throw people out windows


My family’s said to me from the beginning, ‘People are always going to tell you to pick what you want to be when you grow up. You take that and throw it out the window, that’s garbage. People are complicated and we love many things and we’re passionate about many things. You can be a human rights activist and also be doing these comedy plays in your community and that’s OK. All those things are a part of who you are and you can love them equally.

I hate when people,
Take love for granted.

I would die,
for someone to hold,
and feel safe with,
for someone attentive,
and doesn’t mind that I’m graceless.

Yet these people,
throw hearts out of windows,
and shatter them against pavement,
when I only want,
to cherish it.

—  May 7th 2017
driving in video games like
  • me: *drives in the wrong lane*
  • me: *shoots at people while driving*
  • me: *throws grenades out of the windows while driving*
  • me: *ignores headlights*
  • me: *drives through yards and walkways*
  • NPC: *doesn’t use the turn signal*
  • me: “woah what the FUCK is WRONG WiTH YOU dude you’re a fucking threat to other drives!!!! YOU COULD HURT SOMEONE YOU SELFISH MONSTER WHATS WRONG WITH YOU?????!”

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The gross part is you turning an incredible female hero into an object. There was no more sexual innuendo in her fights than in fights between men. You might have a thing for kylo but the character of rey does not. And her fight scenes are not a sexual come on dance for kylo. You reducing her to how her body looks wet while fighting is sexist period. Whether you are a woman or man doing it.

These REDUCTIVE uninformed arguments are OLD, antis.

Female sexuality is NOT wrong.
It is not “turning a woman into an object” when she is KICKING ASS, taking names, and the sexual tension is in the SUBTEXT.

It’s not like Rey is running around in booty shorts and tits out, or falling victim at every turn for all the BOYS to come and SAVE her (Twilight - a comparison y'all misinformed basics like to throw out there like you know how to make parallels at all).

Sit down for a second. Ask yourself why you are so quick to throw out the window decades of storytelling techniques that are used as SUBTEXT because you want to specifically AVOID sexualizing a character in the LEAST. Their origins come from a more conservative time - sure - but nowadays are used to make stories thrilling and keep up the tension.

If telling the story of female adolescence - which WILL include sexuality - bothers you, I need you to ask yourself who the real misogynist is.

Once again, all together:

It. Is. Not. A. Bad. Thing. For. Women. To. Be. Sexual.
It. Is. Ok. For. Women. To. Feel. Sexually. Attracted.
It. Is. Ok. For. A. Heroine. To. Have. Romance. Or. Sexuality.

It’s ok to show sexual imagery, it’s ok to hint and put in subtext, it’s ok for her to be CONFUSED about her attraction - which is a huge point I will touch on in a second. Women ARE confused about sexuality cause people like you going around and saying that using CLASSIC film techniques and picking up on the FIRE and chemistry is somehow SEXIST. Great, so women don’t get to analyze films about heroines now, because we gotta tiptoe around antis who don’t know the difference between subtext and objectification.

Watch the new Wonder Woman for reference, if you’d like to see some female sexuality done right! And, in my opinion, JJ did an AMAZING job with the way he portrayed female sexuality in TFA. I know y'all antis wanna refuse it was there, but the imagery used was - again - classic! And it was FIRE and beauty. And it was done SO tastefully. So tastefully, in fact, that a lot of people didn’t get it… lol, the irony in this conversation though.

Look, if you can’t see subtext in a woman standing on the edge of a cliff, locking eyes with a man for 20+ seconds, who is saying, “I can show you the ways of the Force.” then… I dunno if we were watching the same film to be honest. If y'all can watch that fight scene and not see a beautiful, marvelous yin and yang dance… I’m actually SAD for you and the beauty you missed out on. You saw a basic fight?? How sad, seriously, that you missed the imagery, the symbology, the representation of a woman discovering and conquering her fierceness - and yes - conquering her sexuality. It is EPIC. AND IT IS FEMINIST. And I will FIGHT you on that.

I want you to really imagine for ONE moment that fight between Kylo and Rey, and put ANY OTHER TWO CHARACTERS there. Put Darth Maul and Obi-wan on that cliff, staring into each others’ eyes for 20+ seconds, with Maul - his face aglow in the cross-section of interlocked sabers - saying, “I can show you the ways of the Force!”

