throw an egg on it,

the signs at a sleepover
  • aries: "let's go outside and throw eggs at people's houses."
  • taurus: "can we eat first?"
  • gemini: "oh my god aries. we should totally do that."
  • cancer: "can we just watch a scary movie or something?"
  • leo: "SELFIEEE!"
  • virgo: "oh my god, leo. stop with your fucking selfies. i agree with cancer though. let's watch a movie."
  • libra: "shut up, virgo. SELFIE!"
  • scorpio: "anyone wanna have sex with me?"
  • sagittarius: ";)"
  • capricorn: "y'all nasty."
  • aquarius: "can y'all shut up i'M TRYNA SLEEP oVeR HERE."
  • pisces: *is sleeping*

 Bear McCreary’s unintentional crossover. 

Probably the only Black Sails/Outlander crossover we’re likely to get lol but loved getting to hear that wee piece of music, knowing it was written before it was intended/destined to be Outlander’s iconic theme.

Just Between Us (Jungkook angst/fluff)

Request: “You and Jungkook are secretly dating and there’s a scandal telling that he’s hiding his relationship" - from mymisstina

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Word count: 1.8k

Genre: Angst/fluff

You pulled back the curtain and peered out, squinting against the sunlight. Your neighbor was taking out the trash and a woman was jogging past. You scanned the street for anything suspicious, then pulled the curtain closed.

“Can we just have the curtains open, please,” your dad called from the couch, not turning away from the TV.

“No,” you said. “Not yet.”

“What are you expecting to see, exactly?” your mom asked. You turned and watched her fold laundry on the dining table.

“I don’t know,” you said. “People taking pictures of the house. People throwing eggs.”

She laughed.

“Honey, no one’s looking for you.”

You opened the curtain again and looked around. You knew that she was right, and you weren’t sure why you were struggling to relax. They couldn’t exactly track you down based on a dumb cutesy nickname. But you were worried that your anonymity might make the whole thing more intriguing. They didn’t know who you were, so finding your identity might seem like a challenge to some of them.

You glanced down at your phone, wishing that Jungkook would hurry up with his rehearsal and text you. He always knew how to sooth your anxiety. Even when the pictures came out, he knew exactly what to say.

It was two days earlier. You were in his dorm, on a date. Your dates were almost always confined to either his place or yours, as going out together would cause too much of a stir. He had left the room to take a call, and reentered looking worried.

“What?” you asked.

“Don’t be mad,” he said. He sat close beside you and held your hand. “I did something dumb.”

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Hex Ideas: "Don't Reproduce"

This is not really a hex to promote infertility, it is more of a hex to keep the target from spreading their hateful, hurtful, and misinformed ideologies to inform or influence others.

You will need:

An egg
something to throw it against

Envision the egg as your target’s ability to influence and spread their influence to others. Then smash it against a wall. Or throw it in the trash or stomp on it on the concrete. However.

Maybe throw it in the trash so cleanup is easier. It’s where their hurtful ideas belong anyway.


An egg problem

dating anthony headcanons


  • he would call you a different pet name every day
  • like sweetie, honey, love, babe, and stuff like that
  • sometimes you would ironically call each other things like sweet cheeks or smth
  • just ridiculous pet names !! but mostly really cute

he would spoil the shit out of u

  • like he would get you everything you want like u want shoes ?? ha he’s gonna get them
  • or you wanna go to a concert or something ?? he’s taking you and there’s nothing you can do about it

cuddles !! he would always want to cuddle you

  • like it doesnt matter if both of you are really busy 
  • hes gonna find a way to cuddle and still get shit done
  • because hes lowkey very clingy

he would insist on cooking something together all the time

  • “c’mon lets bake cookies!!! or make a cake!! lets make pancakes!!”
  • “anthony if you make a mess im gonna kick u out”
  • “who do u think i am i would never” *throws an egg at you*
  • but you like cooking with him anyway bc its always really fun

he would break into a song as if this was high school musical

  • mostly with stuff like you could say “how does-”
  • and hes being a nerd like “a bastard, orphan…”
  • which sometimes is annoying but its mostly really cute

he doesnt know how to take a compliment 

  • “anthony youre cute”
  • “whos anthony”
  • he would be a blushing mess and start mumbling and just,,, hes a mess
  • “ha im not cute i mean theres people cuter than me right ha what”

when he compliments you its a different story

  • you would be like drinking tea and be like “yikes this is hot”
  • and hes like “like you”
  • and you would look at him and see him smirking and just really proud of himself for that
  • its adorable honestly

i wanna date anthony ramos.

People who turn into bright suns after death.
People like a sea
throwing dice with bouquets of flowers.
People who are mild egg moons.
People who get into a train
as an Arabic 1
and get out
as a Roman I.
—  Hans Arp, “People”

This home, located at 30 East Drive Chequerfield Estate in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, was the scene of what was described as “the most violent poltergeist haunting in European history” during the 1970′s. The ghost that apparently haunted this home became known as the Pontrefract Poltergeist, but was also commonly referred to as the Black Monk of Pontefract due to the fact that it was believed to be the ghost of a monk who was killed during the 16th century. The occupants of the home were the Pritchard family which consisted of Joe and Jean and their children, Philip and Diane. The family claim that they were tormented by the poltergeist who insisted on “throwing things around, freezing rooms down, creating water puddles and making noises” They also reported that he would take bites from their food and smear things over door handles. He was also said to throw eggs around the house. Eventually, his menacing escalated and on one occasion, he dragged 12-year-old Diane upstairs by her neck, apparently leaving a hand print on her neck. The family also claimed that the ghost attempted to strangle Diane with an electrical cable. While many people are skeptical of these claims, one woman who believes them is Carol Fieldhouse, who lived next door to the family. She said that the ghost would often wanders through the wall of the Pritchard home and into her home and just stared at her.

okay but for real 1990s green day were such little shits like i just read an interview and apparently one time they got in a disagreement with the host of one of the houses they played a gig at so they started trashing her living room by throwing eggs and baking soda and other weird stuff behind her couch and it like created a chemical reaction, exploded, and then mike took a dump on it

Yeah, of course! Look:

Here I’m doing of Ezio, and I’m with a Templar friend (Is so friendly for photos.)

And here I’m doing of Jacob and yhere is some of the Rooks people.<3

And here I’m with a Connor cosplayer. It was a beautiful expeerience.

And here I decided to be an Evie Frye, although black and white…

And here I’m Arno, and in my back is Napoleon. Was a good friend:’)

That’s all for today!
I just returned from throwing eggs, ringing bells and drink as a villian trick or treating in houses, and there was a lot of rain, so I had to flee!

I hope you wnjoy what remains of Halloween!
  Here’s a little sketch that i did when I was going out super rushed.