throw my body in a dumpster

So this is basically what I’ve seen from that Eren/Mikasa scene from the opening...













I’ve evolved from a trash can into an ultimate dumpster.


An all-night barbeque. A dance on the courthouse lawn.
The radio aches a little tune that tells the story of what the night
is thinking. It’s thinking of love.
It’s thinking of stabbing us to death
and leaving our bodies in a dumpster.
That’s a nice touch, stains in the night, whiskey and kisses for everyone.

Tonight, by the freeway, a man eating fruit pie with a buckknife
carves the likeness of his lover’s face into the motel wall. I like him
and I want to be like him, my hands no longer an afterthought.


Someone once told me that explaining is an admission of failure.
I’m sure you remember, I was on the phone with you, sweetheart.


History repeats itself. Somebody says this.
History throws its shadow over the beginning, over the desktop,
over the sock drawer with its socks, its hidden letters.
History is a little man in a brown suit
trying to define a room he is outside of.
I know history. There are many names in history
but none of them are ours.


He had green eyes,
so I wanted to sleep with him—
green eyes flecked with yellow, dried leaves on the surface of a pool-
You could drown in those eyes, I said.
The fact of his pulse,
the way he pulled his body in, out of shyness or shame or a desire
not to disturb the air around him.
Everyone could see the way his muscles worked,
the way we look like animals,
his skin barely keeping him inside.
I wanted to take him home
and rough him up and get my hands inside him, drive my body into his
like a crash test car.
I wanted to be wanted and he was
very beautiful, kissed with his eyes closed, and only felt good while moving.
You could drown in those eyes, I said,
so it’s summer, so it’s suicide,
so we’re helpless in sleep and struggling at the bottom of the pool.


It wasn’t until we were well past the middle of it
that we realized
the old dull pain, whose stitched wrists and clammy fingers,
far from being subverted,
had only slipped underneath us, freshly scrubbed.
Mirrors and shop windows returned our faces to us,
replete with the tight lips and the eyes that remained eyes
and not the doorways we had hoped for.
His wounds healed, the skin a bit thicker than before,
scars like train tracks on his arms and on his body underneath his shirt.


We still groped for each other on the backstairs or in parked cars
as the roads around us
grew glossy with ice and our breath softened the view through a glass
already laced with frost,
but more frequently I was finding myself sleepless, and he was running out
of lullabies.
But damn if there isn’t anything sexier
than a slender boy with a handgun,
a fast car, a bottle of pills.


What would you like? I’d like my money’s worth.
Try explaining a life bundled with episodes of this—
swallowing mud, swallowing glass, the smell of blood
on the first four knuckles.
We pull our boots on with both hands
but we can’t punch ourselves awake and all I can do
is stand on the curb and say Sorry
about the blood in your mouth. I wish it was mine.

I couldn’t get the boy to kill me, but I wore his jacket for the longest time.

