them from the distance) sitting on the dock stealing kisses from each other. And Percy just smiles a little to himself cause he happy that they seem to really like each other.

Annabeth: Leo gave her a spare key to the bunker and she has walked in on many steamy make out sessions. But to be fair, Leo has walked in on her and Percy during worse. She would just walk in like “Hey Leo, I need to borrow- OH! UH…. I’ll just um… Come back later!!”

Piper: Piper catches them sitting really close together during movie night in the bunker with the seven and she just wiggles her eyebrows at Leo cause she knows exactly what is going on lol.

Hazel: She has walked in on them cuddled together on the couch, Nico spooning his smol bf who kinda sorta maybe stayed up last night and fell asleep during the movie. She just giggles and tells Nico they are a cute couple before leaving.

Frank: He’s practicing his archery one day and he hears something coming from the woods behind him and goes to explore. Only to find Leo and Nico kinda sorta maybe making out. He just stares for a minute because he can’t believe what he’s actually looking at. But then remember how Hazel told him Leo and Nico had been spending a lot time together lately.

Just Promise Me We'll Be Alright ~A Sequel

A sequel to “I Drew A Line For You” :

Character:Benny Lafitte

Word Count:1839

Warnings: Mild swearing, blood.

Other: I will write a part 3 if anyone is interested! But for now I hope you all enjoy part 2! 

Italics are readers ‘flashback’!

Sorry in advance for any grammatical errors. I may or may not have written this in a hurry :(

Requests are open as always!


                 A constant beeping noise echo’s through your head as you awaken from a deep sleep. Your eyelids slowly slide open as the world comes into focus. The first thing you see is Benny seated in the chair beside your hospital bed. His eyes are shielded by his sunglasses, protecting him from the bright florescent lights radiating in the white room. You can tell by his slow and steady breathing, and the way he held his head that he was sleeping. You smile as you look down to see your hands in his.

            “Hey (Y/N), how are you feeling?” Sam asks quietly. You turn your head to face him, only now noticing that both he and Dean were also there.

            “Little groggy, but I’ve been worse.” You reply smiling

            “I don’t I’ve ever seen someone lose that much blood before. We had to make up quite the story to keep these guys from calling the cops, you and Benny being in the state you were.” Dean says getting up from his own chair and strides to the open window, squinting in the mid morning light streaming in.

            “State? What state?” You ask quickly looking at Benny’s still sleeping body.

            “Uh he was covered in blood, remember? Kinda hard to explain why we’re bringing in a girl with nearly no blood left in her body, along with a guy covered in the stuff. Told em he found you and the blood belonged to the guy that attacked you.” Sam explains.

            “So why is he clean now?” You ask, obviously still flighty from the drugs since he’d clearly got a change of clothes from Sam judging from the plaid on him now. It was a good look. For him. You remind yourself to get him to wear plaid for often.

            “(Y/N)?” Dean asks waving his hand in front of your face.

            “Uh yeah sorry, these drugs guys, wow.”

            “Pain killers, you kinda needed them.” Sam says gesturing to your bandaged arm. “ But Dean and I went back to the motel, did a bit of research and got Benny some fresh clothes.

            “He smelled like a damn dumpster.” Dean says cringing. “He got whatever he was covered in all over poor Baby.”

            “And he stayed here the whole time?” You asked watching Benny’s chest slowly rise and fall, ignoring Deans boyish complaints. You were rather surprised that he was still asleep, while you and the boys were talking rather quietly, vampires weren’t known for being heavy sleepers.

            “Yeah he never left that stupid chair.” Dean groans arching his back. “ I don’t know how he did it, god they’re hard on the ass.” You turn your attention back to the boys, deciding to try and let Benny have a bit more time to rest. If he had been there for as long as the boys led on, he needed it.

            “So, research, what did you guys find out?” You ask as you take your forefinger and trace the veins and knuckles on Benny’s calloused hand.

            “Uh, you know the usual, just a vengeful spirit. The bones are buried in the local cemetery, Dean and I will salt and burn them at sundown.” Sam replies nervously. “ But right now we’re worrying about you. So do you feel ok?”

