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Day One Hundred and Seventeen

-It is no secret that I am no morning person. Thankfully, back-to-back opening shifts have been saved by the benevolence of our baristas and their offerings of free samples. From unicorn drinks to cinnamon roll frappuccino, I am experiencing an ethereal energy that will get keep me going until the day I die, a date I am not yet willing to divulge.

-On this, the twentieth day of April, I do not know what to expect from my guests. Nevertheless, I have high hopes. 

-A woman demanded I tell her whether or not a Kohl’s will be opening nearby and, if not, that I do something about it. I chose to do neither, as it would be a gross misuse of the powers I am given as a part-time cashier.

-I was informed by an older woman that she was doing me a favor by asking me to throw away her receipt for her, as otherwise, she would have no choice but to throw it on the floor in front of me and leave. This is nothing if not fair and reasonable. I wordlessly threw away her receipt and watched as she walked away, open, empty purse in hand.

-A mother allowed her six year-old son to pick up the items the stranger behind them was waiting to purchase, throw them around, bang them against the counter, and, ultimately, place them in his mouth. The mother said nothing, not seeing a problem. The woman behind said nothing, not seeing what was happening. I said nothing, seeing everything.

-As my shift drew to a close in the early afternoon, a confused man came through my lane. When it came time to pay, he slapped his phone against the card reader repeatedly, despite being told that we did not support Apple pay. I have gotten just a taste of the crowd that today has been made for. I only wish that I had been able to stay longer.

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What is an Iwaizumi Hajime?

He is an actual angel!

@amalasdraws agrees and illustrated this perfectly for me with this drawing of hers, thank you!!! <3

After Party | NSFW

Summary: After Tom’s win at the award show, you decide to surprise him with some fun in the hotel room.

Characters: Reader x Tom Holland

Warnings: Smut, cursing, NSFW

Word Count: 1,544

A/N: NSFW! Only read if you’re 18+! This is my first time writing something like this, so be nice. I’m also not experienced at all, so please no hard critics or anything. I am terrified to post this in the first place. Just no negative words, please.

You were excited for your boyfriend, Tom, who just won the BAFTA Rising Star award. You recalled the long days of just sitting at a computer for a few hours to vote for him over and over. He wanted this award so badly. You couldn’t help but smile as he accepted his award on stage. You looked over to your right and saw his mom beaming with joy as she admired her son from afar.

You knew that at the end of the night there was going to be a lot of press interviews and the after party. However, after parties weren’t your thing and you knew that Tom’s mom and Harrison would be there to watch out for him as he would drink the night away. When Tom was done with the press interviews, he returned to his seat next to you with his award. You immediately kissed him on his lips and congratulated him on his win. He passed the award to you and you looked at it with his name freshly engraved at the bottom.

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So I got to a certain chapter in Blue Sky….

I Will Take Care Of You

Summary: Like I say ti @amrita31199 this is one where Steve gets a massage and his dick sucked. 

Words: 2647

Paring: Steve x Reader

Warnings: smut (oral and penetrative sex) and loats of fuffly

You wake up alone in bed, again it’s the third time this has happened this week.

Steve came back from a mission a few days ago, he was tired and needed a rest but nobody was allowing him to do so. Between mission reports to fill in, training and meetings he didn’t have much time for himself.

You hated that he didn’t take this time to process things, that his idea of self-care was to run a marathon and destroy punching bags. You hated that he barely slept or ate in this last few days because he doesn’t consider it a priority. You just want him to be happy.

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Close to You (Smut)


Request: Do a smut please with shawn please. idc what its about

Word Count: 1,816

Close to You

I was sitting on the edge of the white - rather large -  hotel bed, staring out the room. Somehow, this hotel room seemed bigger than the others, or maybe I was just missing home more than normally today. Little peeks of water drops ran down the window beside me, but I couldn’t hear the rain outside.

Suddenly, Shawn’s cold fingers caressed my cheek. He let his arms slide around my waist, hugging me from behind, as he dropped down on the bed as well.