—  Little Beast, Richard Siken


It started out as any other day. I woke up had my coffee and went to school. It was about 2nd period when i first felt the urge to pee but i wanted to hold it because the bathrooms at my school are gross. It was 8th period and i really had to go but i clenched by legs on the bus hoping i would make it to home. The bus stopped and i felt my bladder was about to explode. i waddled home but with each step i found myself getting closer to wetting my self. I open the door of my house to see nobody is home. I walk to bathroom thinking my bladder could burst any second. I open the door to the bathroom and i can feel pee dripping into my panties. Luckily i was wear a cute, plaid skirt so i lifted it up, sat on the seat, and peed into the toilette through my panties. Instead of feeling disgusted i found my self actually enjoying the piss running though my panties. It felt so warm and right.all that warm piss really felt good. I should clean up these panties. Better take a shower in these panties to make sure there is no pee stain. This shower feels like the piss that was running down my panties. well time to throw these in washing machine. (the next day) I wake up today want to wet my panties again. However, i get my coffee this fine tuesday. I get dressed with blue and green plaid skirt i own and shove off to school. It was the time between first and second period i get the urge to pee. I hold it all the way to 8th period. I squeeze my legs holding the pee in while on the bus. it stops and i almost squirt. I waddle home and into the bathroom. I push up my skirt and wet my panties again. oh it felt so nice. this goes one till friday. about 4pm on friday i get another urge to pee. this is great since no one will be home today. I hold it till 1am when i get the idea ill pee my panties standing up this time. So i go to the bathroom and step in the tub. then i just let loose the warm piss going in and down my panties. It then goes down my leg. I was filled with such sexual arousal that i ejaculated soon after. After i cleaned up i checked my phone to tell me that my parents will be gone this weekend. This was going to be an awesome, wet, and warm weekend.So i slept in to about 12pm. I awoke with the urge to pee but i was going to  hold it for as long as i could. since no one was there i decided to wear panties and a t-shirt. I went downstairs to eat some cereal. Afterwards i turned on the tv. My urge to pee was getting really bad so i grabbed my computer and started watching a movie. about midway through the movie my bladder had enough and wet my panties without me initiating it. It was pure ecstasy. I got cleaned up and decided to go out to dinner. I went to my favorite fast food place. I decided to get 3 large refills of some mountain dew. As you can imagine i really had to pee but i went to my house. I then dropped my pants but before that i put on 2 more panties over my panties that i had been wearing. I then went to the tub and wet myself. as my panties filled with piss it felt even better with the extra thickness. I cleaned up my self and head off to bed. I awoke that sunday morning with another urge to pee but like i had been doing for the past week i held it in. When i felt that i couldn’t hold it any longer i headed to the bathroom and got the idea to add a pad to my panties. THen i just let go my pad more slowly filling up was arousing. I then started to press the bad against my skin and it felt so good. I then started to masturbate with it and it was a very pleasing experience This was the best wetting yet. As i was cleaning up i thought to my self would a diaper be even more pleasing than just a pad. so i went on a website to get a free sample of a diaper.It says the diaper sample will be her in 2-3 days. Well i better be off to bed. I wake get my coffee and i go to school. I feel the urge the pee just as 1st period is about to end. I keep on holding it all the way until i get home. I rushed towards the bathroom pull up my skirt and release my pee into my panties. I let out a big sigh of satisfaction. I then here my mom comment “oh you must of had to go.” I forgot she was off today so I nervously say “yeah, you know the bathrooms at school.” She then goes “yeah, i know.” I say let out of sigh of relief but then i realize my ordeal is  not over. My panties our soaking wet with my pee. I grab the toilet paper and try to dry my panties. It stops dripping and i decide to get a shower to cover my wet panties. I then grab the towel making sure the panties i soaked are covered. My mother then questions why i took a shower so early. I just say “oh i got really sweaty during gym class.” She then says “id do that to.” I couldn’t believe i was getting away with this. I then shove my panties under my bed and went to do some homework.I get home from school with a full bladder. I look around the house to make sure that nobody is their. As i walk upstairs i can feel my bladder on the edge of collapse. I walk towards the bathroom with a few drops of pee making their way into my panties. I dropped my pants and sat on the toilet and let go. It felt so good and all my anxiety was relieved. as i was enjoying the aftermath and the warm and wet panties i had on i heard the door bell go off. It must have been my diaper samples. I can’t wait to try them. So i go downstairs get my diaper sample and walk back up to my room and hide the sample under my bed. I then drink some diet mountain dew till i get the urge to pee. I wait till i can’t hold it anymore and i grab my sample diaper and put it on.This is going to be awesome. I have my diaper on and i am about to explode. I keep holding in that pee. Oh this is going to feel so good. Oh it is starting to drip. Oh i am getting squirts. Oh now i just lost it. oh it feels so good that pee. oh my diaper is starting to sag. oh it is still going. Ahh ahh. Oh that felt so good. I am just going to rub my diaper against my body. oh ooh. (1 hour passes)  I guess i should clean up. I take my diaper off and wipe down my diaper area with some baby wipes. I then put my diaper in a garbage bag. and i throw it into the dumpster of the apartment plane next to my house.Oh that diaper wetting was the most pleasuring experience of my life. How can i afford to keep this going? I don’t have a job and my money that i do have will run out fast. oh what do i do. Maybe i can convince my parent to buy them for me but to do that i would have to convince them i need them and i am not just faking it. I take my computer out and research how some people get wet themselves by accident. I research that some people who wet into their teens can suddenly start wetting themselves again at night. THis is great because i wet myself till i was 13 and 7 months. So just before bed i drink a lot of water before bed. I set my alarm to wake me up at 3:30am. I lay my head down to sleep and wake up at 3:30am with the urge to pee. I turn off my alarm quickly and lay my head back onto the pillow. Then i just release my piss. I feel it trickle down my panties down into my back. I start to feel my piss is making a puddle. I start to fidget in the puddle oh it feels so good. After wards i fall asleep and awaken the next morning.My mother comes in only to see me in puddle of my own piss. I said i just had an accident. She tells me to get a shower. so i walk towards the shower with a smile on my face. I go to school come back with a full bladder and i wet my panties again. it felt so good. I eat dinner and i head up to bed. I set my alarm for 3am. I wake up at 3am to create a puddle of my piss. I then fall asleep again. This repeats for a few days until my mother buys me some diapers for me to piss in at night. my plan was a success.So it finally friday after school i can just enjoy myself. I walk into my house to see that nobody is their. I walk up to my bathroom with a full bladder of course. I Walk towards the toilet i lift up the seat and my dress. I wait there for about 15 minutes and my desperation was severe. I managed to hold out another 2 minutes before i burst and wet myself. I think to my self i have really got good at holding. Anyways, I eat dinner and i head up stairs and i let out a quick pee in my panties. I then take a shower. It bed time so i put on my diaper and set my alarm for 3pm. I awaken suddenly and see that it is 2:34am. I wonder why i woke up and then it hit me. I wet my diaper on accident. Have I trained my bladder to release pee at night?My diaper was wet and i did not voluntarily wet it. I decide to sleep on the matter. I wake up with a note on my desk telling me that my parents will be gone for the weekend. This is such good news it means i can wear my wet diaper anywhere. Wait! That means i could wet it again. I had the urge to pee when i woke up but i decide to hold it longer. It felt really good constantly feeling the wetness and sag of my diaper. It was about lunch time and i decide to wet my diaper. It was even better wetting it a second time all the wetness becoming warm again and my diaper sagging even more. I though why not wet it a third time.I had some nice sweatpants on when i got the urge to pee my diaper a third time. This was going to be great but i held it till i couldn’t hold it anymore. I started to feel the wetness becoming warmer my diaper starting to sag. but then something unexpected happened. i felt my piss going into my pants and i couldn’t stop. i rush to the bathroom while piss was filling my pants. I get to bathroom but its too late i have pissed my diaper so full that it leaked into my pants. I look in the mirror and it looked like i just pissed myself. So i take off my diaper and take a shower with my pants still on. I then take them off and put them in the washing machine. I then put them in the dryer. I then got some mexican to eat that night. after dinner i check the dryer to see that my pants show no pee stains. I was so relieved. I watch some tv till about 1 am. I put on my diaper and go to sleep. I awaken at 2:57am with my diaper wet. I think, with horror, i am incontinent when i am asleep. I force myself to sleepI awaken that sunday morning with another wet diaper i didn’t pee in voluntary. I get out of bed to feel that sag and wetness. I decide that i will pee like a normal person and do it the toilet today. So i take off my diaper and get my clothes on. It is about lunch time when i have the urge to pee. i get up and walk towards the bathroom about halfway their i lose control of my bladder and i piss myself. I collapse into a puddle of my own piss and cry. I can’t even control my pee during the daytime. I rush towards my bathroom take a shower and wash off all the piss. I then put my cloths in the washer. I then rush over and i get a diaper on. I order some Chinese for dinner. I finish and i get the urge to pee. I think that wetting incident earlier today was just a fluke. I get to the bathroom door my diaper still dry. I take it off and let the piss go into the toilet. I felt so relieved in more ways than one. I get up and put my diaper back on. I go to bed and fall asleep. I awake with an extreme urge to pee. I waddle towards my bathroom. I take off my diaper. I close my eyes and let the piss go into the toilet. I open my eyes only to realize that was a dream and i did indeed wet my diaper again. I had to confess to myself that i have no bladder control at night.I awake that morning with a wet diaper. I take it off and dispose of it. I then get ready for school. I try to forget what happened that weekend. I go and get through my classes. I get on the bus and i go home. I walk in the door and my mother is home. I get an urge to pee. I rushed towards the bathroom only to wet myself. My mother comes down to see what is up and she sees me standing in a puddle of my pee. She tells me to take a shower. As i get out she tells me that you are going to the doctors to figure out was is wrong. She drives me to the doctors. The doctor does his examinations. He comes into say that i have rare genetic condition brought on by stress. He says once you get this disease it can be years till you cure yourself of it. That means i will be in diapers for years 24/7.I get home from my doctors appointment. I get on a diaper. I just sit in my bed for the rest of the day. I don’t even go down for dinner. I felt an urge to pee and a few seconds later i wet my diaper. I then change myself into a new diaper and i go to bed. With no surprise i awaken that morning with a wet diaper. I then change myself. I get ready for the day. I walk out the door with a crinkle sound every time i walk. I go to my classes till lunch. I walk towards my friends as nothing is wrong. I eat my lunch when i get the urge to pee. I quickly go to the bathroom. Fortunately no one is their. I go into the stall and lock the door. I then pull the seat up. I thought to my self i am not going to wet my diaper this time. I started to take off diaper when i lost control and wet in it. Oh why couldn’t i hold it. I take it off and stick it into the toilet and put on a new diaper. I walk out of the bathroom with a fresh diaper.People are to notice that diaper i left in the toilet. I walk towards my next class hoping not to make my diaper crinkle. I get into my next class and sit down without everyone hearing it. When my teacher says their is a pop quiz today. I think to myself i cannot afford another bomb quiz. As i realized that i pissed into my diaper. Oh god now i am wet. I go to the bathroom after the quiz. Luckily, no one was in their but i got the urge to pee again and wet my diaper again. It was really sagging now. I rush towards the toilet and release my diaper into the toilet. I freshen up and put on new diaper. I walk out. I get on the bus after my last class. I get off the bus and  i started to walk home. I think to myself how am i going to keep hiding this as i wet my diaper. Why can’t i just hold it. I just need to calm myself down and research some calming down techniques. I get home and my mom left a note saying that the doctor called. The doctor gave me the worst news i will be using diapers for the rest of my life and if i get really stressed i could start poop uncontrollably to. I think to my self i just need to keep moving with my life. This is not going to stop me. Ha look at that! That was some stressful news and i didn’t wet my diaper again. So i go up to my room and change into a fresh diaper. I keep on going till friday hiding my diaper when its wet or dry. My mom tells me she and dad is going going to be going away for the weekend.I wake up that saturday morning with a wet diaper. so i go change into a new one. My phone starts to ring. So i pick it up and say hello. It was a guy that i liked. He said he wanted to take me on a date sunday. I say of course i will. I hang up the phone and i didn’t even notice that i wet my diaper. So i put on a new one. I then go to my room and get on my computer and i grab dildo and i start to masturbate. I look up some porn and i get going. I then leave the dildo in their when i am about to ejaculate. I release the dildo and ejaculate into my diaper. then i just played with my diaper for a few minutes. I decided that i would pee in before i threw it away. I order some mexican food and eat it. Then i got a sudden urge to poop. I think to myself if i am going to poop my diaper on occasion i mine as well experience it now while i am alone. I keep waiting till i can’t hold it anymore and release the poop into my diaper. It made it so heave and warm. I play with my diaper for a few minutes and i get the urge to pee so i release it. Know its wet, warm, sticky and heavy. It felt so good.So there i was standing in my soiled and pissed diaper. It felt really good. All heavy and warm. I played with it for about 30 minutes. I then decided to change my self. I put on a super thick diaper that i was sampling. I got to admit it is really bulky but it is some comfortable. I decide to drinks some pop. I wet my self soon after i am done with my first one. I keep the diaper on so i can keep wetting it. I drink some water and i wet it again and again. Man this diaper can hold a lot. i decide to push it till its limit. I order some Chinese for dinner. After wards i wet it again. Wow for wets and it is still not leaking. Oh it is really heave and sagging right. now. I keep on going and drink some pop. I wet my self again. It just started to leak a little. It is sagging so much that you can see it under my skirt. I decided to change into some sweats and keep my 5 time use diaper on. I eventually get an urge to go. I walk into the bathroom and stepped into the bath tub with my heavy, warm and sagging diaper. I then release my pee into it. It starts to leak about half way though my wetting. I just stood there enjoying the diaper getting heavier and piss going down my legs and onto my pants. Oh this felt so good. I then decided to sit down and play with my diaper. I made it leak more and the piss went into my pants. I took off my shirt and bra and rolled around in my piss with my wet diaper and sweats on it felt so good. I did this till i got the urge to poop. So i just let it go into my diaper. I then smashed my poop. I was so tired that i decide just to lay down in my piss puddle. I just lay there till i get an urge to pee. I just let it go and my diaper immediately leaking into my pee soaked pants. it felt so good.So i sat their it a really overused diaper. I enjoy it for few more minutes then i get up and take my diaper off. I clean up which was no small task. I really had to scrub to get all my piss and poop out. That was not the last of my troubles. I had to get the stink of my pleasuring out. It took some intense scrubbing, some air freshener, and opening the windows but it was done. So i put my self in another diaper and decide to get some dinner.Tomorrow was my date so i need to pick a dress that was cute and that hid my diaper. I eventually picked out a nice black and white dress. It was cute and the white should be enough to camouflage my diaper. So the door bell rings and i take my dinner. As i eat it i start to think about how my date will go. What will we do? Where would  we go? It was going to be great. THen i thought to myself what if he saw my diaper or i pissed and he heard. This tension made me wet my diaper. I go to my room to get changed and then it hits me if he found out would he tell everyone at school? I started to imagine how my life would fall apart if he told everyone. Then suddenly i soiled my diaper. This time it didn’t feel so good. but i changed myself into a new one. I then came up with a plan. If he ever finds out i can merely tell hime that it is a condition and not by choice and if he doesn’t break up with me i know he will be the one. Though i may not always wet my diaper voluntary it still gives me pleasure. I think to myself he will eventually find out but i want him to find out on my own terms. I tuck myself into my bed and i decide to watch some tv. I decide to watch a horror movie. Unavoidably, It caused me to wet myself. I decided not to change since i am going to need the diapers i have left for my date. I then fall asleep.I wake up with some regret because it appears that i wet diaper during the night and leaked into my be. Before i cleaned up i decide to enjoy it by feeling up my diaper and and squirming in my pee puddle. I then got up and changed into a new diaper. I then cleaned up my bed. I go through my day waiting for Matt to pick me. I mentioned that was his name right? no? Oh well. It was about an hour till my date so i put my make-up on. I then put on my dress and tested it out so he would not see my diaper. I hear the doorbell ring. He says hello and that i look beautiful. I smile and then we go to his car. He says that we are going to dinner and a movie. I liked the sound of this date so far. We get to  Vitello’s which my favorite italian restaurant. We sit down and begin to talk and he was very charming. I almost forgot that i had to be careful to not reveal that i wear diapers. I decide to order some some spaghetti. I know its a standard dish but it was always my favorite dish. We left once he paid the bill. We went to our local theater and we saw The Day of Fire. It was an apocalypse movie and then i thought he must have been talking to my friends no way he would take me to my favorite restaurant and take me to a movie i wanted to see. I didn’t tell what i thought because i wanted to give the satisfaction of planning a very good date. About half way though the movie he held my hand and i couldn’t stop wetting myself. Luckily he didn’t hear my wetting. I stay in my wet diaper till the movies ends and i then tell hime i need to go to the bathroom. So i go to the bathroom and change my diaper. I then drink some water from the water bottle i had in my bag. He then takes me home and at the door he kissed me. It was so nice but then i realized it was going to cause me to wet my self again. so i said good bye. I went in and waddled to the bathroom but i wetted my self before i could get their. That was my last regular diaper. Looks like i need to wear that other super thick diaper diaper i have. It was only ten so i decide to to watch some tv and drink a smoothie that i had. As i was watching i kept thinking how perfect our date was. I eventually wetted myself just thinking about it. Since this diaper is super thick i did need to worry about it leaking when i wet myself while i sleep.

