throw me in a trash can please

  • “Shut the fuck up, I’m nice.”: Kidd
  • “Get your smelly ramen body away from me.”: Jewelry bonney
  • “In my next life, I want to be a sea cucumber. I do the same at the moment anyways, just eating dirt and swaying from side to side. Perfect life.”: Usopp
  • “Do you think animals know when we fart?”: Luffy
  • “I don’t want them to think that I’m a mess.” - “But you ARE a mess.” - “They don’t need to know tho!”: Sanji & Zoro
  • “Oh my god, this is so disgusting…. I love it.”: Doffy
  • *shes texting me* “Your phone is in my room.” -Two minutes Later- “oh my god”: Shanks
  • “Where’s a trash can?” *points at me* “There.”: Franky
  • “Please stop talking, it’s too early for your voice.”: Law
  • “Can you move a bit?” - “I WAS BORN BEFORE YOU, I HAVE THE RIGHT TO LAY HERE!” - “THIS IS MY BED!”: Ace & Sabo
  • *she comes into my room, throws a pillow at me and leaves without saying anything*: Dragon
  • “I’m like the gucci from this family, you’re like walmart.”: Crocodile
  • “I’m not saying you’re the most annoying person ever, but that’s exactly what I’m saying.”: Law again

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HSAU Drabble: Angst Dream

“Lexa, baby!”


“Are you getting ready?”

“Like you told me to,” Lexa chuckled. “What did you say the dress code was, again?”

“Chic casual.”

“I don’t…what? It’s either formal or it’s casual.” Lexa snorted in amusement.

“What are you wearing?”

“Come and see.”

Lexa was debating on whether to keep her hair down or up in a messy bun, when she felt arms wrap around her, deliberately feeling up her abs before lips pressed to her neck.

“I’m surprised you’re not in a dress.”

“I wanted to, but you said-”

“I know. Babe, you look stunning. A button up is perfect.”

Costia turned Lexa around, pressing her against the counter as she leaned in to kiss Lexa’s lips, sliding Lexa’s hands to grab her hips.

Lexa kissed her, sighing softly as she did so, the scent of their distinctly different perfumes mixing pleasantly, somehow.

“…What exactly are we going to, again?”

“My friend Sarah’s art gala.” Costia explained, smiling brightly. “She did a series of works on the theme Spring.”

Lexa nodded slowly. “And the kids?”

Costia laughed. “You think you’ll be so bored there that you’d want to make your own children suffer through it, too? I’m your wife, isn’t that enough?”

Lexa smiled sheepishly. “They’re not coming?”

“No, babe. Emily and Tyler are at my mom’s.” Costia cocked a brow. “But, Woods, play your cards right, actually socialize, and I will rock your world with mind blowing sex later tonight.”

Lexa nodded, running a hand through her hair. Down, she decided.

“Lex, we’ll be late. Let’s go.”


“You’ve been working later.”

Lexa had just slipped into the penthouse door, at two am. She knew she reeked of alcohol, and that wasn’t ever a good sign.

She wasn’t really much of a drinker, but these last few months had certainly forced her into the habit.

And now, Clarke was sitting up on the couch, a blanket wrapped around her, her eyes sleepless and tired.

Everything about her looked tired.

She was still beautiful, breathtaking, to Lexa. But there was something about her demeanor that flipped, that changed.

Maybe Lexa’s nights out weren’t helping, either.

Lexa startled momentarily, before exhaling a breath.

“I…” She sighed, setting the keys down. She licked her lips, feeling how dry they were.

“You drove like that?” Clarke whispered.

“Clarke, I was fine-”

“Lexa. You can’t fucking walk straight.” Clarke growled.

Lexa made a face. “Who cares, Clarke? I’m here, aren’t I?”

“Yeah, not like I have a history with drunk drivers or anything.” Clarke whispered coldly, and Lexa felt her insides churn uncomfortably.

Yeah, so maybe she was the reason Clarke never got better.

But things weren’t easy on her either.

Clarke bit her lip. “Who were you with, Lexa?”

“Linc and Anya.” Lexa lied smoothly, rubbing her temples.

“Yeah?” Clarke pried. “Linc and Anya? Who are in Arkadia right now, for Indra’s retirement party? That we’re missing, because of your so called busy off season schedule?”

Lexa snapped, eyes narrowing. “Enough, Clarke.”

“Who were you with, Lexa?” Clarke challenged, dropping the blanket.

“The boys.” Lexa sighed. “The team. We were at some bars, some clubs…I don’t….I didn’t see anyone, Clarke. You know that.” She told the truth in a soft, hurt voice.

“I don’t really know anything, anymore, Lexa.” Clarke sighed.

“I’m…sorry.” Lexa murmured. “I should be more…present.”

Clarke laughed wryly. “I think we’re past that, Lexa.”

“Clarke, what do you want from me? I’m trying to make it work. I’m balancing you, and work, and-”

“Stop. Stop making it about everything else, Lexa.” Clarke shook her head. “The mis-” Clarke gathered her breath. “The miscarriages triggered all of this. But our issues run….so deep. You can’t fucking stop pleasing your parents to realize that they don’t…they don’t give a shit about you, Lexa!” Clarke finally snapped. “They weren’t here when you were sick, throwing up into a trash can all night! They weren’t here when you lost the championship and wouldn’t leave our room for days! They weren’t here for any of my fucking….they didn’t care when we lost the baby, and they don’t care now.”

Lexa was heaving, trying to breathe evenly, trying to wake up from the terror she was feeling.

“…what is now, Clarke?” Lexa questioned evenly. “What…what do we do, then?” Clarke’s words had stung deep, bringing back all the trauma of the past few months.

Clarke sighed, shifting the blanket off as she softly padded over to Lexa, cupping her cheeks. She tenderly kissed Lexa’s cheek, shaking her head.

“Divorce, Lexa. I want to go home. I…I can’t believe I would ever, ever say this to you but…we’re done.”


The art gallery was magnificent. High glass walls formed the entry into the posh, yet minimalistic lobby, where champagne and hors d'oeuvres were being served.

The actual displays were in the gallery itself, back behind the lobby. Lexa had never seen a group of people so unpretentious, so genuinely amazed and in love with whatever it was in that back display room.

She thought she had an idea of what galas were like, and she was all wrong.  

“This is my wife, Lexa.” Costia smiled as she introduced Lexa to the artist she’d been referring to. “Lex, this is Sarah, her display is-”

“Wow.” The artist smiled, shaking Lexa’s hand in excitement. “It’s an honor to meet you. Both of you, but Costia and I have a little history, so I’m used to her.”

Costia chuckled at that.

“But…it’s not every day a model and a professional football player walk in to see my work. Suffice it to say I’m a huge fan.”

Lexa smiled, shaking her hand. “I’m flattered, thanks. The pleasure is all mine.”

It’d been awhile since anyone was thrilled to meet her, after Clarke’s divorce, since they used to be a couple in the spotlight.

Since then, she’d worked to better her image, going out less, doing more charity work. It was there that she reunited with Costia, and when they both realized that they weren’t getting any younger…things happened.

“Please, take a while, meet everyone here, and then go inside and have a look.” Sarah ushered them. “And thanks again for coming!”


“Clarke, you can’t-”

“Lexa, I-”

“Clarke!” Lexa was staring in horror at their….her…half empty apartment, Clarke’s belongings already cleaned out, while Lexa was at her game. “You…”

Clarke had tears in her eyes, shouldering a bag. “Lexa, we need to-”

“Love, no.” Lexa shook her head frantically. “Clarke-”

“Lexa. We talked about this. Hell, we fought about this. It shouldn’t be a surprise.” Clarke sighed, lip trembling.


“Didn’t think I would?” Clarke whispered.

“Clarke.” Lexa’s jaw set, firm. “I love you.”

Clarke only shook her head, tears falling freely.

“I love you more than I will ever love anybody.” Lexa sounded broken, dimmed. “You…you said you would never leave! Clarke, you fucking promised!”

Clarke’s eyes widened. “Lexa…what happened to us? Those were promises I made before things got crazy, before you started drinking, before I lost the baby….twice.”

“Clarke, I still love-”

“You couldn’t…even look at me.” Clarke whispered. “I know I disappointed you, but-”

“Clarke, it wasn’t like that. I-”

“It doesn’t…really matter, does it?” Clarke sighed. “Lexa.” She took a step forward, and Lexa’s lip trembled as Clarke wrapped her arms around her, holding her close.

“Clarke, please…” Lexa whimpered, so broken, so vulnerable. “Don’t go. We…I can fix this. I can fix this, just-”

“I don’t know what happened.” Clarke murmured. “But I will always love you, Lexa. Always. Take care. See someone….I want you to be happy. I really do. But I know that with me, you can’t. That’s why I have to go.”


Lexa wasn’t bored, per se.

Okay, maybe she was bored a little.

But it wasn’t the art. The art was actually breathtaking, fantastic. She’d fallen in love with so many pieces in this one night, she never realized how powerful it truly could be.

But after so many people stopped her for a handshake, a photo, and autograph, things got old rather quickly.

She couldn’t really tune in to many conversations, simply because they would shift to football whenever she’d join, and frankly, she wasn’t interested.

Not tonight.

She was staring at one piece that felt eerily familiar. It was a forest at midnight, stars shining above. There were butterflies, sitting on the branches that looked almost…bioluminescent. They glowed. It was entrancing, and before she could take a step forward to identify the placard, the champagne was almost knocked out of her hands as something hit her leg.

She glanced down in surprise, and a grinning little toddler was glancing up at her. She was absolutely adorable, in every sense of the word. She had brown waves, with sharp green eyes. She smiled with chubby cheeks, wearing a cute little dress. She clutched a stuffed raccoon in her hands.

“Hello.” Lexa smiled, kneeling down.

The little girl regarded her for a moment, and then let out, “Hello.” She parroted it back perfectly, calmly, as if she were sizing Lexa up.

“I’m Lexa.” Lexa shook her hand out, grinning when she got a chubby toddler hand in hers for a handshake. “What’s your name?”

