throw back... tuesday

Throw back… Tuesday? This is from 2 years ago and Tequila was still a baby birdy. I really miss when she was so outgoing and goofy. She’s a much more reserved and uncertain adult, but also a more loving and snuggly so there’s that.

anonymous asked:

If Fushimi discovered he had a fanclub?

He’d probably wonder how the hell that happened. Honestly my first thought here is that you meant he had like a fanclub in Scepter 4, like maybe there’s this tiny group of lower-ranked clansmen who all think Fushimi-san is super cool and amazing and they have weekly secret meetings in the library after dark to discuss their love for him and trade pictures and stuff. Maybe one of the ladies from intelligence is all “I took this picture of Fushimi-san dripping wet and half-dressed when he wandered in this morning before breakfast” and then one of the guys from the filing department is all “Trade you for this picture of him staring longingly in the direction of Homra’s Yatagarasu.” They occasionally have debates over whether Fushimi belongs with Yata or Munakata (there are a few supporters of Akiyama and Hidaka and one lonely but dedicated Mikoto/Fushimi shipper who is still not over the end of S1). One day Fushimi accidentally walks in on one of their meetings while in search of air conditioning, everyone freezes and stutters some excuse as to why the table is covered in Fushimi memorabilia. Fushimi clicks his tongue and takes back the couple of his knives that were there on the table, he wondered where those went, then just tells them all to leave him alone. There’s a very long pause as he walks out, and then everyone just starts squealing because Fushimi just clicked his tongue at them this is the best day of their lives.