I awake that monday morning with my diaper wet and heavy. My mom managed to pick me some diapers. Today was in service day for my high school so i had the whole day to my self so i didn’t bother changing my diaper just yet. I decide to get some cereal for breakfast. I then go back to my room where i receive a text from Matt. He said how awesome it was taking me to dinner. As i thought about it i wetted myself. We kept text for an hour and then he said he had to go to work. It was about lunch time when i got the urge to pee so i release it into my diaper. I figured its time to change since it will probably leak if i pee in it again but i decided i would keep it on because i like the warm and heavy feel to it. It was about 3pm and i decide i should change it now since my mom will be here in an hour. So i changed and enjoyed having a fresh diaper on. My phone started to buzz. it was matt. he wanted to take me out on another day! That is going to be so awesome. He set the date for next friday at 6pm. It should be great!I awoke friday morning with my diaper wet. It was going to a great day. So i changed myself and got ready for the day. I got to school and went to my first period. Then i went to my second period but on the way there Matt said he had something awesome planned. I got home and i decided to pick out a dress to where for the date but as i looked for a dress there was none. Oh no! How am i going to hide my diaper this time? Oh i wetted myself. So i change my self and look for ways to hide my diaper. One pair of jeans was perfect it made my diaper look like it wasn’t there. I then picked out a nice shirt to wear. THen i waited till 7pm where i heard the doorbell. It was Matt. He said i looked cute in my outfit. I thanked him. We We went out to dinner and then to his house where we watched movies. It was great. I then go home and lay on my bed. Then horror struck my face. I left my bag with my diapers at his house. I peed and soiled my diaper. I got a text from matt saying that i he would give my bag back to me at tomorrow. I said not to look and he said of course. I said why not come over and we can hang for a while. I could only hope his curiosity would not get the best of him.So Matt came over and i said lets watch some tv. We talked and talked. We laughed. We both knew we loved each other. It was about 8pm. Matt turned to me he said that he accidentally knocked the bag on the floor. Horror filled my face and i released some pee into my diaper. He said that he notched the diapers that where in their. I said oh my god i can explain. I said i have a rare genetic condition called. He then interrupted me and said UDS? I know i have it too and i am glad i have finally found a girl who has it too. Wow i think i have finally found the one. I told him come to my room. He followed me and i could hear the hissing of him peeing his diaper. I said lets do it in our diapers. He said that was the kinkiest thing he could think of. So we had sex in our wet diapers for an hour. We both ejaculated. Then we just laid there. I said that was great and we kissed. He then said i know this might be weird but he asked if he could change me. I said Hell yes. It was so great having someone undo the tape and take off your diaper slowly and then put on a fresh one. I then kissed him and said no its your turn. I take off his diaper and put on a new one. Then we just laid there. We turned to each other and said I love you to each other. We where both so moved that we wet are diapers again so we changed each other again. I knew he was going to be great.( 5 years later)

We both lie their in our apartment. Wow i am so glad i found you matt. He said love you let get it on. I was like sorry i already have a ring. We both laughed because he was one to give it to me. We went to our room and took off all our clothes and left our diapers on we started to make out. We wet are diapers and began to have some diaper sex. It was great. We got into such intense passion that we eventually ripped off each others diapers and had normal sex. It was great and i knew we where going to happy forever with each other.

bloodlust (Alucard x reader)

A/N: Let’s not be good people today. Tentative interest on both sides. Warnings: hellsing-ish levels of violence? There’s only like one explicitly descriptive part.

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And this room of darkness I ain’t undercover
That won’t stop my prowess rubbing off on to another
Elevating higher as my body’s moving lower
Now I’ve reached my element you better move over oh

Rumour had it that if you killed enough monsters, you’d get to be one too.

How many lives had you taken to become what you were? You craved violence and blood, you craved that wild tooth-and-nail fight. You liked seeing that glimmer of fear before you snuffed out the lights. It wasn’t like you couldn’t tell right from wrong, but at times the bloodlust blurred the lines too hard for you to distinguish.

So why even try?

It might have been that Hellsing was using you, but god—you didn’t care. The things you were allowed to do—go wild, crush, kill, destroy—it made parts of your dark soul burst into flame, burning so strong that it was hard not feel alive.

But the best missions were the ones where you weren’t alone.

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Me, before watching this weeks epi of LoT: This is super messed up that I am lowkey shipping Rip with the fucking AI of the ship. I guess this is my new low.

LoT: *gives Gideon a body for an episode and Rip kisses her after an emotional parting while also it being canon that both Gideon and Rip remember said kiss and liked it*

Me, after watching LoT: Throw me in the dumpster because I am hiGHKEY SHIPPING RIP AND GIDEON.

Rumors - part 28


Matt entered the Grill and turned on the lights. Kol and I groan in unison as that wakes us up and I open my eyes, seeing Rebekah next to him.

- Love birds are still here; “Rebekah remarks as she heads over to the bar.”

- Can’t you just turn off those lights? “I asked.”

But no one cared to answer my question or do as I asked. Rebekah turned herself towards us and sees two dead bodies besides our table.

- What the bloody hell is that? “Rebekah exclaimed as she jumped of off the chair and walked towards us.”

- Nothing; “I replied.”

- People will start coming here, they can’t see those bodies; Rebekah told us; Throw them into a dumpster.

- You can do it, sister. If they bothers you; “Kol spoke.”

- You do it; “Rebekah demanded.”

- I don’t think so. I don’t want to spend my minutes on throwing dead bodies into a dumpster; “Kol told her.”

Rebekah rolled her eyes and grabs hands of the two bodies and drags them out of the grill. I stood up and walked towards Matt who was behind the bar. He gave me another bottle of red wine and then I sat back next to Kol. Kol grabs my face with his hands and captures his lips with mine. When we pulled back from each other I smile, seeing with corner of my eye that Rebekah was looking at us and sitting at the bar.

- Rebekah smiles; I miss you two like this.

- Kol turned his face towards Rebekah, saying; Bekah, promise me you’ll keep her from doing something stupid.

- Like what? “Rebekah asked.”

- Like killing herself to be with me; “Kol said.”

- What? Are you crazy? Rebekah asked looking at me and then looked back at Kol saying; I’ll make sure she doesn’t do that.

- I won’t do that. My tongue was just faster than my mind yesterday when I said that; “I told them.”

- Good; “They say in unison.”