“Alex.” The girl replied cutely, though it was a bit slurred in her toddler voice, and it sounded like “I’m Alecks”. “…Play?” She cocked her head to the side like a puppy, curious with bright eyes and a hopeful smile.

Lexa glanced back at Costia, who was busy socializing. She smiled. “Alright, I’ll play. What do want to pla-”

“TAG!” Alex grinned and tagged Lexa’s leg, bolting back into the gallery.

“Of course.” Lexa grinned, knowing better than to run, so she hastened back to follow.

She was met with a fresh wave of people, but Alex waited for her, and Lexa was able to catch her. Before she could dart off, Lexa stopped her for a moment.

“Maybe tag isn’t the best game to play here.” Lexa told her, and Alex blinked, clearly not understanding. “Too many people.” She explained softly. “It’s dangerous. Do you have a different game?”

Alex blinked. “Diff..erent?” She replied adorably, and then her eyes lit up. “Come!” She grinned, taking hold of Lexa’s hand.

“Come?” Lexa laughed. “Where?” She followed nonetheless, smiling at people who waved, used to the attention.

“Toys!” Alex exclaimed, as if she’d struck gold.

Lexa looked quizzical. “You have toys here?”

Alex nodded vigorously.

“Do you live here?” Lexa blinked.

Alex snorted a laugh, and Lexa almost froze. It sounded just like her own, for just a moment. “Nooooo, silly.” Alex drawled.

Lexa looked unsure, as they moved past the crowd, towards the back. “Are you sure-”

“Toys.” Alex nodded affirmatively.

Lexa eyed the back door that clearly read: employees only. She frowned. “Alex, I don’t think-”

The door opened, and Alex shook her hand free of Lexa’s, darting to the arms of whomever had stepped out from the back room.

Lexa’s eyes followed Alex as she was scooped up, immediately ready to jump to her defense, to protect her, until her eyes settled on just who had picked her up.

“Mommy!” Alex squealed, and she clutched Clarke Griffin’s neck like a koala.

Clarke grinned, kissing her head. “Did you sneak away again, baby girl?”

Alex grinned. “Friend!” She announced, pointing to Lexa. “Leksa.”

Clarke glanced up and gasped, mirroring Lexa’s stunned reaction.

Oh, shit.


Lexa couldn’t get out of bed.

Her bed smelled like Clarke, her wife, her best friend…her ex.

It stung. It hurt. It ached. It made Lexa want to lay down and die. They’d gone and fucked up the greatest thing that ever happened to either of them. Partying, drinking, miscarriages, rumored affairs, distance, it all came down to Clarke leaving.

Lexa missed her, so so much.

She missed Clarke’s sleepy smile, her morning kisses.

She missed Clarke working in her studio, throughout the day.

She missed Clarke’s excitement to catch up on their favorite evening shows, the way Clarke would cuddle into her side and kiss every inch of her face. The way Clarke would smile just because she’d seen Lexa smile, and the two would fall into a laughing kissing heap on the couch.

She would’ve killed to have those days back.

Lexa stood from the bed, finally. Her stomach was cramping with pain, she needed to eat. She needed to shower. She needed to call her coach and get busy.

But instead of the phone, she found her feet tugging her down the hall, to the closest room.

The baby’s room.

Lexa blinked back tears. There was nothing in it. No telltale crib to sob over, no toys or stuffed animals to remind her.

Just memories.

Memories of her and Clarke setting it up together. Memories of Clarke painting the wall, laughing. Memories of Lexa kissing her swollen belly, whispering to it.

…And then other memories.

Memories of Clarke sobbing, unable to believe it.

Memories of Lexa slipping out because Clarke was hollow, and she needed a diversion more than ever.

Memories of the name “Alex”, intricately carved into the head board of a crib that was never going to be used.


“Lex?” Clarke blinked, Alex regarding Lexa with a curious gaze.

“Clarke?” Lexa whispered, eyes darting from Alex to Clarke.

“…Hi.” Clarke murmured.

“Hi?” Lexa breathed. “Hi? After all this-”

“Lexa, please.” Clarke murmured. “Not in front of-”

“I wasn’t going to.” Lexa shook her head, eyes regarding Alex with the fondest stare. She didn’t understand why, but she felt such a connection to Alex. Slowly, she was piecing it together.

“…Play?” Alex asked hopefully.

Clarke looked unsure. “Alex, Lexa is…a very important person. She doesn’t have time to play with you-”

“I do.” Lexa lit up at the idea.

“…What?” Clarke blinked.

Lexa smiled her trademark, panty dropper smile, and Clarke’s heart slammed into her gut. “Of course I do.”

“Well, I don’t want Alex out here, it’s too crowded, and-” Clarke was cut off by Alex herself.

“Mommy, Leksa come!” She grinned, as if her idea was genius. She pointed to the back lounge, where her toys were.

“…May I?” Lexa whispered.

Before Clarke could answer, the door opened once more, Luna Rivers stepping out, looking ever professional in her suit. She was on the phone, but she seemed to have paused her conversation a moment.

“Is everything okay?” Luna asked, arm around Clarke’s waist. “Woods. Wow, I didn’t expect to see you here. This is…great.”

Lexa had heard. She’d heard that Luna Rivers, Arkadia’s fucking sweetheart, had won Clarke over. She’d heard that maybe Clarke was considering adopting. She’d heard of some new procedure for Clarke to have a child, but…..

Seeing it all together was something different.

That was her Clarke. That was her beautiful, loving wife, and that was supposed to be their playful child. Lexa felt a lump form in her throat. That was all supposed to be hers.

“…Yeah.” Lexa nodded, numb. “I think I’m gonna go.”

“No!” Alex drawled, lower lip wobbling. “No play, Leksa?”

Lexa’s heart shattered.

Clarke sighed, the ring on her finger flashing as she ran her free hand through her hair. “Come on, Lexa.” She decided, ignoring Luna’s inquisitive stare. “Here, take your child.” She smiled half heartedly, and handed Alex to Luna.

“Hey babe.” Luna grinned, and Alex parroted her.

“Hey babe.”

“That’s momma, to you.” Luna kissed her head. “You like the new dragon toy?”

Alex nodded. “Raccoon better.” She insisted.

“You and that raccoon, huh?” Luna teased. “Alright, go play. I have to make a call, but I’ll play soon, okay?”

“Okay.” Alex nodded, and turned to Lexa. “Come.”

Lexa smiled a watery smile. “Coming.” She murmured, and Alex took her hand in her own, leading her in.


“Gotcha!” Alex cried as she pounced on Lexa, the two playing heartily on the couch in the lounge while Clarke and Luna talked in hushed voices in the corner, occasionally glancing at Lexa, as if she were going to up and kidnap Alex.

“Oh no!” Lexa wheezed as Alex faux stabbed her. “My heart…”

Alex watched her pretend to die, for a moment, then contemplated it. “I fix it.” She bent over Lexa, and pressed a kiss to her two little fingers, and then put them over Lexa’s heart. “Better.” She whispered, and Lexa sat up, smiling when Alex crawled into her lap, as if she’d known her all her life.

“Where’d you learn that?” Lexa asked.

“Mommy,” Alex answered softly.

“Does her heart hurt, too?” Lexa whispered.

Alex nodded. “She cry. I fix it.”

“I’ll bet.” Lexa replied softly, eyes watering.

Lexa glanced back up at Luna and Clarke as their voices grew louder.

“You have to go?” Clarke asked softly.

“The absolute last thing I want to do is leave you. But I’ll be home before you will.” Luna promised. “I’ll be quick.”

“Alright.” Clarke sighed, and Luna wrapped her arms around Clarke’s waist, pulling her closer.

Lexa felt sick, the way Luna’s hands grabbed Clarke’s hips, the way Luna kissed her, making Clarke’s lips chase hers.

Alex hid her face shyly, and Lexa sighed. “Me too.”

Luna and Clarke pulled apart, and Clarke was smiling hazily.

“You liked that?” Luna chuckled, and Clarke licked her lips. “Tonight.” She smirked, and that one word promise was like a kick to the gut.

“Bye, babe.”

Lexa tried not to sulk as she heard that, Luna coming over to Alex and Lexa.

“Hey, kid. I have to go do something real quick, but I’ll see you at home, okay?” Luna murmured, and Alex nodded, hugging her leg.

Luna glanced at Lexa uneasily.

“I’ll behave.” Lexa assured.

Luna didn’t blink. “This is my family, Woods. Don’t act up, and don’t get any ideas, and we’re good.”

“We’re good.” Lexa replied, watching Luna nod in satisfaction.

“Alright, enjoy your night, tell Costia I say hi.”


“So…” Clarke began, as she sat beside Lexa on the couch, a foot of distance between them.

“…I love Alex.” Lexa blurted out. “She’s…Clarke, she’s amazing.”

Clarke smiled, and it looked melancholy. “Thanks. She’s my everything.”

They watched as Alex sifted through her pile of toys, trying to find the perfect one for Lexa.

“So she doesn’t….know?” Lexa asked softly.

“Do your kids know that you were ever married to me?” Clarke shot back.

“No.” Lexa sighed.

“Right. So, no, Alex has no idea. She knows she’s mine and Luna’s, and that’s the truth.” Clarke responded, headstrong as always.

“You look…beautiful.” Lexa murmured. “And I don’t mean that in a hit on you way, Clarke. You look better. Healthy, again.”

Clarke smiled. “You look stunning too.” She offered. “Not that you ever lost it.”

Lexa blushed, and her heart raced a little.

She hated that she felt this way, like a high schooler with a crush.

It all felt so familiar.

Clarke could just…curl into her arms, and it’d be their Alex playing on the carpet, and it would be Clarke’s art they were celebrating, rather than her gallery.

But life was complicated.

“I know you’re…thinking.” Clarke began softly. “About how things went wrong, but Lexa…don’t. Just…we have to take it as it is, you know? For our…children. For ourselves.”