You can’t imagine it - or if you can you are thinking, “that is RIDICULOUS.” Only characters with sexual energy can pull off a scene like that. That doesn’t deprive Rey of her agency - SHE STILL KICKED HIS ASS. However, you DO deprive the scene of its sheer beauty and symbolism, missing the mark of a chance for female sexuality to be PORTRAYED AS AWESOME AND KICK ASS AND POWERFUL.

It is not a bad thing for women to show their bodies a little bit and be empowered as they do. It is not a bad thing for women to be attracted to someone physically, even if in her mind she thinks, “no way!” That’s actually the ENTIRE point of the Beauty and the Beast archetype btw - which y'all antis keep dismissing, but I keep SAYING. So much is clear in TFA and it becomes clearer as more details come out from TLJ.

Oh, and read up on some Carl Jung and get to know the Anima/Animus, the coming together of the male and female, LIGHT and DARK. Why? Because that’s what Rian Johnson claims is his big influence for writing TLJ. I wonder… now… what two characters could come together in a union to represent the balance of the LIGHT… and the DARK….?????….?

Anyway, seriously, I am upset by this ask… it is so reductive and shallow it makes me ill. Anyone who wants to, feel free to add onto this. I am tired at this point, because I am actually sick at how reductive people are about art and the portrayal of female characters within it… like we have to throw hundreds of years of women’s stories out the window because people are afraid of showing a sexual woman coming into her sexuality and owning it on screen.

Nate Bittinger


“Man, this past month has been one to say the least.. Not for just myself but so many other people I see struggling. Recently, I feel like I’ve done some growing up. The last couple days I’ve been pretty upset about letting some people go (some other things as well). But, today I woke up with a totally different mentality. Today I woke up saying fuck all the depressing stuff that I’ve been feeling lately. I’ve got goals I’ve set and they need to get done in order to move forward with life. I’ve never been the strongest mentally or physically but today I woke up with a clear mind, knowing what I have set in front of myself and knowing what it takes to accomplish these things. People will come and go, this is a fact. At the end of the day they can be replaced, your time is something that can’t be. So, fueled by the spite in my heart I can promise that I’ll work harder now to accomplish my goals and progress on without them. I’ve always been a firm believer that if you want something bad enough and work for it, you will get it. Regardless, I’ve always had this kind of outlook in life, that I always need to feel like I’m moving forward. I see so many people out drinking every weekend then complain about not having money, etc. I wish I could see more people working at 2am, like myself, than people throwing their time out of the window. Maybe I just haven’t settled yet, who knows. As of now, I have my goals, I have 2-3 people who are willing to progress with me, so let’s get it. I’m sure some people lately may have viewed me as selfish. But, if I’ve learned anything since I’ve graduated college, I’ve learned that with most people these days you have to do what’s best for you instead of catering to everyone around you. I’ve started tracking and really taking all of my goals seriously (gym, job, art). I challenge anyone else to do the same. I don’t care if you want to be the best ditch digger, let’s set goals and let’s crush them. People said they were done messing around in 2015, how far have you really come since? “

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Oh i loved your answer on Ned and Sansa's relationship! Could you please tell us how you imagine Sansa and Robb's relationship?

So you’ll have to forgive me for how long I put this ask off, anon. Basically it was because 1. this isn’t really something I’ve thought much about before, so it took some effort to work out, and 2. I kind of have an unnecessary personal grudge against Robb for refusing to ransom his sisters for Jaime way back when. This grudge is pretty unfair because that truly would have been a terrible political decision (as we see in the consequences of Catelyn following through on it), and Robb was honestly doing his best to fulfill his responsibilities to everyone - both his family and his ‘country,’ the North - and really didn’t ask to be put in a situation where those two things conflicted. But I am an older sibling myself, and in my personal opinion, the rules of being a Big Sister / Brother clearly state that you take care of your little siblings first and let everything else go screw itself if necessary. So I was very much Not Cool with Robb’s decision in that case. This is one of many, many reasons why I should never be given any political power.

(Also, I guess this kind of speaks weirdly to my own moral compass regarding fictional characters, since I’m apparently totally cool with burning people alive or throwing kids out windows, but draw the line at hard-nosed political calculations from older siblings. I don’t know, this is one of those things where I am aware I’m not being very objective, but I also just don’t care that much. My grudge against Robb is not going anwhere, is what I’m saying.)