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MONSTA X - you sit in their lap and grind on them because they won't pay attention to you.

Request:  Can you do a monsta x reaction to you sitting in their lap and grinding on them because they won’t pay attention to you

Shownu: At first, he would be surprised at your action. “What are you doing?” He asked as you sat on his lap. “Oh, nothing, you can keep watching this stupid movie, don’t mind me here.” You said innocently before starting grinding on his lap. He groaned in surprise. But of course, he liked that and put his hands on your waist to help you with the movements. “You know… I didn’t even want to see this movie.”

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Wonho: He was sitting on the couch, watching TV and eating some candy. You tried to talk to him, but he didn’t pay much attention to you. You sat on his lap and he looked at you. “What?” He asked. “Will you pay attention to me?” “I’m watching T… Oh my god!” He said when you started grinding on him. “Why are you like this?” He asked, putting his hands on your waist. “Like what?” “So fucking hot.”

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Minhyuk: He was on his phone, watching some videos and wasn’t giving you any attention. And that, of course, made you angry. But you knew how to solve it. You sat on his lap and he looked at you. "What are you watching there?” You asked, smiling innocently. “Nothing.” “Oh, let me see, please.” You said and grind against him. “Why are you doing this? Fuck.” He took a deep breath. “Because you’re not paying attention to me.” “Do you want attention?” “Yes!” “Okay, I’ll give you attention.” He said and kissed you, grabbing your ass.

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Kihyun: You should be watching a movie, but he was very entertained on the phone to pay attention to you or the movie. “Babyyy…” you said, approaching him. He didn’t answer, he continued looking at the phone screen. You sit on his lap and grind, he immediately let out a long moan. “Woah… Where this come from?” “I want attention.” You said, grinding even more. “Oh, yes, you will have attention now.” He squeezed your ass and pulled you closer to him.

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Hyungwon: "Babe… Come on.“ You said, nudging him. He was playing videogame and didn’t give you any attention since you got there. You snorted and left the room, waiting for him to come after you, but he didn’t. You went back to the bedroom and sat on his lap. "Baby!” You said again, grinding into his lap. He bit his lip and looked at you. “Is my baby in needy?” “Yes! And you’re not paying attention to me.” You pouted, he laughed and kissed you.

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Jooheon: He invited you to spend the night at his house. But instead of being with you, he was too busy reading a book. You had already tried to talk to him, but he told you to wait for him to finish. You were already out of patience, so you jumped on his lap and grind on him slowly. He rolled his eyes and bit his lip, throwing the book on the floor. “You’re going to kill me sometime.” He said and laughed. “That’s not the intention, I just want attention.” “I know, I know. I’m sorry.” He kissed you.

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Changkyun: He was playing some stupid game on his phone. You sat on his lap and grind against him. “Oh, fuck.” He said and dropped the phone. He put both hands on your waist and pressed you against him. You got up and walked away from him. “What the fuck?” He asked. “No. You were not paying attention to me.” “Let’s go into the bedroom and I’ll give you all the attention you deserve.” He said with a smirk.

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Jealousy (Draco Malfoy Smut)

In which Draco is jealous of your friendship with Cedric

Requested by @pansexualpamandabear

Warnings: LOTS OF SMUT

I smiled as I felt his hand in mine.It was always Cedric that was there to comfort me when I was down, now was one of these times. I had been with him for my whole life, he’d practically been there from the start. The both of us were best friends, we always had been. Out of all the people at Hogwarts we’d always been the closet. Yet the reason I never quite knew but I was glad it was the way that it was. I squeezed his hand a little tighter looking up at him.

“Thank you for staying for Christmas break with me.” I said smiling a little larger.

“No problem, anything for you.” He said smiling back as we continued walking down the main hall of Hogwarts. I blushed as we continued walking the both of us stopped once we were outside of the Slytherin common room. “Well sleep tight.” He said to me.

“You too.” I said as I let go of my hand. “I’ll see you in the morning.” He nodded before turning around and walking away. I watched him for a second smiling knowing that already I couldn’t wait to see him in the morning. I sighed turning around myself and entering the common room. As I went over to the girls dormitory I smiled to myself as I saw a familiar face lying on my bed.