Lexa bit her lip. “I didn’t like living without you.” She admitted.

Clarke sighed. “You think I did? I had to go home to Arkadia, Lexa. Where I met you. Where you swept me off my feet and I just…fell headfirst. God, I thought everything would just work out, you know?”

Lexa felt her heart crumble, imagining what Clarke felt, going back.

“I had to sit on our flower field, and wish it was a whole decade earlier.” Clarke whispered, and the beginnings of tears were in the corner of her eyes. “I had to imagine your arm around me, and your smile, and those nights in your guest house…”

“Stop.” Lexa shook her head. “I can’t…”

“I’m sorry.” Clarke sighed. “But…you’re with Costia now, right? I always knew she was your girl.”

“She wasn’t.” Lexa protested fiercely, and then paused, because now she was speaking ill of her own wife. When the fuck did things get so complicated?

“She was. I…I know this is going to hurt, but…we’ve been through so, so much. I…I wish we hadn’t, Lexa. I wish I’d never developed feelings for you in that stupid english class. I wish we hadn’t fallen in love, and then gone to Polis together, and moved in after, and I just think that if it never had happened, I wouldn’t be this broken.”

Lexa felt like a train had hit her.

“But…maybe that’s the way it goes. We have ups and downs, and in the end…we just come away with one thing. For me, that’s Alex, Lexa. I…” She shook her head. Alex came back, clutching her toy raccoon in her hand. She handed Lexa a bigger raccoon, smiling.

“You be mommy.” She squealed in excitement.

“You’re the baby?” Lexa whispered, and Alex nodded.

Alex noticed Clarke’s tears, and frowned. “You cry mommy.”

Clarke blinked in surprise, quickly wiping at them. “No…I’m not. It’s okay, baby girl. Don’t worry.”

Alex ran over to her toys, coming back with a stuffed lion. “S’okay, mommy.” She adorably climbed between Clarke and Lexa, stroking Clarke’s arm. “You be mommy, too.”

Clarke laughed at her daughter’s innocence, thinking that a lack of a toy and a role in her game was the reason for her tears.

“Look!” Alex grinned, holding their toys altogether. “Family!”

Lexa glanced up at Clarke, over Alex’s head, with misty eyes. They shared a longing glance, and Clarke mouthed an I love you, before Lexa’s vision went black.


Lexa sat up, startled, tears falling, breathing heavily. She glanced around herself, eyes recognizing the light of dawn, illuminating her and Clarke’s bedroom.

She glanced beside her, heart fluttering at the sight of her wife, waking up slowly from Lexa’s sudden movement, her beautiful blue eyes cracking open to see the commotion.

“Baby?” Clarke mumbled, mouth barely open. Her eyes focused on Lexa’s tear streaked face, and she sat up almost instantly, blinking rapidly. “Lexa? Baby what’s wrong? What happened?”

Lexa couldn’t really form words, so she threw her arms around her wife, hugging her so tightly that Clarke wheezed a little.

“Whoa.” Clarke murmured, hugging Lexa back. “That bad, baby?”

Lexa closed her eyes, soaking in Clarke’s warmth, her scent, her feel. Everything about her. “I love you.” Lexa whispered. “I love you and I don’t tell you enough-”

“You tell me once every hour, twenty four hours a day.” Clarke teased, her voice raspy with sleep.

“I love you. Unconditionally. Baby, no baby-”

“Baby?” Clarke raised a brow. “What baby? Alex? Did something happen?”

Lexa sighed. “…I had an awful dream.” She rubbed the back of her neck.

“Do you want to talk about it…?” Clarke blinked.

“Not yet.” Lexa admitted gently. “Can I…can you come with me?” She stood, rolling off the bed.

“…Sure.” Clarke replied gently, joining her hand with Lexa’s.

Quietly, the two made their way over to the room down the hall, closest to them. They stepped inside, and Lexa bit back a sob as she saw the old crib, the painted blue walls, the dragons and raccoons and the lions, all the stuffed animals, and then some.

“Hello mommas!” Alex was playing with her stuffed animals in bed, knowing better than to wake Clarke and Lexa up before seven, as they’d told her it was too early. Alex looked thrilled that they were up at such an hour. “You up! Play!” She shot up, adorable in her onesie, as she asked Lexa to be picked up, with grabby hands.

Her Alex.

Her adorable, lovable, little girl. Half Clarke, half Lexa. Her greatest love.

“Hi, baby.” Lexa whispered, clutching Alex dearly, kissing every inch of her face.

Alex giggled, enjoying the attention, and Clarke smiled, raising a brow in question.

“Is everything alright, baby?” Clarke asked, and Lexa responded by pulling her into their embrace with a free arm, kissing Alex’s head, then Clarke’s.

“My girls.” Lexa murmured, enjoying the way Alex clung like a koala to her neck, and Clarke kissed her cheek.

“…Hungry.” Alex announced.

Clarke groaned. “Alex, it’s…like…six.”

“Waffles?” Alex asked, shining her puppy eyes to Lexa.

“Anything you want, baby girl.” Lexa murmured, kissing a chubby cheek with great satisfaction. “Anything.”

“Mommy too.” Alex demanded, and Lexa grinned.

“You heard the baby. Get your robe, love. I’ll cook.”

“I don’t know what kind of dream you had, but Lexa, you don’t need an epiphany to be a perfect mom and wife, you already were.” Clarke reminded softly with a smile. “This is your everyday routine.”

“I know, and I love it. I never want it to change.” Lexa informed Clarke softly.

“Bad dream?” Alex asked Lexa gently, patting Lexa’s cheek to make her feel better.

“Mhmm.” Lexa hummed with an adoring smile.

Alex nodded knowingly. “Next time…come to Alex.” She offered. “I fix it.” She pressed a kiss to Lexa’s heart, and Lexa grinned, remembering when she and Clarke had taught her that.

“Thank you.” Lexa kissed Alex’s head. “I love you, baby girl.”

“Love you momma.” Alex answered instantly, thinking nothing of it.

“And Clarke, I love you more than anything in the world, and you are a gift, and I hope I show you that every day.” Lexa murmured, leaning down for a kiss, sending a feeling of joy through her body.

“You do, baby.” Clarke murmured. “And I love you more. Now stop being weird and make us waffles. And coffee. And also…can you do it shirtless? I need some reward for waking up this early.”

“Of course.”

Lexa laughed as Clarke and Alex lined her face with kisses.

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you asked for a niall smut request so maybe you over hear niall talking to some mates about your guys sex life and so you have to teach him a lesson later ;)

little blurb about niall talking about his sex life with friends? i feel like he would be one to give all the dirty little details

“So he throws me over his shoulder, slaps my ass and carries me to the bed like a sack of potatoes.”  Juliette said as she lifted her wine glass to her mouth for a sip.

Our friends Juliette and Chris were that couple.  The ones who were loud and boisterous and fun no matter what we were doing.  Out of all the couples at Niall’s and my home that evening, Juliette and Chris were by far the most entertaining.

“Hey, it works in the movies.”  Chris said as he searched around the kitchen for a trash can while the rest of us laughed.

“What movie?  Please tell me what movie has that in it?” Juliette demanded as she pointed to one of the cabinets Chris was standing in front of, “That one, Babe.”

“Ah, thanks Sweets.”  He said as he opened the cabinet and threw his empty beer bottle into it.

“I think Patrick Swayze might have done that.”  Quipped Brian, another one of our friends.  His girlfriend Laura was the newest of the bunch.  She was quietly sipping her wine with her hand safely tucked inside Brian’s as it usually was.  Niall and I both decided it was a defense mechanism until she learned how to speak up in the midst of all the big personalities in our group.

Niall took a sip of his beer,

“Sounds more like a Brad Pitt kinda move.”  He said as he finished swallowing.

Brian bumped Niall’s fist with his own,

“Good one.”

“Best sex I ever had that night.”  Juliette finished.

Chris raised his hand in the air after opening the refrigerator,

“You’re welcome.”

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Bloody Nose

Summary: An unexpected noseblood during class strikes up an immediate friendship with no other than Reggie Mantle.

Word Count: 2,220.

A/N: Honestly, I’m utterly in love with Reggie by now. This was a complete blast to write and as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy! (also yes i’m very well aware that that’s a zach gif and not reggie one, oh well)

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I want Diana to be introduced to super girls group and for literally everyone to be like "oh my god shes a goddess and so strong and beautiful hOLY shit" except for mon hel (who is intimidated by strong women because he hates women) who proceeds to get his ass kicked by Diana and Diana literally throws him in a trash can and breaks one of his arms. Mon hel bitches about it for months but shuts up every time Diana enters the room.


Kara: Mon-El can you please hand me the dung bell over there?

Mon-Ew: well I would, if some crazy bitch hadn’t broken my fucking arm!

*Beautiful, amazing, insanely muscular Diana Prince walks in*

Diana: Hello, Manuel, healing slowly and painfully I hope?

Yawn-El: *sweats* yes! I mean, sure! I gotta go! *runs away*

Alex: *sees white bread running off crying and sprints to the training room*

Alex: DEE! You didn’t tell me you were here! Hold out your arm I want to do pull ups on them!!


Summary: Bucky and you loved messing around. But it became more and you don’t know if Bucky is ready for all of that. But because of a trip to the hospital, he realizes he is ready for it all. 

Warnings: cute shit. that is all

A/N: my family left for the day so i have so many hours to write and i’m super excited! so be ready for a the spam the next day or two!! much love XX

Originally posted by jamesbuchananbarnesisbae

It had been a hell of a month. Mission after Mission. You were ready to leave it all at the bottom of some liquor bottle and at the last puff of the pack of cigarettes. You sit down on the chair outside on the balcony. You go to light a cigarette as you hear the sliding door open. You turn your head to catch a glimpse of Natasha walking towards you.

“You know who really shouldn’t be smoking. Your lungs are gonna hate you for it during the next training session,” Nat says as she takes a seat next to you. She pops open the bottle of alcohol and takes a swig.