Kol moved my hair behind my ear and then kissed my cheek close to my ear, going down to the jawline and neck. I bite my lower lip and turn my head to kiss his lips. His lips parted against mine and I allowed his tongue to explore my mouth. I felt my knees becoming weak and if I was standing I’m sure I would fall to the ground. My entire body was tingling as he put his hand on my waist and then moved it under my t-shirt, this caused me to break the kiss and take a moment to breath I kept my eyes closed and focused on bringing my breath under control, while I felt my body forming goose bumps, but that didn’t stop Kol to continue trailing kisses down to my neck.

- Then we heard Matt and Rebekah clear their throats; You two can take that somewhere else, people are coming in here; “Matt spoke.”

Kol smiled and stopped kissing my neck and I opened my eyes  as he stood up and took my hand in his, saying; Let’s go do something else first.

We went to the Mystic Falls High School football field that’s all decked out for the commencement ceremony. It is deserted except for Kol and I, we stood at the podium and there were the dead hybrids and witches from the Expression triangle sacrifices, who approached us. Kol taps the microphone before speaking.

- Welcome back; Kol greets them; It was our deaths that allowed this day to come to pass – massacres performed in the name of resurrecting the immortal, Silas. Twelve hybrids, twelve witches, the slaughter of innocents by the so-called hero protectors of Mystic Falls. They risked unleashing hell on earth for their own selfish gains. And today that’s exactly what they’re going to get.

After that we went into the high school and I saw some girl alone in the hallway and said to Kol; I need to grab a bite.

- Of course, darling; Kol said and I flashed in front of that girl and compelled her to be quiet then I bite her. I didn’t kill her, so I give her my blood and compelled her to forget, then I let go of her and she walked away like nothing happened.

Kol came in front of me and put his arms on my lower back pulling me against him and then kissed me, a smiled swept across my face as I kissed him back passionately and wrapped my arms around his neck. Then we heard a voice behind us saying; So I guess this is your boyfriend.

- Kol turned around and thought that’s Elena but I grabbed his hand saying; Relax, that’s Katherine.

- The doppliganer who is running from my brother for over a 500 years; “Kol stated.”

- Yep, that’s me in the flash; Katherine told him and smiled; Bonnie told me she is going to put the veil back up tonight.

- Oh, no; “I breathed out.”

- Yeah, so you guys know how much longer you can be together; “Katherine said.”

- Thanks; I said, in a sad voice and Kol added; We’ll go and pay a visit to Bonnie.

- Why? “I asked.”

- Because I don’t want for a veil to go up again; “Kol informed me.”

- Just don’t hurt her, I need her; “Katherine says and disappears.”

When we got outside of the school we saw that ceremony started and we went to sit behind Bonnie who was clapping for her friends watching as they all accepted and graduated from high school. Kol sit on the chair and I sat in his lap, then he leans forward and whispers into her ear; Greetings, little witch.

- Bonnie didn’t turn around to look at us she just gritted her teeth, asking; What do you want?

- I don’t want the veil to go back up. In fact, I want you to drop it completely, so I and my fallen friends can live; “Kol told her.”

- The veil goes back up tonight; “Bonnie told him.”

- Kol looked at the row behind him as he spoke; Isn’t that the witch your friend Caroline killed? Bonnie turned slowly to see the witch sitting there with a very scornful look on her face, then Kol continues speaking; And over there, that’s my hybrid friend, Adrian, also dead; he nodded at the hybrid; In fact, these seats are scattered with two dozen supernatural faces, all of whom have reason to lash out since their lives were sacrificed in order to make your Expression triangle. All they’re waiting on is word from me; “He informed her.”

- Bonnie rolled her eyes as she replied; Don’t you two have anything better to do than harass me and my friends?

- We have enogh time for everything; “I told her.”

- Okay, you two can wait me in front of the boiler room, I’ll come when this ceremony ends; “Bonnie said.”

- I smile; Great; “I said and stand up so we can go.”

We came in front of the boiler room and I lean myself against the door, Kol was standing in front of me with one hand placed on the door next to my head.

- I don’t think she’ll do it; “I said looking at him.”

- We’ll make her do it; “Kol says and smiles.”

- I pulled out my phone to call Rebekah and Kol asked; What are you doing?

- I’m calling Rebekah, she wasn’t at her graduation; “I told him.”

- I hung up after few seconds, saying; Great, her phone is off. Now I’m worried.

- Why? “Kol asked.”

- Because every time her phone is off, that means something bad is happening; “I said.”

Then we saw Bonnie coming towards us, I moved away from the door and Kol put his hand around my shoulder. Bonnie opens the door of the boiler room and say; The Kol I remember was adamantly against hell on earth.

- Kol smirked as he replied; I was, till your friends didn’t kill me. Now I would very much like to be back on earth and enjoy my life with Y/N.

- I look to the ground and see Bonnie’s body, creasing my eyebrows I asked; What’s this?

- It’s me; Bonnie replied nodding her head; I died last night. I’m a ghost and I want the same thing you want Kol. I don’t want to be on the Other Side with unfinished business. I want to stay here, more than anything; “She explained.”

- Kol hold his arms towards her; Then what are we waiting for? Let’s do it together; he says and starts walking towards Bonnie, but suddenly he was stopped by an invisible wall, that was standing between them.

- What have you done? “Kol demanded in a rough voice.”

- This will hold you till dark; Bonnie informed us as Kol growled over at her; Then, when the veil is back up, this town will be rid of you for good; she said and then looked at me, adding; We don’t always get what we want, do we?

- You didn’t just do this, you little bit-; I start walking towards her but invisible wall stopped me too.

- It’ll hold you too; “Bonnie simly says and walks away.”

- Rot in hell, Bonnie; “I yelled.”

I was feeling angry, upset, sad and did I mention angry? So Kol put his hands on my shoulders and turned me around, telling me; We wasted enough time. Then he zoomed us to the nearest wall and kissed me roughly. I started pushing his jacket off of him as he wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled me closer to him. Then he unbuttoned my shirt and throw it on the floor and I pulled his t-shirt over his head and as fast as we could we started kissing again, hungrily. Few minutes later Kol put me back to the ground and we started unzipping each others pants. Before I know I was against the wall again and I wrapped my legs around him. I pulled him closer and while he began placing soft kisses on my neck and down my breasts, moans escaped my lips. I put my hand in his hair not letting him to stop kissing me and say; Did I mention how much I’ve missed you?

I could feel his smile against my skin.

As he was going back up towards my neck I felt his fangs against my skin, he entered me the same moment he sank his fangs into my neck. I leaned my head back, closed my eyes and lightly bit my lip before moan escaped my mouth once again, he was thrusting steady, deeply, quickly. I wrapped my legs around his hips as much as I could, I just wanted him as close as we could possibly be in that moment. Kol slowed down his thrusts and place a kiss on my lips and I feel him moan against my mouth. We looked into each others eyes and his eyes flashed with hunger and he tightened his arms around my waist and yet it wasn’t close enough. One of his hands trailed up and cupped my breast, his other arm lifted me into a deft roll of his hips, thrusting forward, each time harder than last and spilling out a whisper; This feel so good; as pleasure radiated through me.

I felt the orgasm come on and run through my whole body, as I was moaning over and over. Kol let out a final moan and began to thrust more slowly, he was breathing heavy and put his forehead against mine, as he pulled himself out of me. He was still holding me and if he placed me on the ground I don’t think I could stand, my legs were shaking. The only sound in the room was our heavy breathing.

After one minute when we felt relaxed he put me down. Then we took our clothes of off the ground so we can dress up. When we did that we still couldn’t go anywhere from that room so we just sat on the floor. I sat next to him and he wraps his hands around my waist holding me tight, I put my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes enjoying this moment with him.

Then he kissed me with all the passion he has within, before pulling back and slowly touching my face as we looked at eachother, memorizing every little detail about it.

- I took my phone and looked at clock telling Kol; It’s almost time.

- Kol looks sadly at me and say; In that case you best kiss me before I go.

I smiled weakly before I kiss him softly:

Suddenly I couldn’t feel his lips against mine anymore and my eyes fill with tears when I realizes that he’s gone. Then I heard someone coming into the boiler room and I saw it was Elena, so I flashed in front of her, making her jump back when she sees me, then I told her through my teeth; This is the second time I lost him and it’s all because of you.

- What are you doing-; Before she finished question I told her; What I am doing here? Well your dead friend put invisible barrier so we can’t get out of the room until the veil is back up; “I informed her.”

- Dead? What did you two do to her? “Elena asked shocked and angry.”

I swung my arm and hit her so she falls to the ground; You didn’t even know she is dead and for the record we didn’t do anything, she did it to herself; then I hit her with my leg in the stomach as hard as I could.

Couple of second later she lifts herself of off the ground using vamp-speed and before I could hit her again Katherine appeared in front of me and said to Elena; Happy graduation, cupcake; then slams her head into the wall.

- I smiled, saying; Just in time.

Katherine smiles back at me and throws Elena out of the room.

- I heard Katherine saying; You have everything, and it’s not because you’re a good little girl who deserves happiness, it’s because you stole mine; she throws the locker door at Elena, who ducks and the door lodges into the other lockers.

- And mine happiness; “I spoke coming into the hallway where they were.”

