Bring back to me those peaceful nights, 
When you and I stood alone among the trees, 
And all we hoped and wished and dreamed
lay mingled in the moonlight.

Give me back those ancient times
when you stood safely at my side,
Before the bitter twist of fate
had snatched you from my arms.
                                                ~C.J.H  [x]

They came back at the edge of The Fall. We called them many names over time and space, but they dismissed all that in a heartbeat.

“We are The Folk. we have come”

Some say they waited too long on purpose, so as to catch us when we were weak. Others say they had to wait, until the corners of the world broke. Whatever the case, they were coming to stay. There would be no forgetting about them this time. No relegating them to the stories and legends of old. At the time, it seemed like the best solution to sign the Covenant.They would help us rebuild, help us stagger back from the brink of disaster. All they asked was that we let them come and be a part of our world again.

So we did.

And here they are.

Was it the right choice? Is there ever just one?  Though there are many who may question the judgement of  the throne in allowing the Folk not only to remain but to take active part in our government, I say that there is nothing good to be had without a bit of risk taking. Though we may once have been wary, after almost 70 years of the Folk in our midst we have seen a magnificent prosperity in all that we strive towards. No one can say that this could only be luck or mere chance, for with the Folk we have accomplished what we never could have on our own. 

And for that, I am inclined to agree with that old saying,

“But I believe that, All in All, Life is better since the Fall”

“Why is the past so hard to recall? Like a fish slipping out of our grasp and being carried away by the stream, so do memories tumble from us and disappear along the waters of time. 

It has been less than 100 years since The Fall, and already our thoughts grow weak when recalling life before that moment. The Folk have taken their place among us so swiftly and so completely, that life without their help seems almost inconceivable. 

But tales must still be written, stories must still be told. Else I am out of a profession, and I’m not sure my wife would be pleased at that. 

So come and sit a spell beside the fire and listen as the bard sets his fingers to the strings. The tale may be tangled, as stories of the Folk often are, but the threads are there, just waiting for you to grab hold and unwind them." 

~ N