“Draco?” I asked stopping in my tracks and looking at him. “What are you doing here?” I asked. “Aren’t you supposed to be with your parents.” He shrugged.

“Well I was, but I decided to pay you a visit since I thought you were alone.” He said I sighed looking at him as he got up walking towards me. “I didn’t realize you were with your little boyfriend.” He said. I shook my head looking down at my shoes. Was he really jealous about this?

“Draco, Cedric is not my little boyfriend for your information.” I growled at him.

“That’s not what it appeared to be.” He said placing his hand under my chin and lifting my head so I could look him in the eye.

“We are friends.” I clarified rolling my eyes. Draco backed me into a wall as he walked towards me. He slammed his arms on each side of the wall next to me catching me off guard.

“So are we but you don’t go around holding my hand and sucking up to me do you?” He asked.

“Dra-” Before I could finish off my sentence Draco smashed his lips into mine. He pulled away looking at me. “You don’t see me going around letting him kiss me do you?” I asked. Once again Draco crashed his lips into mine this time letting his hands drop from the wall and lightly wrap around my waist.

“Shut up.” He whispered in my ear as he grabbed my arm leading me back over to my bed. I smiled as he lightly pushed me down onto it before crawling on top of me. I smirked letting him kiss me once again. I didn’t know how much I had wanted Draco more than a friend till now.

“I’m going to teach you who’s you are.” He said to me before he started to kiss my neck biting and nibbling lightly. I held back a small moan as he worked his way down to my chest feverishly unbuttoning my white button up shirt. “Lift up.” Draco demanded. I did as told and lifted up my arms, Draco pulled both my shirt and my bra off of me before throwing them and going back to working on me this time going even lower down to my breast. He looked up at me smirking as he licked my nipple.

I felt myself dripping in my pants. Draco bit down on my nipple lightly before he began to massage my other breast with his other hand.I moaned softly no longer being able to hold myself back, he was too good. “You like that don’t ya’”? He asked I nodded as he picked up pace now sucking. Draco lifted his head and hands away from my body. I whimpered from the loss of his touch.

Draco chuckled as he placed his hands on my hips pulling my skirt down to my ankles. He stroked my heat through my underwear. I watched as he licked his lips. “You’re so wet.” He said with a smirk as he pulled my underwear off of me throwing them to the floor. Draco brought his hand to my pussy and rubbed my clit lightly. I moaned softly.

“Malfoy, stop teasing.” I demanded through moans. Draco picked up pace as the smirk on his face grew.

“You know Y/N, I don’t understand why you being so quiet, no one’s even around to hear you.” He said as I felt two of his fingers enter me. I couldn’t keep quiet any longer. I moaned loudly as he kept a pace pounding into me harder and harder each time. I continued to moan louder each time. Draco laughed pulling his finger out of me and unbuttoning his shirt and throwing it aside. Draco grabbed my knees pulling them apart before dipping his head down in between my legs licking my heat. I cried out, he felt so good. He kitten licked my clit nearly sending me over the edge.

“Draco! Don’t stop I’m about to come!” I screamed out. As soon as I had finished my sentence Draco lifted his head from in between my knees looking me straight in the eyes as he wiped his mouth.

“I couldn’t let you have all the fun.” He said smirking, I groaned watching Draco as he took off his pants and boxers. Draco climbed back on top of me placing his hands on each of my shoulders as he lined himself up with my entrance. Without warning, he slammed into me pumping himself in and out of me repeatedly. I screamed in pleasure as he continued. “Fuck Y/N.” Draco murmured in my ear only turning me on more.

“Draco, I’m gonna-

“Me too.” He said right before I climaxed with him. I smiled as Draco collapsed next to me.

“That was good.” I said giggling.

“I bet Cedric couldn’t do that.” Draco said looking over at me.