- You killed my brother! “Elena growled at Katherine.”

- You got exactly what you deserve and so did Jeremy; I told her and push her at the fire emergency case - the glass in the door of it shatters as Elena slams against it.

Elena struggles on the floor as I walk over to a janitor’s mop propped against the wall and break off the wooden handle.

I stab the broken end of the stick into Elena’s throat. Elena gulps and struggles against it as I digs it deeper. Then Katherine thrusts her hand into Elena’s chest, grabbing hold of her heart.

- Bye-bye, little girl; Katherine purred squezzing her heart.

I see that Elena pulled something out of her pocket so, before she used it I grabbed it with vamp speed and showed it to Katherine and we saw that it’s a cure. While Katherine was distracted Elena broke her neck and she falled next to her.

Elena couldn’t talk because I was still holding stick deep in her throat, but she wanted to take the cure from me so I raised my hands in the air and crushed it while saying; Now no one is gonna have the cure, just like it was suppose to happen; I smiled in amusement, as I looked down at Elena.

Look on Elena’s face was very angry and she used her leg to kick mine, causing me to fall onto the ground. Then she pulls the stick out of her throat as I groan in anger and lift myself off of the ground.

- Now it’s just you and me; “Elena says and smiles at me.”

- I narrowed my eyes at her; Are you sure you have enough courage for that? I asked, adding; Without anyone around to save your ass?

- Do you? “Elena shot back.”

I laugh and roll my eyes, as I zoomed over towards her and push her against the lockers. Then I took the stick from the floor and stab it through her chest and through the lockers that were behind her, she groans in pain while I twisted the stick, saying; You are not a match for me.

- But I’m; I heard Damon’s voice behind me. He threw me across the room and pulled the stick of Elena chest, then vamp speed away with her.

 - You are both cowards; I yelled after them.

Then I walked out of the school and saw Klausin the distance. I walk towards him.

- What are you doing here? “I asked him confused, he was supposed to be in New Orleans.”

- Klaus turns around; Caroline called me; “he said.”

- Oh really? How do I know it’s really you? “I asked.”

- Who else would it be? “Klaus questioned.”

- Um, Silas; “I told him.”

- I’m not Silas; Klaus says, adding; Why would you even care if I was him?

- That’s exactly what he would say and I will tell you that when I’m sure it’s really you; I pulled out my phone; I’m gonna call you.

- Klaus lets out annoyed breath; Call me.

- Then his phone started ringing and I was sure it is real Klaus so I told him; I destroyed the cure.

- Klaus’ eyes widened; You did, when? “He asked.”

- Like 5 minutes ago; “I replied.”

- And what now? “Klaus asked.”

- What now? I questioned him confused; I destroyed Elena’s life. Mission completed.

- Now you’re coming to New Orleans with me; “Klaus demanded.”

- I laugh; Hahah, what? I‘m not going with you to New Orleans; “I informed him.”

- They will want to kill you; “Klaus spoke in a higher voice.”

- They won’t kill me. And I don’t even know if Rebekah and I will stay here much longer; “I told him.”

- Then you both are coming with me; “Klaus says and grabs my hand.”

- No, Klaus; I hissed, yanking my hand from his; We finally have a chance to be together, just the two of us. We’re not going to spend that chance in New Orleans; Klaus looked at me without saying anything so I continued; And if you don’t want them to try and kill me, the only thing you could do is to compel them to forget that I destroyed the cure.

- Why wouldn’t you ask Rebekah to do that? “Klaus asked.”

- If she finds out I had a cure in my hands and destroyed it, she is gonna hate me; “I told him.”

- Fine. I’ll compell them; “Klaus says.”

- I smile at him; Thanks; “I told him before I kissed his cheek and disappeared back home.”

When I came back there I saw that Rebekah still didn’t came home and her phone was still off. I sat in the living room for some time, then I hear that she opened front door.

When she looked into the living room she saw me and asked; Hey, did you spend nice time with Kol?

- Well I lost him once again, but at least we got to say a proper goodbye to each other; “I told her.”

- You’ll see him again, you have eternity after all; “Rebekah told me.”

- Yeah, so how did you spend the day and why the hell you missed the graduation? “I asked.”

- Ugh, don’t ask. It was much worse than yours; “Rebekah informed me and plopped onto the couch next to me.”

- So what happened? “I asked.”

- Rebekah singhs; My ex-boyfriend, Alexander showed up and tried to kill Matt.

- Is he okay? “I asked.”

- Yeah, he is; “Rebekah replied.”

- I took a sip of my wine, before saying; I called you to ask why you haven’t been at the graduation, but your phone was off;

- Well my phone has blown up when I vamp speed from the bomb I was standing at; “ Rebekah explained.”

- Oh my God. Are you okay? “I asked.”

- Yeah, I can’t be killed with that; “Rebekah said smiling.”

- That’s a good thing; “I told her, smiling back at her and added; I almost killed that bitch.

- Rebekah chuckles; What happened?

- What do you think? I asked, before continiund; Damon rescued her before I could do it.

- Like always; “Rebekah simply replied.”

- I roll my eyes; I’m going to get a shower now; “I said standing up from the couch.”

- Yeah. Me too; “Rebekah says.”


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‘Hamtaro Abridged - Episode 1 ‘ Starters

From the video of the same name, perfect for crack and not-so-crack threads.

  • Curtains are against my religion! 
  • Don’t eat those we just moved here!
  •  Alright time to go exploring! Let’s find some new friends! 
  • Hey, that guy looks desperate. 
  • Maybe if i shout from this tree!! *tree snaps* OH FUCK  
  • I lost my sunflower seed! it was my only friend…! 
  • Don’t worry I have low standards! 
  • Great lets kiss! ❞
  • Do you think i could get a colonoscopy as a tax right up!? 
  • Sometimes I lose things that are two feet in front of me.  
  • My weight is finally dragging me down into the earth! My mom always said this would happen! 
  • Oh oh oh! Hey kids, i’m a man who lives in a hole.  
  • Golly! a mole man! 
  • Hey, hey, hey! Kids it’s me, Drunk Boss. 
  • You know, back in the day I was a human. 
  • It’s not the time to be weird and creepy! ❞
  • Here, come into my bungalow! This is where I liiive! 
  • Golly it sure is small and empty. 
  • It’ll be a team effort….Yup…Leave it to me.  
  • Did you say Haaamsters? I know where we can find some hamsters. 
  • So that’s the girl you like huh mister? ❞
  • Yeah! I come here to watch her sleep. ❞
  • Great looks like i left another body in here. Get out of here body you’re ruining my first impressions!! 
  • Please don’t leave me with him. ❞
  • One time two lesbians took me into a dumpster and fed me a hamburger. 
  • Don’t go outside again or else mom’s gonna put you into a sock and throw you into the river! ❞
  • Hey there champ! You’re faster than a starting line coming out of a horse! ❞
  • I just woke up at the club house and boss was there and i DONT know what’s going on! ❞
  • Shut up scarf! 
  • You have no other characteristics besides that scarf so until further notice your name is scarf! 
  • Your name is a noun just like all the others. Hat, Fat, Book, Book2, Girl, Corpse, Pacman ghosts, and panda. ❞
  • Ooooh I just drank a whole bathtub of absence  ❞

lilypadd90-deactivated20160718  asked:

What if the 2ps played the Yandere Simulator? (Sorry if this was bothersome)

((how would this be bothersome omg the ask box is literally open for a reason? x’D ))

if the 2Ps played Yandere Simulater

2p!america: ‘the fuck? so i’m some psycho crazy bitch out to murder other bitches for this plain ass guy? ……… sweet, how do i play

2p!china: why can’t a real girl be yandere over me awwwwh

2p!england: i do this on a daily basis how is this not normal for other humans– *giggles* hehe… just kidding !!

