throw in thursday

Tiny People, Tiny Cars

Looking down from the top of the Torre degli Asinelli in Bologna.  

Built in the 11th century with 498 steps! After all those stairs we took our time resting and checking out the view before heading back down. :)

Nikon 4300, Bologna, Italy, June 2004

Two men in 1974 claimed to be taking a leisurely drive through the Picardi region of Aisne, France, when they stopped in a village to examine five black eyed beings.  According to researcher David Weatherly, “The appearance of the five characters was as strange as their behavior. They were all just over four feet tall. They were dressed alike with long garments that almost reached the ground. These garments were decorated with multicolored spots. The beings themselves had earthy yellow skin and long hair that fell down their backs and to their waist. Their noses were compressed inwards, and their eyes were described as enormous, solid black hemispheres, the size of billiard balls.”  The men drove away in terror when the being closest to their car gestured for them to come closer.


Seeking the Cool Shade

Valley of Fire is beautiful, but I think my favourite part were the antelope squirrels. They kept scurrying about and lying flat on the shady sand to cool themselves off before darting away again :)

Super adorable, but too fast for me, only managed a few usable shots :)

Canon 5D2, Valley of Fire, Nevada, USA, May 2016

This is one of my favorite selfies.

Knowing where my heart and mind were when I️ captured this in Photo Booth… dang. Such heartbreak and turmoil lay ahead of me. I think deep down I could sense it. I️ was dancing with the devil and I knew it wouldn’t last. I️ was in the wrong place and so was my heart.

At the time, I was still feeling my way through the darkness, inching my way towards the light. Soon, I would see how close I️ was to the fork in the road. A choice would be made. And lives would be changed forever…

Also, I’m totally wearing THE GREATEST SHIRT in my possession!!!! Which btw, I️ purchased AT the actual concert in Lakeland, FL.


“I moved to California when I was twelve and I got a video camera and made little movies because I didn’t have any friends yet. I would force my sister to make these movies with me - which became my YouTube channel.”
                                                                                           -Dylan O'Brien

I rewatched Cars yesterday and I read things about Sally from blogs and I’m sure you read them. There are a few things that I would like to say. Since the day I saw Sally in the first movie I always wanted to have a Porsche. Obviously it is impossible. Anyway. In the first film, Sally took on an important role. She was holding the town together. Everyone was desperate, but she was struggling for something. I would love to know her life in Los Angeles. Maybe it depends on other reasons why she help the town. She just does not help because she’s in love with the beauty there. Even meeting McQueen was an important process. I’m sure McQueen was in love with her first appearance. Although he said he would not take dinner her, he likes her. Sally was again the reason why McQueen did not want to leave the town before a few days of great racing. Neon signs were already fixed for her. When the team came in to pick him up, I noticed that both of them had their eyes filled up again. What a great loss. For a moment I thought Sally would go behind the trailer. Because on that scene, Sally really seemed to find it what she was looking for. Happiness. Yes, she had said she was not happy in Los Angeles, but there was something much more serious about her. Maybe we will never find out, but she was really happy with McQueen for the moment, and at least I think so, she trusted someone. She seemed to be relaxed. After the race, he returned to the town because he missed the place, and he missed Sally too. We all know that. And I hate that because Mater breaks that moment. We lost the single kissing scene because of him. (But I’m just angry for that scene. I love Mater, do not get it wrong.) Whatever it is anyway. Okay, Sally had to be very visible in the first movie. After all, it was a movie about the town. But I will not say the same things for the next movies. I was very excited when the second film came in five years. But they showed Sally for almost five minutes or so. It was a complete disappointment. The only thing we could see was that both of them were in Wheel Well and that scene did not last that long. Then we watched McQueen’s jealousy because of Francesco and then they left the town for World Grand Prix. Only Sally was not treated badly. All the characters in town were treated badly. It was just a film about Mater. It was a movie intended to make money. I’m not even talking about the pit scene in London. It was frustrating. I sincerely laughed in the film only on McQueen, Francesco and Sally scene. Six years later, the third movie was a little better. Maybe not as much as the first movie, but we still saw Sally. She convinced McQueen and many more. At least there were female characters and it was a feminist film. I hope that in the coming years something like a short movie will come out and we can learn what it is. Or they turn alternatives into short films for Cars 3 and we learn about Sally’s past. I love Sally so much and I do not want anything to happen to her. She and McQueen deserve the best. For me, they had to get married for 11 years. There is nothing to do. All I want is short films to arrive. Or better yet, they can start working on the fourth film.