“Oh shut up.” I said rolling my eyes. It was a few seconds of silence before I felt a hand slip into mine.

diner girl | jughead x reader

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a/n: this is a different type of piece so i hope you guys enjoy this! requests are open! 💋

“order up”

i blow a strand of hair out of my face as i pick up the next order waiting to the table at the back accomodating to a local couple, they were older but always order the same thing, two coffees and onion rings.

“here you go” i smile brightly placing the order out onto the table “if you need anything else’s just let me know” i smile picking up the empty coffee pot and wondering back to over to the counter

“louis and amelia in again?” hermione asks and i nod brushing the crumbs off my yellow waitressing uniform and adjust my name badge “yeah, i hope I’ll be like them when im older”

i sigh leaning against the counter earning a playful smack on my butt from the lodge woman “you’ll find someone your young gorgeous smart-” she emphasis the smart placing her hands under my chin “and a waitress you forgot to add a waitress” i tell her sarcasm laced in my words

the bell dings indicating more customers, i smile recognising them instantly; they were in my year at school one being Hermione’s daughter Veronica lodge the newest member, Betty Cooper the blonde cheerleader, Archie Andrews the red headed sports jock and musician and finally Jughead Jones

“now there’s an eligible bachelor” hermione smirks as the brunette boy smiles at me before slipping into the booth with his friends.

i blush a strand of hair falling in my face, the older ladies eyes widen at my response “let me go work some magic-” she smirks

“no H please please don’t embarrass me” i complain trying keep her from going over to the group

she grabs my cheeks in her hands and i dart my eyes to see if the group is looking and sure enough jughead is, he chuckles as we make eye contact and i furrow my brows in embarrassment.

i let her walk away as i wait another table trying to keep myself busy and i imagine hermione is telling the boys how im a lonely single 17 year old.

i walk over to my tables and refill some coffee mugs before i discretely glance over my shoulder to hermione and the teenager only to find they’re eyes already on me.

i glance at the brunette boy curiosity on his face and he watches me whilst popping tomato sauce drenched fries into his mouth. I’m quick to look away continuing to busk the tables.

i scoop up the half empty coffee pot and make my way past the table hoping that they wouldn’t notice me sneak past but i was sadly mistaken, the raven haired waitress pulled at my arm tucking me under her arm.

“just the girl i wanted to see” she muses, “you guys need anything?” i ask pulling out my notebook and placing the coffee pot down they shake their head conversation falling silent.

i top up veronicas mug with coffee and pick up my tray removing the empty milkshake glasses and onion ring baskets. i turn to leave put hermione grabs my shoulders pulling me back.

this throws me off and send my tray crashing to the floor the glass shattering and bits of left over food and milkshake flying everywhere. i cuss and drop down trying to clean it up as everyone stares.

a scream fills the small diner and we perk up trying to find the source of the scream, my eyes land on the red headed girl and instantly roll at the drama queen.

“you just got milkshake all over my new shoes!” she cries out pointing to her white pumps small droplets of chocolate milkshake splattered on them.

“sorry ill just grab you a napkin” i mumble stepping over the spill and handing her a clean napkin. she scoffs at me flinching away from my outstretched hand

“you can wipe it you spilt it” i bite the inside trying to remain calm, i bend down and wipe her shoes clean placing the napkin on my tray “can i help you in any way?” i ask and she clears her throat.

‘i’d like another strawberry milkshake free of charge for the inconvenience of your tragic waitressing skills” i pull out my notepad scribbling down her order “ill notify pop to remove it from your bill”.

she places her hands on the table “you might wanna clean up your mess now” she sasses her friends giggling at me.

i turn and collect the mop and the dustpan, hermione already crouched on the floor tending to the glass “hey its okay I’ve got this can you make sure cheryl gets her shake and mr green gets his cheese burger” she nods.

“i think pop need to re think his poor staff choices, a lodge and a (y/l/n) god he really lucked out” i concentrate on cleaning the spill and try and block out cheryl rude comments.

archie and the group watch my intently as i finish cleaning my mess and walk over to the blossom girls table for the bill. i pick up the scrunched up cash and head to the till when the red head grabs harshly at my wrist.