But with regards to the question itself - honestly, I think they had a perfectly normal and loving sibling relationship. I don’t remember hearing too much from Robb about what he thinks of Sansa, but my impression was that he had fairly typical protective-big-brother vibes. I think, like Ned, Sansa was sort of the family member Robb felt he didn’t have to worry about too much, but that didn’t mean he didn’t care about her, just that she made sort of a pleasant contrast to the ‘poor Jon the bastard’ and ‘oh no what will Bran and Arya get up to next’ issues with his other siblings.

In this sense Robb and Sansa both had a lot in common - he was the firstborn boy where she was the firstborn girl, and they were both the Stark children who seemed to fulfill their destined roles the most effortlessly, with Sansa as the perfect little lady and Robb as the ideal lord’s heir. They even look alike with their matching Tully coloring. Because of this, they also both dealt with similar pressures from their parents, with Robb having no choice in his future as Lord of Winterfell just as Sansa had no choice in her future as a royal bride; interestingly, neither of them showed any of their younger siblings’ resentment or rebellious tendencies, even though their futures were by far the more limited and proscribed. Younger children from noble families have a lot more leeway than the older ones, which is why Arya, for example, could get away with so much even as the daughter of a lord paramount - because her family didn’t require her to be a perfect royal bride when they already had her older sister to play the part. (Even though they had their issues, if Sansa died young or didn’t exist, Arya’s childhood would have been 1000% more miserable, because she would have been forcefully shoved into the role Sansa used to fill.) So as the two oldest, Sansa and Robb had the most expectations riding on their shoulders, and it’s interesting how both of them proved so willing and ready to live up to them even at such young ages.

Meanwhile, on Sansa’s side, it’s clear that she adored Robb and looked up to him a lot. There are multiple times in her POV sections while she’s a prisoner in King’s Landing where she hears about Robb’s victories on the battlefield and quietly thrills to the knowledge that her brother is out there somewhere fighting the Lannisters. She uses his memory to give her courage, as seen here:

I must be brave, like Robb, she told herself, as she took her lord husband stiffly by the arm.

and never shows anything less that complete faith in his abilities:

Robb will beat him, Sansa thought. He beat your uncle and your brother Jaime, he’ll beat your father too.

Also, remarkably, even though Joffrey often makes a point of beating Sansa for her brother’s victories against him, Sansa never shows the slightest hint of resentment against her brother for any of this. It would be pretty natural for a preteen girl to have trouble separating what her abuser is responsible for from what her abuser claims another person is responsible for, but Sansa never shows any issue with this. She knows it isn’t Robb’s fault that Joffrey hurts her, and she wants him to keep winning anyway. If her grief at his death wasn’t enough to show her feelings for him, this definitely is. And then there’s the fact that Robb is present in some of her happiness memories about Winterfell, such as:

Robb had melting flakes in his hair when he hugged me, and the snowball Arya tried to make kept coming apart in her hands. . .

So, yeah. Basically, this is a healthy, loving sibling relationship. Robb has to make some hard choices about sacrificing Sansa’s safety for the safety of the North, and we can debate the morality of those choices, but in the end, they were still brother and sister. (And just because I will never let go of my grudge against Robb doesn’t mean other people aren’t allowed to.)

What Now?

Authors: @mzrtinski @surpeme-bean @dylrider 

Request: Stiles had been spending a lot of time with lydia and the reader knows he likes Lydia but one night the reader shows up at Stiles’ house to confess her feelings for him and then maybe some smutty smut smut? Lol 

Warnings: Smut, alcohol, cursing

Words: 3126

A/N: Honestly this was the most fun to write, probably because I wrote it with my friends but yeah it was tons of fun, we (me, sorry anon) also changed the story line just a lil bit from the request it’s still good though. 


I sat in chemistry with scott, our teacher droning on about types of acids.  i was so distracted and lost in thought that i missed the question Mr Harris asked me, who obviously knew i wasn’t listening. i fumble over my words but manage to mumble out an apology along with “i-um didn’t catch that, what was the question,sir ?“

"miss y/l/n, maybe it would a smart idea for you to listen next time ? don’t think i’ve forgotten how behind you already are” i feel my cheeks redden a little at his words, broadcasting to the class that i’m failing chemistry.

scott gives me a concerned look, “what’s on your mind, y/n ?” he whispers, careful not to draw any attention back this way.

