throw me in a trash can please

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if you are an adult human being, and you find yourself at a gas station, and you also find yourself needing to throw trash out of your car, and you also also find the trash can beside your pump is stuffed full, please do me a favor and find the trash can at the next pump. because it's pretty fuckin hard to pull up a trash bag over the can when the bag is fuller than it's supposed to be. thanks.

The Signs as two-sentence stories

Aries: I wonder if looks really can kill. My crush would be dead then, though.

Taurus: Sometimes I act as if I don’t care. And deep, deep down, I still don’t.

Gemini: I just broke up with my boyfriend. Whose horoscope am I supposed to check now??!

Cancer: I read that 80% of all people are good at math. Looks like I’m part of the other 30%.

Leo: “Two chocolate cakes, please“. That was what I said as I held up three fingers in the air

Virgo: He is so shitty, annoying and rude. I love him.

Libra: Today I thought I was in love. Than I realized that I was just hungry.

Scorpio: You call me a trash can? Well I trash can throw you to Mars.

Sagittarius: Sometimes I think I’m cool. Then I see my teddy bear on the corner of my bed.

Capricorn: I told my mother that I’d do shit today. I lied.

Aquarius: Do you know that feeling when your love is so far away? Fridge come here I need you.

Pisces: I found out about a really cool song today. Guess I’ll just listen to it until I hate it.

When I’m Wiser and I’m Older


Anyways here’s. A missing moment. I’m throwing it all under a read more so that those who haven’t watched it won’t read spoilers!!!

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*points to Haikyuu* this series will be my next victim for my dumb doodles.

Another comic from piyocchi’s idea, who still have more ideas up her sleeves and keep feeding me with prompts. Sort of Valentine-ish thing I guess?


Poor Saitama my caped baldy son

I was gonna do some serious art today but procrastinating is good too *throws glitter*

if you have any comic ideas to help me procrastinate, please share ʕథ౪థʔ

*reblogs are great ( o v o )*

Things to remember about bands:

  • Brendon doesn’t want us to call ourselves trash.
  • Patrick doesn’t like the word “emo.”
  • Pete doesn’t like the phrase “fight me.”
  • Don’t mention peterick to Pete or Patrick (and don’t mention ships to any band members unless you are 100% sure they are comfortable with it).
  • Gerard is afraid of needles so if you were considering needling him please don’t. (?????)
  • All Time Low does not mind if you throw bras at them on stage!
  • If you meet Alex, don’t mess with his hair. He’s not chill with that.
  • Tyler can get anxious or self conscious in public so do not pester or harass him if it is not the appropriate setting to speak to him.
  • Josh has anxiety speaking in front of big crowds so be really encouraging if you see him at a small venue.
  • Be respectful of everyone who you idolize. They are people too.
Our story-

Hi everyone,
Just a little blurb on what is to be expected from this Tumblr and the sequence of events that began it. It all started out when I found out my husband cross dressed and hid it from me. He was very naughty for keeping this secret so we decided to lock him up in a little cage. He is now controlled by me, and only me. I am his keyholder and master. I’ve put an end to his cross dressing days after trashing his “equipment” and slutty clothing and throwing it out in a dumpster. As an additional punishment, I am looking for guys to cuckhold him with. I do not care if any of you think this punishment is too harsh. It is what I want and he obeys every word I say. If there are any men out there that believe they can please me better than he can, don’t by shy (;

I’m throwing myself to the mercy of tumblr. if any of y'all post the following like or reblog so I can follow you!

-Miraculous Ladybug
-Over the Garden wall
-Anime (literally any kind, I need trash)
-Star Wars
-I just want cute things

Asking a Favor (KaiSoo vs Baeksoo)
  • *KaiSoo*
  • jongin: hyung, can you help me throw this trash away?
  • kyungsoo: *feeling all giddy and happy* sure jongin
  • *BaekSoo*
  • baekhyun: kyungsoo, help me throw this trash away?

“W-Well then why are you crying?!”

Please throw me out with the rest of the garbage because I am trash. I really needed to satisfy my urges, but I can’t trust myself to ever start and finish larger projects so I do these small out of context things to hold me over. Plus I need to work on bgs, but this is totally lazy. Why must I ruin everything I touch?

For me art is like opening up my ribcage and saying here, here, this is where I stored all the magic you gave me. Here, take everything please I don’t want any reminder that I let anyone in.

It’s like opening up my chest and scrubbing it with bleach and saying here, this is better. This emptiness is better. It is saying I don’t remember the last time I was this hollow.

It is trying to throw away all the photographs, then digging them out of the trash and putting them back on the walls. It is pixie dust under your fingernails. Art is trying to scrub yourself clean of feeling, or maybe it is trying to finally talk about feeling something.

I can’t tell if art is a disease or medicine for me. I know you are not supposed to say that about something you love, but sometimes it is both. Some days art is the kettle whistling, the end and also the beginning, it is finally saying everything I meant to say. Some days it comes out beautiful and I feel better.

And sometimes art feels like a sickness. The only thing that comes out is ugliness and I feel empty inside afterwards. Sometimes art is crippling self doubt and tearing up sheets of paper and telling yourself, this is not me. This did not come from me. I did not feel these things.

Art, for me, is like pressed flowers. Beautiful, delicate. Easy to forgot that something died here.

-K.M. deadly

mom always stacks pans or lids on top of my hot chocolate pot, and it makes me so mad. don’t do that! leave it alone! i don’t want random food getting into my hot chocolate! stop treating my hot chocolate as some trash you can just put stuff onto. aklejflksjflksjfslkdd. i really wish she didn’t do that! i drink that stuff!!!! i don’t wanna throw it out and i don’t want to drink my hot chocolate and find random food in it. she put a lid on it today that was used for beans, and nothing was dripping so it’s okay-ish, but it wasn’t clean either? please don’t


Gif sources:  Tony  |  Howard

Imagine you and Tony are looking through some old photos and you come across one of Howard and you say he’s really hot and Tony isn’t really pleased about it.

——— Request for anon ———

“I can’t believe you’re throwing all these old pictures away,” you sigh as you flip through Howard Stark’s glory days recorded on paper. Tony shrugs, tossing papers from an old filing box into the trash.

“I’ve already put them in Jarvis’ system. If I’m ever dying for a nostalgia kick, I’ll just have Jarvis pull them up for me,” Tony looks over, watching as you study a small photo.

“You know, your dad was pretty hot when he was younger,” eyes flickering up from the photo, you smirk at Tony’s disgusted look, “Had to get your good looks from somewhere, I guess.”