            “If by ‘ok’ you mean not wanting to kill you both by drinking you dry, then yes I’m ‘ok’. I take it I didn’t turn then?” You ask. Sam and Dean both exchange looks, and engage in one of their ‘silent conversations’. Your heart dropped as you read them both like a book. You run your tongue over your gums on the top of your mouth, checking to see if fangs had developed.

            “Guys?” You ask again silently demanding them to explain to you what had happened

            “Yeah (Y/N), you turned. You were full on vamp for about 3 hours. We took you to a hideout Benny was using while Sam and I looked for a cure.” Dean says quietly, taking his hands and rubbing his chin.  And suddenly, it came back to you.


            Your head is pounding with what sounds like a thousand drums of war echoing through your ears. The hearts of those around you, pumping blood throughout their bodies. You writhe and yell under Benny’s grasp.  “Benny! Wha-whats happening to me!?” You say through gritted teeth, though you knew exactly what was happening.

            “Sh darlin’, you gotta calm down, breath. Lie down.” He whispers in your ear as he leads you to the bed in the corner of the nearly empty room.

            “How am I supposed to calm down with all this noise?” You yell placing your hands over your ears. “Oh God, Benny make it stop!”  You rip your hands from your ears and try to push him away. “Get away from me Benny! Just leave me here!” Benny grabs your hands and criss-crosses them around your torso, so he has a firm hold of you from behind. He sits down on the bed and you go down with him, landing between his legs. Placing his chin on top of your head he starts rocking your body slowly left and right. You continue to wiggle and kick against him as he starts to speak. “(Y/N) please, you got to calm down. Remember what we said in the car? We’ll be alright, you’re going to be alright, I promise. Dean and Sam will find a way, I’ll be right here.”

            “Benny I can feel it. I need it!” You cry as tears of frustration and sadness start pouring down your face.

            “No, no you don’t, you’ve got to fight it, just for a little bit longer. I won’t let this happen to you. I’m sorry (Y/N), I’m so sorry.” Benny’s voice suddenly breaks and his chest heaves in an erratic rhythm, containing the sobs in his lungs. “I should have never drunk your blood. I should have never said your name. I should have just kept my god damn mouth shut. I should have died in that damn alleyway. If I actually loved you (Y/N) I would have just stayed away. I’m a monster, and I always will be.” He moved his head to the crook of your neck as he continues to sway your bodies back and forth, calming you down further, as you felt his tears drop onto your shoulder.

            “Benny,(Y/N)!” Dean yells as he and Sam barge into the darkly lit room. “We found something; here we need some of your blood.” He untangles one of Benny’s arms from yours and drags the blade across his palm, making blood cascade down into the metal bowl Dean held under it. Your vision starts to blur once again as you see Sam throw a match into the bowl, along with a few ingredients you couldn’t place. He chants a spell and the contents of the bowl explode as you scream, a searing pain going through your veins,. “Benny!” You cry as you cling to his arms as you can feel yourself becoming weaker and weaker by the second, and finally your world goes quiet, yet you can just hear Benny’s voice as you go limp in his arms.


            You bite your lip the boys fill you in on the details you couldn’t remember. How you had been out for nearly 3 days, the doctors didn’t know why you weren’t responding to their meds. And the boys didn’t know if their spell had worked either.           

            “We thought we lost you (Y/N).” Sam said taking your free hand and giving it a squeeze before getting up and giving you a hug, lighter than his normal bear hugs. “Good thing your awake, you’re the only one Dean really listens to. We’d both be in trouble if anything happened to you”

            “Hey! I’m right here!” Dean snorts giving Sam a light punch on the arm. “ Ok enough ‘chick flick moments’. We’ll let you get some rest kiddo.” Dean smiles also giving you a hug and placing a stray hair behind your ear.

            “Kiddo, Dean? Really? I’m 3 years younger than you!” You say irritated. You’d always hated when he called you that.

            “That’s makes me 3 years your senior.” He says patting you on the head. “Now get some rest, Sammy and I are going to go do some more research and take care of that ghost, we should be back on route to the bunker by tomorrow.”