“You are one to talk, that will kill your liver. I guess we’ll just have to see who will die first,” You reply before taking another drag of your cigarette. You blow the stream of smoke straight into the air before looking at Nat.

“You know the boys find that hot actually. They were just in there fighting over who would come out and keep you company,” She takes a swig “But looks like i won.”

“Not surprised,” You add before laughing. You guys sit in comfortable silence before you decide to break it. “So i’m probably go sleep with Bucky again.”

“Oh really? And how is being FWBs going for you?” She asks before setting the bottle between her legs.

“Good. He is great in bed. Just as great in his work,” you simply state as you put out your cigarette. “I mean is it such a bad thing? He doesn’t seem to be too upset about it. He has stopped bringing those girls here.”

“Which none of us are complaining about. I’m happy you guys are happy. But just make sure you guys don’t get too far into it. There are certain points you will reach that will be a little too hard to get away from,” She explains as she places the bottle on her lips. She lets the liquid go down her throat before handing it to you. You take it and do that same before giving it back to her.

“I know. And we are being safe. It’s just so fun having him there…” You trail off before looking down at your legs. “I am just gonna keep having fun. One day it may change for all of us. But for now… I’m gonna enjoy myself.” And with that, you were up and leaving Nat in the silent sound of the city. You head inside, looking for the man that made you enjoy yourself.

It was a few weeks later and you were to be meeting Nat and Steve at some Vegan lunch Steve had requested you should go too. You woke up feeling under the weather but you didn’t want to leave Nat to suffer through that by herself. So you got ready, taking some medicine, praying that it would help. You throw your leather jacket, that matches Steve’s, on and head out the door.

You walk the stairs of the subway, consumed by the noses of the people and city. You walk slowly though, as the stomach pains are still coming in waves. Once on your train, you take a seat and look out the window into the dark tunnel. You sigh as the pain subsides once again as the train makes its way to your destination.

Once you have arrived, you step off and regret it completely. The motion causes something in you and you go into a dead sprint to find the nearest trash can. Your dip your head into one and spill out your breakfast from hours before. After the last of it comes out, you sigh as your legs feel completely weak. You slip down to the dirty floor, not caring, as you pull your phone out. You scroll weakly as Steve’s name pops up. It only takes seconds before you hear Steve’s voice come over the speaker.

“Where are Y/N? Nat and i are waiting,” He huffs into the phone, annoyance lacing his voice. You sit silently for a few seconds before your weak voice comes out.

“I can’t move..” You mumble, a tear slipping out of your eye. “I just threw up and now i can’t move. I feel completely weak and my legs don’t want to move.”

“Oh god Y/N,” Steve replies. You here a few muffled exchanges before his voice returns to your ears. “Where are you?”

“The subway near the restaurant. Sitting on the disgusting floor. Please come get me,” You say just above a whisper.

“We are on our way,” Steve says, trying to hide his worry with reassurance. You hang up and sit for a few more seconds before another wave of nausea hits you, hard. Your body gets the strength it needs to hoist yourself up and over the trash can once again. You throw up whatever was left in your system.

You feel a big hand on your back as another  pulls your hair out of your face. You look up to see Nat standing across from you then turn slightly to see Steve is the one holding your hair. You groan in pain as your legs go weak again, threatening to show your weak state once again.

“God, she is so pale. Steve, you will have to carry her,” Nat says as she rounds the trash can to pull your hair up into a messy bun. Once she is done, Steve picks you up, wrapping his massive hands around your body. You sling your hands weakly around his neck as they make their way back to the Tower.

Once in a hospital bed, Banner has some blood work done, trying to figure out what is up. He swabs your throat and then hooks you up to an IV. You lay there silently, Steve and Nat never leaving your side. After what feels like an eternity, Banner comes walking in and motions for Steve and Nat to come into the hallway with him. You sigh as you get concerned over whatever they were discussing. You go over every disease you knew as they make their way back into the room.

“Y/N, we have news..” Banner trails off, looking over at Steve.

“Yeah, now please don’t panic,” Steve says as he takes your hand in his. Panic makes it up your body.

“Babe… You’re pregnant..” Nat says as she takes your other hand. You sit in silence before starting to cry. “Oh no, babe, please don’t cry!”

“I fucking told him that it was not worth the risk! But no, we still had to have sex without a fucking condom!” You exclaim, pulling away from Steve and Nat. They sit down next to your legs, letting you cry and curse Bucky.

Once the tears are no longer coming, you all sit in silence before Steve speaks up.

“I can be there when you tell him. He needs to know.” He mumbles. You look over at him before looking back at the door.

“Thank you,” You respond as so many thoughts run through your head.

Two weeks have passed by and you were noticeably gaining weight. More specifically in the stomach area. This was starting to catch a few members eyes, but they didn’t want to cause drama. Thankfully Steve never left your side. Sadly this did not settle well with Bucky though. See, you were his girl and that fact you were slowly drifting from him to Steve hurt him a lot. So that is how this situation was finally brought to light.

You were standing in the kitchen with Steve as you two were making breakfast. The baby was screaming pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. So, You told Steve and he got to work.

“You excited for your appointment?” Steve’s asks as he places some whipped cream onto a strawberry. He hands it over to you. You take it and take a bite out of it.

“I am very excited! I just hope the baby is doing great! They feel great, from what i can feel. Unfortunately they are still giving mommy terrible morning sickness.” You say, rubbing your small bump. Steve smiles as he looks you up and down. You look up at him and smile. You take his hand and slowly guide it towards your belly.

“Y/N, are you sure?” Steve asks, hesitantly pulling away.

“You wouldn’t hurt them. It’s okay, i trust you.” You answer, pulling his hand closer. You slowly let it go as his hand touches your skin softly. You giggle at the contact, sending warmth into Steve. He smiles softly as he rubs his thumb across the little bump.

“You are the luckiest person! You have the best mommy who loves you with all her heart. If only she would tell daddy.” Steve explains, looking at the bump then at you. You sigh before looking away. You go to speak before another voice interrupts.

“Oh my god..” Bucky mumbles as he tries to take in the scene in front of him. Steve snaps his hand away from your tummy and you roll your shirt down just as fast. “Are you pregnant?! With Steve’s kid?”

“No Bucky.. God no..” Steve says, stepping in between you two. “But i will protect her and the baby if the dad doesn’t accept her and the baby.” Bucky looks at you before taking a few steps forward.

“Then tell me, Y/N, who is the dad?” Bucky asks.

“You..” You mumble, looking at your bump. You all stand in silence before Bucky moves Steve away from you. He then lifts your shirt slowly, exposing the bump once again. He places his metal hand on the little bump.

“Bucky..” Steve warns.

“It’s okay Steve,” you say, reassuring him. He moves behind you to continue breakfast but still keeps a close distance. Bucky proceeded to repeat Steve’s earlier actions, running his thumb across the small bump. A tear slips from his eye as his eyes meet yours.

“Mine.” Was all he says before crashing his lips into yours. You guys share a well needed kiss before you pull away. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“I was afraid you wouldn’t accept us. I was gonna have the baby no matter what. I didn’t plan on you to find out like this, but i am happy you did.” You explain.

“You’re my girl. And now the mother of my child. Of course i would accept you guys! I love you guys with all my heart. I can’t wait to be a family.” Bucky answers, wrapping his arms around you.

“We love you, too” You say, sighing contently.

Months passed and the day finally came. You, Bucky, and Steve were all sitting in the living room, watching some mindless show. You were snuggled into Bucky’s side as your feet rested across Steve’s legs. Then it hit you. A sharp pain made it’s way throughout your body, causing you to curl your toes. Steve looks down at your feet then up at your face.

“Y/N, you are sweating and bright red, are you and the baby okay?” Steve asks, causing worry to fill Bucky.

“I think so,” You try to say as coolly as possible. But the contractions were causing your body language to say other wise. Another presented itself, causing you to sit up as fast as your big tummy would let you. You cry out in pain as hot tears threaten to make their way down your face. You reach your hands out to Steve and Bucky as they help you up as fast but as slow as possible. Steve starts coaching you in your breathing as Bucky walks you to the elevator.

The pain subsides as you step into the elevator. Bucky presses the button to the hospital ward of the tower as Steve keeps coaching. You guys start to slow your breathing before you stop breathing altogether.

“Did your water just break?” Steve asks as his socks start to get wet.

“Yep” is all you say as a blush creeps across your face. But it doesn’t last long as the

pain of another contraction makes it’s way into your system. You cry out once again as your reach out for Bucky. He holds his hands out as you wrap your fingers around his wrists. You squeeze tightly as the pain one again slowly subsides. He clenches his jaw, looking up at Steve. Steve rubs your back, helping you through the breathing, mentally telling Bucky the elevator needs to hurry through his eyes.

Finally the elevator opens and you are greeted with a wheelchair and smiling Banner. He leads you and the boys to your room. Once inside, Bucky helps you get up, undressed and into a hospital gown. He then helps you into the bed and stays by your side. Steve takes the other side, letting you wrap your hand in his.

“Let’s have a baby.” Banner says as he puts his mask on. Once he is ready, he looks up at you. “I am gonna need you to push.”

After what felt like hours of pushing, you fall back into the bed, slowly giving up.

“I need you to push one more time.” Banner says, doing all he can to help you. You shake your her head slowly, tear after tear, mixing with sweat, travel down your face.

“I can’t, please don’t make me.” You say through tears. You look at Bucky. “Please don’t make me!”

“Baby, you have too! Come on, you are so strong! You are doing so good! You got this. Trust me, i am here.” Bucky says. He kisses your forehead trying to help reassure you. You nod your head as you look back at Banner.

“One, two, three PUSH!” Banner exclaims. You push as hard as possible and then you feel it. You look at Banner as he is holding your baby. You sigh a you fall back into the bed. “Meet your baby boy!”

“A boy.” You say tiredly. The nurses clean him off to the best of their ability before placing him on your bare chest. “My baby boy!” You rub his back, smiling tiredly but lovingly at your new baby boy.

