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Monkey King Q&A

I’ve been meaning to do a compilation of Tian Xiaopeng’s weibo posts for some time, and here it is. He’s the director of Monkey King: Hero is Back (2015) and this is his weibo. He updates sporadically, but apparently did a Q&A session with fans back in summer of 2015. I put together and translated some of the best responses below (the rest can be found on his blog).

@earl-of-221b @sebastrashkun Tagging you guys because this might bring you a good laugh.

Q: What’s up with the White Dragon, at the end [he] went to battle Hun Dun with the Great Sage? The White Dragon was tamed by the Great Sage?

A: They [Wukong/White Dragon] had a 2-hour discussion, but it was edited out.

Q: Director,  how come Wukong, Tang monk, Zhu Bajie, and even Xiao Bailong, showed up in the movie, but Friar Sand (Wujing) didn’t?

A: [He was] holding the camera.

Q: In the sequel, can you not change Friar Sand into a girl, I can’t accept changes that are too absurd

A: [If] everyone becomes a girl, [only] Friar Sand will not, I promise

Q: The Great Sage is just 1 pilgrim, but he ends up with a son and daughter, and does a good job taking care of the silly girl, where’d he get the experience?

A: In the past, he took care of monkeys in Flower Fruit Mountain

Q: Now that so many girls want to have the Great Sage’s babies, how do you feel? hahaha

A: I hate that my face isn’t longer (Note: Director thinks Wukong’s defining design trait is his long horse-face and didn’t think it’d be considered attractive- now he must face the irony LMAO)

Q: I think about how other people’s boyfriends spend money taking their girlfriends to the movies… but I have to spend my own money at the movies in order to see my boyfriend, have you thought about the hearts of us fangirls?

A: I have to spend my own money to see my own movie in theaters, I’m worse off than you.

(Note: I thought the asker was complaining about her love life to the director, before I realized her “boyfriend” is actually Wukong LOL)

Q: Look at me look at me! Not counting Hun Dun and the pig, how did everyone else know about the Great Sage causing havoc in heaven! They even made a shadow puppet show! Who in the three realms let this event get to the mortal realm?

A: How do you know about Havoc in Heaven?

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sorority sugar IN LOVE

Totally cute & custom ~ choose your ink color, college, city, state and 2 of the following: Bid Day, Initiation Date, Chapter, Big Name, Little Name, or any other detail you would like on your pillow. What a fabulous graduation keepsake gift, big/little sugar, or new member giftie!! xoxo


Christmas Countdown

The much-anticipated friends with benefits college AU, with frat boy!Dean and RA!Cas. 8k-ish.
And also 8 days of Christmas in honor of the 8 years that Dean and Castiel have known each other. Happy holidays everyone <3

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8 Days Until Christmas

To: Sam

Should I send an xmas card to my fuck buddy?

Dean sets his phone down with a line between his eyes and his lip between his teeth. He’s been staring at the stack of envelopes the house put him in charge of addressing for like 10 minutes, wondering if he should put that one dumb name on the back of one. The card they ended up going with is real classy, too: every member of Sigma Chi is naked apart from some strategically placed Santa hats. Dean himself is pictured in the top left, right under the “H” in “Holidays,” grinning with all his teeth and proudly standing with his hands on his hips.

Yeah, that’s totally something you can send to a hook up. It’s kind of cute, right? In an endearingly dorky way.

Dean’s phone vibrates and he hastily reaches for it. His tongue is dry from licking all the envelopes so far, and he smacks his lips together as he opens Sam’s reply.

How cheesy is the card?

Dean quickly sends off a grainy picture of his own smug face and waits for Sam to respond. He taps his fingers on the desk while the gentle, soothing sounds of Mariah Carey sigh through the stereo in the living room.

Absolutely not, Sam says at last.

Which, of course, means that Dean is definitely going to fucking send one.

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Earlier today, while me and some of the other guys in my class were hanging out in the locker room, we saw Ishimaru-kun emptying his locker.

“Hey, look, it’s Ishimaru-chi. He’s throwing away all the love letters he got.”

“Wow.. He has a lot.”


With determination blazing in his eyes, Oowada-kun strode purposely toward Ishimaru-kun. I had never seen him look this determined before. Honestly, even though it wasn’t me that Oowada-kun was focused on, I felt kind of scared. I could only imagine how Ishimaru-kun must have been feeling.


“Don’t you think it’s cruel to just throw them away like that?”

“Why do you even care? It’s not like you wrote them.”

“I did, you bastard.”

I’m going to try and write this again since my last post got eaten– I dislike when GoChi fans show anime-only scenes to say ‘hey, Goku loves Chi-Chi, look how great they are, PDA!’ I don’t mind people enjoying the fanservices, but I think that you’re missing something by using these scenes of proof of anything, or saying that the fanfic writers are inaccurate when they portray the characters as embarrassed to show love in front of others.

Because… Manga and anime GoChi are very different. 

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