            “Alright, now get outta here old man.” You laugh as you throw your pillow at his head. “Oh and guys?”

            “Yeah?” Sam answers as Dean peels the pillow from his face.

            “Thank you.” You smile as they return the favor and leave you alone with your sleeping companion. As soon as the door clicked shut, you felt the hand that had been holding yours stir and squeeze yours.

            “I thought they’d never leave.”  Benny says as he lifts his head and grins at you.

            “How long have you been awake?” You giggle as you scoot out from under the light blue bed covers and sit cross legged facing him.

            “Halfway through your recollection of that hell I put you through.” Benny says quietly as he gets up and shuts off the light in the room. He removes his sunglasses and  you see his eyes are glassy.

            “Benny, sit down.” You say patting the area of bed beside you. He slowly lowers himself down but avoids looking you in the eye. “Look at me. This wasn’t your fault, it was my idea to do this. If I had the choice to go back and change my decision I wouldn’t. If I hadn’t of let you do it Benny you’d be dead. Do you know how much that scares me? More than the thought of being a vampire. When Dean told me you were back in Purgatory I was heartbroken, but I always kept the faith that you’d be able to come back somehow.”

            “(Y/N), I’m a-“

            “Benny you are not a monster! And I never want to hear you say that ever again!” You snap as you cradle his face in your hands, feeling his beard scratch your soft palms. “I love you Benny. You have heart, and compassion. I’ve met a lot of monsters and you aren’t one of them.” Benny’s eyes slide up from their gaze on the tiled floor and into your (E/C) eyes. He brings a hand up and places it on the back of your head and pulls your lips towards his and catches them in a long awaited kiss, sending electricity through your body.

            “ Okay, it’s time for your lunch Miss- Oh god I’m sorry!” The nurse freezes in the doorway of your room and starts to leave again. “I’ll come back later.”

            “No, its fine, please come in!” You laugh as you feel the blood rush to your cheeks as you pull away from Benny. “I’m starving.”

            “ Other than starvation, how are you doing?” She asks sweetly. You look back to Benny and smile.

            “I’m doing alright.”

Pillow Fights


Pillow fights with Ash always happened early in the morning. He was always so cheery and giddy in the morning, very much unlike you. He would always mess with you to get on your nerves. He’d playfully hit you with a pillow to try to get you out of bed, causing you to retaliate and throw one back. It wouldn’t be long until you two were in a full out battle, laughing at each other’s teasing words.


Calum and you would have pillow fights after sex. You’d say something teasing to him like “You’ve done better” or “That’s it, really?” causing him to smack a pillow off of your face. It would slowly escalate to pillows being whammed at each other before you’d find yourself once again pinned down below him.


You and Luke would randomly have pillow fights while you’re taking naps or having a lazy day. You two would be having a silly conversation which would be you making fun of Luke. Eventually he’ll have enough of it and throw a pillow at you. Eventually it would escalate to you guys running around the house in a full-out pillow war.


Whenever you and Michael played video games he would throw things at you to mess you up; these things tended to be pillows. After a few times of him throwing pillows at you, you would get annoyed and whip one right back at him, causing him to become startled. He’d say something really cute like “Oh you’re gonna pay for that” before grabbing pillows from everywhere on the couch and whipping them at you whilst you whipped them right back.

A/N: short quick pref, hope you likes it! Requests are open btw


I will be adding NEW constellation items to my shop very soon! These will include:
-Drawstring Bags
-Hair bows
-Pillow cases
-Throw Pillows
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5sos Preference #40: Album

Michael: “Y/N! So glad you could make it!” Calum barrels into you and wraps you in a hug as soon as enter Michael’s house, where they’re throwing the informal release party for their new album. This is one is for friends and family showing support of your boys. You look around and see the party’s already started, “Sorry, I’m late. My flight got delayed and there was problem with security-” He cuts you off by hugging you tight and lifting you up. “You’re here! That’s what matters! C’mon, they’re gonna be so fucking excited to see you.” He leads you to the living room, and you do your best to fix yourself because you’re about to see Michael, the guy you’ve had a crush on for a while now. They’re in the kitchen, when Luke sees you first. “Y/N!” He hugs you tight as the others make their way over. “You made it! We were freaking out you wouldn’t be able to with the storm.” Ashton hugs you with a quick squeeze. “Of course I’d make it, storm or not.” You grin, then turn to Michael. “Hey, Mike-” You get cut off by him suddenly pulling you close and kissing you. At first, you’re too surprised to react, then as he pulls away, you wrap your arms around him and kiss him back.