Few hours pass and you’re in a new bed, sleeping soundly. The nurse walks in quietly as she brings in your baby boy back from the nursery. She spots Bucky sitting in the corner and makes her way to him. He looks up at her and smiles sweetly.

“He was missing his family,” the nurse whispers as she places your newborn son in his dad’s arms.

“We missed him,” Bucky whispers back as he smiles at his son. “Thank you.” The nurse nods her head as she turns away and leaves the room, shutting the door quietly. Bucky looks back down at his son and smile sweetly at his sleeping boy.

“God, you are perfect. Thomas, i love you with all my heart. I won’t lie, though. I was so nervous when your mommy told me about you. I didn’t think i could be a father, but you made me one. And because of your mommy, i now know i am ready for this.” Bucky pauses and looks up at your sleeping face. He then pulls out a ring from his pocket then looks back down at Thomas. “I am ready for this family”


Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1811

Prompts: Could you not talk to her, please? I think she’s trying to date you.” “Shit, how’d you make me blush like this?” and “I wish we could stay like this forever…” by anonymous

Author’s Note: This is adurable. Enough said! Thanks to my lovely friend @lovelydob for proofreading this for me!!

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“Throw Your Ex Here” - Kian Lawley Imagine

Request: i have MAJOR kian feels ugh it’s killing me!! could you pleasee write a fluff with kian?

A/N: I know I was supposed to make Sammy imagine instead of this one, but I was having Kian feelings too and I just couldn’t help it :’) I hope you don’t mind. Enjoy!


It was around 1 a.m. and I was lying in my bed and scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and basically, all social meadia that I have. 

It was when I was going through my Instagram and saw a very interesting pic. There was a trash can and on the wall above the trash can was standing an inscription ‘THROW YOUR EX HERE’ (the picture above obviously) and it immediately reminded me of Kian. 

Kian is my ex boyfriend who broke up with me, about a year ago and before the break up happened, we had been together for 2 years. We had so much fun and we loved each other so very much. We were in a serious relationship even tho we were never serious, if you know what I mean. We even used to live together, but then I moved out after we were done. 

I honestly never wanted to end our relationship, but he was saying ‘I need some space’, ‘maybe we should take a break’ and other shit like that and I instantly knew that that was it. I was heartbroken because of the break up, but we stayed friends. We talk sometimes, we say hi to each other if we see each other somewhere and stuff like that. 

Since the pic reminded me of him like I said, I decided to tag him in the comments below and after about 2 minutes I got a text from him. 

Kian: would you really put your favorite boyfriend in a trash can, y/n?
I don’t think so.

I chuckled a little on his message before replying back. 

Me: EX boyfriend, honey 

Kian: hmm.. ;) 

Me: what’s that supposed to mean?

Kian: maybe I miss you 

Me: good for you 

Kian: why you so harsh? 

Me: what do you want me to say? 

Kian: well I was hoping ‘I miss you too’ 

Me: you wish

Kian: let’s go for a walk 

Me: what? when? 

Kian: now 

Me: it’s 1:15 a.m., I don’t think so 

Kian: I’ll be in front of your building in 5 min ;) 

Me: Kiannnn! 

Kian: I’m waiting for you, baby 

I groaned getting out of bed. He can’t be serious. Why does he want to go for a walk now? Oh well, I forgot that it’s Kian. He’s being unpredictable as always. 

I put on my black pants, plain white tank top and black cardigan with a pair of black vans on my feet. I did NOT put any makeup on because it’s 1 a.m. and Kian’s seen me without makeup before, so..

I got out of the building and found him standing in front of his car with his hands in his pockets. 

‘Hey’ He said spreading his arms. 

‘Hi, psycho’ I said shortly wrapping my arms around his body as he wrapped his around me pretty tightly. 

‘Why psycho?’ He chuckled as we pulled back from each other. 

‘Because it’s 1:30?’ 

‘I was bored!’ He whined. 


‘He’s asleep and I’d rather go for a walk with you than him.’ He said looking at me as we already started walking. I just rolled my eyes and sighed. 

We were walking down the streets and just talking about some random things for about an hour when Kian suddenly stopped. 

‘What?’ I asked confusedly. He smirked, lifted me up in his arms in bridal style and started running with me in his arms towards the black trash can that looked smiliar to that one on the pic. ‘Kian, stop! We’re gonna fall down!’ 

‘Throw yor ex here!’ He said opening the trash can and I started screaming. 

‘Nooo! Kian, stop!’ I laughed tightly wrapping my arms around his neck as he tried to put me into it. ‘Please, no!’ I buried my head into his neck and then he walked away from it laughing as he sat us down on a bench. ‘You’re so fucking crazy’ I said. 

‘Oh c’mon, do you think I’d ever put you in there?’ He chuckled holding my legs in his lap. 

‘Honestly? I’m not sure.’ I couldn’t help bu laugh at how crazy he is. 

When laughter started to die, he all of a sudden asked  ‘Y/n, why did we break up?’

‘You said you needed space’ I said looking away and playing nervously with my fingers. 

‘That was so fucking stupid.’ He said. ‘That’s the stupidest move we’ve ever done.’ 


‘I miss everything we had, you know? I really do. It doesn’t feel right this way’ 

‘What way?’ 

‘This. Without you in my life because all I found without you was misery.’ He said. ‘And I blame myself because we didn’t fight for each other.’ 

‘Kian, I never even wanted us to break up. It was your decision.’ 

‘I know, fuck, I know.’ He said throwing his head back. ‘I don’t know what was wrong with me. You were all I wanted, all I needed. Fuck, you still are and you’ll always be. But it’s too late now to ask for one more chance isn’t it?’ He asked not looking at me at all. 

I moved myself to sit in his lap and then I made him look at me and when he did, I put my hand on his cheek while being really close to his face. 

‘I don’t know’ I said quietly. ‘Maybe it isn’t’ And then we kissed. Only then I realized how much I really missed him. His lips brought all the memories back. 

I broke the kiss and leaned my forehead against his as he pulled me more into him. 

‘I’m just really scared that you’re going to ask again for some ‘space’ after some longer time’ I said honestly. 

‘I once made that mistake, I promise that it will not happen ever again. I promise.’ He said. ‘Do you still love me?’ He asked and I looked up at the sky smiling. ‘Answer me’ He chuckled. ‘Y/n..Answer me!’ He started tickling me and I started screaming.

‘Kian, stop, stop! I do, okay? I do.’  

‘You do what? Say it.’ He said burying his head into my neck and leaving kisses. 

‘I love you’ I said smiling. He pulled back grinning like a child and kissed my lips. ‘I love you, Robert. Always have, always will’


Group/Member: Got7/Jinyoung

Words: 884

Genre/Warnings: smut, some fluff, oral (reader receiving), oppa kink, slight dom!Jinyoung (nothing over the top)

Summary: when a tickle fight leads to something more

Request: a reader on Wattpad for my smut book

A/N: Hello! This was requested on my Wattpad, so I thought I might as well share it with all of my lovely followers on here! I hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by umma-jy

“Stop it!” Y/N screams out as Jinyoung ruthlessly pins her to the bed and tickles her. She squirms around, trying to get out of his hold, eventually landing with her legs around his waist in an attempt to trap him. “Oppa, stop!”

He pauses in his actions to look at her. “Only if you call me oppa again.”

“I will call you oppa as many times as you want as long as you stop tickling me.” Y/N says, still panting from earlier.

“Alright.” He lowers himself so he’s resting on his forearms, and presses his lips to hers. “Call me oppa now.”

“Yes, oppa.” Y/N smiles as he kisses her again and wraps her legs tighter around him. He deepens the kiss, simultaneously grinding his hips into hers.

He pulls away and moves his face to the crook of her neck. “How about now?”

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Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: angst, bit of fluff

Warnings: language

Words: 2.4k

Requested: Yes, here! (Please read!)

-Admin Peach

When Taehyung called you after dance practice, asking if you could come to their dorm, you immediately said yes. You grabbed your purse and went out but not without getting take-out for the boys. It was raining like crazy and to add to that it was almost midnight. You were lucky you had a car. The streets were completely empty on your way to their apartment.

When you arrived, Jimin was already waiting for you at the door; his smile was bright but still tired.

“Hey Jimin! Could you help me with that?” you asked giving one of the bags to him.

He gladly took the bags and led you inside. Five boys were laying tiredly sitting around in the living room. As soon as Taehyung spotted your figure, he got up and wrapped his arms around your waist. You smiled softly and went on to prepare the meal.

“Hey raindrop, how was your day?” he asked, giving you a peck on your shoulder.

“Hm, it was alright.” you sighed in content of his touch.

Just when Taehyung wanted to turn you around to face him, you wiggled out of his embrace.

Yah, boys this isn’t exactly what I would call excited when someone brings over food” you said in a serious tone trying to conceal your giggles.

The boys didn’t seem to have noticed your arrival with food, so as soon as they heard this they got up and went to the kitchen. Their faces lit up at the sight of their favorite dishes.

“Oh my god Y/N we really don’t deserve you, thank you so much” Jin muffled, shoving food into his mouth.

You rolled your eyes and laughed at how overly dramatic Jin was about the food; as if it was your first time doing that. Taehyung just smiled about it and ate his food.

Time passed by and it was almost 2 in the morning. Everyone started to excuse themselves to catch some hours of much needed sleep. You, however, decided to leave the mess in the kitchen and went to Taehyung’s room. When you saw him already half asleep, you smiled. You were lucky to have him. You knew and loved him for less than a year but you loved him to bits, that was for sure. You quickly changed and got in bed, resting your head on his chest. The noise of his heartbeat made you drift away into the depths of the land of dreams.

When you woke up the next day you were greeted by a few sun rays. Next to you, the scent of your boyfriend still lingered on his pillow, the source of it long gone. His side was cold, so you decided it would be best to get up. You washed up and went to the kitchen to clean the mess you left yesterday. Taehyung was sat on one of the couches, his hands draped around his phone. You grumbled a “good morning” to which he didn’t respond. You didn’t really care; he was usually like this, always completely absent when he was on his phone. You were cleaning the kitchen and prepared breakfast. By the time you were done, the boys came out of their rooms.