“now make sure that all that money makes it to the register wouldn’t want your sticky fingers thinking its a tip, you know with all your family history’ the girls snicker and i smile down at cheryl.

before heading over to the till “spoilt brat” i mutter “excuse me what was that?” “i said you spoilt little brat” i repeat myself crossing my hands across my chest.

“you miss blossom are a huge pain in my ass, you come here and harass us all and you think that its okay all because your last name is blossom’ i spit my anger boiling over “the way you treat people is disgusting”

she raises her eyebrows “its not my fault you can’t do your job properly klutz, don’t even think that i don’t notice you always refilling their glasses and baskets of fries without costing them” she argues gesturing to the group of four.

i walk up to the counter and empty my uniform of my tips and place it all in the till “there happy? now all their meals are paid for” she taps on the table “wheres my damn milkshake” i grab the milkshake off hermione and walk over to her

“one strawberry milkshake?” she smiles sweetly at me and nods, with a smile on my face i turn the cup upside down at let the shake pour from the glass o the top of cheryl’s head.

she screams and wipes the shake from her face “you you-bitch!’ she stand from the booth snickers coming from the booth behind me “get the hell out of my diner, oh and heres your money back yano for the inconvenience”.

she storms out and i glance at a very un impressed pop walking toward me with  a mop “she been harassing me and hermione for weeks pop i had to put her in her place” he huffs and shakes his head “just get it cleaned up kiddo”

a round of applause fills the diner and i grab the ends of my dress curtseying at the crowd “thank you thank you very much” i smile my gaze falling o=n the group smiles of amusement clear.

“id clean up your mess missy if you still want your job” hermione tease smacking my bum playfully “yes mama” i tease dragging the mop across the diner floor soaking up the spilt shake.

“I’m headed home V you coming?” her daughter stands from the booth biding a goodbye before walking past me a slipping a 50 in my apron “oh no Veronica i can’t take this”.

i remove it and try and hand it back to the raven haired girl but she shakes her head “uh uh you kept it- its your tip okay, and call me V thats what my friends call me and after tonight you are defiantly one” i sigh placing the money back in my apron.

“thanks V, see you around?” 

the blonde girl stands along with the red headed boy “it getting late jug we’ll see you at school” he nods continuing to eat his burger as the last of his friends leave the diner.

i grab the bill for my last two tables and star wiping down the booths removing them from empty dinner plates and drinks. it was just after 11 and everyone had cleared out leaving an eerie quietness leaving only a single customer; jughead.

i sit on the stool at the top of the diner waiting for pete to arrive for his shift so i could finally go home.

i walk over to the occupied booth nervous “hey” i say softly gaining the young boys attention, he tilts his laptop screen down smiling up at me “can i sit?” he nods and i slip into the empty seat opposite him.

its silent for a few seconds but he breaks first “(y/n) right?” i nod “thats me (y/n) (y/l/n)” i laugh nervously “jughead jones?” “the third” he adds smirking.

he pushes the bowl of fries over to me but i shake my head declining them and he shrugs plucking more and throwing them into his mouth. “heard a lot about you” he starts wiping his lips with his thumb.

my eyes flicker from his lips to his eyes “oh really?” i state playfully “miss lodge seems to have an endless list of compliments about you-” i roll my eyes siting back my hand outstretched on the table top almost touching jugs.

“correct me if I’m wrong but are you perhaps single?” “as a matter of fact i most certainly am, you?” i move my hand closer to his our fingers brushing together. 

“i am in deed, there this girl though” he start continuing to flirt “there always is” i muse “she gorgeous actually, intelligent, funny and can actually be a pain the ass sometime but i like it” “maybe she just has a great sense of humour” 

he narrows his eyes “maybe, she has excellent taste in clothes too, but i almost never see her out of the incredibly yellow waitressing uniform” his eyes fall to my lips then back up to my eyes.

the bell rings and i look past jughead to see Pete entering giving me a small wave before clocking in. i slip out of the booth “you have a thing for ronnie’s mum?” i place my hand over my mouth faking shock.

he exhales laughing and shaking my head at me “told you she was funny” i grab my bag from behind the counter and push on the door starting my journey home when i hear the bell ding followed by heavy steps.

