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I asked some random person on my skype about the image and what they said was priceless, as I quote: "a UFO addict serving food or throwing food at a young couple"

(( this is also true ))

Newly released food expiration dates finally make sense, which will save Americans billions

  • On Wednesday, two of the largest trade associations in the food industry announced that they would do away with “sell by” labels.
  • They’re going to standardize the food dates on labels as part of a voluntary initiative.
  • The Food Marketing Institute and the Grocery Manufacturers Association will begin phasing the two standardized freshness and quality labels immediately, with the goal of having every member company use them by summer 2018.
  • The phrases are:
    • 1. BEST if Used By
      • This label will reflect a “quality date.”
    • 2. USE By
      • This label will reflect a firm expiration date. Foods should be disposed of after this date.
  • Using common product date wording could eliminate confusion and result in Americans throwing out less food. Read more (2/15/17 5:36 PM)

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Highlights from the live chat with Starfan13

  • She has her own spider with a top hat. Did she ask Star to make her one, or did she go to the trouble of searching for a doll tophat that would perfectly fit her own ordinary spider, to match Star’s? Both good.
  • “Alex K. asks, ‘If you ever got to switch lives with Star, would you?’ Well, you would think the answer would be yes, but then I don’t know what I’d spend all my free time doing if I couldn’t see Star, you know?” I do know…
  • Her favorite of Star’s spells is the Narwhal blast, “because narwhals are so cute and pointy.” Same!
  • She has little hearts with faces magically flying around her room… I’d love to see the scene where Star made her those!
  • Mushrooms, “soooo many mushrooms,” are her favorite pizza topping… same. Also, nice to hear something that would not be Star’s favorite topping. She does always adopt Star’s favorite color, though.
  • Star made her this cute little flying beastie!!
  • There’s more than one, actually. And little flying narwhals!
  • Her favorite holiday is Christmas, because of the presents.
  • She likes horror films.
  • “I saw her in school, and then I, you know, I knew I had to spend my life following her around; you know, sometimes love is like that.”
  • She has a laser puppy named Señor Marco Junior. “Star and Marco gave him to me; isn’t that nice? They’re the best friends.”
  • She likes reggae and jazz.
  • Star gave her the wand-lamp, and even updated it so that half of it flashes–it goes from a fully lit-up wand to a half-lit wand and back.
  • She loves “lots of animals, but especially cats,” and says, “As a matter of fact, on weekends, I wash people’s cats. They don’t like it at all, but one time Star wore cats on her boots, and it was really a blast!“
  • She likes “all forms of sugar and candy,” and chocolate is one of her favorites. She also loves cupcakes.
  • Starfan13 has not seen Gravity Falls (if that show exists in her universe).
  • She loves pugs (though not as much as her laser puppy, of course).
  • She does her own hair.
  • She tried to pick up Star’s wand once, but Star told her not  to touch it and that it would transform into something that reflected her personality. Let’s hope Janna never gets her hands on it.
  • She loves bunnies. She likes all cute little animals; “they’re the best.”
  • When asked if she’s ever asked Star to take her to Mewni: “Uhh… I–no, I don’t want it to seem like we’re attached at the hip, you know. I don’t, I don’t wanna, like, you know, I’m, I’m cool; I don’t, I don’t need things. [laughs nervously]” Sweetheart, I’m sure Star would love to take you.
  • “This one time, I was in a tree throwing bugs and pigeons when Star walked by and said, ‘Hey, look at those pigeons!’ [laughs] It was soooo cute. Me and Star got that in common; we both love pigeons.” (Edit: Someone did point out she might have been saying “throwing buns at pigeons” here).
  • The ghost on her laptop is something she made herself.
  • (Asked if she thought Star and Marco would ever date) “What are you talking about? I mean, everybody knows that I like Star and she likes me; that’s how it is.”
  • She likes nachos.

Recently I was talking with another reptile keeper about reptiles and scents. They said that some reptiles are repelled by the scent of superworm beetles (Zophobas morio). I do not know if this is true or not, but as stinky as these beetles are when you mess with them I could definitely see some reptiles or some animals in general being repelled by the scent of them!

So today I decided to test this info out and see if Odin is repelled by the beetle stink! As many of you know Odin and beetles do not mix well! To remove the risk of Odin eating a beetle I decided to risk my sense of smell and harass some of my adult superworm beetles with a napkin to get the napkin nice and stinky for this test! The answer ended up being NO it doesn’t matter how stinky these beetles are Odin still wants to eat them!!!!

Also for Odin taking the time to participate in this test he got some treats from the bug bin immediately afterwards!  




Hell is lances development as a character and how is it that people who claim to be professional writers cannot for the life of them write a character that isn’t stick thin without throwing in food jokes every five seconds are you shitting me Keith better not even be in season three okay season three is the season of Lance and hunk okay this isn’t up for debate im not about the ‘only the lightskinned characters get development bc u know why’ LIFE dreamworks you have some shit to make up for 👏👏👏

  • Americans: why does our country have such a problem with obesity/food waste???
  • American grocery stores: portions everything to feed a family of 5 with no other options, makes organic or healthy food more expensive, buy 2 get 1 free sales on massive bags of chips, food either in monster sizes or sad-frozen-divorced-dad portions and nothing in between, etc
  • Americans: lol it's just such a mystery. we will never figure it out.

Imagine your OTP trying to make a Christmas cake for a holiday party they’re hosting. Person A is a horrible cook and Person B wants to make a beautiful cake that everyone will love.
Bonus+: Person A keeps eating the ingredients and B is getting annoyed.
Bonus++: A teases B by throwing food at them. A food fight ensues. How it ends up is up to you.


My favorite genre of photo is still “Chalo leaping for meatballs being thrown at his face,” but “Chalo leaping for meatballs being tossed away from him” is running a close second.

Since I posted those Shepard twins edits I guess I could share some of my Shepard Twins AU headcanons:

  • Jane is an Infiltrator and John is a Vanguard yet they work together so well and no one can understand how
  • the reason only John is a biotic is because he had a secondary eezo exposure
  • after the exposure he became very sick and Jane was freaking out because she didn’t know what to do(they were living on the street) but she never left his side and took care of him
  • John would always stay by Jane’s side whenever she has period cramps, he even bought her a super comfy warm blanket which she likes to wrap around
  • Jane has natural brown hair in this AU and when they were both in their “rebellious teenager” phase Jane dyed her hair red, John was laughing at her at first so she punched him and broke his nose. Later John admitted that the color suits her so she still dyes her hair red
  • some of their crew don’t understand how they are “humanity’s best soldiers” when they still wrestle and fight over food like children
  • they were once dating the same guy which they didn’t know about, but when they started talking about him they realized they were being cheated on by him - they beat the crap out of him
  • they sometimes say things in unison without realizing it
  • they annoy the crew by singing Disney songs(though some of them just pretend they’re being annoyed by their singing)
  • some people think they hate each other because they insult each other which is not true because they simply mock each other in a friendly manner
  • they often do drinking contest at parties to find out which of them is more of a lightweight, but none of them won it’s always a tie
  • Jane is more extroverted while John is introverted even if he doesn’t seem like it, it just takes more time for him to warm up to new people
  • some people think just because they’re twins they’re rivals, but that isn’t true they always work together despite their differences
  • though they do have some sibling fights, but they always apologize and talk it out