You sensed something was wrong when Taehyung sat opposite of you instead of next to you. He ignored you. He even asked other members to ask you to pass him something. You decided it would be best to ask him later about this.

Over the time clouds hid the sun behind them, threatening to make this day another rainy one. You were sitting on the couches, waiting for Taehyung to actually go to his room. You let your thoughts wander around as t why he was ignoring you but nothing came to mind.

It was suddenly that Taehyung got up and went to his room. You quickly followed him. You had to find a solution to what was going on right now.

When you opened the door to his room he was sitting in front of his computer, probably to play a round of Overwatch.

“Tae…” you began.

No answer.


Again, no answer.

“Kim Taehyung, would you please answer me?!” you asked with a lot more force than you first intended.

“What do you want, Y/N?” his voice was full of annoyance.

“What did I do that you have to ignore me and that you’re annoyed with me?” you questioned knitting your brows together.

“Oh, Y/N, c’mon. You know what you did.” he answered, his voice calm but there was a hidden anger.

“I’m afraid not, Tae. Could you at least tell me what I did?” you sighed

“Seriously? Y/N, tell me where is my leather jacket.” he said through gritted teeth.

“The one that doesn’t fit you anymore? Um, I threw it away? Why are you asking me this? What’s the problem?” you were confused.

You’re my problem, Y/N! You keep touching my stuff and you just throw away my things just because it might look like trash to you!” he yelled.

You shook your head, still confused why he made such a hassle.

“God damn it, this was the jacket I got from my mother because she was fucking afraid that the other kids would bully me when I go to Seoul. It was freaking expensive and it was a sign of my mother’s love for me! You just threw that away, you threw away memories, love and my past as a trainee! Why can’t you just fucking ask before you throw anything into the trash that isn’t yours?! Maybe I just want to fucking keep my things as they are, broken, not fitting or suiting me anymore. I don’t give a damn shit. “

“Taehyung, I’m sorry I couldn’t-“ you said, regret filling your voice.

“Of course you couldn’t know because you never fucking ask me anything!” he yelled.

He was furious. His ears were red and his hands were clenched to fists, making his knuckles turn white.

“Taehyung, please…” you said, tears making their way to the corners of your eyes.

“No, not Taehyung. You throw away my fucking past as if it means nothing to you. I’m so sick of this. You touch things and if it looks weathered or old or doesn’t fit it finds its way to the trash can. Seriously, Y/N, if your past or things your family got you, don’t mean anything to you anymore then I’m fucking sorry but we’d be done.” he huffed.

“What…Please don’t do this…” you mumbled, unable to hold your tears at bay.

“I didn’t get to know you like this, Y/N. You were someone who loved to keep memories, but it seems like I can’t keep mine. Do you know how wrong it feels to know that the person you love just doesn’t seem to like your past, huh?! Do you?! No you don’t! Seriously, get out. I don’t want to see you.” he turned around.

“Tae, why can’t you just fucking see how sorry I am, you don’t even let me fucking talk here!” you cried, tears staining your hot cheeks.

“GET THE FUCK OUT Y/N” he yelled.

You did as you were told. You couldn’t stand this anymore so you grabbed your bag, slipped on your shoes and hoped your legs would take you somewhere far away from his dorm. Unfortunately, they didn’t. They brought you right to the park of your fateful first meeting. You were crying the whole time and you didn’t notice how it started raining when you sat down on one of the benches, hanging your head low. Sobs were heavily shaking your body. You couldn’t believe what he just did. Did he really just break up with you? Why didn’t he see your regret, why didn’t he let you say anything? Why is he always so extremely stubborn?

“Taehyung, what the hell did just happen?” Yoongi asked, crashing in his room.

“Leave me alone, Hyung.”

“No, I won’t leave you alone. What happened, spill it, Taehyung.” Yoongi answered sternly.

Taehyung got up and walked into the living room. All the boys had gathered there after the sudden break-out.

“Taehyung-ah” Jimin said a slight trace of worry in his voice.

“God damn it, she threw away the leather jacket my mom got me back when I was about to become a trainee.” he huffed out.

“And?” Jin asked.

“And I broke up with her.”

“Tae, you must be a fool to break up with someone as precious as Y/N!” Jin couldn’t believe what he just heard.

“What do you know, Hyung?” his voice got louder, “She never asks me if she can throw away my old stuff!”

“Taehyung, that’s no fucking reason to break up with her.” Yoongi said, clearly getting angry about his statement.

“Yoongi-hyung, you would be angry too if your girlfriend accidentally deleted some of your music you worked your ass off for.”

“I sure as hell would be angry, but I would never break up with her. If it was an accident and she’s really sorry then I’m able to fucking forgive someone. I don’t just throw them out and break up with them.”

Taehyung stood still, over thinking what Yoongi just said.

“You didn’t even let her talk, did you?” Jin sighed.

Taehyung just nodded his head, keeping his eyes on the ground.

“Listen, I know how much you love her. Heck, it looks like your heart is in her hands. You once said she’s the one, your soul mate. Please over think your choices, Taehyung; let her have a voice, too, in arguments.” Jin mentioned, taking a deep breath before getting up and giving Taehyung a pat on the shoulder.

After some time passed, you decided it would be best to go home and take a hot shower.

When you arrived at you apartment, completely drenched and freezing you quickly got in and took of your wet clothes. Letting the hot water run over your cold skin felt good. It washed away all your tears and worries, keeping you distracted for a short moment.

When you got out you started watching TV and after the sun set, the moon rose and the time moved closer to 2 AM. You turned off the only source of light in your apartment right now and went straight to sleep.

The sound of rain drops hitting against the flat surface of your windows woke you up. The sky was grey and fog lingered all over the city. It looked like a day to spend inside. It was the perfect day to cuddle and watch movies. As you realized what you just thought, tears were already streaming down your face, leaving dark spots on your shirt wherever they touched. You realized this was no longer possible. You were still hoping that this was a mistake but as you took your phone to see if you got any messages, your hopes were crashed because there were neither a call nor a message of him. Did he not love you enough to really let this crash down on his feelings?

Swiping away your tears you made yourself a coffee and went straight for the TV to watch some random series. Halfway in said series you were a crying mess. Everything reminded you of him. You took the remote and as you were about to turn off the TV, the door bell rang twice.

Who could it be? You didn’t invite anyone over. You walked towards the door and looked through the spy and there he was – the boy you loved.

“Y/N-ah please open, I know you’re home.” he pleaded.

“What do you want?” you questioned, your voice void of any emotion.

“I want to apologize for being such a shitty boyfriend” he mumbled, still loud enough for you to hear.

You sighed. Maybe he was actually going to apologize. You took a deep breath and opened the door.

“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t throw you out right now.” you scoffed.

“Because you deserve an apology and you still love me and I still love you.” he responded, keeping his eyes on the ground.

You turned on your heels and led him into your small apartment.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry. I shouldn’t have lashed out on you like this. It was stupid of me to just break up with you over this jacket. I should’ve listened to what you had to say first. I am sorry. Please understand, this jacket meant and still means so much to me, I just got angry because I never thought anyone would throw it away. I don’t know what thing possessed me to break up with you. I love you; I still do and please take me back. If I was able to rewind everything, I would do it right now.” he huffed out, his hands trembling.

“Taehyung…I really don’t know. You could have just said something instead of ignoring me and then lashing out on me like that. I’m sorry, too, you know but you didn’t give me a chance to even say anything. You just went on rambling about me when I was trying to apologize. I do cherish your memories and I accept if you want to keep anything and I am truly sorry that I invaded that part of you without asking you.”

“It is okay now, Y/N…but will you, I mean, will you take me back?” he questioned, afraid to look into your eyes.

“Yes, but-“ you hold up your index finger.

“Oh my god, thank you so much rain drop!” he smiled, almost jumping around.

“BUT, if you ever pull this shit again, there will be no rewind button.”

He nodded, taking your hands in his, while looking into your eyes.  The sparkle that left your eyes yesterday came back and Taehyung loved it. He was still sorry that he was the one who took it away but he was also happy he was the one who brought it back to you. And with this thought he leaned in and pressed his soft lips on yours, taking you into a warm embrace.

A/N: The jacket I’m talking about is this one. Also this scenario is re-written, not copied or anything else of that sort. 

askusanythingavengers  asked:

Speaking as someone who runs into this issue on their lunch almost daily, do maitenence workers prefer if someone stops them before they change a garbage bag to throw something away (assuming the bag isn't already overflowing) or if someone throws something in the can right after they change the bag?

As someone that cleans for a living please for the love of God don’t throw it into the fresh bag. We’re supposed to change the bag every night and it has to be empty before we leave for the night. We can’t just pick it out and put it into the old bag, we have to change the bag all over again. I never minded if someone handed me something or said “oh hold on, here”. We have larger bins we roll around with us to dump the trash into that we take to the dumpster later. I have had people put their trash into those so they wouldn’t be soiling a fresh bag. Always appreciated not having to change the fresh bag all over again. -Abby

anonymous asked:

I'm practically shacking for any form of art you do because I love it so much. Where can I throw my money at you???? Do you do commissions? How do they work actually?....

Aaaaaaa omg thank you ;//w//; !!! I’m gonna be pretty busy for the next couple of weeks with finals and my graduation but I planned on setting up a patreon or commission post over the summer, or maybe having commissions as a tier reward. In fact, if there’s something anyone would like to see as a reward please let me know!

What is consistency!?

I am in love with the scene after she confronts him, where I didn’t draw faces ^-^ I love it!!

Here is Miraculous Fluff Month, Day One: Blush! Chlonath style!


(I used to hate this ship, but I wanted to draw something that was not canon or part of the love-square, so… Drawing this [quickly and horribly xD I swear, I can draw better than this! Breakdance!Chat Noir and Volpina!Alya are proof!! xD] made me fall in love with Chlonath!!!)

