😂so I had to go to TJMaxx today to get my boyfriend socks (I hate shopping at these fast fashion/merchandise stores but he’s a chef and is on his feet so much that he burns through socks faster than I’ve ever seen in my life) I decided to bring in my own reusable bag ~ why is it common conception that we bring our own bags to the grocery stores but not when we’re shopping for clothing, cooking ware, and all the other things we humans consume??? I get to the counter and I tell the woman I brought my own bag and she did not understand at all what I meant.  She automatically starts putting the socks into a plastic bag. I had to politely tell her three times that I brought in my own bag so I didn’t have to use (waste) plastic.  She was completely taken aback and just seemed downright confused as to why anyone would do such a thing at such a store.
I really hope that bringing reusable bags to ALL stores becomes common practice VERY VERY soon!  Our “mundane” practices are the most influential on the state of our environmental and individual health.  It’s these “little things” that are going to have the biggest impact.