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How About that Reconciliation

Before the finale aired, I was worried that the GF crew wouldn’t resolve the Stan twins’ conflict in a satisfying way–and I will gladly admit to being wrong about that. Yes, it was a little fast, but the content of how it was accomplished really blows me away–and there’s enough left open that we can fill in the gaps anyway with fanon. So of course, I had to write an essay about it.

This is just another interpretation to add to the ever-expanding library, but this still means a lot to me, so I’m gonna toss my thoughts out into the ether anyway.

(This is the first part of a two-part essay–the second part is here)

Part 1: Stanley

It’s always best to believe in oneself, but a little help from others can be a great blessing.

–Uncle Iroh


If you want to know the assumptions I’m making about Stan’s psyche with regards to his brother, I wrote an analysis post a while back about why I felt that Ford’s refusal to reconcile with him after NWHS may have been to Stan’s benefit. (Just to be clear, this does not give Ford a free pass or mean that his behavior was not hurtful–just that reconciliation at that time in that way probably wouldn’t have lasted long.)

The short version is that Stan has serious codependency issues, and if his sense of self-worth is still riding on his relationship with his brother/ability to accomplish things, getting rewarded right after reactivating the portal would only reinforce those thoughts instead of help him to break free.

Stan has grown a lot since Ford left. He’s built a successful business, he has a place in the town of Gravity Falls. He’s a father figure to Soos. And he’s grown tremendously just since the kids showed up. But his issues with Ford, and his father, are still lurking in his heart waiting to get set off again when Ford shows up.

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Shae’s main outfits for reference.

Next up, Scar sheet.


Summary: The morning after.

Warning: Smut, cheating, unprotected sex, masterbating, being caught

A/N: Second part to ‘Vanilla’ also this is going to be short part, the good stuff comes next. Only if y'all want a third part? *nervous laughter*

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“Sam…” you watch him, scared that he may either run off or say something he doesn’t mean.

Dear God, what happened?

You look down at your hands, one fisting his shirt the other lost in his hair.

Sam doesn’t say anything, he just pulls you back to him and kisses you again. This time not holding anything back. He doesn’t start off slow or sweet, he starts with biting your lips, invading your mouth with his tongue.

You pull away, poking him in the eye, “Sam, what? We have-”

“Not right now. Right now I just want it to be you and me, okay?” he gives you his best puppy dog look and you cave, agreeing to go against everything you stood for for him.

He smiles and rolls on top of you, pushing the hair from you face. “I don’t want to think about anything right now, I just want us. Is that so bad?” You shake your head and pull his face closer to yours, capturing his lips in a hungry but sweet kiss.

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“Ask Fic 3 Index”

21 omg pls

yes Ma’am :D

21. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

It happens first in 2009, while Phil’s setting up the cameras to film what will be the first Phil Is Not On Fire. The camera turns on, Phil flips the viewfinder, and that’s when he sees it: the gooey eyed, awe-struck look Dan Howell is sending his way.

It’s obvious he’s not used to filming, as his gaze doesn’t drop even as Phil stares into his eyes through the camera lens, but Phil doesn’t say anything when he turns away. He has to hold back a chuckle when Dan immediately drops his gaze, red blooming fresh across his cheeks.

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