“don’t worry about it, scotty” i offer a reassuring smile “just daydreaming”

he doesn’t seem to buy it, “you know you can tell me anything, right?”

“i jus-” my words were cut off by Mr. Harris dropping a heavy book on our desk, both our heads snapping to the teacher.

“maybe you two would benefit from some time apart, no?”

“no” we reply in sync, irritating him more and he rolls his eyes.

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A/N: Okay this request hit home for me because my best friend is one of the most gorgeous amazingly stunning people I’ve ever seen at all and she thinks exactly the same way because she’s athletic and tall so this was mildly personal for me 

Request: So I have a request for Archie x reader that’s sorta personalized; instead of Y/N could you use the name Sara(?); the two have been friends since they were kids and Sara’s a superstar athlete like her older brothers were, but recently she’s started being way more quiet and withdrawn instead of outgoing and happy and Archie finds out it’s because she’s being made fun of and being called “Amazon” because of her height and build, so she’s become self-conscious about her body and feels unattractive.

Word Count: 2,187

Warnings: None, except swears but if you’ve ever read anything by me that shouldn’t be too shocking 

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With regards to my last reblog: Avengers Academy is the antidote to the grimdark, nobody is a hero bullshit marvel has been forcing down the throats of paying fans for years now.

Nobody dies.

People have arguments, but they’re usually able to be solved with talking rather than fighting.

People are generally supportive of one another.

Major events always end with the bad guys being captured, and bad guys are almost always unambiguously bad! Every few weeks, you punch a lot of Hydra! Some villains get redemption arcs, but in a way that makes it clear that they are genuinely interested in reforming, but the worst of the worst, like Kingpin, are imprisoned indefinitely.

People from all over the marvel universe interact in a positive way. I have three versions of Thor on campus!

Did I mention they’re doing things better than the MCU? Civil War was basically an argument over who would make the better class president, and it ended with Tony and Steve making up and being friends again, which given their relationship in the older (like you know before the marvel ceo decided hydra was actually good maybe) comics, is actually the most likely outcome.

It just takes all of the bullshit and angst from the MCU and current comics and throws it out the window in favor of Loki giving people silly names and Wasp (who actually came up with the name Avengers and was a founding member and doesn’t show up in the MCU and you know why) being everyone’s best friend and threatening to end anyone who hurts Tony.

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imagine patron-minette being a punk rock band with montparnasse as the lead singer and one day when he's bored he starts listening to covers of their songs on yt (most of which are a w f u l, in his not-so-humble opinion, and make him want to sue those people) and he's just about to throw his laptop out of the window when he stumbles upon a channel run by a terribly dressed person with the softest voice he's ever heard who sings in such a magical way that he feels as if he's rediscovering his ->

own songs. he’s completely enchanted and he’s considering emailing them using the business inquiries email (bc goddamn he’d love to sing with them) but then he just leaves a lengthy comment on their video (jehan’s channel is not very popular at that point so it stands out) to which they respond enthusiastically and basically the two of them strike up a conversation and find that they have a rly great time talking (~flirting~) so jehan proposes a meeting offline at which point parnasse has a a crisis bc holy shit will they still like him when they find out who he is?? (he can be kinda a dick in the interviews) on that note, how will they even take the news that he’s a well-known musician whose songs they’ve covered?


  • Okay so the band is either called Patron-Minette because duh OR Sins and Sensibility idk I just LOVE THAT NAME
  • Montparnasse is Charmed. That boy got his socks charmed right off and he spent the rest of the day watching videos of Jehan’s and noticing the little details like the lil crystals in the background and their cute novelty ghost mug
  • Parnasse doesn’t quite know if he wants Jehan to know who he is cause on the one hand being famous got him laid more times than he cares to count, but this is more, he’s ARTISTICALLY attracted to them. Well more than artisitically, but he doesn’t want to mess that up. Plus he can be quite the Dark Fuck Prince in interviews
  • So they skype for a while, talking about music and inspiration and fashion and stuff
  • And when comes the time to meet face to face, Parnasse is freaking out.
  • Jehan would have very right to feel cheated not to have known who they were taking to all that time
  • Plus, you know “Never meet you heroes” kind of thing, what if they get disappointed that he’s less than what fame glorifies him to be, even though he Loves wallowing in that image?
  • They meet at a Parisian café, and Jehan waves at him with a bright smile. Parnasse is???? stunned??? They don’t seem that surprised, or they can fake really well???
  • “I thought it’d be more… awkward.”
  • “Why?”
  • “Because, you know… me.”
  • “Well we’ve been talking for a month, I’ve done my far share of freaking out in private.”
  • “Wait…. you’ve known who I was all along?”
  • “Well… Yeah? I mean sure, I did embarrass myself in front of my screen, but I figured you’d want to be spoken to like a normal human being.”