“(y/n) wait” i turn and start walking backwards “you need something?” i ask turning forward when he finally catches up “let me walk you home?” he questions and i sigh “fine this way” he laces his hands with mine and we begin the short trip to my house.

we create small talk until the familiar house comes into view “this is me, thank you for walking me home” he smiles shyly “anytime” i go to walk up he steps but he stops me placing his hands on my face.

he presses his lips to mine in a sweet warm embrace, i kiss back instantly my hands darting to his suspenders pulling his body flush against my own. he smiles into the kiss and i break away stepping back a few steps.

 “what about hermione?” i tease.

“oh be quite and get your cute ass over here” i walk back over to him wrapping my arms around his neck as we continue to kiss butterflies thrashing my stomach.

best shift ever.

Super Big Brother- [edited]

Characters/Pairing: Daddy!Dean x Pregnant!Reader, Henry (OC)

Word count: 885

Warnings: Fluff, lots of it, maybe the slightest pinch of angst

Summary: It’s Dean and the reader’s second child. They have to tell their first what is going on. (Promp #44 of “60+ Dean x Pregnant!reader Prompts”@deanwinchesterxreader )

A/N: This is another editions from my personal collection, the reason I’m re-doing these is because of the babby fever taking over me, and the best way not to give in to it is writing about it, or in this case edit an old fic.

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Super Big Brother

“Ok then,” you sigh and Dean nods rapidly as he speaks. “We’ll go straight to the point. We need to be direct with him, he’s a big boy.”

“Yeah,” you agree a little out of breath. “He can take it, right?” Dean eyes widen in doubt and your shoulders drop. “What if he can’t take it? Oh my goodness, he’s still a baby. My baby. This is all a mistake.”

You start to hyperventilate, Dean’s quick to rub your arms up and down. “Look at me,” he says in a sweet voice, you comply. “Is gonna be fine, he’s gonna be fine.” He bites his lower lip and you wonder how did you get so lucky.

“Okay, we’re telling him and we’ll answer any question he has.” Taking a deep breath you look back into Dean’s eyes. “What kind of questions can a three year-old make, huh?”

Dean shrugs, his arms let go of you and he pushes away from the kitchen table he’d been leaning on. You follow his lead and start walking behind him out the kitchen and down the hall.

“Wait!” you shout and run back to the kitchen, Dean stands in the middle of the corridor dumbfounded.

“Uh, sweetheart?” Dean takes a few steps your way when you rush out the door almost bumping into him, sippy cup with chocolate milk in one hand, a plate with some homemade oatmeal cookies in the other.

“Let’s go.” You nod ahead for him to lead the way one more time.

Dean’s eyes on the plate and he goes for one of the cookies. He groans when you smack his hand away away. “They’re not for you! You can have one later, I made a whole tray today.”

Dean grins like a three year-old and you roll your eyes.

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Day6 As Things My Friends Have Said

Jae: “What do you mean I’m too much of a goody two shoes to go to the party?! I’m wild! I’m crazy! I’m a rebel! But if I’m gonna go, please have me home by 10:00 P.M. I don’t want my Mom to worry.” 

Young K: “If I try on an outfit and it looks bad on me, I just throw it on the floor. Like, no, you don’t deserve to sit in your comfy drawer or hang on your comfy rack. You just made me feel like shit, so you’re gonna sit there and think about what you’ve done.” 

Sungjin: “I’m not saying that I dislike the guy, but if I had to choose between saving him or Donald Trump, I’d save Trump, and it’s not because I’m concerned about the well being of our country.” 

Dowoon: “You, my friend, are the human version of period cramps, or so you can relate, getting kicked in the balls.” 

Wonpil: “You’re literally the reason this country has to put directions on shampoo bottles.”