DISCLAIMER: I SWEAR I LOVE CHLOE (I wish I could accent it from my pc without Google….). Also, I would totally write out the whole story as it played in my head in full detail, but please let me off the hook this time! I can’t do it right now. I will, soon, though. I’m sorry that this is not quality content, and is more than bland. Thanks for enduring it, though!


Nath: *is drawing Chloe* It’s not good enough… *crumples paper and throws it behind him, trying to get it to the trash. Misses*

Trashcan: (you missed, fam)

Chloe: Who’d the weirdo draw this ti–

Trashcan: *simultaneoulsy* (ew. that’s more trash than I can handle)

Chloe: –me… He drew me o///0 (with little hearts <3)

Chloe: *confronts Nathaniel* Hey, Tomato-head!

Nath: *freezes, blushing madly*

Chloe: Nice drawing of me.

Nath: *turns around to face her. smiles* Really?

Chloe: *small smile* Yeah.

Nath: You’re being so nice.. (is this a trick??)

Chloe: *blushing madly, looking down* I don’t know what you’re talking about….

*Long, awkward silence*

Chloe and Nath: *both blushing A LOT* WILL YOU GO ON A DATE WITH ME!?

*Center picture: Chloe and Nath, looking away, blushing*

The Beast

This fic takes place right after 14x02 

“Hey!” Arizona’s cheerful voice rang in the shocked filled atmosphere at the MRI room.

Amelia could move again and she sprinted out of the room as fast as she could. Also hitting Arizona who was very confused.

“What's…” Arizona stepped next to Carina. “Oh my god! Is it what I think it is?” Arizona asked, she was in shock.

“Yeah.” Carina sighed and put a comforting hand on Arizona’s back.


Amelia ran as fast as she could. She didn’t even notice to ran past Megan’s room where Owen and Teddy were asleep.

She needed air. She needed to scream. She just… she just had to get out of there.

Amelia ended up running through the ER where it was quiet for now. April, who couldn’t stay at Jackson’s that night, noticed her and she knew there was no trauma coming in. She followed Amelia outside.

Amelia was having a panic attack when she felt someone’s hand on her back.

“Deep breaths.” April said softly.

Amelia was looking around and noticed a trash bin near by. She ran there to throw up.

“It’s okay.” April was rubbing her back and holding her hair while she was vomiting.

“I can't… it’s too much…” Amelia cried out after awhile.

“What happened?” April was worried.

“This universe is fucked up, you know.” Amelia said and laughed ironically.

“Please, tell me what’s going on. I can help you.”

“Are you the best neurosurgeon?”

“What?” April was confused. “I'm…”

“Yeah, you aren’t. So, that means you can’t help me.” Amelia leaned against the wall and sat on the ground. She stared blankly in front of her.

“I have a tumor.” A pause. “It’s a beauty.”

April sat next to Amelia and put her arm around her friend.

“When did you find out?” April tried to stay calm for Amelia.

“Right before I ran here.”

April squeezed her for comforting.

“You’ll get through this. Amelia. Look at me!” Amelia did with her empty eyes. “We all are going to help you.”

“I have no idea who I am.” Amelia started crying and broke down. April pulled her into a hug and sighed. She was all heartbroken and scared for Amelia.


A knock on the on call room and the door opened.

“Dr. Kepner said I’ll find you here.” Deluca said and saw Amelia sitting on the floor with all her scans surrounding her.

“Okay.” Amelia said without any emotions.

The door opened again and Richard stepped inside.

“Amelia.” He said after he knew that she won’t notice him. “You have to…”

“I told you to keep your mouth shut!” Amelia was definitely angry when she stood up and walked towards Deluca.

“Amelia, stop it!” Richard said.

She backed off. Richard looked at Deluca to make him leave. The door closed after the resident closed it from outside.

“I get that you’re upset and angry but you can’t hide it.”

“And who are you to tell me that?” Amelia said angrily.

“All those people around you, care about you. You can’t do that to them. I’m not saying everyone needs to know but your family for sure. Have you thought how will Owen or Meredith or Maggie react? Or even your family?”

“No, does it look like I have any time? There’s a tumor in my frontal lobe and I might lose everything what makes me me.”

“I get that’s scary but you have to tell them, Amelia.”

“How about a coffee?” Amelia asked suddenly.

“I’d love to.” Richard responded and they went to the attendings lounge.


Maggie could hear a conversation through the door but she couldn’t tell who they were. When she opened the door she could hear Amelia say. “Richard, I told you many times already, I won’t tell them!”

“Tell who what?” Maggie asked.

“Nothing.” Amelia answered too quickly and looked Richard angrily.

“What’s going on?” She asked from Richard now.

“Amelia has a…”

“Shut up!” She yelled. Amelia started pacing and put her hands on her forehead. She kept repeating I can’t do this. I can’t do this. I can’t do this…

Meredith walked in and saw a pacing Amelia and worried Maggie and Richard. “What’s happening here now?” She asked a little bit annoyed.

“She nor Richard aren’t telling me.” Maggie answered.

“It’s Amelia’s thing to tell you. It’s not my place.” Richard responded.

“Amelia!” Meredith said. Amelia didn’t respond but continued pacing and repeating the same sentence. Meredith stood right on Amelia’s way to stop her. “Amelia!” Meredith put hands on her shoulders to stop her.

Amelia looked into Meredith’s eyes. Meredith could tell Amelia’s eyes were completely empty.

“I have a 10cm tumor in my frontal lobe.” Amelia said without having any emotions. She could feel getting sick again.

Amelia rushed to the trashcan and threw up. Meredith and Maggie were shocked.

Maggie felt a tear running down her cheek. Meredith looked Amelia with sadness. She couldn’t lose another Shepherd, even if she hated her for not being Derek.

“I need some air.” Amelia said after cleaning her mouth with water.

She passed Meredith, Maggie and Richard who were sitting on the couch now.

Again Amelia walked pass Megan’s room when she pumped into Arizona.

“Amelia…” Arizona looked at her with sad eyes.

“I’m fine. Please do me a favor. Don’t tell anyone about it and don’t look me with your pity. I seriously hate that but I don’t want to hate you.”


Megan noticed Amelia chatting with another doctor.

“She’s working still?” Megan asked Owen.

“Who?” Owen asked.

Megan nodded towards the window where she could see Amelia. “She was in a rush last night. Was there a huge trauma coming in?”

Owen looked at the pale and fragile looking Amelia. “I don’t think so. April would’ve told me about it. It was a quiet night.”

Amelia walked away and Owen’s glance met with Arizona’s hurting one.

Meredith walked in to check up on Megan. Owen could tell from the first second he saw her that something was off.

“It’s healing very well.” Meredith pulled the covers back on Megan and smiled her fake smile.

“What’s wrong?” Owen asked directly.

“I’m sorry?” Meredith asked.

“You seem kinda distant today. Is there something wrong with…?”

“Ohh, no, no, no. Megan is all good. Like I said it’s healing very well. But…”

“But what?” Owen got worried.

Meredith sighed. “It’s not my place to say it, so you should talk to Amelia.”

Her pager went off and she excused herself.

“Owen, go find her.” Megan said.

“Why should I? She doesn’t care.”

“Owen. Go!” Megan demanded. “I have a bad feeling and you know it hasn’t failed me this far.”

“Okay” Owen sighed. “I’ll be back soon.” And he stepped outside.


Owen looked in the on call rooms but he couldn’t find her. He decided to try to look her from outside. He found her. Amelia had a cup of coffee in her hand and she was sitting on a bench. It was a quiet place because no one came there.

“Hey.” Owen said and sat next to Amelia. She didn’t respond. “Meredith told me that I should talk to you.”

“Okay.” Amelia said quietly.

“What’s really going on?” Owen asked. “You’ve been off lately…”

“Don’t you dare start that again.” Amelia said angrily.

“Amelia, I’m here to understand you. I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what is going on.”

A pause. “Fine. Come with me.” Amelia said distantly and walked towards the hospital. Owen followed her.


Amelia took the elevator down to the basement. Owen knew there were some offices down there but they hardly used them.

Amelia opened one of the doors where the scans were all over the walls.

“This is it.” She said coldly. Not facing Owen she placed her hands on the table and let her head fall. She sighed deeply.

“That’s a bad tumor.” Owen said when he had looked at the scans closely.

Amelia just looked at him. “Those are mine.” She said quietly.

“I’m sorry?” Owen didn’t hear her that well.

“Those are mine.” Amelia said it louder now and walked next to Owen.

Owen was shocked. He couldn’t do anything.

“I found out last night.” Amelia said without any emotions.

“Come here.” Owen finally said quietly. He pulled Amelia into a tight hug.

Amelia couldn’t be strong anymore. She felt how her legs went weak and she broke down. She cried hard while Owen was hugging her even tighter. He hide his face on her neck and he cried too.

They ended up sitting on the floor. Amelia curled up on Owen’s lap.

“I don’t know who I am anymore.” Amelia ended the silence.

Owen was playing with her hair. “Yes you do. You are still you, Amelia.” Owen put his hand on her cheek to wipe off another tear.

“I don’t know if I’ll make thorough this.” She was crying again. Owen put his arms around Amelia and pulled her closer to his chest.


“Who else knows about this?” Owen asked while they were in the elevator.

“Well you, Mer, Maggie, Richard, April, Arizona, Carina and Deluca.” Amelia was surprised that that many people knew about it already.

“You should call your family.”

“What?” Amelia turned her head to face Owen.

“You should call your family.” Owen repeated.

“Family who hates me?”

“Amelia, please.” Owen pleaded but the elevator doors opened and Amelia’s pager went off.

“I have to go.” Amelia said and run off.

“I’ll be at Megan’s room. Come find me after you’re done.” Owen yelled after her but Amelia didn’t respond.


“So?” Megan asked when she saw Owen walking in.

“Don’t.” Owen raised his hand and sat on her bed. He took his head between his hands and sighed shakily.

