throw dog treats


-him being extremely picky of where you two stay -arguing over paint color -eventually picking a for and painting together -finding his paint supplies in the way quite often -listening to Klaus talk while you fall asleep -feeling lonely so you force him to cuddle with you -him helping you cook before his family comes over -trying to calm him down after a bad day -hugging him to get him to relax - late nights drinking and talking -him surprising you with a fancy dinner with candles and wine -falling asleep on the couch because you two were too tired to make it to bed -the house frequently getting destroyed after witch attacks -throwing dog treats at him to annoy him -adopting a dog because you want an animal you can actually pet -fixing his tie before an event -frequent calls from Elijah to make sure you’re alive -never feeling the need to make the bed 😉

The guy who has that shop in the Hissing Wastes must have been a Ferelden. Just saying. Who else would leave their Mabari behind to take care of the shop (and make change no less!) to do some quick errands?

next homestuck snapd8: jade crashing at different people’s houses and being happy with all her friends. she still does music stuff with dave. she and kanaya do gardening with all the new earth C flowers. she talks about being furry trash with dirk. still no sign of jane, roxy or callie. terezi calls her a nerd and throws dog treats at her

Marvel has a Feminism Problem, and That’s why They Renewed Agent Carter

I was really excited last night when the news broke about Agent Carter being renewed for season 2, and then it hit me, the primary reason they renewed Agent Carter is to pacify the feminists. This is not just me being cynical, it’s a fact. Agent Carter was on the 30-40% chance of renewal scale. ABC renewing it isn’t shocking, what with Marvel and ABC both being owned by the same parent company, but there were plenty of people who last week would have said that Agent Carter getting renewed was a pretty unlikely thing.

Let me give you some background so you know I’m not just pulling this out of my ass. To correctly evaluate shows within a network, you compare it’s ratings to the average ratings for other scripted shows of the same network. What it’s going up against in it’s time slot doesn’t matter. How it does compared to reality TV doesn’t matter. Traditionally, if you aren’t hitting that average number of every other show on the network, advertisers are gonna be a lot less interested in buying ads during that show, and advertising is what pays for most of network television. Agent Carter was getting about 78% of the average ratings for ABC shows, which if it aired on Fridays would be good enough to be a fair bet to be renewed, but on Tuesdays is pretty lack-luster.

So let’s make this clear, Agent Carter getting renewed has nothing to do with fan movements or polls. Critic reviews have a slight impact, but that’s negligible on the whole. Agent Carter was renewed because of a very simple fact - Marvel Studios/TV has a very very big feminism problem right now. This beautiful show was renewed to appease us. To make us stop crying out about the treatment of Black Widow, and her lack of both merchandise and a solo movie. To make us shut up about the total erasure of Janet Van Dyne - who could have been a middle-aged voice of comfort to Scott Lang regarding his daughter, but oh wait, it’s supposed to be a heist movie. To make us shut up about the fact that Captain Marvel got delayed to make yet another fucking movie about Peter Parker.

Marvel wants us to shut up about the apalling lack of female characters in Daredevil compared to the men. They want us to shut up for being upset that two of the female characters we got are kidnapped, beaten, and have to be rescued by a man. They keep throwing us cute little dog treats asking us to be happy, while keeping the 11-course meal of steaks (AKA the MCU movies) to themselves.

Am I happy about Agent Carter getting renewed? Of course I am! But I’m not going to let it pacify me into shutting up about everything else that’s still sexist in the MCU. I’m not going to celebrate ‘our victory’, because this isn’t victory. When 50% of the characters and stories in the MCU are female and female-centric, then I’ll celebrate. But until then, I refuse to stop fighting and loudly complaining about the blatant issues with the MCU, because media representation is one of the most important things in modern-day society. Because media representation is what establishes our outlook on what we expect to see in media. Because if we don’t fight to change these things, they will never change. So I’m going to keep fighting, because I want to someday show my future children the movies and shows I loved and not feel ashamed of them.