2p!france: this is actually kinda fun what the fuck

2p!russia: this game is inhumane and grotesque, how do you like this

2p!italy: ….. *points to yandere-chan* me every day *winks at you*


2p!japan: well my reputation is up *stretches*  i suppose it’s time to confess to senpai now

2p!canada: wait what’s the menu button again *doesn’t know how to modern*

2p!romano: nuh-uh bitch *snaps fingers in z formation* get away from my senpai or else i’m gonna cut you up honey *murders NPC* see what did i tell you? mY HIPS DON’T LIE

2p!austria: i love this omg *gets addicted/ won’t stop playing*

2p!prussia: this is really weird………,, can we play some world of warcraft now

yesterday right as i was heading out the door for work i saw a cockroach on the wall near my desk. i was a little late, but i couldn’t stand the thought of knowingly leaving a roach living inside my apartment. like i’m its lame parent going away for the weekend. who knows what kind of depraved bug shit party it would throw? so i stayed behind and killed it with a book about screenwriting that i’ve had for four years and never read, but i use a lot to kill bugs. something about it, it’s very aerodynamic, just a good bug killing book, you know? it’s thick enough to put a good distance between you and the bug and flat enough that the bug can’t escape. anyways i killed it and it fell to the floor and i picked it up with a swiffer sweeper pad because i don’t have any paper towels, but man, do i sure have a lot of swiffer sweeper pads. it’s because i buy a pack, swiffer once, and then think, “well that’ll hold me over another ten months.”

so i picked it up with the swiffer sweeper (it’s not even a swiffer sweeper, it’s a generic store brand called like, “dry floor cloth”) and i was going to throw it in the trash, but i had this weird thought that somehow it would come back to life. like through divine bug intervention. like this roach is scurrying towards the light and then it hears its girlfriend’s voice calling it back and it’s like, “no, it’s not my time, i have to walk on more of this guy’s shit. it’s what my gf and apparently god want.” 

i decided to take the body with me and dump it in a random trashcan, really cover my tracks. i briefly considered just putting it in my own garbage and taking my trash out, really kill two bugs with one book about writing captivating screenplays, but i wasn’t about to turn this into a chore. so i threw the imitation dry floor cloth and bug body into a loose michaels plastic bag and walked out the door.

halfway down my block i came across an overflowing public trashcan. if i placed the bag on top it would just blow away. i wasn’t about to unleash this pandora’s bag of weird garbage onto the world. at this point though i was too far from my building to throw it in the dumpster. i kept walking to the subway, now realizing i was a man walking with an old plastic bag, once full of crafting supplies, now carrying a slightly used imitation dry floor cloth (i imagine i dusted at least part of the floor when i picked the bug up) and one dead cockroach. what if police had set up a bag check station in the subway and wanted to stop me? i never found out, i just threw the bag out in another trashcan a little closer to the station.


Paring: Serial Killer!Sam Winchester x Reader (Sorta)
Reader Gender: Either
Requested: No
Warning: Blood, stalking, kidnapping, killing
Word Count:1,214
A/N: Just something to get me out of my writing funk. 

He didn’t mean for it to happen the first time. He had underestimated his strength; though the alcohol in his system, and his own reckless actions didn’t help the situation either.

A skull cracks against the brick wall of the club after a well place punch. A body slumped against a dumpster limp and unmoving, eyes blank and staring back at him. It all caused him to throw up, the alcohol burning his throat for a second time that night.

He left the body and walked back home on shaky legs, hoping that nothing could be tied back to him.

The second time was nearly a coincidence.

A boy had pushed Sam too far, had insulted him one too many times. Sam was tired of being the victim, tired of being knocked around and not given the chance to get back up.

Sam doesn’t stop after the first punch; he doesn’t stop until the other boy under him stopped moving. Once Sam stood with his chest heaving and blood dripping from his knuckles, he survived what he had done to the other guy.

It was only a coincidence that’s he’d lost control again, that he wasn’t able to curb the adrenaline rush coursing through him. This time he couldn’t blame anything on alcohol.

Though strangely enough, he didn’t want to, he enjoyed the feeling on this guy’s blood painting his knuckles.  

By the fifth time Sam knew he had a problem.

He knows it’s not normal, not right to do what he does. Burying your opponents after a fight wasn’t normal, getting pleasure from watching the life leave someone’s eyes wasn’t normal; but he couldn’t help it. He couldn’t help but go looking for his next high in the form of brittle bones and blood spatter. He couldn’t help get off to the high of the adrenaline rushing through his veins.

He knows it’s a problem to feel the most alive when you’re taking someone’s life, or that he doesn’t feel any remorse after what he’s done.

He knows it’s a problem when he has to pack a bag every weekend and disappear into the darkness.

He knows it’s a problem when he’s seen five lives leave a person’s eyes and had to wash off five people’s blood from his hands.

By the tenth time it’s an addiction.

He sees the world in blacks, whites, and reds; in bones so easily broken, in dim eyes right after the light leaves them, and in the blood that flows so beautifully from the wounds he creates. He doesn’t see a person, only their easily broken bodies. He sees his art.

He sees the beauty in how easy a body breaks, in the bruises that blossom under his fingers, in the drops of blood that roll into pools around his feet. Boys and girls, older and younger; it doesn’t matter. They’re all the same on the inside. But it’s his job to make them each uniquely beautiful.

To their families, they’re a living, breathing person; but to Sam, they’re his art and he’s the artist painting his masterpieces. And he can’t get enough of it.

After the fifteenth time the cops are suspecting him.

They know that, despite they’re differences they were all killed by the same person; and part of him is happy that the cops are starting to catch up. They’re finally starting to notice his work, to admire his art.

But it’s always going to be just a game, and Sam is always going to be three steps ahead. He’s gone way before they find the bodies and he’s growing form it’ he’s growing in his art, his craft, his skill. He’s growing in his madness.

He doesn’t notice you until after his twentieth kill.

You weren’t ever aware of crossing paths with Sam; maybe it was after a late night at work, or early morning on your way to grab a cup of coffee. But Sam remembers seeing you and now he can’t seem to take his eyes off of you. He thought you was breathtakingly beautiful.

He remembers the way the sun hit your face and seemed to create a halo around you, the way your eyes seemed to sparkle when you crossed paths with someone you knew, how you seemed to put a skip in your step when you were in a particularly good mood, and how he knew which sweatshirt was your favorite because you wore it multiple times a week.

He could recall a lot of things about your everyday adventures because he was always watching. But he couldn’t help it. You were the perfect canvas for his next masterpiece.  

You never noticed the man with the hazel eyes who seemed to stare for too long, or how he hovered in the background of your everyday life. If you had you might’ve said, he resembled a hunter stalking his pray. But to Sam he was simply an artist planning his next masterpiece.

He watched you, more than he had the others.

He watched you from across the street of your house as you got ready for bed. He watched you from the corner of your favorite coffee shop as you enjoyed your Sunday morning latte. He watched you like he had the others, but during his watching he discovered quite a bit.

He discovered how beautifully your name rolled off his tongue. He discovered that your birthday wasn’t too far from his, he discovered your schedule, he discovered everything there was to know about you. And now it was time to use what he had discovered and find you.  

He calls your phone but never says anything, instead listening to your repeated ‘Hello?’ before hanging up; all while thinking how beautiful your voice was and what it would sound like begging before him. It almost makes him wonder what your laugh would sound like mixed with his.

He comes in the middle of the night. He covers your mouth before you can scream, but that doesn’t stop you from kicking out and trying to bite at the hand over your mouth. Like all the others before you, you go kicking and screaming. But he can’t say he doesn’t enjoy the feel of you squirming against him.

He can tell you’re scared, but it only makes him grin.

He watches you break down in the backseat of ‘his’ car, listens to you sob; but he feels no remorse. But he can’t help but think about your laugh and compare it now to the whimpers falling past your lips. It makes something turn in his stomach; he doesn’t like the feeling at all. He tries to push it down by thinking about what he’s going to do to make you his greatest masterpiece yet. But part of him couldn’t help but realize you’re a masterpiece on your own.

“What do you want?” You ask, it’s a stupid, cliché question, but it’s the only think that you’re concerned about; what he was planning to do to you.

Sam steps closer to you and placed his large hands over the ropes bringing your wrists, he doesn’t say anything just shows this twisted grin. He stays that way for a moment before he speaks, his voice low;

“I think I’m going to keep you.”  

It’s the bad kind of ‘crack.’ Dex knows the screen is shattered even before he picks his phone up off the tile. He turns the phone over and sees the cracks that spiderweb across the front. “Shit. Shitdamn. Fuck.”

“What’s wrong?” Nursey turns on the desk light. It’s after 4:30 and the room is starting to get dark.

“Broke my fucking phone. Fuck my life. Fuck everything.”

“Dude, chill. That’s super cheap to fix.”

Dex fantasizes about killing him. That’s super cheap to fix. He could stab Derek Nurse with a hockey skate and then throw his body in the dumpster outside Faber. No one would ever know.

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Unwanted House Guest - Part 8: Lost At Lunch

The City of Inkopolis, Booyah Base…

“…a beautiful urban hotspot with marvelous sights, attractions, restaurants, shopping, and almost anything a Squid Kid could ask for.  It’s also home to one of the most famous landmarks known to Inkling-kind: Inkopolis Tower.  Here, the legendary Great Zap Fish rests, providing much needed electricity to the city’s citizens.  It’s thanks to the power He generates that Inklings are able to enjoy their favorite past time: Turf Wars. Without that power, the spawn pads required for Turf Wars wouldn’t function, and put players at significant risk.  But with it, Inkopolis is host to numerous arenas used for-”

“Oh my COD, Nicky!  I can read the damn sign!”

Arnick looked over to Tetrox who was glaring at him.  They were standing in front of a “Landmarks of Inkopolis” sign that had some fun facts written underneath it; sponsored by the Inkopolis Tourism Board.  They had just crossed to the other side of the train station and were just about to enter the main plaza of Booyah Base.  Arnick blushed a little out of embarrassment.  He had been reading the sign aloud and hadn’t even realized it.

“Er… sorry about that… umm… bad habit.”