Megan gave him time but Teddy walked in.

“What’s going on?” She asked.

“He went after Amelia and now won’t tell me anything.” Megan said.

“Owen. Did you tell her?” Teddy kneeled in front of him.

“What?” Owen raised his head.

“Did you tell Amelia what happened?” Teddy asked again.

“No, I didn’t. It’s just…” Tears were now running down his cheeks.

“Come here.” Megan said and made room next to her. Owen laid next to her and Megan hugged her tightly.

“Just calm down. It’s okay.” Megan tried to comfort her while Owen broke down. He couldn’t do that in front of Amelia because he wanted to be her rock.

“She… Umm… Amelia has… she has a brain tumor.” Owen tried to tell his sister and Teddy. “It’s a big one. I can’t lose her.” And another wave of break down took over him.

“Shh.” Megan tried to comfort him. “It’s going to be okay. She’ll push through, Owen. She will.”

Owen cried himself to sleep in Megan’s arms.


“Am I talking to Carolyn Shepherd? As Amelia and Derek Shepherd’s mom?” Owen asked.

“Yes that’s me. Who am I speaking to?” Carolyn asked.

Owen could hear fear and annoyance in her voice.

“It’s Amelia’s husband.” Owen said.

“Why are you calling me?”

“Maybe because I want you to know that your daughter has a 10cm brain tumor in her left frontal lobe.” Owen started losing his patience.

“I’m sorry?” Carolyn was shocked. She didn’t want to believe him.

“You should come. Amelia didn’t want you to know anything about it but I know even if you hate her, you still have to care.”

“I don’t hate my daughter.” Carolyn sighed. “She’s just too much to handle. I’m scared that in any second I’ll get a call like this. Call where they tell me that I have to come to the hospital or morgue to see her.”

“It’s not late, Carolyn.” Owen said softly. “Amelia will push through but she needs her people next to her.”

“Okay.” Owen could hear her sniffling. “I’m on the next flight to Seattle.”

“I’ll be waiting. Thank you for not pushing her away.”

“I will always love my daughter, Major Hunt.”

“It’s Owen for you.”

“Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow, Owen.”

“See you.”


“You did what?” Amelia yelled.

“Amelia, she cares!” Owen tried to defend himself.

“You shouldn’t have done that. She always judges me, Owen!”

“Amelia, give her a chance.”

“You just don’t know.” Amelia walked away towards the stairs. Owen stayed at the nurses station on Megan’s floor.

“How is she?” Teddy asked and put her hand on Owen’s shoulder.

“She’s mad that I called her mom.”

“I’m sure it’ll be okay. She seems even stronger than Derek was and you remember how he used to push through all the complications he had.”

“Yeah.” Owen sighed and they went to Megan’s room.


“I’m looking for Dr. Shepherd and Dr. Hunt.” Carolyn said.

“Do you have an appointment?” The nurse asked.

“I don’t. Can you just page them?”

“I’m sorry but they aren’t on call today.”

“Look, I was on the phone with Dr. Hunt yesterday. He told me to come look for him here, so page him at least.”


“I’m sorry. I’ll be right back.” Owen excused himself while the neurosurgeon was going through Amelia’s files.


“Hi.” Owen greeted his mother-in-law. They shook hands. “Amelia is at the office. The neurosurgeon she called is there with her and going through the files. Should we go there or wait till they’re done?”

“I think it’s better to wait.”

“Okay. Cafeteria or should I introduce you to my family?” Owen asked.

“I wouldn’t mind a coffee before I meet your parents.”

“Well, my dad is dead, so it’s only my mom and my sister.”

“I see you have a common past with Amelia.”

“I know what happened to her dad. I was 10 when my dad died.”

“It was probably a tough time for your family.”

“Yeah.” Owen sighed.


“This is my mom Evelyn.” Owen said after he closed Megan’s door. “And my sister Megan.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Evelyn said and they shook hands.

“It is.” Carolyn smiled.

Owen sent Amelia a text “I’m in Megan’s room. Come here after your appointment is done. Love you - O.”


It took Amelia 15 more minutes to open Megan’s door.

“Mom?” Amelia was shocked to see her.

“Owen called.”

“You told her?” Amelia turned to Owen and was definitely pissed.

“Amelia just listen…” Owen said.

“I can’t believe you did this to me.” Amelia sprinted out of the room.

“I told you she will be pissed.” Carolyn told Owen when he sighed.


Amelia found an empty supply closet and was having another panic attack. She took her phone out and found Addison’s number.

It rang a few times till Addison picked up.

“Amelia!” She heard Addison’s happy voice. “I’ve missed you. Well we all do at the practice. It’s not the same without…” Addison heard Amelia’s shaky breathing. She remember that sound from the phone too well from when Amelia was still a teenager.

“Amelia, listen to me. You have to calm down. Find a paper bag and breath in it.” She could hear Amelia moving and then breathing in the bag. “That’s it. Slow deep breaths.”

“I’m sorry.” Amelia said while crying.

“What happened?” Addison got worried.

“I… Umm… I…” Another panic attack hitting her.

“Breath, Amelia. Just breath!”

“Addie…” Amelia broke down. “I can’t do this.”

“Do you need me? Because I can talk to Charlotte and take the hospital’s helicopter to Seattle.”

“I…” Amelia still cried.

“Hold on. Charlotte is here. Stay on the line. I’ll put you on speaker.” Addison said.

“What’s going on?” Amelia could hear Charlotte asking confusedly.

“It’s Amelia.”

“Amelia. Are you there?” Charlotte asked.

“Yeah.” She responded with a shaky voice.

“What happened?” Charlotte asked.

“I need you. I can’t do this on my own.” Amelia cried harder.

“Did you relapse? You have to get to a meeting.” Charlotte said.

“No, I didn’t.” Amelia could hear relieved sighs. “It’s even worse. I have… I have a brain tumor in my left frontal lobe.”


It went all quiet in the practice kitchen. Addison and Charlotte were both shocked and went pale in the face.

“What happened to you two? Like you’ve seen a ghost or something.” Sheldon came in the kitchen.

Amelia heard his voice and felt another panic attack taking over her. Charlotte could hear that and took the phone and walked out of the kitchen to her office.

“Amelia. Slow and deep breaths. You can do that to me. We’ll figure something out.”

“I won't… survive.. this, Charlotte.” Amelia said between breaths.

“Yes, you will!” Charlotte said. “Addison and I will be there as soon as we can. I’ll tell the hospital right now that we need a helicopter to Seattle.”

“Charlotte.” Amelia sniffed.

“What do you need ?”

“I wish it was a dream.” She said quietly.

“I know. I wish that too.” Charlotte said sadly. “But we’re going to fight.” She didn’t hear Amelia to answer. “Right?”

“Yeah. We’re going to fight.”

“I’ll call you when I get any information when we’ll land, okay?”

“Okay. Charlotte?” A pause.

“What is it?”

“I love you!” Amelia said softly.

“I love you too, Amelia!”


“See you soon!”

Charlotte walked back to the kitchen where Addison had told everything to Sheldon.

“So?” Addison asked.

“I’ll make few calls and I promised her we’re coming.” Charlotte handed Addison’s phone back.

“Okay, I’ll go talk with Jake.”

“I’ll meet you here in 15 minutes. I have to talk things through with Cooper too.”


Addison and Charlotte left the kitchen. Leaving worried Sheldon alone.


“I told Amelia we’ll land in 20 minutes.”

Addison’s elbows were resting on her knees. She sighed and raised her head from her hands. “I just don’t get it.”

“Don’t get what ?” Charlotte asked.

“Amelia has been through so much and it never seems to end…” She wiped a tear from her cheek.

“Addison, you know her. She’s very strong and she’ll push through. She has to.” Charlotte sighed.

The rest of the ride they didn’t say anything. They were too deep in their thoughts.


When the copter landed Amelia was waiting for them on the roof.

Her face didn’t have any emotions. She just stood there and waited for Addison and Charlotte to get to her.

“Addie…” Amelia tried hard to not break down.

Addison pulled her into a tight hug. “Ohh, Amelia.”

Charlotte pet Amelia’s head. She also hugged her before they went to the elevator.


Addison and Charlotte stepped out of the elevator, Amelia right behind them. Amelia’s office was on the same floor where Megan was treated. Amelia could see her mom, Owen and Teddy stepping out of Megan’s room.

“Amelia.” Her mom said when she noticed her daughter.

Amelia didn’t say anything. She was still standing behind her friends.

“Amelia, she’s here to make peace.” Owen tried.

“Owen, stay out of this! You don’t know my family. You don’t know…” Amelia was pissed and yelling.

Addison turned around and put her hands on Amelia’s shoulders. “Stop it! Take Charlotte to your office. I’ll be there in a minute.”

Charlotte wrapped her left arm around Amelia and they started walking towards her office. When they passed Carolyn, Owen and Teddy Amelia couldn’t look at them. Instead she looked on the floor and made herself as tiny as possible. She was so vulnerable.

“Addison, our family things haven’t been your business for a long time now.” Carolyn said.

“I’m still Amelia’s sister! I know very well how her sisters treat her. Amy has told me everything. You didn’t even attend her wedding. You don’t even know…” Luckily Addison realized what she was about to say. She knew that Amelia had told Owen about her baby but she never told her family.

“I don’t know what?” Carolyn was confused.

“Doesn’t matter.” Addison said. “If you’ll excuse me, Amy needs me right now.” Addison asked one of the nurses for direction to Amelia’s office and soon she was there.


Charlotte and Amelia were sitting closely on the couch when Addison stepped in.

“So?” Charlotte asked.

“Never mind.” Addison said while she sat on the chair.

Amelia stood up and took the remote control to turn on the scans screens.

“Well this is the beast. Where should we start?” Amelia asked.

The Last Song | 1

Intro: When it seems that love is in it’s hardest reach, someone comes out of the blue, and surprises you. But how will Y/N and Grayson work out, with so many different reasons as to why they shouldn’t be together?

Keep reading