Calum:“What rhymes with magic?” Luke asks, fiddling with the pencil in his hands. You, Luke, Michael, Ashton and your boyfriend are sprawled in their LA house. They’re writing songs for their new album and you’re keeping the company/keeping them from killing each other. “Drastic. Mystic. Cosmic. Didactic-” You start to say but then Michael interrupts with, “Dick” causing even you to giggle. Luke ignores him, “Thanks, Y/N. Cosmic works.” Cal pulls you onto his lap and starts kissing your neck gently, “My babe’s smart.” The other guys start groaning and Ashton throws a pillow at you. “Hey! We said no PDA!” He points accusingly. “Sorry,” You offer, but it doesn’t help when Calum starts rolling his hips under you and all the guys complain. “That’s it, if you want the lovebirds out for the night, say aye.” Michael says. “Aye!” Luke and Ashton say, Luke covering his eyes. “Get out.” “Fine.” Calum shrugs, and leads you from the room upstairs to his, pinning you against the door as it closes. “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?” You raise an eyebrow with a smile, giggling as Calum ravishes your neck. He winks and places you on the bed, taking off his shirt. “That was the plan, babe” he mutters as he helps with yours.

Luke: “Y/N looks so perfect standing there, in my American Apparel underwear-” Luke sings into the mic in the recording booth, causing you to blush. Michael rolls his eyes, and quickly writes on the little whiteboard they have to communicate (since you can’t hear outside the recording booth) “Stop flirting with Y/N, she’s already you’re girlfriend!” with bad spelling, then shows you, making you laugh. “Okay, restarting from the first bridge.” The engineer says, fiddling with stuff on the soundboard you don’t understand. Luke holds up a finger, and says, “Well she does look perfect, I can’t lie, Mikey.” You make a heart with your hands and wink. “You two are disgusting.” Ashton says to you. You shrug and preen, too ecstatic to care about being seen as annoying. Luke starts over on the second chorus, “Your lipstick stain is a work of art, I got Y/N tattooed in an arrow heart-” “UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH” Calum groans, throwing his head back while messing around on his phone while Michael and Ashton flip Luke off in different ways, while you laugh and blush at your idiot of a boyfriend. Ignore Mike and Ash, he makes a heart at you. You giggle, roll your eyes, and make on back.  

Ashton: “Stop making stupid faces!” You, the photographer for the new 5sos album cover, whine. You’ve been their unofficial tour photographer since the TMH tour, posting the pictures on Facebook and Tumblr for them since you’ve known them for a while. And, once they announced they’re releasing an album, they refused to let anyone else but you take the album cover. “Sorry, Adam.” Luke, Calum, and Michael chorus, referring to you by your nickname since one of the gossip blogs called you “a 5sos-ified Adam Elmakias.” “Dammit, Ashton!” You snap, since he’s still looking ridiculous, “Stop it. We’d be done by now if you weren’t dicking around. Knock it off.” You sigh. You’d normally be fine with this, but you’re trying to be professional and it’s the least they could do to extend that courtesy. Ashton jumps off from the box and waltzes up to you. “Make me, Y/N.” Ashton challenges, looking like a little shit. You let your camera dangle from the strap around your neck and smother his lips with a kiss. He kisses you back almost instantaneously, and you make out for a bit before you pull away. “And if you’re good, I’ll get you ice cream later.” You say like you’re talking to a little kid. Ashton just blinks and nods, and behaves. With a blush, you get back to taking photos.  

A/N: I’m just really excited for the 5sos album. I hope you like this preference :D