Tetrox sighed and stood up, “So where to first, Nicky?  There’s a whole mess of shops out there.”  At that moment, Arnick’s stomach let out an embarrassingly loud gurgle. In all the commotion from this morning, it was only now that he realized that he forgot to eat breakfast and hadn’t eaten anything all day.  “Well guess that settles that!” Tetrox smiled.

Arnick was a little embarrassed, but Tetrox did have a point, “Yeah… good idea.”  Arnick found a nearby map that showed different districts and shopping areas in Booyah Base attached to a wall in the train station.  “Looks like we want to go this way to get to where some good restaurants are,” he pointed, “Shall we?”

Tetrox smiled, “Just lead the way, sugar!  I’ll be right behind yah!”

The two left the station and entered the plaza.  Numerous Inklings of all ages and Jellyfish were milling about doing their daily shopping and hanging out.  Music could be heard playing through speakers as they walked along the streets. Tetrox had her arms casually behind her head as Arnick walked ahead in his usual, stiff, formal manner.  Tetrox eyed him over from behind.  She noticed that with the way he walked, he almost looked like he’d be ready to defend himself at an instant’s notice if anyone tried attacking him.  She also noticed that his posterior was looking fairly good as well.  She shook her head a little to get the thoughts out of her mind after that last one lingered for a bit too long.  And had she not been so focused on that, she might have noticed some of the looks she got when passing by a couple Inklings.

The two had came to a small corner on the street.  To their right was an alley that connected the street to another.  Dumpsters lined the sides of it as the back entrances of many of the restaurants up ahead were located down the narrow venue. Ahead, the street opened up up into a small plaza with a lot of restaurants and eateries with outdoor seating.  Many of the stores looked like they were preparing to be extremely busy as the lunch hour approached.  “Alright!  Here we are!  Best place to find just about anything you could want to eat at Booyah Base.  Let’s see… we can go to Owens Pupfish Pub… there’s the Hard Rockling Cafe… Skipjack’s Last Resort… or maybe-”

Down the alley, the first door on the left burst outward and slammed into the brick wall.





A sudden blue blur had rocketed out of the doorway and crashed right into the dumpster on the other side of the alley.  From the dumpster, a young adult Inkling man with sky blue tentacles, wearing retro specs and a navy collegiate sweatshirt rose up looking severely beaten and bruised.¹ His glasses were crooked with at least one black and blue eye, and other blue welts all over him.  He looked like he had just been in a nasty brawl and had birds circling around his head.

From the doorway, out stepped a young adult Inkling woman who was smiling a very sweet smile.  She had blue tentacles and was wearing a traditional Japanese-style Apron and sandals.  Her tentacles were tied back into a ponytail that went down to her waist.²  With a smile and sound of pure innocence, she spoke.

“Thank you very much for visiting us today.  We appreciate your patronage as a valued customer…” and still sounding just as innocent, without skipping a single beat, “…but it is against restaurant policy to allow patrons to grope a waitress’ butt.”

Arnick and Tetrox just looked down the alley at the scene unfolding before them.

The sky blue inkling with the glasses smiled back with as seductive a smile as possible at her despite looking like he had been beaten to a pulp.  “Okay, okay, I admit it.  I moved a bit too fast there, baby.  My bad.  But don’t you think throwing me out in the trash is a bit much?”

Still with her innocent smile, the waitress shot back, “Oh, I’m sorry.  But I was under the impression that trash belongs in the trash bin.  I was just taking it where it needed to go.”


” the sky blue inkling shot back, “You really hurt my feelings there,” and then added under his breath, “

and a few other body parts.

”  Putting on a big smile, he leaned his arm on the rim of the dumpster and tried to look as suave as an Inkling in a dumpster could look. “Perhaps you can make it up to me over dinner, may-” The sky blue inkling ducked as a plate zoomed right over his head and smashed against the dumpster lid resting against the wall.  The shattered ceramic fell right into the dumpster.  The waitress’ hand was outstretched and appeared to have smoke coming off of  it.  Still, her innocent smile remained completely undisturbed.

“My apologies… but if another word comes out of that swill hole you call a mouth, then the next one won’t miss!”

The sky blue Inkling poked his head over the edge of the dumpster, “Aww come on, sweet heart.  You don’t really mean tha-”


The sky blue inkling moved just fast enough to avoid the large cooking knife that was now stuck in the lid of the dumpster he was in.  “HEY!  That wasn’t a plate!”

Eyes closed and looking completely sweet, submissive, and innocent, the waitress casually flipped another cooking knife in her hand as easily as if she was flipping a pen.  “Did I say that the next one was going to be a plate?”  Her brow then narrowed, her pupils dilated, and Arnick could swear that her tentacles began floating behind her as if they were being lifted by some mysterious power.  “I suggest you leave now before you waste any more of my time.  I do have other customers that I must attend to.”  With the other hand that wasn’t holding the knife, she tossed something towards the customer which he caught.  It was his wallet.  Her sweet smile returned with as polite a look as possible, “But thank you very much for your kind and generous 60% tip.  It is greatly appreciated.”

SIXTY PERCENT?!”  The Sky blue inkling looked in his wallet and as he feared, there was quite a bit of cash missing from it.  “Oh come on, baby!  You can’t do this to me!  This is robbery!”

She relaxed and raised her arm to lean against the door frame, “Alright, if that’s what you want, then I can give you your money back.  However, in that case, I’ll also call the cops and tell them how you felt me up in a highly inappropriate manner and ensure that you get hauled away for sure.”

The sky blue Inkling clearly did not know when to give up.  Normally, persistence and determination are virtues to be admired, but there’s also such a thing as being a completely clueless loser.  The sky blue Inkling spoke back, “You wouldn’t do that to a nice guy like me, would yah?  I mean it’s not like you could prove it,” his smile then vanished into a slight frown, “Uhh… could yah?”

“Once again, my apologies, but our restaurant is under constant 24 hour surveillance so that all security issues can be addressed and reported immediately.”  It was quite clear that this waitress had this guy by the Ink Sack and was not about to let go.  “Now, I really must get back to work, so please do come back again sometime!  Make sure to bring lots of friends and money!”

“Bu-” the waitress didn’t even give him a chance to finish the word he was saying as she cocked her arm back with a knife ready in throwing position.

“Five… Four…”

The sky blue Inkling knew it was time to vamoose, and scurried out of the dumpster and sped his way down the alley to where Arnick and Tetrox were standing.  The two easily got a whiff of the garbage that was still stuck to his clothing as he ran past.  Tetrox could also swear that he winked at her too.  He was quite obviously creep material.

The waitress back at the door sighed, “Oh well.  Back to work.”  She slammed the door so hard that the shockwave caused the lid of the dumpster to fall down.  On top of it, it had the words “Paradise Reef” written on it.

Arnick was still somewhat dumbfounded by the scene that played out in front of him.  Tetrox meanwhile, had a smile on her face, “That settles it then, sugar.  We’re eating here!”

Arnick practically did a double take, “Wait, we're what?!”  He didn’t even have a chance to finish that sentence before Tetrox began heading toward to the other side of the building where the entrance to Paradise Reef was.  Arnick ran after her, but couldn’t reach her in time before she made it to the entrance.

Tetrox was already at the podium waiting for someone to seat them when Arnick arrived.  Arnick was ready to give Tetrox a good scolding, “Tetrox, don’t run off like tha-” he stopped short as he saw who it was that was going to be seating them.  His face went pale while Tetrox’s face beamed.

It was the same waitress from the alley.

“Hello!  Welcome to Paradise Reef! Table for two?”

“Yup!” Tetrox responded enthusiastically.  Arnick just solemnly nodded his head.  He didn’t want to know what would happen if he said “no”.

The waitress looked at Tetrox again, “Oh!  Are you an Octoling?”

Tetrox grinned and raised a hand behind her head as if she was being bashful.  “Sure am!  Hope yah don’t mind.”  Arnick’s eyes nearly fell out of his head.  Was Tetrox actually being polite to someone?!

The waitress shook her head, “Not at all!  Come right this way and I’ll get you two seated.”  With the waitress leading the way, the two walked inside.  The restaurant’s interior was decorated with lots of Japanese artifacts and even had a large painting of the Great Zapfish hanging against one of the walls. A bar was located on the opposite side with a door behind it that clearly led to the kitchen.  There weren’t many customers in yet since the lunch rush hadn’t quite kicked into gear.

The waitress led them to a booth, sat them down, and gave each of them a menu.  “Thank you very much for coming to Paradise Reef today.  My name is Indigo and I’ll be your waitress today.  Can I start either of you out with anything to drink?”

Tetrox smiled happily to the waitress, “I’ll have a water, but sweetie, I just wanna say that I was impressed with how you handled that one guy back in that there alley!”

Indigo seemed a bit surprised but was still smiling her sweet smile, “Oh!  I’m sorry you had to see that.”

Tetrox shook her head, “You kidding? That was amazing!  The way you had him in your tentacles like that was something else!”

