throw dog treats

next homestuck snapd8: jade crashing at different people’s houses and being happy with all her friends. she still does music stuff with dave. she and kanaya do gardening with all the new earth C flowers. she talks about being furry trash with dirk. still no sign of jane, roxy or callie. terezi calls her a nerd and throws dog treats at her

The guy who has that shop in the Hissing Wastes must have been a Ferelden. Just saying. Who else would leave their Mabari behind to take care of the shop (and make change no less!) to do some quick errands?

magunis replied to your post: Throws a dog treat @ him

“I don’t want to hear anymore. My brain is going to implode from all the dank.” /throws sabi @

He shrugs rather innocently before tucking his hands in his pockets.  “Who am I to deny people of their wish to be meme’d at?”  A half-smile dances across his face.  “And to hear such a reaction–well, it seems like my task is complete.”  To troll-tect and serve, m8.