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Enoch O'Connor Smut

@peculiarspeedster and @princessrosie1967 requested Enoch smut and omg this took a lifetime im so sorry, but i hope you like it

Sat on the dinner table were all of us, stomachs grumbling from a long afternoon walk. Our eyes were intently locked onto the warm food that Bronwyn and Miss Peregrine brought to the table.

Enoch breathed heavily beside me.

A few seconds passed like a whizzing wind and we stuffed our mouths with chicken pot pie, our stomachs grumbling in satisfaction.

Enoch sighed and shifted in his seat. I glanced at him a little and he appeared uncomfortable. I furrowed my eyebrows.

“Nothing, love.”, he muttered, shifting again. I nodded and went on eating.

After a silent while with just clinking cutlery, Enoch fiddled his one foot with mine and I shot him a look again. What was bugging him?

His eyes shot back at me but I couldn’t seem to read what he was trying to make me decipher. I gave him a questioning look again.

He groaned lightly and shifted yet again on his seat.

I ate, listening to his constant shifting, breathing and fiddling with me. He made me shift uncomfortably as well, getting in my nerves as I tried to eat in peace. This was nearly the last straw.

I glared at him, trying to keep my voice low. “What do you want?”, I said but he instantly made me shiver and twitch as he gripped my thigh, very closely to what he wasn’t supposed to touch.

“What is goin’ on?”, Emma snapped at us. I gulped, my heart pounding. We shook our heads.

Dinner ended in silence and a few of us walked to our rooms after; except Enoch pulled me in his room, covering my mouth so I couldn’t squeal too loudly.

“Enoch, what is going on with-”, I exclaimed, cut off instantly with Enoch’s lips on mine, pushing me against the wall. I whimpered as he gripped very tightly my hips, bucking his against mine. I instantly knew what all the fuss a while ago was. I pushed him off.

He groaned. “You could just have told me, you know.”, I rolled my eyes, folding my arms, my lips still quite soar from the heated kissing. He groans again. “What, like, ‘Oh, hey, Y/N, I kinda wanna bang you tonight with your pretty dress and hot face’.”, he rolls his eyes back at me and I bite my lip and smirk.

“You like my dress?”, I asked. He looked me up and down and adjusted his pants. “Take it off.”, he breathed. I teased him, painfully slowly peeling it off me, leaving me in my underwear. He slowly unbuttons his shirt, watching me throw the dress to the floor. He walks to me and rubs my shoulders. His lips meet mine again and my hands press against his bare tense chest. I unbuckle his belt and he kicks his pants off. He pushed me against the wall again. His hands squeezed my butt as I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist.

He carried me and laid me on the bed as I took my bra off. He began to kiss down my neck, down to my chest, caressing my breasts and my torso. A shivering breath left me. He groaned in response. He quickly pulled off my last material of clothing and kissed my inner thighs, spreading my legs a little so cold hair hit me.

“Enoch…”, I moaned, tugging at his hair. He kissed my heat once. “Say it.”, he says huskily. “I want y-you.”, I shiver, gripping tightly at the sheets. With that, he dips his face between my legs and my back arcs. I let out a satisified moan as I feel his lips playing with me. “Oh… fuck.”, I whimper, running my hands down my body, squeezing my breasts and twiddling my nipples in my fingers. He held my thighs down so I didn’t wriggle. My stomach was tense as I tried to make my moans softer. Just as I was about to topple over the edge, he pulled out, taking off his underwear quickly.

With a few extremely inviting strokes, he pushed himself inside me, intertwining his fingers with mine so he pinned it above my head. Then very slowly, he thrusted in and out, leaving me in a heavy, sweaty mess of wanting to kiss him so roughly. Sweat pooled around my body and my chest heaved as we moved against each other. He stared at me as he thrusted, biting his lip so he didn’t make a sound.

“Ah, ah, Enoch.”, I moaned, the sensation overwhelming me. “Fuck.”, he said, a groan rolling through his tongue. He attached his lips to my mine and kissed down my neck again. “O-oh my God.”, I closed my eyes, feeling a twisting knot in my stomach. His thrusts gained more power and speed so it brushed through a spot that made my toes curl. “Y/N, ah, s-say my name.”, he hissed.

