throw in thursday

Tiny People, Tiny Cars

Looking down from the top of the Torre degli Asinelli in Bologna.  

Built in the 11th century with 498 steps! After all those stairs we took our time resting and checking out the view before heading back down. :)

Nikon 4300, Bologna, Italy, June 2004

  • baz: fuck simon snow
  • baz: but also /fuck/ simon snow, u know?
  • dev, softly under his breath: what the fuck baz

Seeking the Cool Shade

Valley of Fire is beautiful, but I think my favourite part were the antelope squirrels. They kept scurrying about and lying flat on the shady sand to cool themselves off before darting away again :)

Super adorable, but too fast for me, only managed a few usable shots :)

Canon 5D2, Valley of Fire, Nevada, USA, May 2016

Two men in 1974 claimed to be taking a leisurely drive through the Picardi region of Aisne, France, when they stopped in a village to examine five black eyed beings.  According to researcher David Weatherly, “The appearance of the five characters was as strange as their behavior. They were all just over four feet tall. They were dressed alike with long garments that almost reached the ground. These garments were decorated with multicolored spots. The beings themselves had earthy yellow skin and long hair that fell down their backs and to their waist. Their noses were compressed inwards, and their eyes were described as enormous, solid black hemispheres, the size of billiard balls.”  The men drove away in terror when the being closest to their car gestured for them to come closer.


“I moved to California when I was twelve and I got a video camera and made little movies because I didn’t have any friends yet. I would force my sister to make these movies with me - which became my YouTube channel.”
                                                                                           -Dylan O'Brien