“Why thank you!” Indigo replied cheerfully, “It wasn’t anything special really.  A girl’s just got to be able to take care of herself after all.”  The two chuckled as if they had been friends for years while Arnick just looked on with complete disbelief.  If Indigo was anything like the friends Tetrox normally had back in Octo Valley, then he prayed that he never meets them.  Suddenly, he felt a cold sensation snap down his back and he saw the waitress looking at him and smiling.  He wasn’t sure if she was judging him because of what had just happened in the alley, or if she had a thing against men in general.  She might not have been judging him at all, but Arnick couldn’t tell.  “And for you, sir?”

“Uh… I… I’ll have some tea please,” Arnick stammered back.

“Thank you.  I’ll be back with your drinks in just a minute.”

Arnick could feel shivers up and down his body as Indigo left.  The aura around that Inkling terrified him, but for Tetrox, it was as if it gave her strength.  Arnick relaxed a little and took a look at the menu.  In all the excitement, he never even got a chance to see what kind of restaurant they were in.  But going over the menu, it was clear that this was a sushi restaurant.

And a sushi restaurant that was not afraid of taboo either.  Mostly because it had an entire section of sushi that was labeled as “Taboo”.

Given that Inklings and Octarians evolved from Squid and Octopuses respectively, and given how many other Inkopolis citizens evolved from other sea creatures… seeing those biological ancestors listed as options on the menu was quite chilling.  But barbaric as others may see it, there were those who saw nothing wrong since it wasn’t as if they were eating other sentient people.  Arnick recalled back in his history books that covered ancient human cultures that some humans once ate monkey brains as a delicacy.  One thing was for certain though: this restaurant had guts to serve these options on the menu.

“Wow!  I didn’t know you Inkling folk liked this stuff too!” Tetrox exclaimed.  She seemed to have a small drop of drool running down the side of her mouth.  The options apparently appeared very appetizing to her.  Arnick, meanwhile, decided that he’d play it safe and went with some of the less controversial selections, deciding that he would get the crunchy tuna roll which looked appealing.

Indigo soon came back with their drinks.  She set down two glasses of water and also a small teapot filled with hot tea.  Next to both Arnick and Tetrox, she placed small Japanese-style tea cups for each of them.  “There we go.  Are you ready to order or do you need more time?”

Arnick looked over at Tetrox since he knew what he was going to get, but wasn’t so sure about her. However, the next thing that came out of her mouth made his skin white as a ghost’s.

“Do y'all have any Ika Geso Nigiri today?  Says here it’s a seasonal thing only.”  Arnick wanted to say something about that, but decided against it.  Especially after he heard what Indigo had to say next.

“As a matter of fact we do!”  This made Arnick go even paler.

“Great!  I’ll have an order of that, and also an order of the Ebi Tempura Maki.”

Arnick was knocked out of his stupor when Indigo turned to him, “And for you, sir?”

“Ehhhhh…” Arnick was really starting to feel weirded out by not only Tetrox, but by Indigo too. “I…I’ll have the crunchy tuna roll and a side of edamame.

Indigo took their orders down on a pad of paper, “Alright.  I’ll go get your orders in right away!” Indigo took their menus and was about to turn to head to the kitchen when Tetrox suddenly stopped her.

“Oh!  Almost forgot!  Can you put in an order of Takoyaki as well?  Just a small one for my pal here.”

Indigo nodded and wrote it down on the pad of paper, “You got it!  It’ll be out in a few minutes.”

Once Indigo was gone, Arnick gave Tetrox a morbid look.  “Squid Tentacle Sushi?!

“It was on the menu, sugar,” Tetrox said as a matter of fact, “Ain’t like I asked her if she had something that weren’t on it.”

She had a point, but still, “Do Octarians eat squid on a regular basis?” Arnick asked.

“Nah, but I saw that you had this here ‘taboo’ thing on the menu, and figured ‘what the hey’, y'know?” Tetrox shrugged, “But I guess y'all Inklings got some kinda hang up when it comes to this sort of thing, huh?”

Arnick tried not to look at Tetrox directly, “Kind of…”

Tetrox just smiled back, “Well, down in Octo Valley, you eat what you can get, y'know?  Got a great big ol’ ocean out there with lots of perfectly good eats in it.  Can’t be too choosy about what food yer gonna eat when yah only got so many options.  I mean, we ain’t eating anything different than our ancestors did a long, long time ago.”  Arnick hated to admit that Tetrox did have a point.  Squid and Octopus from ancient times and present day were and are both omnivores.

Arnick added in, “True, but it’s still weird eating something that could share a genetic relationship to your next door neighbor.”

Tetrox shrugged, “Guess y'all Inklings are a bit too pampered then.  Y'all gotta get back to your roots sometime.  I tell yah, you don’t know what yer missing.”

Despite the sheer morbidity of this lunchtime conversation topic, Arnick did find it rather interesting. He hadn’t thought about it much before, but the diets of Inklings and Octarians could be far more different than he realized.  It could lead to some very interesting intellectual discussion sometime.  Then Arnick remembered,  “Oh!  That takoyaki you ordered.  What is that?”  Arnick hadn’t read the description of it on the menu before Indigo took it away.

Tetrox just grinned back, “Oh… just a lil' surprise for yah, honey.  I think you might like it!”

Arnick raised an eyebrow, but wasn’t going to argue.  He reached over the tea pot and began to pour some hot tea for them both, filling Tetrox’s cup before pouring his. After he poured, he picked up the tea cup with both hands and took a sip.  Tetrox, meanwhile, was resting her elbow on the booth’s table and rested her head in the palm of her hand.  She was looking rather intensely at Arnick.  She then asked,

“Hey Nicky?  Do you think I’m pretty?”

To Be Continued…

Written by


Some Squid Named Steve

Art by Oranguin

¹ Bo belongs to Butter Sheeps / Wasabi Beats

²Indigo belongs to Freddy Fio / Splattoomy

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Tammy’s comments: WELL WHAT A WAY TO END THIS *patently starts waiting for the next part*

An all-night barbeque. A dance on the courthouse lawn.
              The radio aches a little tune that tells the story of what the night
is thinking. It’s thinking of love.
                                                            It’s thinking of stabbing us to death
and leaving our bodies in a dumpster.
     That’s a nice touch, stains in the night, whiskey and kisses for everyone.

Tonight, by the freeway, a man eating fruit pie with a buckknife
          carves the likeness of his lover’s face into the motel wall. I like him
and I want to be like him, my hands no longer an afterthought.

Someone once told me that explaining is an admission of failure.
          I’m sure you remember, I was on the phone with you, sweetheart.

History repeats itself. Somebody says this.
          History throws its shadow over the beginning, over the desktop,
over the sock drawer with its socks, its hidden letters.
                                                         History is a little man in a brown suit
         trying to define a room he is outside of.
I know history. There are many names in history
                                                                               but none of them are ours.

He had green eyes,
                                       so I wanted to sleep with him—
       green eyes flecked with yellow, dried leaves on the surface of a pool-
You could drown in those eyes, I said.
                                                                                         The fact of his pulse,
the way he pulled his body in, out of shyness or shame or a desire
       not to disturb the air around him.
Everyone could see the way his muscles worked,
                                           the way we look like animals,
                                                             his skin barely keeping him inside.
               I wanted to take him home
and rough him up and get my hands inside him, drive my body into his
       like a crash test car.
                                                I wanted to be wanted and he was
very beautiful, kissed with his eyes closed, and only felt good while moving.
       You could drown in those eyes, I said,
                                                                     so it’s summer, so it’s suicide,
so we’re helpless in sleep and struggling at the bottom of the pool.

It wasn’t until we were well past the middle of it
       that we realized
the old dull pain, whose stitched wrists and clammy fingers,
                                                                      far from being subverted,
had only slipped underneath us, freshly scrubbed.
                                   Mirrors and shop windows returned our faces to us,
               replete with the tight lips and the eyes that remained eyes
                                                                and not the doorways we had hoped for.
His wounds healed, the skin a bit thicker than before,
      scars like train tracks on his arms and on his body underneath his shirt.

We still groped for each other on the backstairs or in parked cars
                                                                           as the roads around us
grew glossy with ice and our breath softened the view through a glass
                  already laced with frost,
but more frequently I was finding myself sleepless, and he was running out
                                                                                               of lullabies.
But damn if there isn’t anything sexier
                                               than a slender boy with a handgun,
                                                                         a fast car, a bottle of pills.

What would you like? I’d like my money’s worth.
                                      Try explaining a life bundled with episodes of this—
       swallowing mud, swallowing glass, the smell of blood
on the first four knuckles.
                                                   We pull our boots on with both hands
but we can’t punch ourselves awake and all I can do
                  is stand on the curb and say Sorry
                                       about the blood in your mouth. I wish it was mine.

I couldn’t get the boy to kill me, but I wore his jacket for the longest time.

—  Little Beast by Richard Siken

Pairing: Steve x Reader 

Prompt: X

Genre: comfort, friendship

One good thing about communal showers was that you had plenty of room to slip and slide around it. Although Stark hadn’t had the decency to provide everyone at the training facility with individual showers, he at least made them large enough to have some fun in.

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