“Enoch…”, I moan, our bodies rubbing against each other. The pleasure built up and by then we were a hot, moaning mess that was so close to the edge. In no time, we came and our tense bodies trembled to satisfaction.

Enoch fell next to me as we breathed heavily.

“I…”, Enoch breathed. I laughed, brushing hair off my face. “Love you.”, I continued, pecking him on the cheek.

A Friendly Visit

Fandom: Marvel

Summary: Based on: “Imagine Loki secretly taking care of you when you are sick because you are Tony’s sister and he is not allowed to be near you.” by @imagining-imagines

Word count: 1,621


Originally posted by maryxglz

The dim light was floating through the thick curtains on your left. It was your only source of time and the way you knew it was still daytime after you took a nap. Or it could be the next day already, if your nap took a while longer than you expected. It would probably bother you more if you weren’t feeling as bad as you did. You could feel your every bone screaming and every muscle trembling from the cold and exhaustion. When you coughed, a wave of pain erupted deep in your lungs with a force that almost made you cry out.

You hated being ill. One could think that all the high-tech stuff Tony packed into his tower would make the illness almost comfortable and convenient, but the sad truth was that you weren’t interested in any of his toys.

You wanted the pain to go away and the sickness out of your heavy head, but the medicines Tony made sure you were regularly stuffed with, required time to fight off the illness. It was a natural order and the plasma on the wall or a remote managing everything in your room couldn’t really help with it. Your brother did his best to make you feel better and you were grateful for his efforts.

You opened your eyes when you heard a soft knocking on the door. It was quite unusual, because Tony always made a loud entrance, even if he tried not to, and Vision would usually float into the room if he sensed you weren’t sleeping. The rest of the team was out, taking care of their own lives somewhere in the city. Or other realms, who knew where some of them liked to wander.

“Come in,” you coughed out with a much weaker voice than you expected. Your back was to the door so you couldn’t see the guest.

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Fragments - Part 7

Word Count: 8219 (yikes)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, Canon divergence

A/N: I can’t add any new tags and I’ve had to abandon the Fragments series tag list, but if you follow/turn on post notifications for @torn-and-frayed-writes you won’t miss an update. All updates will be reblogged over there right after they’re posted here. 

Fragments Masterlist

“Um, Dean, why are you getting in the back seat?” The three of you had just come out of the woods after another hunt. It seemed you’d been marathon hunting lately, not that you cared. It actually seemed to help keep your mind off everything. You enjoyed it.

“Decided to let Sammy drive for awhile. Thought I’d sit back here with you.” Dean shrugged. “Are you not ok with that?”

“I’m fine with it, unless you’re back here to gloat about killing Hitler some more because if you are I’m gonna throw you into traffic.” Sam’s laughter reverberated through the car but Dean didn’t find you at all funny.

“Killing Hitler is kind of a big deal, Y/N.” Dean grumbled. “You could show some more gratitude. Especially since I saved your ass from some Nazis too.”

“I know. I was there.” You rolled your eyes as Sam started up the car and started driving away. “But you really, really don’t need to tell me about it another thousand times. I got it.”

“Geez. Testy much?” You shot Dean a glare and he held up his hands in surrender. “Sorry.”

“It’s so good to have you back.” Sam chuckled.

“Aw, thanks Sam.” You giggled. “Someone has to keep your brother’s ego in check.”

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why is felix listed in the enemies of the inquisition section of the world of thedas: volume 2??? felix puts the inquisitor in touch with dorian, tells the inquisitor about the venatori and what they're planning, openly turns against his father and tries to get him to give up his plans and go home, accepts his own death and refuses to focus on it choosing instead to comfort his father, races back to tevinter to talk up and promote the inquisition and is overall a really awesome, compassionate, thoughtful character who wants to change things for the better as much as dorian? enemy of the inquisition? really bioware w t f?