when you realize that the line “summer stinks and winter’s freezin’” in carrying the banner is in reference to the fact that in 1899 large urban cities like new york were overcrowded and had little to no plumbing, meaning people would literally throw their own shit out the window and into the street, thus making the heat of summer cause the worst smells of the year.

so um, yeah. GROSS.

today’s dnd session highlights with @hyakufold @dryadofficial @fizzysugarwaterbattlefront @whydoidoart and @left-4-doughnuts

  • starting with a stealth check to see if our cleric avoided anyone seeing him sneak out of our main npc’s bedroom
  • “this is dindy? i thought this is the bad screenshots channel”
  • “this is a bad day for discord voice chat users”
  • “instead of gambling with money you gamble with your soul because dnd is the work of the devil”
  • “stop throwing people out of windows”
  • “if i was a frickin magician this would be fun… but im NOT”
  • “you see… a teeny tiny half orc.” “!!!!!!! Y E S”
  • “and then he’s also, secretly, in his mind, being gay”
  • “hi im kiris and this is my boyfriend ronald riagan
  • "i just stole a dog. look at it. look at the dog.”
  • bret bood
  • the dog’s name is Magnus Steven Fisher Jr
  • “stealing dogs from the marketplace #justgirlythings”
  • basil and kiris get friendship frappes
  • “chris isn’t home, apparently. basil can’t kiss ass yet.”
  • “it’s three days later, and chris still doesn’t come back” “basil is dead worried because he’s gay”
  • “god you’re lawful”
  • “you have spells, you’re a frickin’ druid, y-” “i wanna punch him.”

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ANOTHER DIFFERENT ANON! Shovel talk re: but how about Hashirama actually being serious for once??? This is his only living brother left, after all and considering how often Tobi and Madara argue, you can't blame Hashi for being just a WEE bit protective. Imagine Madara coming into the office and then comes face to face with Hokage!Mode Hishrama 'Please sit down and let's talk about Tobirama, Madara-kun :))'


Most sane people would throw themselves out the window, I’m sure. Not that that means much where Madara is concerned, though. 

No but imagine the Star Wars characters' sorting at Hogwarts
  • Sorting Hat @ Rey: Gryffindor
  • Rey: Coolio
  • Sorting Hat @ Finn: Gryffindor
  • Finn: oH HELL YES MOTHAFUCKAS *aggressively fist bumps with Rey*
  • Sorting Hat @ Poe: Gryffindor
  • Poe: YES SAME HOUSE AS MY BOYFRIEND I mean what? *smoothes back hair* I'm chill *inconspicuously places jacket over Finn's head*
  • Sorting Hat @ Hux: Slytherin
  • Hux: At last! Now I can smash the hopes and dreams of everyone at this forsaken school and join forces with the evil that is our Lord Voldemort!
  • Sorting Hat @ Kylo: Hufflepuff
  • Kylo: *rips off mask and smashes it* *destroys half of dining hall and kills most people with lightsaber* *throws self out window while flipping everyone off*
  • Sorting Hat: Oops! Haha technical error there I meant Slytherin lol ope where'd he go

It breaks my heart the amount of hate that I see in this fandom. This is literally a show about equality and equal treatment, and we can’t find it in ourselves to apply the same themes to our daily lives. Please remember that behind every icon, every screen, there is a person. A person with hopes, dreams, battles. Please show some tolerance when talking to people. We will not all agree on everything, but that is not an excuse to throw morals out the window. A ship war is not an excuse to throw morals out the window. We are all people, and we all identify with certain characters for one reason or another. That doesn’t make us a bad person, it simply makes us a person. Please take a long minute to think through your actions before you send someone hate. You never know what  they’re going through on the other side of their screen in their life, and you never know what will push someone over the edge. Remember that. Spread love the way Kara Danvers would want you to.