throw back... tuesday

Throw back Tuesday to that time I found this gem at Goodwill, saw the cheesy description and the cover art that made it seem like a bad 60s Elizabeth Taylor movie, and it ended up being part of my favorite book series ever and a major influencing factor in my life. Please note that Emerson’s hair is the wrong color, as it has bothered me from day one. At least his chin dimple is accurate.

Throw Back Tuesday! (AU MASTERLIST)

So, I decided to make a masterlist with the most popular AUs I have made. This ones are the ones that got more than 500 notes. Hope you enjoy!

+ Going on tour with your boyfriend Zayn.

+ The boys love talking about you and Niall on interviews.

+ You and Harry are long time best friends, but he has a huge crush on you.

+ Harry is really interested in you, but you are a tad reluctant due the womanizer fame he has.

+ Song Based: Irrisistible (Zayn)

+ Niall finds out he’s going to be a dad.

+ You and Harry, two famous popstars, are dating.

+ You are Niall’s girlfriend and best friend’s with the rest of the boys.

+ You and Harry are secretly dating, and even though his fans think you’re just friends, they ship you two together; until Harry spills unintentionally you are dating.

+ Going on tour with your boyfriend Harry.

+ Harry falls in love with a fan.

+ Going on tour with your boyfried Niall.

+ You are a really good friend of the One Direction boys, and they talk about you at some interviews.

+ You go on tour with your boyfriend Harry, and you’re very close to the other boys, Liam being your best friend.

+ Harry really wants to have babies, but you’re not ready yet.

+ You are a famous singer that collaborates with One Direction, and Harry instantly falls in love with you.

+ One Direction Snapchatting you on tour.

+ Being Harry’s girlfriend and Louis’ best friend.

+ You date Harry and live with the boys, and they’re always sharing their funny experiences with you.

+ You and Niall both have feelings for each other, but since you’re very close to Harry, Niall thinks you have feelings for your friend.

+ Being Louis’ best friend.

+ Being Niall’s best friend.

+ Harry fell in love with you, but you were really hard to get, taking him a while to get you.

+ You and Harry are celebrety best friend, and he always gets asked if you two are together because you are so close. However, Harry’s secretly in love with you.

+ Being Harry’s girlfriend.

+ Being Niall’s girlfiend.

+ You and Niall are friends, but he secretly has feelings for you.

+ Your best friend is a boy, but your boyfriend Harry is really jealous of him.

+ You and Harry are really just friends, but you love teasing each other.

+ You are like the boys little sister, and they are very protective over you.

+ You and Zayn are childhood best friends.

+ After a long time being just being friends, Liam finally had the guts to ask you out after Zayn unintentionally said he had a crush on you. After that, you two started dating for good.

+ After a while without seeing your boyfriend Harry, you decide to join him on tour for a few weeks.

+ Everybody thinks you and Niall are the perfect fit because you two very outgoing, always doing crazy things together.

+ You are a huge celebrety like Harry, and you two are dating.

+ You’re Liam’s girlfriend and even though you make him really happy, you still get a lot of hate from some fans.

+ Being Harry’s childhood best friend, you finially make things right between you two.

+ You work with One Direction as their stylist and you all have a very special bond.

+ Being Harry’s childhood best friend, he starts feeling really jealous over you, but he doesn’t understand why.

+ Being Harry’s childhood best friend, you two have a lot of good memories together.

+ You’re Harry’s girlfriend and he is madly in love with you.

+ Harry always looked for someone funny to be his girlfriend, and you’re one of the funniest people he knows. When he met you, he knew you’d be perfect for him.


Ive always loved doctor strange’s costume. The only male superhero who can pull off the cheetah print gloves and cape IMHO.

Thought it be fun to flash back to the year 2007. I apparently only have one doctor strange pose.

Left water color and right is ink with photoshop .